Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains

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e-mails from readers


Bell, Glen, Weatherford TX

Bickley-Roose, Rita, Farmersville TX

Brown, James Curtis, Ada OK

Coffee, Jerry, of Plano TX

Corder, Paul K, VanBuren MO

Davis, Lou, of Deming NM

Dick, Wes, Gainesville TX

Dicus-Beck, Nancy, Brownsville TX

Dillard, Gary, Houston TX

Duckett-Attaway, Linda of Garland TX

Epperson, Lloyd, Sherman TX

Everheart, June, of Tyler TX

Fox, Peggy, of Hillsboro TX

Galyean-Cozart, Doris, Chillocothe TX

Gjerveit, Lars, of Oslo, Norway

Gordon, Bernie, Gainesville TX

Hardy, Wm. Carey, Richardson TX

Harmon, Bill, of Glen Rose TX

Hope-Doyle, Bern, New Braunfels TX

Houston-Conces, Jackie, Pasadena TX

Johnson, Karla, of Springer OK

Jones, Donald John, of Ewing NJ

Knight, Gary, of Durango CO

Krause-Blum, Bev., of Cambria CA

Lee, James R., Del City OK

Lee-Bennett, Joyce, of Durant OK

Maness, Dennis, South San Francisco CA

Matthews, Michael, Gafford TX

Myrick, John, of Tyler TX

Neff, Gene, of Fairfield CA

Rex, Joyce Schnell, of Purcell OK

Sims, Kyle, of Arlington TX

[Strickland], Sharon Tedford of Los Gatos CA

Thompson, Mike, of Red Oak TX

Toyer, M.C., Pilot Point TX

Walker-Burton, Sissy, Buffalo TX

Woodruff, W.B., Jr, Decatur TX



Hi Patti,

I've been reading more in your book and am amazed at the contents!  You really compiled a worthwhile book.  And it is good reading.


I took your book to a historical group meeting in McKinney yesterday.  I had to stay a long time after the meeting with people wanting to look at it.  It is a wonderful book!


I have already taken it to our library, and the librarian said she would order one.


Rita Bickley-Roose

Farmersville TX, Jul 19, Aug 18, 2005


Hey Patti,

I just received your book and have only scanned it briefly, fantastic -- I'm going to make a post office run and come back & chew may way through it in detail.  I can't wait! 


James Curtis Brown

Ada OK, Feb 5, 2007 letter



I received the book in good shape!!  The book is wonderful !!!   Thought I'd let you know.  GB


Glen Carlis Bell

Weatherford TX, Jul 28, 2008


I'm enjoying the book and am amazed at all of the historical info you have gathered!


Glen Carlis Bell

Weatherford TX, Jul 30, 2008




I could not wait to get home and start reading your book. I read until 1 AM and got through about 1/3 of it. The next day, I slowed my reading and started taking notes.  Now I have 1/2 of it read.  I have gotten as far as the entries about the Nix family in Fannin County and read it with special interest.


Jerry Coffee

Plano TX, Jul 14, 2005

I am still searching for relatives in your wonderful book.                                                

Plano TX, Nov 5, 2005



Got the book today.  It is a very nice book and well made.  I can not begin to imagine how much work went into it.


While I was waiting for your book I read "Gray Ghosts of the Confederacy" and now I am about half way through "A Life of Albert Pike".


Keep your powder dry and watch your back trail.


Paul Keith Corder

VanBuren MO, Jul 21, 2008





Thanks Pattie,

Sorry for the delay but your book on these units is invaluable. Have also found Millican that is one of my lines. Highly recommend this book as it has multitudes of information.


[Descendant of John P. Braden of Montague 'n Wise County militias.] 


Louis Audra Davis

 Deming NM, Mar 11, 2008



Dear Patti,
The family is enjoying the fruits of your labors. I hope you are having success with many others buying your work.  I have received a stream of questions.  As usual, thanks for your help.

Gary Dillard

Houston TX, Aug 29, 2005




The book is wonderful.  We thank you for the labour of love you put into it.


Don and Nancy (Dicus) Beck

Brownsville TX, Jun 30, 2005 letter




Hi Patti,
I keep your tome by my bedside and am still referring to it!  How's the editor business (Southwest) and what's going on in that milieu? 


Linda Duckett-Attaway

Garland TX, Mar 8, 2007



 Excellent book.  In a sense, your goal with each new edition is to improve on perfection.  It is impressive that you can do that.


 [Hal] Wes Dick

Gainesville TX, May 10, 2008 





Dear Patti,

My vocabulary cannot adequately convey to you my expression of appreciation and gratitude for your literary accomplishments. The documentation and publication of your research of North Texas and Indian Territory during the War Between the States is invaluable to understanding the role and true significance this geographical area played during the recent unpleasantness.


Your literary endeavor may become the Rosetta Stone for others to emulate in the historical research and transcription of civil war archival documents. I sincerely thank you for a job exceptionally well done.


In the bonds of Southern heritage,

I remain,

Your Obedient Servant,

Lloyd Epperson         

Sherman TX, Nov 30, 2005 letter



...I think your book is one of the best research books that I have ever read.  It was a great help to me in my research in Grayson and Fannin Counties.


Currently I am Chairman of Programs for the East Texas Genealogical Society in Tyler and would like to see if we can arrange for you to do a program for us.


June Everheart

Tyler TX, Jul 7, 2008




Received your book in great format, and I am amazed at this project you undertook to say the least. After receiving the book I put it aside as I knew this was serious material. This afternoon I saw the book again and into my big comfortable chair we both went. There is no way I can extend to you enough my thanks for the years, hard work, and labor of love this must have been for you. 

This publication is certainly a must for any Texas Confederate history buff. There are so many researchers out there wondering where their forebears might have lived and if he was in the Confederacy at all and with the wonderful index one just might located someone. People are not very familiar with the TST and TM. 

Everything about your book is so well presented and readable. I'm know I'll be referring to the book many times.


You are an attractive young lady and so pleased you placed your picture within the book. Thank you again for your dedication in preserving  our Confederate heritage.




Peggy Fox, Librarian, Confederate Research Library

(purchased book for her home)

Hillsboro TX, Jul 3, 2005



I am mailing the money for the book  tomorrow.  How grand it is!  I am very proud to own it. ...


Doris Galyean Franklin Cozart, TX State Gen. Society Archivist

 Chillocothe TX, Jun 18, 2006




I finally picked up the package and have just spent a couple of hours browsing through your book. I am deeply impressed!  It is truly an awesome amount of original material you have tracked down and transcribed, as well as amplified through notes, etc. I am amazed at the amount of patience and hard work you have put into this, and from what I can tell after a brief glance (it will certainly take more than a couple of hours to digest).  The result is most impressive. I am sure anyone researching the Texas Frontier and Indian Territory during the Civil War will find your book of immense value.


I may spot some errors or typos here and there as I make a more thorough examination of the contents -- I usually do -- but I can tell right away that they must be few and that you have certainly kept well clear of the common ones [errors] as regards the war in Indian Territory.


Congratulations on a fine piece of work, and I look forward to discovering many new facts about the Civil War on the frontier as I go through it.


Best regards,

Lars Gjerveit

Oslo, Norway, Aug 20, 2005



Hello Ms. Rochette,

... Steve reads your book every day. He is really enjoying it.


Bernie Gordon

Gainesville TX, May 4, 2006



The Bourland book arrived Saturday. It is an amazing work. Have never seen such a collection of names, dates, places, military units, maps, related sources and..!!! I'm at a total loss of words. You have created a treasure for both the military and the genealogy researchers.  I have done one quick visual scan of the entire book and am now reading each page in full and am finding many interesting details -- such as that we are almost  related.


Thank you for all the effort and time you have spent on putting together such a wonderful book.


Bill Harmon    

 Glen Rose TX, Nov 5, 2005



I just wanted to let you know that my book arrived today and I'm looking forward to spending my long July 4th week-end with it. 

You have a wonderful in-depth book of our area.   


If you contact anyone else, be sure to give your Web Page Address - that is where I found you. The site is very descriptive.  

Thanks for the prompt mailing. Good Luck.


 Bernice Hope-Doyle

    New Braunfels TX, Jun 30, 2005




Hi Patricia,

... Thanks for all the great informative research and the thousands of hours of blood, sweat and tears it took to write such a tome.  Good luck in your future endeavors.


Jacquelyne Houston-Conces 

Pasadena TX, Mar 7, 2006


Hi Patricia:

I have received your book or TOOM which ever.  I greatly appreciate all the work you have done to produce it.  I would like to buy two more copies for cousins of mine.

...later... The names and addresses of my two cousins to which I want you to mail a copy of your TOME.   I again appreciate all the work you have done to preserve the history of the Red River Valley.

Very best regards and keep in touch,

William Carey Hardy

Richardson TX, Apr 17, 2008






... great meeting you, the book you have put out is wonderful. ...


Karla Jane  Johnson

Springer OK, May 30, 2006


Your book is everything I had expected!  Will write a review for you if want.


Donald John Jones, Jr.

Ewing NJ, Aug 1, 2006




Patricia Adkins-Rochette,

Thank you very much for putting together all the information in your book. ... in a few weeks and I plan to dig into the book and find out about the people who lived in and settled Southern Oklahoma. I appreciate the tremendous amount of work involved in completing this book.


My son is a Mid-School History teacher and he will enjoy reading and using your book for some of his lessons.


Thank you very much,

Gary Knight    (from Tussey, Garvin Co OK)

Durango CO, Feb 5, 2007



Recv'd the book. Thanks for the inscription.


What an undertaking!  I admire your courage in tackling this. But I am glad you did. My ancestors are from Wise County in the 1860s and Tillman Co OK (Frederick) in 1902. 


Thanks again.

 Beverly Krause-Blum

Cambria CA, Feb 27, 2006




I received your Bourland Book today.  Thank you.


I'm sure you've seen the Mastercard commercial that ends with something being "priceless."  Right?  Well, your book is way, way past "priceless."  You and your friends are to be commended for producing such a fantastic, outstanding (any superlative word that can be thought of) contribution to American history.


James R. Lee

Del City OK, Apr 18,2006 letter




... I didn't have your book here -- my daughters were fascinated by it and had to show everybody.  I am so glad I bought 2 of them. ...


Joyce Lee-Bennett    (desc. of Col. Bourland)

Durant OK, Jul 7, 2005


Hello Patti,

I'm almost half way through the North Texas book.  Good stuff.


Your distant cousin,

Dennis Maness, Librarian, San Francisco Public 

South San Francisco CA, Aug 13, 2005




Your book is quite remarkable. 


Of course, I haven't had time to look through it in depth, but certainly you have done a splendid job -- that will help researchers for generations.

Michael (Matthews)

Gafford TX, Apr 17, 2006



Dear Patricia,

I am enjoying reading your book very much, and am very grateful for your index.  More later.

I have been studying your Bourland book and have greatly benefited from your extensive collection of documents cited therein.  I must say it has been far more helpful than I ever expected.


John Myrick    

Dorrington CA, Jun 2, Aug 15, 2005



Your work is undoubtedly the most extensive research on Civil War activities in the Indian Territory and Texas.  I am so thankful for your permission to let me use it in my little work on the Neff brothers in Noah's Militia and then in the 22nd Texas Cavalry.  I hope you will not be disappointed in my piece.  It will, by necessity, use a very great deal of your research. 


I got your book through the Fairfield, California library system and I have to return it this week.  It has been checked out several times from July 2005 til Sept 2005.  Thank you again.



Gene Neff

  Suisun CA, Oct 3, 2005


Dear Patti,

You’ve sure had a lot of collaborators in your book with gathering info. — I know the data entry work for the book itself. ... Take care and keep up the good work.


Joyce Rex, President, McClain Co.  Hist. Soc.

Purcell OK, Feb 2, 2006 letter





I must say your book does come in handy on some genealogy projects. It is one of the largest books in my collection. You really did a tremendous job on it.


Kyle Sims

Arlington TX, Mar 28,2006



Dear Patti,

I have looked at your wonderful Civil War Book in detail.  I  definitely looked through the index and found all my family names.  I  love it!  Thank you for the perfect inscription.


Sharon Ruby Dee [Strickland] Tedford

Los Gatos CA, Apr 25, 2008



Hello Prochette,

I have had time to go over the early militia rolls and found a few previously unidentified [Alf. Johnson's Texas] Spy Co. soldiers that I can now place from Collin County.  I think that one of the great advantages of the book is the publishing of all these rolls in one place for the 1st time, with an index.



If you have another few years to spare, think about publishing ALL of the rolls of the Texas militia and state troops. All in one place..1836 to 1865


MWT .. (Mike Wayne Thompson)

Red Oak TX, Mar 7, 2006


Patricia -

I have read a number of your posts, primarily on the Civil War message board ... I appreciate your input and willingness to share information and leads.

My interest in James Bourland began with my research of the 4th Brigade Texas Militia from 1838 forward and the May 1841 expedition to Village Creek. A number of my ancestors and related family members also took part in these campaigns. I also have several records were William Bourland represented these men in filing Republic of Texas public debt claims in the 1850s.

.I viewed your book at the Denton Library.  I really like your format in providing the transcriptions of original records, letters, and other documents. Access to this primary data will be of great value in my own efforts. I may have some items that you could add to your collection.

I plan to order the hardback edition when my budget permits.

M. C. Toyer

Pilot Point TX, Jul 19, 2006




Patti Adkins-Rochette,

When time has allowed, I have poured over your book, sometimes by the hours.  I have a couple of comments, and assume you will welcome these from time to time as they occur to me. ...


W.B. Woodruff, Jr.

Decatur TX, Oct 29, 2006 letter


... I have very much enjoyed your book and refer to it often.  You have performed a great service in preserving the history of this area.  Your book is a veritable encyclopedia, and the only one so far as I know, for this western theater during the war.  I am amazed that you were able to find, organize, and publish all these informal records, which would eventually have been lost.  You have earned the gratitude of all us local and amateur historians.


Decatur TX, May 8, 2006 letter

Dear Patti,

Hi!   I want to order your book. ...  I was so happy to correspond with you about James Gary Walker. I have looked for my grandfather for over 20 years.  I always felt he as though he had died in the War, because he was 27 years old in 1862 and by 1870 his wife had already remarried and had a child.

About 12 years ago I really felt pretty sure that the James G. Walker was in Ragsdale’s Battalion (Arizona Brigade) was him. I just couldn’t prove it, but with him being from Brazos Co. TX, it seemed unlikely.

I’ve been e-mailing a man by the name of Dorman Holub. I think he is President of the Young County TX Historical Society, and he seems to know a lot about the Elm Creek Raid. He is currently trying to get access to this large ranch where the 5 soldiers of Bourland’s Regt. were buried. There is supposed to be some type of markers on the graves. He is going to take pictures for me. The problem is the owners. It is a large hunting ranch, 1,500 to 2,000 acres, and he has had a hard time getting access to the ranch.

.Dorman also told me that he found some records in the Texas Archives that show were buried after the Elm Creek Raid of 1864 by the Frontier Regiment that was stationed at Camp Belknap, south of Fort Belknap.  I need to find out more about this.

Thank you so much for your help and if you run across any more info on J.G. Walker, please let me know. I’m anxious to get your Book. Enclosed is a check. Thank you..

Sissy Burton

P.S. Who are you connected to in your book? So much work, I thought you must have someone.

Irene "Sissy" Walker-Burton

Buffalo TX, Jul 25, 2008 letter



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