Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains

by Patricia Adkins-Rochette

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Volumes I and II.  Physicians  in North Texas Militias


Physicians were important members of the militia community.  In addition to wounds and maladies, an inordinate number of men were infected with measles.  Many soldiers from rural villages had never been exposed to childhood diseases and when they met to drill, many contracted chicken pox, mumps, and especially measles.


Adair, Tom P. (Surgeon, Cherokee Mtd. Volunteers, CSA), A-341

Anderson, F.W. or F.H., Dr. (Marion Co, TST), A-39

Andrews, R. C. (Surgeon, Grayson Co, TST), A-198

Anthony, John H., Dr. (Enrolling Officer, Hopkins Co, TST), A-114

Archer, J. R., Dr. (Hopkins Co, TST), A-113

Barry, J., M.D. (Surgeon, Red River Co, TST), A-64

Barbee, J. G. (Asst Surgeon, 2d Frontier Dist, TST), A-296

Barkwell, J. T. (Surgeon, Tarrant Co, TST), A-242

Bourland, Reece, Dr. E. (1812-1864), 3, 5, 48, 49, 50, 52, 56, 61, 66, 67, 75, 93, 103, 330

Billyea, E. (veterinarian, Co G, Bourland's Regt), A-10, A-25, A-30

Boyd, J. B., Dr. (Surgeon, Tarrant Co, TST), A-242

Burke, Wm. S. (Surgeon, Cooke Co, TST), A-276, A-300

Burns, W. W. Burnes (Asst Surgeon, Co F&S, Seminole Mtd. Volunteers, CSA), A-349, A-350

Carter, H. S., Dr., (Grayson Co, TST), A-197

Cartwright, J. W., Dr., helped capture deserters in 1865 Wise Co TX, 1907 lived Amarillo TX, 310

Chapman, J. (Aide to Surgeon, Co B, Bourland's Regt), 297, A-11, A-29

Chiles, Henry, Dr. (Hanged 1862 by the Citizens' Court), 134, 135, 136, 138, 140, 141, A-111

Clements, S. E, Dr. (Lamar Co, TST), A-111

Clements, Wm. E., Dr. (Lamar Co, TST), A-111

Cochran, Lemuel M., Dr. (1st Sgt, 1841 TX Militia), 21, 25, 26, 29, 34

Coles, Ezra, Dr. (Jack Co, TST), 247, 262, 269, A-311

Conger, James B. (Surgeon, Parker & Dallas Co's, TST), A-216, A-237, A-238, A-317, A-318

Clopton, Albert  Gallatin., physician (Davis Co, TST), A-38

Cooper, J. C., surgeon (Capt, Marion Co, TST), A-42

Cooper, J. J. (Surgeon, Hunt Co, TST), A-123

Cutler, F. L. (Asst Surgeon, Bourland's Regt), A-9, A-12, A-22, A-29

Davidson, Mr., Dr., in 1868 Kiowa raid, 327, 328

DeJarnett, Reuben, Dr, (Surgeon, Hunt Co, TST), A-149

Doores, W. M., Dr. (Quantrill's Raiders, MO CSA), 208

Drakin, Perry, Dr., at Ft Arbuckle (Grayson Co, TST), A-169

Elliott, Waser A., or Maser A. (Surgeon, 21st Brig, TST), 1, 78, 120, 288, A-189, A-254

Feland, James M., Dr. (Collin Co TX), A-182

Finley, W. J. Findley (Surgeon, Red River Co, TST), A-62

Fisk, Francis H. (Surgeon, Cherokee Mtd. Volunteers, CSA), A-341


Foote, G. A., M.D. (Surgeon, Cooke Co, TST), A-182, A-276

Ford, David (Asst Surgeon, 2d Frontier Dist, TST), A-235, A-296

Foster, James T., Dr. (Hanged 1862 by the Citizens' Court), 138

Franks, G. A., M.D. (Surgeon, Cooke Co, TST), A-182

Fields, Richard (Surgeon's Interpreter, Cherokee Mtd. Volunteers, CSA), A-341, A-449

Galloway, TST), Mr., Dr. (Hunt Co, TST), A-153

Gatell, Dr. (Titus Co, TST), A-84

Gilsan, Dr. Rodney (physician at Ft Arbuckle), A-430

Hampton, Wm., Dr. (Collin Co TX), A-177

Harmon, James, Dr. (Hopkins Co TX), A-424

Harris, R. C. (Surgeon, Red River Co, TST), A-70

Hawkins, Edwin R., Dr. (Capt, Titus Co, TST), A-47, A-48, A-57, A-71, A-72, A-158, A-439, A-viii, A-xx

Hunt, Mr., Dr. (Collin Co, TST), A-193

Hunter, Wm., Dr. (1842 Fannin Co TX), 33

Janes, Rufus, Dr. (Cass Co, TST), A-41

Keller, J. M., Dr., medical director CSA, A-398

Kelly, Levi, Dr. (Grayson Co, TST), A-174, A-189

Kennedy, E. D. (Surgeon, Fannin Co, TST), A-121

Lair, Wm. D. (Asst Surgeon, Collin Co, TST), A-159, A-188, A-193

Lais, Solomon Lais or Sais (Surgeon, Fannin & Hunt Co's, TST), A-135

Leslie, Joseph Lafayette (Surgeon, Collin Co, TST), A-159, A-177

Little, H. L. (Surgeon, Texas Rangers, TST), A-217, A-218

Lyons, John B., Dr. (Lt-Col, Marion Co, TST), A-42, A-60, A-61

Madden, J. W. Maddin (Aide to Surgeon, Bourland's Regt), 297, 303

Maddox, Wm. Ellis, Dr., b-1828 (Surgeon, A. Adj-Gen, Lamar Co's, TST), A-99, A-103, A-134

Markham, Harvey M., Dr. (Collin Co, TST), A-176, A-192

McGee, McGehee, Mr., a physician (1869 Fannin Co TX), 324

McKee, S., Dr. (Enrolling Officer, Fannin Co, TST), A-147

McMillan, W. R. (Surgeon, Tarrant Co, TST), A-205, A-243

McMullen, E. H., physician (Bowie Co TX), A-38

Moore, J. T., Dr. (Hunt Co, TST), A-136, A-150

Massey, Edward L. Massie, Dr., medical director, I.T. Hdqts, A-393

Nix, Newton Thos, physician in Fannin Co TX, Jack Co TX, Emporia KS, then Choctaw O.T. (now Okla Co OK), 245

Norfleet, Thomas (Surgeon, Collin Co, TST), A-185

Patton, D. (physician, Co F, Bourland's Regt), A-19

Plumlee, Isaac, Dr. (Wise Co, TST), A-328

Polson, Jasper (Hosp. Steward, Cherokee Mtd. Volunteers, CSA), A-341

Polson, Wm. D. (Surgeon, Cherokee Mtd. Volunteers, CSA), A-341

Prewitt, Jackson Bunn, Dr. (Cass & Titus Co's, TST), A-41, A-61, A-81, A-82

Pugh, David M., Dr. (Johnson Co, TST), A-228

Robinson, Wm. H. (Asst Surgeon, 2d Frontier Dist, TST), A-222, A-229, A-240, A-296

Routh, Dr. Ruth, physician (Bowie Co TX), A-38

Russell, Mr. (Surgeon, CSA), A-401

Sais, Solomon Lais or Sais (Surgeon, Fannin & Hunt Co's, TST), A-135

Saunders, Daniel L. (Surgeon, 20th Brig, TST), A-211

Scales, R. A., Dr. (Surgeon, Hopkins & Lamar Co's, TST), A-87, A-93

Scott, George Lackey (1833-1929, Surgeon, Bourland's Regt), 1, 44, 78, 95, 105, 108, 283, 297, 303, 330, 333, 337, 339, A-9, A-19, A-22, A-29, A-268, A-332

Shirley, Wm, Dr. (merchant at Wichita Agency), A-405, A-406, A-448

Smith, Mr. a physician (Hunt Co, TST), A-153

Steele, Mr., Dr. (1846 Trigg Co KY), 55

Steiner, J. M., Dr., appointed 1859 to study Indian reservation, 200

Stewart, James A., Dr., (Wise Co, TST), A-293

Stewart, Thomas (Surgeon, Montague Co, TST), A-265, A-290

Stone, James B., Dr. (Col, Co A, Bourland's Regt), 143, A-20, A-29, A-62, A-301

Strums, J. J., Dr., commissary for the Indian Reserve, wife was Caddo, A-396, A-404, A-406, A-448

Taylor, R. A., Dr. (Collin Co, TST), A-181

Taylor, Marion Dekalb K., physician, 1818 Jones Co GA-1897 Marion Co TX and m-1838 Butler Co AL to Sarah Eliz McDaniel (Brig-Gen, 7th Brig, TST), A-35, A-37, A-39, A-33, A-34, A-vi, A-299

Throckmorton, James Web, Assist. Surgeon, Mex War, (Brig-Gen, TST, Texas Governor, 1866-1867), 77, 117, 130, 139, 144, 145, 147, 153, 177, 182, 227, 228, 235, 239, 240, 278, 288, 289, 291, 292, 295, 298, 299, 307, 308, 309, 310, 311, 314, 315, A-1, A-7, A-8, A-121, A-127, A-159, A-160, A-162, A-163, A-165, A-166, A-167, A-170, A-171, A-172, A-179, A-185, A-202, A-266, A-297, A-359, A-377, A-392, A-408, A-417, A-418, A-419, A-420, A-449, A-xi, A-xxi

Throckmorton, Wm. Ed., Dr. (White Co TN), 315

Turner, J. H., Dr. (Surgeon, Fannin & Hunt Co's, TST), A-133

Waterman, "Old Doc" of 1864 Ft Smith AR, 246

White, John L. (Surgeon, Grayson Co, TST), A-100

Williams, I. N. B., Dr. (Surgeon, Tarrant Co, TST), A-239

Wooten, Gilbert H., Dr. (Brig-Gen, Red River & Titus Co's, TST), A-47, A-49, A-52, A-55, A-56, A-58, A-59, A-61, A-64, A-66, A-69, A-70, A-71

Wornall, J. R. Worrall (Surgeon, 2d Frontier Dist, TST), A-211, A-296

Worthington, Wm. P., Dr. (1818-1884) m-Elvira (Love) Jones Willis, 68, 85

Wright, Wm. C., Dr. (Capt, Titus Co, TST), A-48, A-67

Yates, Lafayette, Dr. (Lamar Co, TST), A-91, A-99, A-101, A-110, A-111

Young, J. M. (Asst Surgeon, 2d Frontier Dist, TST), A-296

Young, Mr., Dr. (Hunt Co, TST), A-153



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Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains