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Le Koester's Company E    (119 men)


Roster of Company E, Baird's-Showalter's 4th Texas Cavalry, 4th Arizona Brigade

see copy of 1864 original letter at bottom of this page


Captain Henry LeKoester  is mentioned 8 times in my 1,046-page book.  I know that he was captain of Company E because Private J.W. Francis stated on Nov. 6, 1863 that he had deserted LeKoester's 4th Arizona Regiment.  Bourland sent the following men to LeKoester's company in July and December, 1864; his original letter about his transfer of 3 of 5 of these men is displayed toward the bottom of this webpage.   Please send information about these men.


Joel A. Crain, Co B, sent Dec 1864             C. C. Scott, Co D, Jul 1864                    G. Skinner, Co B, sent Dec 1864

Robert. Ellison, Co D, sent Jul 1864           Ellis C. Oglesby, Co B, sent Jul 1864


Was LeKoester arrested?  Major Finis Ewing Kavanaugh, [b-1832 MO] of Baird's-Showalter's 4th Texas Cavalry, 4th Arizona Brigade, ordered on Oct. 9, 1864 that LeKoester be arrested.   Interesting since Bourland sent soldiers to LeKoester's company in December 1864.  By the way, Colonel Spruce McCoy Baird, who helped organize the 1st and 4th Arizona Brigades, was listed as a private in Bourland's Company E from Sept. to Nov. 1864, detailed as "a striker for the blacksmith."

LeKoester's Company E, Col. Daniel Showalter's 4th Arizona Brigade, consisted of, at least some of, the following Company "E" roster.   (comments invited):


Adams, Jonathan Adams

Adams, Solomon Adams

Adcock, James Adcock

Alford, William Alford

Alford, J.P. Alford

Ashton, R. V. Ashton

Ashton, Peter Ashton

Bales, James Bales

Bartlett, Dexter Bartlett

Batsil, J. F. Batsil

Beavers, James Beavers

Belcher, Charles Belcher

Black, James Black

Andrew Bouch

Lewis Bowers

D. B. Brown

J. B. Brown

L. Brown

E. R. Browning

D. H. Burgion

P. W. Carpenter

W. Carpenter

Peter Chaffin

W. P. Cherry

Choate, Z.  Choat

E. Cook

James M. Cook

W. P. Cooksay

A. Couch

J. Cox

E. P. Crowning

Robert Darrington

W. H. Dean

Joseph Duncan

Ben Franklin Ellis

Francis,       J. W. Francis, Private J.W. Francis deserted LeKoester's Co E, then re-enlisted Nov 6, 1863 in the Confederate Brush Battalion (listed as G. W. Francis).   J. W. Francis b-1830 MO; m-Frances; 1860 Grayson Co TX cen p164 (LeKoester's Co E, Baird's 4th Arizona Regt, Brush Battalion, CSA), A-344, A-45

Francis, Wm. S. R. Francis, b-1840 MO; 1860 Grayson Co TX cen p151. 

J. Galleham

Thomas Gault

A. Gibson

Moses Glenn

J. Goff

Thomas Goff

David Hagee

B. F. Hardsuck

G. W. Harper

J. C. Hebert

Reuben Hicks

R. P. Hill

B. Hincher

L. Hough

S. Houghakee

S. Houghteller

W. B. Jones

James King

John King

C. Kirkpatrick

Kitching, Kitchens, __ Kitchins

Alfred Lawless

George Lawless

J. E. W. Mansfield

J. H. McClure

Green McDonald

J. McDonald

E. W. Merritt

John Medkiff, John Midkiff

Charles Medkiff, Charles Midkiff

C. M. Milan

Charles D. Miller

E. Miller

I. I. Miller

J. A. Miller

Thomas Miller

William Mitchell

Morris, H. B. Moris

R. P. Mullins

Thomas Mullins

J. F. Nichols

J. L. Norfleet

Norvell, S. A. G. Norvell  .... (one S.G. Norvell,  d. 8 July 1863 Georgetown I.O.O.F. Cem, Williamson Co TX, The earliest marked burials were: )

Thomas Nowell

(D. D. Noel, Co D, Lt)  Bourland's Dec 18, 1864 letter to H.E McCulloch states "Capt. Noel", but probably means S.A.G. Norvell.   This Noel was in Company D, Baird's 4th Arizona Regt.)

James Perrin

Felix Pope

G. Pope

James Pyle

Roberts, __ Roberts

Joseph B. Robinson

J. R. Rodgers

Tom Savage

C. C. Scott

W. Scott

B. B. Schacklett

Simeon Shattock

William Shelton

E. Simmons

S.S. Skidmore, on the Grayson County "Confederate Indigent Families Index"

J. L. Smith

J. W. Spencer

Teters, David Teters

Thorp, G. A. Thorp

John A. Thorp

Thomas, Lt.  G. A. Thorp

W. A. Tharp

A. Travis

M. Vanderver

John Walsh

Jacob Warden

Charles Watkins

John Wheat

W. S. White

W. A. Wilford

James Williams

Lemuel Williams

Thomas Williams

Henry Wilson


Bourland to McCulloch

Facsimile of this Dec 18, 1864 (Bourland to McCulloch) toward bottom of this page.

1864 Cooke Co TX, Gainesville, Dec 18.......GENERAL [H.E. McCulloch, Comdg. Northern Sub-Dist., Bonham TX:

Enclosed I send you copies of transfers for [G.] Skinner, [J.A.] Crain, and [E.C.] Oglesby of Co. "B" Border Regt. I see from Capt. [J.J.] Diamond’s Muster Roll and Return that he has dropped those men from his Rolls, as being transferred to Capt. [H.] LeKoester's Co. [4th Arizona Regt] in October, date not given. He reported 86 men all through the month, and in the Petition for October shows three transferred from the company and three received by company. I have given at different times positive orders to the Captains of companies not to take any Recruits in to their companies without from these Head Qrs. Though Capt. Diamond has been receiving Recruits from others for his Rolls without __ (torn). I am perfectly willing to have the good men transferred to LeKoester's Co though __ company has been doing a very loose __ and I think it is time to check it — the application to be transferred to the Frontier.

Capt. Noel’s Co. [?S.A.G. Norvell, Co E, 4th Ariz. Regt] was no doubt not up yesterday. I have no objection to transferring these men to Capt. Noel [? Norvell] or any other legally organized Co., but I want it to is being done in a legal manner. I am tired of the loose way of doing business.

I am General, Your Obdt. Svt.,

Jas. Bourland, Col. Comdg. Border Regt.


Cover: Enclosed I send copies of transfer for Skinner, Crain, &c. Respectfully relieved, disapproved. This man, Noel [? Norvell], has no company and no more men will be mustered to the Army.   By Command of Brig-Gen. McCulloch, B.E. Benton, Capt. A.A. Genl, Hdqts,. N.S.D. per BP-DM4406-3O-144.    (see Arizona Brigade, vIIpA-45.)


1864, Sep 7. The undersigned, viz. J.A. Crain & E. C. Oglesby of Co. "B" Border Regt. Texas Cavalry, desire to be transferred to Co. B [sic E] of the "Frontier Expedition" said Company being commanded by Capt. S.W.G. Noel [maybe S.A.G. Norvell of Co E, 4th Arizona Regt] , &c.


J.A. Crain,    E.C. Oglesby.


1864, Sep 9. The undersigned Capt. of Co. "B" Border Regt. consents and agrees to the transfer above asked for.       Jas. J. Diamond, Capt. Comdg. Co. "B." A true copy. Frank Liedtkeper BP-DM4406-3O-144.



A facsimile of Bourland's December 18, 1864 letter documenting his transfer of 3 of 5 men to LeKoester's Company E is below.  The transcription and an interpretation of this letter is immediately above this facsimile.


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