Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains

by Patricia Adkins-Rochette

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Erath County, Texas Civil War Veterans


             This July 11, 1924 photo of Civil War veterans taken at the north entrance to the Erath County Courthouse by Stephenville's famous photographer, Baxley.    It would be appreciated if you send the military unit/s in which each of the following soldiers served, along with their vital data, i.e. full name, birth and death years and counties, and marriage data.
             Numbered men in photograph:   (1) Dr. J.B. McGauhy;   (2) J.C. Wright;   (3) J.A. Cherry;   (4) F.M. Marrs;   (5) W. H. Pate; (6) G.W. Ledia;   (7) W.P. Orr;   (8) John Martin;   (9) W.P. Chapman;   (10) Mac D. Reid;   (11) G.L. McIlhany;   (12) N. McLaughlin;   (13) James Collins;   (14) W.R. Wolverton;  (15) J.L. Bird;  (16) T.B. Tudor;   (17) A.L. Murphy;   (18) A. C. McAlister;   (19) J.F. Henderson;   (20) J J. Marrs;   (21) J.A. Buntin;   (22) -- Bassett;   (23) Mack Wilson;   (24) J. A. Shelton; (25) J. Matt Roberson; (26) __.  
  This 1924 listing is alphabetized below the photo that can be enlarged by clicking on photo then clicking on the 2nd photo arrows in the lower right corner.


Erath County Veterans, in alphabetical order, shown in the 1924 photo taken on the Erath County Courthouse steps.   Can you can identify No. "26" in the photo?


--- Bassett             (# 22)

J.L. Bird                (# 15)

J.A. Buntin             (# 11)                    

W.P. Chapman      (# 9)

J.A. Cherry            (# 3)

James Collins         (# 13)

J.F. Henderson       (# 19)

G.W. Ledia            (# 6)

F.M. Marrs            (# 4)

J.J. Marrs               (# 20)

John Martin            (# 8)

A.C. McAlister       (# 18)

Dr. J.B. McGauhy  (# 1)

G.L. McIlhany        (# 11)

N. McLaughlin        (# 12)

A.L. Murphy           (# 17)

W.P. Orr                (# 7)

W.H. Pate              (# 5)

Mac D. Reid           (# 10)

J.Matt Roberson     (# 25)

J.A. Shelton            (# 24)

T.B. Tudor             (# 16)

Mack Wilson          (# 23)

W.R. Wolverton     (# 14)

J.C. Wright             (# 2)


Sent by Joyce Chandler Whitis , who has several Confederate artifacts on display in her home showing her love for the Confederacy and the Sons of the Confederate Veterans. ..She is particularly interested in the service of the 600 CSA veterans buried in Erath County, and invites you to send their stories, letters, and photos, etc. for her PatchWork column on:




Two photos were taken the same day: one showed 25 men, while the other showed 26. The gent labeled "26" does not appear in the other photo although 25 are sitting in the same position in the second photo, implying that he was a late arrival. .


Sorry, but no cigar:
Before  I received the identification of 25 of the 26 soldiers listed above on November 11, 2007, readers sent the following names as

possibly being in this Erath County group photo. 

Jones Tidwell (1835 Dickson Co TN-1919 Erath Co TX) 22nd Cav-1st Indian-TX Regt, CSA; m-1868 Benton Co AR to Frances Moore, 3 ch.

Dallas Tidwell (1845 Dickson Co TN-1913 Mt. Pleasant Cem, Tolar, Hood Co TX) Wells' Battn, Good’s Cav, Daniels' Co A, CSA; m-1863 Lamar Co TX

to Emily Allison.
John Thomas Burnett (1843 Attala Co MS-1916 Daffau Cem, Erath Co TX, served Co D of Mississippi 30th Infantry Regt) of Clariette, Erath County;

m-1861 to Sarah Elizabeth Walker, 11 ch.
Samuel Doebner (Selmir), who served in DeBray's 26th TX Cavalry, detached to the Navy and was on the vessel, "The Carr"; he lived in Erath County.
James W. Pierce (1841-1910 Daffau Cem, Erath Co TX, served either in 1st or 36th Mississippi Infantry Regiments (possibly both units); m. Martha Elizabeth

Carr, 4 ch.
John West Wood Sr. (Mar 11, 1828 Linden, Perry Co TN-Apr 2, 1900 Erath Co TX) and m-in Cass Co TX on Mar 29, 1851 to Sarah Jane Hamilton [Dec 29, 1830 TN-Nov 17, 1913 Stephenville, Erath Co TX], dau of Amy Rice and James Hamilton. Also lived in Hunt Co TX. John West Wood's parents were Mary Polly Graham and Jeremiah Wood. Your editor's gggg-aunt was Mary Graham Wood and yes, my mother is a Graham and a direct descendant of [TST Brigadier] General Charles Graham (1792-1875) buried in Center Grove Cem, Cass Co TX. ... Photo sent by a descendant of John West Wood Sr.


Patricia Adkins-Rochette        05/22/2008               

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Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains