Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains 

 by Patricia Adkins-Rochette


East Texas Militia Recruits sent to North and West Texas


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         The Name Index contains the names of scores of soldiers who were listed in the Appendix in an eastern Texas militia and were — at a later date — listed in a western Texas militia (21st Militia Brigade). It is assumed that many recruits were simply sent to Bourland's Border Regiment or the 21st Militia Brigade without first enrolling and being recorded in an East Texas militia. Brig-General M.D.K. Taylor, of the 7th Militia Brigade (East Texas on the Louisiana line), stated in his September 24, 1863 letter: "I mustered in to the State Service those present for the 21st District and turned them over to the Major commanding the [21st Militia] Brigade." The distance between Texarkana, Bowie County (7th Militia Brigade), and Montague, Montague County (21st Militia Brigade) is 245 miles.   Some men went directly to West Texas to enroll in a military unit because they "did not wish to be ordered out of state but would go to any part of country [Texas] rather than be drafted [into the Confederate Army]." 

       The following listing shows some of the "very similar name" entries extracted from my Name Index of the soldiers who first served in an east Texas militia then served in a west Texas militia.  This listing is only an illustration of this major migration pattern and is a sampling of the men who enlisted in east Texas and served in West Texas.   Below is page 1 of 3.


Allison, Wm. H. (Red River Co, TST), A-68

Allison, Wm. H. (Tarrant Co, TST), A-240


Armstrong, J. M. (Bowie Co, TST), A-44

Armstrong, J. M. (Jack Co, TST), A-309, A-310, A-311


Baker, A. B. (Red River Co, TST), A-65

Baker, A. B. (Wise Co, TST), A-326


Baker, J. H. (Fannin Co, TST), A-143, 148.

Baker, J. H. (Palo Pinto Co, TST), A-305


Bell, A. J. (Cass Co, TST), A-41

Bell, A. J. (Sgt, Parker Co, TST), A-237, A-317, A-318


Bland, Perry T. (Cooke Co, TST), A-301

Bland, Perry T. (Lamar Co, TST), A-100


Blanton, Benjamin (Fannin Co, TST), A-144

Blanton, Benjamin (Wise Co, TST), A-326


Blanton, J. M. (Collin Co, TST), A-185

Blanton, J. M. (Davis Co TX), A-38


Boyd, J. B., Dr. (Surgeon, Tarrant Co, TST), A-242

Boyd, J. B. (Lt, Collin Co, TST), A-160


Brewer, W. J. (Cpl, Red River Co, TST), A-65

Brewer, W. J. (Grayson Co, TST), A-197


Brown, J. P. (Collin Co, TST), A-194

Brown, J. P. (Palo Pinto Co, TST), A-305


Brumbalow, A. (Jack Co, TST), 247, A-313

Brumblow, A. J. (Hunt Co, TST, Co A, Burnett's Co, Brush

 Battalion, CSA), A-151, A-335


Brumley, C. S.  (Erath Co, TST), A-220, A-222

Brumley, C. S. (Hunt Co, TST), A-151


Brumley, J. C. (Cpl, Erath Co, TST), A-222

Brumley, J. C. (Cpl, Hunt Co, TST), A-151


Burnett, R. H. (Cpl, Palo Pinto Co, TST), A-305

Burnett, R. H. (Lamar Co, TST), A-106


Butler, S. L. or S. T. (Red River Co, TST), A-68

Butler, S. L. or S. T. (Sgt, Wise Co, TST), A-329


Calvin, John (Johnson Co TX), A-216

Calvin, John (Lamar Co, TST), A-106


Campbell, J. (Hopkins Co, TST), A-113

Campbell, J. (Johnson Co TX), A-216


Carpenter, Thomas (Cpl, Erath Co, TST), A-220, A-222

Carpenter, Thomas (Titus Co, TST), A-83


Carr, James (Bowie Co TX), A-38

Carr, James (Parker Co, TST), A-235


Carter, James (Palo Pinto Co, TST), A-305

Carter, James (Red River Co, TST), A-63


Castlebury, Aaron (Hunt Co, TST), A-151

Castlebury, Aaron (Wise Co, TST), A-327


Castlebury, John (Lamar Co, TST), A-106

Castlebury, John (Denton Co, TST), A-281


Cathey, G. W. (Hopkins Co, TST), A-120

Cathey, G. W. (Palo Pinto Co, TST), A-305


Chambers, James (Johnson Co, TST), A-221

Chambers, James (Red River Co, TST), A-68


Chandler, J. M. (Fannin Co, TST), A-137

Chandler, J. M. (Lt, 2d Frontier Dist, TST), A-296


Clark, J. (Fannin Co, TST), A-147

Clark, J. (Lt, Denton Co, TST), A-248


Clark, John (Cooke Co, TST), A-301

Clark, John (Hopkins Co, TST), A-115


Clark, John (Parker Co, TST), A-235

Clark, John (Titus Co, TST), A-86


Clark, W. M. (Erath Co, TST), A-223

Clark, W. M. G. (Lt, Hopkins Co, TST), A-115


Coker, W. M. (Parker Co, TST), A-323

Coker, W. M. (Hopkins Co, TST), A-115


Coles, J. M. (Fannin Co, TST), A-144

Coles, J. M. (Parker Co TX), A-216, A-317, A-318


Coles, J. P. (Hopkins Co, TST), A-112

Coles, J. P. (Parker Co TX), A-206


Cook, G. W. (Fannin Co, TST), A-141

Cook, G. W. (Tarrant Co, TST), A-242


Craft, Jesse (Denton Co, TST), A-281

Craft, Jesse (Hopkins Co TX), A-95


Crook, John H. (Jack Co, TST), A-100

Crook, John (Lamar Co, TST), A-105


Dalby, J. C. or J. G. (Erath Co, TST), A-220

Dalby, J. C. or J. G. (Bowie Co, TST), A-44


Davidson, James Davison (Collin Co TX), A-182

Davidson, James Davison (Titus Co, TST), A-76


Davis, A. J. (Cooke Co, TST), A-302, A-303

Davis, A. J. (Hopkins Co, TST), A-118, A-119


Davis, Isaac (Fannin Co, TST), A-144

Davis, Isaac P. (Tarrant Co, TST), A-240


Davis, J. W. (Cpl, Lamar Co, TST), A-105

Davis, J. W. (Tarrant Co, TST), A-241


Davis, John (Tarrant Co, TST), A-246

Davis, John (Titus Co, TST), A-81


Davis, W. A. (Fannin Co, TST), A-142

Davis, W. A. (Red River Co, TST), A-70


Dodson, G. W. (Grayson Co, TST), A-183

Dodson, G. W. (Stephens & Young Co's, TST), A-232, A-294,



Donahoo, G. W. (Fannin Co, TST), A-145

Donahoo, G. W. (Wise Co, TST), A-327


Edwards, George (Montague Co, TST), A-257, A-283

Edwards, George (Red River Co, TST), A-71


Edwards, Henry (Cpl, Montague Co, TST), A-283

Edwards, Henry S. (Red River Co, TST), A-71


Edwards, J. J. (Davis Co, TST), A-43

Edwards, J. J. (Johnson Co, TST), A-224


Edwards, J. T. B. (Sgt, Palo Pinto & Wise Co's, TST), 306,

         A-305, A-327, A-329

Edwards, J. T. (Sgt, Hunt Co, TST), A-151


Edwards, James (Cooke Co, TST), A-276

Edwards, James (Erath Co, TST), A-222


Elkins, John (Hunt Co, TST), A-152

Elkins, John (Sgt, Parker Co, TST), A-235


Erwin, James (Cooke Co, TST), A-300

Erwin, James Irwin (Lt, Titus Co, TST), A-54


Evans, F. M. (Collin Co, TST), A-188

Evans, F. M. (Palo Pinto Co, TST), A-230


Evans, Henry (Lamar Co, TST), A-106

Evans, Henry (Parker Co, TST), A-235


Evans, James (Erath Co, TST), A-222

Evans, James (Hopkins Co, TST), A-114


Evans, W. A. (Erath Co, TST), A-222

Evans, W. A. (Lamar Co, TST), A-106


Fanning, John (Hunt Co, TST), A-156

Fanning, John (Tarrant Co, TST), A-242

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      Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains