Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains

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Bourland  -  McElroy


of North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky and Texas


My direct ancestor is child number 5. Temperance Bourland


Marriages of Benjamin Bourland, b. in Wilkes Co NC on Jan 6, 1779 to ?Catherine [d-aft 1806 KY] and John Bourland [d-c1793 SC]. Ben's will was filed in Ballard Co KY then probated in Fannin Co TX. Benj. died in Ladonia, Fannin Co TX on Jun 5, 1851, Bourland Cem, tombstone reads: "In My Father's House are Many Mansions, Benjamin Bourland, Born Jan 6, 1779 In Wilks Co. N.C. Died June 5, 1851 Aged 72 yrs 4 mos 29 days Died as he Lived, A Christian."    ... DAR application information on our Benjamin Bourland G-line presented

m,1. Agnes "Nancy" McElroy in prob Pendleton Dist SC c1798. Agnes b-c1770 prob Chatham Co NC-d-1818/1827 ?Calloway Co KY). Notice both John McElroy Bourland and Temperance Bourland Griffith named their eldest sons "McElroy." In the 1805 Pendleton Dist SC deed, Benj Bourland sold tracts on Wolf Creek of 12-Mile River bound by Willie Benson, Wm. Marchbanks, Reuben Reed (?Reece) and John Tatum. Agnes Bourland released her dower in sale of land. (see timeline: 1803, 1805).

m,2. Martha _ (maybe Allcock, Dyson/Dison, Wells), b-1801 KY; m-c1828, "Martha of Graves Co KY" per 1835 McCrack Co KY deed. About 1835 Ben and Martha sold land to Wm. Thompson of Hardeman Co TN before Claiborne Chisum left Hardeman Co TN. 1860 Fannin Co TX cen p224 finds her and dau, living w/ Sam Hudson. "widow Martha and nephew John Wells/Wills, both living with Martha's dau, Elizabeth Hudson....also that Ben Bourland in 1840 Red River Co TX cen." per L. Horton’s Some Early Texas Families. Martha d-prob late 1865, Fann Co TX. "Dyson/Dison maiden name of Martha." per Harwood Hinton of Austin TX.

by m,1. Agnes "Nancy" McElroy     .....14 of 19 children raised families .....  

1. male b ca-1797 Pend Dist SC d bef 1810 Hopkins Co KY cen per 1800 cen

2. female b ca-1798 Pend Dist SC d bef 1810 Hopkins Co KY cen per 1800 cen

3. Nancy Bourland b Mar 24, 1800 Pend Dist SC d Dec 25, 1874 McCracken Co KY m. John Griffith

4. Col James G Bourland b Aug 11, 1801 Pend Dist SC d Aug 20, 1879 Cooke Co TX m. Wells/Barnett

**5. Temperance Bourland b 1803 NC, ?Wilkes Co d 1882 Ballard Co KY m. Seibert Griffith

6. John McElroy Bourland b ca 1804 Henderson Co KY Sep 3-27,1852 Lamar Co TX m. Nancy Hood

7. female b ca 1805 Henderson Co KY d bef 1820 Hopkins Co KY cen per 1810 cen

8. Seberry "Sabra" Bourland b-May 9,1807 Hopkins Co KY d-Mar 31, 1859 Effingham Co IL m-Andrew Gilmore

9. Dicey Bourland Bearden b 1810-20 Hopkins Co KY d aft 1840 Graves Co KY cen m. Erasmus Bearden

10. William Howard Bourland b 1811 Hopkins Co KY d Apr 2, 1860 Grayson Co TX m-R Davis/C Willis

11. Dr E. Reece Bourland b Nov 22, 1812 Hopkins Co KY d Dec 28, 1864 Lincoln Co MO m-Waddy/Nan/Pierce

12. Benjamin F. Bourland Jr. b-Mar 14, 1818 Hopkins Co KY d-Aug 17, 1900 Hunt Co TX m-Chisum/Yarbrough

13. Reuben Rollo Bourland b Mar 1820 Hopkins Co KY d Dec 18, 1900 McAlest, Choc Nat IT m-Eliza Moore

by m,2. Martha

14. Elizabeth Bourland b-Jun 1, 1829 ?Calloway Co KY d-Feb 15, 1909 Franklin Co TX m-Thos Sam Hudson

15. Hannah Emiline Bourland b-Oct 19, 1831 McCracken Co KY d-May 22, 1870 Fannin Co TX Joel Conyer Fuller

16. Charles F. Bourland b-Dec 31, 1834 McCracken Co KY d-bef Jan, 1895 ?Hemphill Co TX Martha Clark Anderson

17. Duron B. Bourland b. Jun 27, 1836 McCracken Co KY d. Jul 30, 1856 Fannin Co TX single

18. female b. 1835-40 McCracken Co KY d. bef 1850 Fannin Co TX cen per 1840 cen

19. Martha Ann Bourland b. Apr 7, 1839 McCracken Co KY d. Apr 1, 1919 Fannin Co TX m. Levi Braly

20. Sarah J. Bourland b. 1842 Fannin Co TX d. aft 1866 Austin, Travis Co TX single

3. Nancy Bourland, m. in Hopkins Co KY on Jan 20, 1818 to John Griffith [1797 ?Frank Co VA-c1875 McCrac Co KY], son of Milly Byrd and George Griffith [lvd Blackwater River, Franklin Co VA, d-aft 1820 Caldwell Co KY, m. 1778 Chesterfield Co VA]. Nancy b. Old Young Cem, McCrack Co KY. Issue, 6 ch: John Griffin, m. Sally Bell; Benjamin Griffith, b. 1822-1871 Graves Co KY and m. Matilda M Earle; George Griffith, 1828-1862 Battle of Shiloh) and m. Mary Frances Young. James W. Griffith, b. c1838 and m. Matilda Gardner; Margaret Griffith, 1829-1862 McCrack Co KY and m. John Winstead Ogilvie; and a female who m. Hannah (fe, N.E. Hannah, b. 1838 in 1850 cen w/ John Griffith).

4. Colonel James G. Bourland, m,1-Hopkins Co KY on Jun 16, 1822 to Catherine Wells [1803-d-bet 1840-50], dau of prob Virginia Bayliss and Wm Wells. 1822 marr cere perf by R. Owens. Wm Wells wit an Apr 1809 Hopk Co KY deed: John B Ruby selling to Jno Morton of Fayette Co KY 200 ac on Deer Creek; other wit: W Weir, Daniel Ashby, Wm Wells, Sam Woodson. Catherine's younger bro, Silas Wells, b. c1810 and m. Mary Smith, and stayed on Wolf Creek, Pickens Co, SC. James was in both Mex War and CSA. Issue, 9 ch: Hannah Ann Bourland, 1824 Hopkins Co KY-1859 Dexter, Cooke Co TX and m-Ambrose B. Manion; Nancy Jane Bourland, 1830 Weakley Co TN-1911 Fann Co TX and m-Col Sam Day; Wm Wells Bourland, 1827-1907 Cooke Co TX single; Mary J. Bourland, 1830-1877 Ladonia, Fann Co TX and m. Wm Merrick/Enoch Jasper Moore; Virginia Baylis Bourland, 1834-1906 Hunt Co TX and m. Egbert Stevens/Nathan McDougal/Thos Campbell; Sarah A Bourland, 1835 Weakley Co TN-1881 ?Montague Co TX and m. Sam Doss; Lorena E Bourland, 1836-1912 Benbrook, Tarrant Co TX, and m. Francis Barnett.

    James, m,2-Collin Co TX on May 14, 1854 to Nancy Salina Barnett, dau of Sarah Geheen [b-c1790 NC] and Samuel Barnett [1784 SC-1883 Cooke Co TX, m-1810 Caldw Co KY]. Min. at marr: Younger S. McKinney, f-in-law of Gordencia McKinney, dau of Wm H. Bourland. Barnetts in Hardeman Co TN by 1829; 1830s went to Marsh Co MS; by 1849 Cotton Gin, Freestone Co TX; 1851 Collin Co TX. Geo Barnett knew Bourlands in Mississippi. James and Salina b. Manion Cem, Cooke Co TX. No Issue.

**5. Temperance Bourland, m-Hopkins Co KY on May 5, 1821 to Seibert B Griffith [b-1796 Franklin Co VA], son of Milly Byrd and George Griffith [lvd Blackwater River, Franklin Co VA, d-aft 1820 Caldwell Co KY, m-1778 Chesterfield Co VA]. "Aunt Tempie"  mentioned in 1892 letter.  Issue, 10 ch: **Joseph McElroy Griffith, 1822-1888 Delta Co TX and m. Martha Ann Moore/Mary Musick; fe; Benjamin Griffith, 1828 MO-aft 1870 Balla Co KY and m. Catherine Willingham\ Nancy "Ann" Austin; Nancy Katherine Griffith, b-1830; Mary Ann Griffith, 1830-1870/80 and m. John Mott; James W. Griffith, 1832-aft 1900 McCrac Co KY and m. Margaret Whitlow; Martha Griffith, 1834-1905 Hunt Co TX and m. Ben McKinney; Eliza B. Griffith, 1837-c1863 Ballard Co KY and m. Ben McKinney; Gilbert B Griffith,1839-aft 1900 Ballard Co KY cen and m. __/Nancy Whitlow; Thomas Reece Griffith, b-1844 and m. Sarah _.

6. John McElroy "Mack" Bourland, m-Calloway Co KY on Sep 21, 1827 to Nancy Hood, prob sibling to Wash Hood, Chs Hood, Alex Hood and Martha Hood Smith. 1827 marr cere perf by Wm Milliken. Mack's Lamar Co TX 1852 will wit by John S Chisum. Issue, 14 ch: James R Bourland, 1827-aft 1900 Montag Co TX cen, single; Martha Ann Bourland, 1827 KY-1886 Lamar Co TX and m. Dr Wm T F Coles; Paulina Bourland, 1831-1872 ?Lyon Co KS and m. Newton Nix; Angelina Bourland, b. 1833 and m. 1852 Lamar Co TX to M.H. Majors; Mary, b. 1835; Mildred Jane Bourland, 1839-1912 Montag Co TX and m. John Loring Davis; Cynthia Matilda Bourland, 1841 KY-1895 Grady, IT (now Jeff Co OK) and m. James Levi Alexander/J Nickols; William Reece Bourland, 1843-1922 Donley Co TX and m. Mary Sarilda Bush; Nancy M Bourland, 1845 TX-1913 Duncan, Step Co OK and m. Chris Columbus Colbert; Geo Wash Bourland, 1846-1885 Cooke Co TX and m. Mary Martha Brown; Reuben McElroy Bourland, 1848-1927 Bell Co TX and m. Frances Williams "Willie" Manion (cousin); Charles M, d-1859 Dexter, Cooke Co TX; Sydney Bourland, c1852-c1862 Adams Co IL, single.

8. Seberry "Sabra" Bourland, m-Calloway Co KY on Feb 2, 1827 to Andrew Gilmore [1806-1855 Effingham Co IL], son of ? Geo Gilmore. [m.cere perf by Wm Milliken; consent of father Ben Bourland; wit: John [McElroy] Bourland and John Griffin/Griffith. Rec'd grant in sec25 twp6N ran1E and sec31 twp6N ran2E, prob in Calloway Co. 1840 McCrac and 1850 Graves Co KY cen, lvd Boaz, Graves Co KY. Andrew served in 1849 KY Militia under Capt David Boaz. Issue 8 ch: Wm.B, 1830-1886 Cooke Co TX and m,1. S.A., 2 ch/m,2. Amanda Moore, 6 ch; Temperance Caroline, b-1830-1857 and m-Jacob Idleman; Mary, b-1832 and m-John M. Maxfield; James Gilmore, b-1834; Nancy, b. 1837 and m-John Harrison; Margaret, b-1841, m-Joseph Albin; John Gilmore, 1844-1859; George Gilmore, b. 1848.

9. Dicey Bourland  Bearden, m. in Calloway Co KY on Mar 24, 1827 to Erasmus G. Bearden [1800 Livingston Co KY-d. bef 1840 Graves Co KY cen], son of Catherine "Caty"_ and John Bearden [c1765 Granville Co NC-1836/7 Calloway Co KY]. 1827 Marr wit: John [McElroy] Bourland and John Griffith, Wm Milliken J.P. Issue, 6 ch: Jane Berdin p173 McCrac Co cen; Narcissa Bearden b-1834, 1850 McCrac Co cen p187; John B Bearden b-1835 p359 1850 Caldwell Co KY cen; Benj Bearden b-1838 and m. Maria Jane Young; maybe Wm S Bearden b-1828 and m. 1851 McCrac Co to Cleopatra Wright.

10. William Howard Bourland, m,1. Trigg Co KY on Aug 30, 1831 to Rachel C. Davis [1818-c1851 Lamar Co TX "when Gordentia was age 2, her mother died, and since Wm was in TX Leg, the baby placed with a Parker family." per H.W. McKinney of Marietta OK. Arrived Paris TX 1838 from Marshall Co MS, first Speaker of the TX House of Rep: rep Lamar Co TX in 1845; mvd to Cedar Mills and became the first rep of Grayson Co TX in 1853.  Proof of "Howard" as a middle name.  Issue, 7 ch: Margery S. Bourland, 1833 Marshall Co MS-1927 Clay Co TX and m. Phillip Beckham/Charley Martin; Mary Ann Bourland, b. 1835 Marshall Co MS and m. Wm J. Reeves; Benjamim Bourland, 1837 Marshall Co MS-aft 1878 Old Pontotoc Co I.T. and m. Amanda Jones; Nancy Bourland, m. Wm Moody; Amanda Bourland, 1843 Paris TX-1872 Grady I.T. (now Jeff Co OK) and m. Joe Brown; Matilda Bourland, b-1845 Lamar Co TX and m. Alvin Roff; Gordentia Waite Bourland McKinney, 1849-1910 Marietta, Love Co OK and m. 1869 Collin Co TX to Collin McKinney.

    Wm m,2. in prob Woodville, Chick Nat, I.T. c1854 to Caroline Willis [1834-1898 Willis, I.T.], dau of Amamda M. Love and James H. Willis [James and Amanda crossed Mississippi River on Dec 12, 1842 w/ Ben Love's party bound for Ind Terr]. Wm died at Cedar Mills, Grayson Co TX. Issue, 2 ch: Kate Bourland, 1856 Woodville, I.T. [now Marshall Co OK]-1917 Hope, Step Co OK and m. Zachary Taylor Percival; Sam, 1857-1883, Kingston, I.T. [now Marshall Co OK].

11. Dr. E. Reece Bourland, m,1. ?Graves Co KY c1831 to Mary E. Waddy [1817 KY-May 1, 1847 Lovelaceville, Ballard Co KY], dau of Mary Cook [b-Louisa Co VA] and Samuel Albert Waddy [b-Louisa Co VA]. Reece was a physician, killed by bushwackers. Reece's desc admitted to DAR on John Bourland's Rev War service. Issue, 3 ch: Sarah Matilda Bourland, 1835 Henry Co TN-1916 Paducah KY and m. Jesse Hampton Gardner; Hillen Armour Bourland, 1838 Henry Co TN-1918 and m. Priscilla Howland; Joseph Wm Bourland, 1843 Ballard Co KY-bet 1892 and 1916 ?Warren Co MO and m. Juda Sydnor, 4 ch/m,2. Martha Coose, no ch.

m,2. to Nancy. m,3. Mrs. Mary E. Pierce, in prob Calloway Co [1818 VA-Dec 29, 1873].

12. Benjamin F Bourland Jr, m-Lamar Co TX on Apr 16, 1839 to Nancy Epps Chisum [1822 Hardeman Co TN-1868 Hunt Co TX], dau of (1st wife) and Claiborne Chisum [1802 Grainger Co-1857 Lamar Co]. Issue, 10 ch: Lucinda M Bourland, 1840-1927 Enid, Garfield Co OK, bur Chickasha, Grady Co OK and m. Jonathan Whatley; Nancy Matilda Bourland, 1842-1923 Whitewright, Grayson Co TX and m,1. Jesse Calhoun Scott/m,2. Lewis Holland; Martha Isabel Bourland, 1844-1944 Alameda Co CA and m. Wm C Hicks/m,2. Francis Marion Thomas; Cyntha Alelaide Bourland, 1847-1885 Blue Ridge, Collin Co TX and m-Ira Dobbins Sellers; Benj Claiborne Bourland, 1850-aft 1920 Hunt Co TX cen and m-M.J Mashburn; Jamse Patrick "Paddy" Bourland, 1853-1935 Creek Co OK and m. Lilla Viola Hynds/m-1894 Wilbarger Co TX to Mary Eliz Green; Mary Ella Bourland, 1855-aft 1935 Bentonville, Benton Co AR and m-Lawrence Graves/Wm Currie; Wm Hampton Bourland, 1857-1887 Stonewall I.T. [now Pont Co OK] and m-Frances Harrison [Little]; Sarah, b-1858; Laura Josephine Bourland, 1861-1907 Shasta Co CA and m-1875 Hunt Co TX to Thos Jeff Wright, 3 ch; Camila Elliott Bourland 1866-1951 OKC and m-Lawson Glenn.

Ben m,2. Hunt Co TX on Sep 8, 1869 to Martha A. Yarborough. Ben bur Mt Carmel Cem, Wolffe City, Hunt Co TX s/s wives

13. Reuben Rolla Bourland, m-Holly Springs, Marshall Co MS on Sep 29, 1842 to Eliza B Moore [c1822 Marshall Co MS-Oct 8, 1857 prob Doakesville, Indian Terr], dau of Delilah Love [a Chickasaw] and John Moore [b ? SC]. Issue, 8 ch: James "Jim"; George, National Secretary of the Chickasaw Legislature; Wm Howard "Chickasaw Bill" Bourland, 1847 Doaksville IT-1904 Petersburg IT (now Jeff Co OK) and m-Lorinda Harkins; John Bourland,1851-1902 sing, National jailer; Mary Bourland c1848-1893 McAlester IT and m-1874 Tishomingo IT to Thos Jeff Phillips; Martha "Mattie" Bourland, c1849-aft 1910 OKC cen and m-Dr. Geo W Scales

14. Elizabeth Bourland, m. in prob Fannin Co TX c1853 to Thomas Sam Hudson [b. 1822 VA]. one Nancy Hudson m-G.M. Nickolson on Feb 2, 1843 Lamar Co TX. Possible that he was m. before, brought ch: to marr: Frances (fe) Hudson, b-1844 and H.C. (male) Hudson, b. 1845 MO next door in 1860 cen. Issue, min 6 ch: Nancy J, b. 1855-1865, b. Bourland Cem; Albert Hudson, b. Apr 1856-aft 1900 Hunt Co TX and m. Ellen __ Danaghe; Martha Hudson, b. 1859; Emily I "Emma" Hudson 1863-aft 1910 Hunt Co TX cen and m. Milner/T.K. Fowler; Sada Hudson, b. 1871; Francis A Hudson, b. 1875.

15. Hannah Emiline Bourland, m in Fann Co TX on Dec 15, 1853 to Joel Conyer Fuller [1818 Henderson Co TN-1872 Fann Co TX], son of Eliz Conyer [1790 NC-aft 1843 TX] and Jordan Fuller [1790 Buncombe Co NC-aft 1850 Frank Co NC]. J. Briscoe MG. perf 1853 marr cere. Bourland Cem. Issue, 9 ch: Martha Cordelia "Delia" Fuller, 1854-1949 Creek Co OK and m-Walter Winfred Van Noy; Medora, 1855-d. inf; Savannah Georgia Fuller, b. 1857 and m-Edmondson/Thos Wheeler; Sara Emiline, 1859-inf; Letitia Ann "Litia" Fuller, 1860-1950 Grayson Co TX single; Xanthippe Dunlop "Zannie" Fuller, 1863-1910 Fann Co and m.James Montgomery Tribble; Cora Lee Fuller 1864-1953 Fann Co TX single; Oscar Bourland Fuller, 1865-1960 Harris Co TX and m. Virginia Frances Hayton/Zula Lee Kincaid; Lelah May Fuller, 1867-1908 Potta Co OK and m. James "Mac" Reese.

    Joel, m,1-Fann Co TX on Dec 23, 1841 to Sarah Inglish [1825-1853 Fann Co TX], dau of Jane Sloan [d-1831 Miller Co AR] and Bailey Inglish [b-SC-d-1867 Fann Co TX]. Issue, 9 ch: Mary E Fuller b-1843; Storey Fuller b-1844; Laura Ellen Fuller, 1845-1901 ?Collin Co TX and m-John Henry Roderick; Martha Elizabeth Fuller b-1846 and m-Bill Kennedy; Ella Fuller b-1847; Jordan Ephriam "Bud" Fuller, 1848-1911 Ladonia, Fann Co TX and m. Minerva Waggoner; Horton English Fuller, 1849-1894 Ladonia TX and m. Sallie Day (gdau of Col James Bourland); Bailey E. Fuller, 1851-1937 VanAlstyne, Grayson Co TX and m. Sudie Stephens/Mary Devers; Joel Fuller Jr, 1853-1870 single.

    Joel, m,3. to Eliza Woodard. Issue, 1 ch: Conyer (fe) Fuller, b-1872-went to Calif.

16. Charles F. Bourland, m. in Bell Co TX on Mar 8, 1866 to Martha Jane (Clark) Williams Anderson [b-1835 Sevier Co TN] dau of to Jane (Williams) Clark Simms and Isom William Clark, son of Eliz Evans [b-and Joseph Clark [b-1778 SC]. [Jane (Williams) Clark, m,2 Aug 7, 1857 Coryell Co TX to Marion Simms.] 1880 Stephens Co TX cen ED 172-8(488). Issue, min 6 ch: M. J, b-1877 and probably m. 1887 Hemphill Co TX to Lewis Riddle; Martha C, b. 1879; James F "Big Jim" Bourland, 1871-1906 Anadarko, O.T. [now Caddo Co OK]; Lewis R, b. 1873; Geo W, b. 1876; Melissa Comer Bourland, 1878-Jun 1918 Gilpin Co CO and m. Geo Lingenfelter/Lucius Forsyth.

    Martha, m,1. in VanZandt Co TX July 14, 1850 to John Williams [d-before 1856]. It is not known what relationship this John Williams had with Martha Jane’s mother, but it is suspected that there was a close relationship. Martha Jane was 14 or 15 years old when they were married. The marriage was performed by Martha Jane's brother, James Oldham Clark, Justice of the Peace. (Copy of Marriace License available). The exact date is not known, but John Williams died shortly after their marriage. His death could have been in VanZandt Co. or Bell Co. We do know that he died, sometime before March 3, 1856. per Keith Reed of Arlington TX.

    Martha Jane Williams, m,2. Coryell Co TX on Mar 10, 1856 to James Anderson [d-Mar 28, 1863 Camp Butler National Cem, Springfield, IL Sangamon Co IL, was CSA soldier in Union prison], who had come to Bell/Coryell Co. area sometime before August of 1854. James received a Land Grant of 160 acres of land in Coryell Co. and his grant states that he settled there before August of 1854. (Copies of Land Grant documents available). James and Martha Jane lived in Coryell Co. for an unknown length of time. At the beginning of the Civil War, James Anderson enlisted in Company F, 6th Texas Infantry. He was then stationed at Arkansas Post, a military fort near the Mississippi River. This fort was captured by Union Forces on January 11, 1863. James and the rest of the Texas 6th were sent to a Prisoner of War Camp at Camp Butler, Illinois, where they arrived on January 31, 1863. James remained there while a prisoner exchange was being processed. On April 15, 1863, 883 Confederate Prisoners were exchanged for Union Prisoners. This exchange took place at City Point, Virginia. James Andersons name is on the original list of exchanged prisoners, but was scratched out. Additional records indicate that he died on March 28, 1863, some 17 days before the prisoner exchange. James is buried in the Camp Butler National Cemetery near Springfield, Illinois. per Keith Reed of Arlington TX.

    Martha Jane Williams, m,2. Coryell Co TX on Mar 10, 1856 to James Anderson , who had come to Bell/Coryell Co. area sometime before August of 1854. James received before Aug 1854 a Land Grant of 160 acres of land in Coryell Co TX. Issue 1 ch: Isom T. Anderson, b-1858-d-aft 1900 Rusk, Cherokee Co TX in State Penitentiary.

17. Duron B. Bourland (male). Benj Bourland's 1841 Ballard Co KY will Item 8: appoints "my friend Durin Allcock of Graves Co KY." Bourland Cem, Ladonia, Fann Co TX. Mary P. Clark [1793 SC-Mar 6, 1871 Graves Co KY], m-Feb 1, 1810 Muhlenberg Co KY] and Durin Allcock [Sep 25, 1787 Newbern, Craven Co NC-Sep 5, 1844 Graves Co KY].

19. Martha Ann Bourland, m-Ladonia, Fann Co TX on Apr 24, 1856 to Hillion Levi Braly [b-1828 ?Clay Co MO, maybe ?Crawford Co MO], son of Nancy McCreary [b-NC] and Hugh Lee Braly [b-TN, m. Mar 25, 1827 Howard Co MO] although May 13, 1913 LEONARD GRAPHIC states: Hugh born Clay Co MO. A.S. Davis MG perf 1856 marr cere. Leonard Cem. Issue, 12 ch: Bryon Byron Braly, 1857 Ladonia TX-1938 Denton Co TX and m-Mary C. Jameson/m,2-1891 Carroll Co MS to Dora Lee Green; Nancy Emoline Braly, 1859 Hunt Co TX-1885 and m. Galen C. Perrin/Felix G Tatum; Mary Ann Braly, 1861-1943 Tulsa OK area and m. Tom Mauldin; Martha Frances Braly, 1866 Hog Eye, Hunt Co TX-1946 Denton Co TX and m. Wm Sam Neale; Hugh Levi Braly, 1867 Hunt Co TX-1925 Wheeler Co TX and m-Beulah Stevenson; Cara Ellah Braly, 1869-1947 Hunt Co TX and m. Chris C Perrin; Wm Earl Braly, 1871 Hunt Co TX-1956 and m-Ada Craig; Robert Burke Braly, 1875 Hunt Co TX-1940 Eastland Co TX and m. Maud Gray; Sarah Eliz "Bessie" Braly, 1876-1950 Hunt Co TX single; Joseph Levi Braly, 1879-1880 single; Hillion Reece Braly, 1881-1956 Plainview, Hale Co TX and m-Frances Cozby; Travis Braly, 1884-1943 Harris Co TX and m. Riggs (Richardson) Hessy.

20. Sarah J. Bourland, subject of 1866 Fann Co TX lunacy hearing, prob d. Lunatic Asylum of Austin TX. (see p1-34f)


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Sent: Friday, September 12, 2008 3:31 PM
Subject: William H. Bourland info

From: Lynda Becker of Albuquerque NM, desc of  Kate Bourland Percival  William Howard Bourland, his Christian name

........................................................................Records of daughter, Gordentia Waite Bourland McKinney

Hi Madelyn,

 I’ve just come back from OK, and the Chickasaw Tribal Headquarters.  While there I did some searching for Gordentia Waite Bourland McKinney.  I knew that she had been “adopted” by the tribe, along with her brothers and sisters in 1856 or there a abouts.  In 1896 she and her husband, Collin Joseph McKinney applied for enrollment in the Chickasaws through the Dawes Commission and found that the “adoption” had been revoked.  There was a trial and several appeals, which resulted in the revocation being upheld and they received no Indian Lands.

While at the Tribal Headquarters, I had them pull up the file on Gordentia and was able to review her actual testimony and the records of the trials and appeals.  In the records I found the following.

William Howard Bourland (b 1811) asked the Tribe to adopt his minor children so that they would be allowed to live on the Chickasaw Lands with he and his wife, Chickasaw, Caroline Willis Bourland.  The children were only to be given residency rights and there would be NO granting of lands rights etc.  This “adoption” was done by an act of the Chickasaw Legislature and approved by their Governor, C. Harris on 17 Oct 1856.  The minor children names were Nancy, Amanda, Matilda, Gordentia and Reece/Run Hannah (nephew of W. H. Bourland).  The “adoption” act was repealed by the legislature and by vote of the Tribe in 1866.  (A new constitution had to be drawn up and all acts passed by the legislature had to be voted on by the whole tribe) We know that W. H. Bourland, b 1811 died in 1860.  His children by he and his first wife Rachele C. Davis lived with Caroline for a short time after W. H.’s death, and then James H. Bourland, came and took the children with him to Texas as testified to by Gordentia.  There they remained until the Indian Lands were being allotted, and the adult “adopted” children tried to claim rights to land in Indian County by right of the adoption.  There was a trial and several appeals, but the revocation of the adoption stood and they received no lands.

In her testimony, Gordentia states that her mother was a white woman (Rachele C. Davis) and her father was William Howard Bourland, that her mother died, and her father married an Indian woman (Caroline Willis).  Reese/ Run Hannah is listed as a nephew of W. H. Bourland, but no parents are listed.  She did testify that her father’s name was WILLIAM HOWARD BOURLAND, so that should clear up what his middle name was as well as her parentage. 

 I know Patty Rochette does most of the work on the G line, but I don’t have her email address, and I wanted you to have this.  You all have been so helpful to me over the years, and I finally can give something back.  I was just excited to finally find out who the parents were for Gordentia and how Run Hannah tied into the family as well as W. H.’s middle name.  Maybe this will shake a leaf for someone who is working on this line.

Lynda Becker of Albuquerque NM, desc of  Kate Bourland Percival