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Ladies Rangers, Roster for Company I  (164 men)


Pyron's 2d Texas Cavalry, 2d   Arizona Brigade, Captain John Robert Baylor's Company "I"

Baylor's Ladies' Rangers was referenced four times in The Official Record

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Adams,     Willis B. Adams

Allen,      John Allen

Arnett,      B. Arnett

Baker,      Henry E. Baker

Bass,       Charles C. Bass

Bell,          George W. Bell, Sgt.

Benson,      Milton L. Benson

Bonville,      Charles L. Bonville, Capt.

Boswell,      G. W. Boswell

Boulter,       James Boulter

Brown,        Charles Brown

Buck,      James M. Buck


Burleson,      Jacob Burleson

Byfield,      Anderson Byfield

Byfield,      Jacob Byfield

Calvert,      Samuel L. Calvert, Sgt.

Campbell,      J. W. Campbell

Campbell,      Samuel H. Campbell

Campbell,      W. R. Campbell

Cantrell,      Rise Cantrell, maybe Reece Cantrell

Carrington,      Henry E. Carrington

Carsons,       John J.

Carstens,       John H., Cpl.

Cavender,      Thomas J. Cavender

Chadwick,      Luke D. Chadwick

Chamberlin,      Jeremiah Chamberlin

Clark,      H. J. Clark, Sgt.

Clark,      Harvey Clark

Clark,      Jefferson Clark

Clark,      W. J. Clark

Clark,      William B. Clark

Clarke,      Jordan E. Clarke

Clemens,      Jesse Vachel Clemons, b-1835 Hart Co KY

Colloton,      James

Cook,      Lazarus D. Cook, 2d Lt.

Cooney,     W. Cooney

Cornett   Braxton Cornett

Cornett   Joe Cornett

Cornett  Laban Cornett

Cornett   William Cornett

Coward,     Samuel Coward

Cunningham,      Edward C.

Curry,       John Curry

Davis,       Isham Davis

Davis,      James Davis

Duncan,      William R., Sgt.

Edmiston,      John L. Edmiston

Edmondson,      Hugh B. Edmondson

Fisher,      William H. Fisher

Fowler,      William Fowler

Fuller,      Almond Fuller

Gillmon,       Gourder R. Gillmon, Sgt.

Glasscock,     William Glasscock

Grant,      Charles H. Grant

Gray,      James Gray, Blacksmith

Green,      Joseph Green

Gross,     James Gross

Hamilton,      Arthur J. Hamilton

Hanly,      Thomas Hanly

Hardin,      Benjamin C. Hardin

Harrison,      W. H. Harrison

Hartson,      John B. Hartson

Henderson,      Henry Henderson

Henson,      Herbert G. Henson

Herndon,      Samuel T. Herndon

Hill,      M. W. Hill

Hoffman,      Michael Hoffman, Cpl.

Holt,      Vincent Holt

Hutchinson,      John Hutchinson, Sgt.

Inman,      Ira Inman

Inman,      John Inman, Cpl.

Irwin,      Henry G. Irwin

Ivy,      John Ivy

Johnson,      James Johnson

Jones,      Seaborn W. Jones, 2d Lt.

King,      James C. King, Sgt.

Lackey,      Hershel Lackey

Lecombe,      Ernest Lecombe

Lee,      James L. Lee

Leigh,      Claiborne D. Leigh

Leisering,      Charles F. A. Leisering, Sgt.

Littleton,      Alexander Littleton

Littleton,      John Littleton, Capt.

Looney,      William B. Looney

Lucus,      Frederick J. Lucus, 1st Sgt.

Lyon,      Napoleon L. Lyon

McCallum,      James McCallum

McCartney,      Joseph McCartney, 2nd Lt.

McDonnell,      Peter McDonnell

McFarland,      Archibald McFarland

Martin,      Charles D. Martin, Cpl

Martin,      William W. Martin, 1st Lt.

Meisters,      Henry A. Meisters

Miller,      James Miller

Miller,      N.  Miller

Miller,      Peter Miller

Miller,      William A. Miller

Montgomery,      Henry Montgomery

Morrow,      William D. Morrow

Moultroupe,      Stephen Moultroupe

Murphey,      Elijah Murphey

Myers,      Julien C. Myers

Neely,      George M. Neely

Neely,      Thomas Neely

Nelson,      John W. Nelson, Cpl.

O'Brien,      David O'Brien

O'Donnell,      John O'Donnell

Olmas,      Bincente

Pack, Peck,      John L. Pack, John L. Peck

Paschal,      John H. Paschal, 2d Lt.

Payne, Pain,       Th. Payne, Th. Pain

Peden,      James A. Peden

Pendergrass,      John Pendergrass

Pheifer,      Joseph

Pierson, Pearson,      Oliver H. Pierson, Oliver H. Pearson

Pounder,      James Pounder

Preston,      William H. Preston

Rackor,      Nicholas Rackor

Reyes,      Peter Reyes

Reynolds,       Patrick Reynolds

Richmond,      John L. Richmond

Robertson,      Amos H. Robertson

Robison,      John Robison

Robison,      Llewellen Robison

Rook,      Charles Rook

Rowland,      J. L. Rowland

Rymes,       John C. Rymes

Scroggins,      D. Gris Scroggins

Scott,      William H. Scott

Sessions,      Rufus

Sloss,      David H. Sloss

Smith,      William F. Smith

Spencer,      George W. Spencer, Cpl.

Spencer,      Randolph F. Spencer

Spencer,      T. F. Spencer

Spencer,      William A. Spencer, Capt.

Stephens,      James Stephens

Stevens,       Morton M. Stevens

Stewart,       Mathew W.. Stewart

Strother,      David C. Strother

Strasz,      Charles Strasz, Cpl.

Strasz,      John Strasz, Cpl.

Sullivan,      P. P. Sullivan

Sweeney,      Thomas Sweeney

Swisher,      Greer F. Swisher

Swope,       John S. Swope

Thompson,      Benjamin F. Thompson, Sgt.

Thompson,      James Thompson

Trask,      James Henry Trask

Tucker,      Lemuel T. Tucker

VanCleave,      Courteous VanCleave

Vaughn,      George Vaughn

Wackter,      Isaac Wackter

Ward,      Elisha P. Ward

Warner,      George W.

Watkins,      L. C. Watkins

Weinrich,      William Weinrich

Wilson,      Henry Wilson

Winterheimer,     Nicholas Winterheimer

Wood,      Wilson Wood

Woods,      Jerome B. Woods

Wright,      Charles C. Wright

 Yager,      M. W. Yager


Baylor's Ladies' Rangers were referenced four times in The Official Record


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