Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains

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Arizona Brigade

 The   nine Confederate  units  (plus 31 militias raised in 1864)  that patrolled North Texas and

Southern Indian Territory during the last 1-1/2 year of the Civil War


Founded in July 1862.   John Robert Baylor founded the Arizona Brigade following a successful CSA invasion.   Some of these commanders were in more than one Arizona Brigade by June 1865.  The "Arizona" exploits dominated the headlines: thus the password "arizina" during the October 1862 Great Hanging era in Gainesville TX. 


    1st Arizona Brigade., 1st TX Cav Regt commanders: Col. William P. Hardeman; Col. Peter C. Hardeman; Major Michael Looscan; Major W.P. Saufley; Lt-Col. Edward Riordan; Major Alexander Watkins Terrell, 185, A-7, A-8, A-7, A-8, A-5, A-345, A-343, A-344, A-346, 191, 170, 167

    Editor's note:   TX 1st Partisan Rangers Cavalry (149 men):  Major W.P. Saufley, F&S; Capt Hy Kennedy, Co A;  Capt Thomas J. Johnson, Co B;  Capt J.M. Hewitt, Co C;  Capt W. C. Lilley, Co D;  Capt. James H. Tevis, Co E;   Capt Robt B. Hally, Halley,  Co F (see Hally in 2d Arizona Brigade).

    A.W. Terrell's Texas Cavalry is sometimes confused with Benjamin Terry's 8th TX Cav (Terry's Texas Rangers) or Ben's brother's David Terry's  Texas Cavalry (469 men) formed in mid-1864.   Three separate units.

    2nd Arizona Brigade., 2nd TX Cav Regt commanders: Lt-Col. George Wythe Baylor; Lt-Col. John W. Mullen; Major Sherrod Hunter, Major W.J. Moffitt.   (674 men, Feb 1863, Eastern Dist, Dist. of TX, NM, AZ):  Capt. George A. King, Co A; Capt. Lev Sutherland, Co B; Capt. Thomas B. Hogg, Co B; Capt. John A. Sowers, Co B; Capt. James H. Price's Co C; Capt. Frank V. Hogan, Co D; Capt. Abner P. Swisher, Co D; Capt. Jerry C. Wilkins, Co D; Capt Robert Boyce, Co F; Capt Robert B. Halley, Co G; Capt. Duncan C. Carrington, Co H; Capt. R.H.D. Sorrel, Co I; Capt. Ben E. McCulloch,, Co K; Capt A. McFarland, Co K.   Also, later Col. George Wythe Baylor in Pyron's 2nd TX Cav-Mtd Rifles-2nd Arizona Brigade, CSA, A-7, A-45, A-7, 279, A-239, A-272, A-8, A-6, A-5, A-343, A-7

    3rd Arizona Brigade., 3rd TX Cav Regt commanders: Col. George T. Madison; Col. Joseph Phillips; Lt-Col. Alonzo Ridley, Capt. McGee (d-at Ft Delaware); A-45, A-8, A-7, A-6

    4th Arizona Brigade., 4th TX Cav Regt commanders: Col. Spruce McCoy Baird; Col. W.P. Hardeman; Col. Marinus Heuvel; Lt-Col. Daniel Showalter and Lt-Col. Major Sam G. Ragsdale; Major Ed Riordan; A.H. Davidson of Baird's Regt, Ragsdale's Battn Cavalry; Col. John Rily/Riley, Co B.  This 4th Arizona Brigade patrolled mostly on the North and West Frontier.  166, 167, 185, 170, 185, 204, 296, A-6, A-7, A-8, A-11, A-12, A-17, A-19, A-25, A-29, A-45, A-260, A-276, A-344

    4th Arizona Brigade., 4th TX Cav Regt commanding captains: Col. John Rily/Riley, Co B; Henry LeKoester, Co E; John Robert Baylor, Co I "Ladies' Rangers,"  204

    Editor's note:   Capt. T. A. Wilson, Co A; Capt. W. S. Rather, Co B; Capt. J. W. Butler, Co C; Capt. Amzi Bradshaw, Co D; Capt. Charles F. Cline, Co D; Capt. W.J. Stokes, Co D; Capt. Ben Frank Ellis, Co E; Capt. Henry LeKoester, Co E; Capt. M. L. Cotten, Co F; Capt. H.G. Little, Co F; Capt. James E. Winston, Co F;  Capt. G.W. Graves, Co G; Capt. P.B. Alderete, Co H; T.D. Sanders, Co H; Capt. Edward F. Conway, no company listed; A.C. Jones, no company listed; Capt. W.R.T. Thompson, no company listed.

    Capt. T.A. Wilson and Capt. W.S. Rather (of Bell Co TX) were with Col. Daniel  Showalter patrolling Cooke County TX during the Comanche raid of Dec 1863.

    arizina, Union password during the October 1862 Great Hanging era in the Gainesville TX area, 136

    Baird's [Colonel Spruce McCoy Baird] 4th Cav Regt; (1814 Barren Co KY-1872 now Colfax Co NM); m-1848 Emicetta Bowdry; 1860 Bernalillo Co NM cen p160; 1848 Santa Fe NM judge; Navajo Indian Agent in 1852; Col, Baird's 4th TX Cav, Co E, 4th Arizona Brig (Pvt, Co E, Bourland's Regt), 277, A-6

    Baylor's [Colonel George Wythe Baylor] 2nd TX Cav Regt-Arizona Brigade; 1860 Parker Co TX cen p431; later in Pyron's 2d TX Cav-Mtd Rifles, 1st Lt, Co H, most from Parker Co TX area (Col, 2d TX Regt, Arizona Brigade, CSA), A-45, 185   ... see his biography on:  No. 45

    Baylor [Colonel John Robert Baylor] 1823 Bourbon Co KY-1894 Uvalde Co TX; m-1844 Harrison Co TX to Emily Hanna; 1860 Parker Co TX cen p431; Baylor's Co "I" known as the "Ladies' Rangers" (Lt-Col, Pyron's 2d TX Cav-Arizona Brigade, CSA), A-102

    Baylor [Colonel John Robert] founded Jul 1862 the Arizona Brigade,  of the 2d TX Cav-Mtd Rifles following a successful CSA invasion; in Jul 1862 Baylor was part the 2d TX Cav-Mtd Rifles that became Pyron's 2nd TX Cav-Mtd Rifles (2d Arizona Brigade); (2d Lt, Co I, "Baylor's Ladies' Rangers," (164 men) 2nd TX Cav-Mtd Rifles, CSA), A-5, A-6, A-8, A-45, A-239, A-272, 149, 152, 156, 179, 181, 182, 183, 184, 193, 174, 196, 198, 199, 200, 206, 207, 208, 213, 238, A–102, A–207, A–265, A–380, A–463

    Baylor [Colonel John Robert Baylor] self-appointed Governor of the Confederate Territory of Arizona & New Mexico (Nov 8, 1862) later confirmed by CSA Government, 156, 174

    Chisum's [Colonel Isham Chisum] 2d TX Partisan Rangers; b-1818 MS; m-Charlotte; 1860 Kaufman Co TX cen p42; Greer's 3d TX Cav, Co F, Capt; Chisum's Regt Dismounted Cav; Stone's 2nd TX Partisan Rangers (Col. 2d TX Partisan Rangers, Arizona Brigade, CSA), A-45

    Crump's [Lt-Colonel Richard Phillip Crump] 2d TX Cav Regt; 1825 VA-1869 Oakwood Cem, Marion Co TX; m-Martha A.; Lane's 1st TX Cav, Crumps' Cav-1st Partisan Rangers-Arizona Brig (Maj, Marion Co, TST), A-45

    Damron  [Capt. John Henry Dameron] in Hardeman's 31st Cav Regt-1st TX Cav-Arizona Brigade; 1825 IL-1917 Zephyr Cem, Brown Co TX and m,1-Mary Eliz Melugin, m,2-1872 Grayson Co TX to Nancy Blanton; 1860 Fann Co TX cen (Co C, Bourland Regt), A-343, 191, A-344, A-345, A-346

    Davidson's [Lt-Colonel A. H. Davidson] 1st TX Cav Regt; b-1817 NC; m-R.T.; 1860 Colorado Co TX cen p140; S.G. Ragsdale's 1st TX Cav-Arizona Brig (Lt-Col, 1st Ariz Brig, transferred 1863 to Northern Sub-Dist of TX, CSA), 170

    Frontier Expedition, Bourland's term "Frontier Expedition" for Capt. LeKoester's Co E, 4th Arizona Brigade (see Company E roster), see Bourland to McCulloch (Dec 18, 1864).  295

    Hardeman's [Colonel Peter C. Hardeman] 1st TX Cav-Ariz Brig; 1831 Rutherford Co TN-1882 Cilla, Brazil; m-1850 Caldwell Co TX to Nancy Carol Keese; 1st Ariz Brig organized by cousin W. P. Hardeman; served mostly on Red River and Indian Territory (Col, Hardeman's 31st TX Cav-1st Arizona Brig, CSA), 167, 170, 185, 191, A-7, A-8, A-5, A-343, A-344, A-345, A-346

    Hardeman's [Colonel William Polk "Gotch" Hardeman] 1st and 4th TX Cavakry-1st Arizona Brigade and 4th Arizona Brigade; (1816 Williamson Co TN-1898 Austin TX); m,1-Rebecca Bailey, m,2-Sarah Hamilton; arrived 1835 TX; (Colonel  in 1st TX Cavalry Regt-Arizona Brigade; then Colonel in 4th TX Cav-Arizona Brigade, CSA), A-7, A-8

    Hunter's [Major Sherrod Hunter] 2nd TX Regt -- (G.W. Baylor's 2d TX Cav, 2d Arizona Brigade, later Pyron's 2nd Cav-Mtd Rifles, CSA), A-5, A-343

    Ladies' Rangers, Company I commanded by Captain John Robert Baylor of Lt-Col. Pyron's 2d TX Cav-Mtd Rifles, 2d Arizona Brigade ("Ladies' Rangers" is mentioned four times in the Official Record, also see more about Ladies' Rangers)  A-102

    Le Koester, Capt Henry LeKoester of Company E, Baird's 4th TX Cav, 4th Arizona Brig;  Major Finis Ewing Kavanaugh [b-1832 MO] of Baird's Regt ordered Oct 9,1864 the arrest of LeKoester, but LeKoester was recorded in Jul 1864 and Dec 1864 in Bourland's Regimental returns; one of his privates, J.W. Francis (listed as G.W. Francis) deserted then re-enlisted Nov 6, 1863 in the Confederate Brush Battalion.  (Capt, Company E, Baird's 4th TX Cav Regt, Arizona Brigade, CSA), A-25, A-11, A-12, A-17, A-19, 296, A-344

    Madison's [Colonel George T. Madison] 3rd TX Cav-3d Arizona Brigade, formerly commanded by Col. Joseph Phillips, A-45

    Majors' [Major James Patrick Majors] Scouting Battalion, 1st Texas Partisan Ranger Regt, Arizona Brigade Scouts Company E, A-45

    Phillips' [Colonel Joseph Phillips] 3rd TX Cav Regt-Arizona Brig, formerly commanded by Col. George T. Madison, A-45

    Pyron's [Colonel Charles Lynn Pyron] 2d TX Cav-2d Ariz Brig; 1819 Marion Co AL-1869 Bexar Co TX; m-1849 Calhoun Co TX to Octavia Caroline Smith; Pyron joined Jun 23, 1840 the Constantine Masonic Lodge in Warren, Fannin County TX  (Col, Pyron's 2nd TX Cav-Mtd Rifles, James E. Slaughter, 7th TX Brig), A.272, A-433

    Ragsdale's [Major Samuel G. Ragsdale] 1st TX Cav. Regt., Arizona Brigade that was transferred 1863 to Northern SubDistrict of TX in Bonham, Fannin Co, CSA, 170

    Saufley's [Major William Patton Saufley]; 1st Texas Partisan Ranger Regt-Arizona Brigade Scouts composed of men from 2d and 3d TX Cav Regt-2d and 3d Arizona Brigade; 1854 mayor of Jefferson, Marion Co TX (Brig-Gen, 7th Militia Brigade, TST), A-45

    Showalter's [Lt-Col Daniel Showalter] 4th TX Cav; 1830 Greene Co PA-1866 Mazatlan, Mexico of lockjaw result of a bar fight; had brother Elihu Showalter; miner in CA, state legislator; postwar ran a Mazatlan hotel (Lt-Col, Baird's 4th TX Cav. Regt, Arizona Brig, CSA), 204, 171, 185, 204, 214, A-5



    Below from ORsIv26/2[S#42]pp84-85. ... GENERAL ORDERS No. 100, from Gen. J.B. Magruder, Hdqts. Dist., Texas, New Mexico and Arizona,  Houston, Texas, June 25, 1863.    The following will be the field organization of the troops of the Northern Sub-District, headquartered in Bonham TX.   (Keep in mind that this organization changed every three months.  See a drastic correction in the Editor's note below.)

    FIRST DIVISION, commanded by Brig.-Gen. H. P. Bee, headquarters, Brownsville, Tex.

    FIRST DIVISION, Second Brigade, commanded by Col. and Acting Brig. Gen. S. P. Bankhead; headquarters, Bonham, Tex.

    Hardeman's regt, Texas cavalry, Hardeman’s (P.C.) Cavalry Battn - [Hawpe’s] 31st Cav.    Definition:  31st [T.C. Hawpe’s - F.J. Malone’s-Looscan’s] Cavalry  (see 1st and 4th Arizona Brigade above)

    Gurley's  regiment, Texas cavalry.... 23rd TX Cav

    Terrell's regiment, Texas cavalry .....37th TX Cav

    Krumbhaar's battery mountain howitzers.

    Six companies Texas State troops (infantry).  

    Editor's note:  I speculate that the military units that captured prisoners between March 1864 and June 1865 for Bourland's Regiment to transfer to the Bonham, Fannin County jail were those military units listed below.  One batch of 107 prisoners were captured on April 9, 1865 in Wise County, Texas by Bourland's Regiment.

    In summation, below is a listing of the Confederate units that patrolled North and West Texas plus Southern Indian Territory during the last 1-1/2 years of the Civil War. 

    1) Wells' Battalion, Companies A and B patrolled between Fort Arbuckle, I.T. and Fort Belknap, Young Co TX: Scanland's Company A, most recruits from the Montague Co TX area; Good's-Gillett's Company B; initially Wells' Battn was recruited from the Panola Co TX area (581 men)

    2) Pyron's 2d TX Cav, Co H, 2d Arizona Brigade, commanded by Capt. J.M. Roark (158 men)

    3) LeKoester's  Co E, Baird's-Showalter's 4th TX Cav, 4th Arizona Brigade (119 men)

    4) McCord's 46th Frontier Cavalry  (1,273 men)

    5) Martin's 5th TX Cavalry Partisan Rangers (812 men)    .... on Feb 10, 1865 absorbed some of Bourland's Regt.  while most of Bourland's Regt was then commanded by J.R. Diamond.

    6) Brush Battalion, commanded by Major J.R. Diamond. (496 men) ... J.R. Diamond was later in Bourland's Regt. 

    7) Baylor's Ladies' Rangers (remnants of), Pyron's 2d TX Cav, Co I, 2d Arizona Brigade (164 men in Dec 1863)

    8)  J. B. "Buck" Barry's Frontier TX Cavalry ... Organized: on 5/15/62 Mustered Out: 5/26/65.... (1,158 men) ... but from about May 1864 to May 1865 this unit was also known as the 8th TX Cavalry Battn  (483 men)

    9) Bourland's Border Regiment Cavalry (625 men listed in the American Civil War Research Database of Duxbury MA and ....831 men listed in the National Park Service Sailors and Soldiers database.)   Plus a least 50 soldiers who were on neither listing: Additional soldiers not mentioned in the archival records.

    10)   Plus the 31 Texas State militia companies raised in 1864 

                       commanded by Quayle then Throckmorton


    Editor's note:   Let's not overlook other military units (TST or CSA) that may have overlapped into the North and West Frontier: Border's-Anderson's TX Cav. Battn. --  not to be confused with Bourland's Border Cav. Regt.  


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