Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains

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1864 Petitioners


Gillespie,  Kimble,  Llano,  Mason,  McCulloch,  Menard and  San Saba  Counties, Texas


Petition of Mason County Area Residents

(ca. Mar 3, 1864)

Lieut. Col. Barry, Commanding Frontier Battalion


We the undersigned citizens of Mason, Menard, McCulloch, San Saba, Llano, Kimble, and Gillespie Counties beg leave to represent to you that since the removal of Capt. [G.B.] Cooke’s company from Camp San Saba, these counties have suffered more from Indian depredations than ever before. The country seems to be literally swarming with Indians at present and has been so far ten or fifteen days [since] the Indians attacked several houses, killed women and children and carried some children off — one young lady, Miss Alice Todd from Mason County.

We know the interest you feel in the frontier people. We know from personal knowledge of the great Indian (torn page) __ through the __ (torn) and especially (torn) across the San Saba River __ (torn)... bona fide in your __ use the force to the best possible advantage you feel therefore that we have only to __ (torn) have done in brief the actual condition __ (torn) here and you will return Capt. Cooke’s Company to the San Saba River if you can do __ we speak of that company, more particularly become many have their wives, their children, their mares, __ (torn) and must therefore (torn) __ deep personal interest in the welfare of this section.

We are with high respect, Verry truly

Your Obedient Servants,

              (24 legible names of 34 total listed that are further identified below.)

Ake, G. [W.]

Coffee, L[ogan M.]

Coon, J[ohn] M[arion]

Haynie, T[homas H.]                         

Hilliard, James

Johnson, James [A.]

King, H[enry B[asil]

King, J[ohn] R[hodes]

Levy, J. S.

Levingston, R[euben E.]

Luce, D[e] L[afayette]

McFarlin, [John Green]

McFarlin, R. or K.

Miller, A. J.

Miller, F[rancis] M[arion]

Miller, Joseph

Miller, N[imrod] J[ohnson]

Murray, W[iley] T.

Reed, Wm. D[aken]

Singleton, M[ason] M.

Vandeveer, A. L.

Vandeveer, A[shberry] P. S.

Wallace, __

Wilson, John [W.]



    George Grundy William Ake, (1839 AR-1883 Kimble Co TX, Little Saline Cem, Menard Co TX); m,1-1864 Burnet Co TX to Mary Evelyn Pankey, 2 ch; m,2-1874 Mahulda (Pearl) Ake Burt, 4 ch; 1864 mustered in Captain F. Brazeale and Captain James S. Bourland (b-1826) Company's in 1864 (1864 Mason Co TX), 230


    Logan M. Coffee, (1809 KY-1865 between Brownsville and Hackberry, Lavaca Co TX, probably side by side wife with gravestone in Lavaca County TX); m-1837 Jackson Co AL to Mary Eliz. Ragland; 1840 Marshall Co AL cen; on 1846 Colorado Co TX tax list; 1st sheriff of Colorado Co TX (1864), 230

Coon, Coons

    John Marion Coon, b-1834 NC; 1860 Burnet Co TX cen p162; Madison's 3d Cav, Arizona Brigade, Lt, Company D (1864 Mason Co TX), 230

Haney, Haynie

    Thomas H. Haynie, b-1842 TX; 1860 Burnet Co TX cen p173; Pyron's 2d Cav, Lt, Company C (1864 Mason Co TX), 230


    James Hilliard (1864 Mason Co TX), 230


    James A. Johnson, b-1844 MS, son of Eliza and N.W. Johnson, b-1811 SC; 1860 Burnet Co TX cen p166 (1864 Mason Co TX ), 230


    Henry Basil King, (1818 Stewart Co TN-1868 Dewitt Co TX); m,1-1838 Gonzales Co TX to Mahala Day; m,2-1859 Caldwell Co TX to Eliza Culberson; 1860 Leon Co TX cen p249; Hardeman's 31st Cav-1st Arizona Brig, Co E, Captain (1864 Mason Co TX), 230

    John Rhodes King, (1816 Stewart Co TN-1898 Stockdale Cem, Wilson Co TX); m-Ruth Eliza Wheeler; 1860 Bexar Co TX cen p446; 1837 arrived TX; Mex War vet; 1st (McCulloch's) Mtd Rifles, ASC commissary, Captain; illness resulted in leaving that post in Dec 1862 (1864 Mason Co TX), 230

    Wm. George King, (1823 Stewart Co TN-1901 Sequin TX); m-1850 Guadalupe Co TX to Euphemia Texas Davis Ashby; 1860 Guadalupe Co TX cen p288; arrived 1837 Texas; Texas State agent for Mexican War expenses (Major, Chief QM CSA), 230


    J. S. Levy, (1864 Mason Co TX), 230


    Reuben Estes Levingston, (1838 Pulaski Co AR-1911 Burnet Co TX); m,1-Frances Ann Hensley, 5 ch; m,2-Ms. Malissa Trent Loving, 3 ch; m,3-Sarah Carpenter, 3 ch; 1860 Llano Co TX cen p372 (1864 Mason Co TX), 230


    De Lafayette Luce, b-1834 Indiana, son of Abner; m-Sarah M. Breazeale; CSA Hays Co TX pens appl #10100; widow's pens #12894; 1860 Llano Co TX cen p373 (1864 Mason Co TX), 230


    __, Mr. maybe Mace or Wallace, can only read last three letters (1864 Mason Co TX), 230

McFarland, McFarlin

    John Green McFarlin, (1824 Carroll Co GA-1917 Burnet Co TX); m,1-1853 Union Co AR to Nancy Frances Jones, 9 ch; m,2-1895 Burnet Co TX to Mahala Celia Humphreys Boone; w/ Gen. Tarrant, 1841 Battle of Village Creek; 1860 Llano Co TX cen p375 (1864 Mason Co TX), 230

    R. or B. McFarlin, (1864 Mason Co TX), 230


    A. J. Miller, (1864 Mason Co TX), 230

    Francis Marion Miller, b-1836 AR; m-Thursia, b-1842 KY; 1860 Burnet Co TX cen p156; settler of Voca, McCulloch Co TX, son of Joseph, not related to others (1864 Mason Co TX), 230

    Joseph Miller, b-1817 IN; m-Eliz; 1860 Burnet Co TX cen p155; settler of Voca, McCulloch Co TX, not related to other Millers (1864 Mason Co TX), 230

    Nimrod Johnson Miller, b-1844 GA; m-Polly L.; 1870 Burnet Co TX cen p271 (1864 Mason Co TX), 230


    Wiley T. Murray, 1830 Fayette Co AL-1898 San Saba Co TX and m,1-Sarah H. Hubbert; m,2-Eliz. J. Sloan; postmaster 1857, 1861 San Saba (1864 Mason Co TX), 230

Reed, Read, Reid

    Wm. Dakan "Dake" Reed, 1825 AR-1873 Seven Rivers, now Eddy Co NM; m,1-1841 Newton Co MO to Eliz C. Joy Laremore, 3 ch; m,2-Louisa Josephine Miller, min 3 ch; 1860 Burnet Co TX cen p156; Allen's 17th TX Infantry, Lt, Co E (1864 Mason Co TX), 230


    Mason Singleton, b-1806 Jessaime Co KY; m,1-Nancy Ann Lafon, 15 ch, m,2-Priscilla Stinnett, 3 ch; 1860 Burnet Co TX cen p160; arrived 1858 in Texas (1864 Mason Co TX), 230


    Alice Todd, b-1849 to Dizenia (Peters) and Geo. W. Todd, captured Dec 1863 on now Todd Mountain; some believed she m. a Comanche and had ch; 1860 Mason Co TX cen p485, 230

    George W. Todd, b-1826 NC; m-Dizenia; 1860 Mason Co TX cen p485 (1864 Mason Co TX), 230

Vandiver, Vanderver

    A. L. Vanderver (1864 Mason Co TX), 230

    Ashberry P. S. Vandaver, b-1800 KY; m,1-Dolly Shackelford, 4 ch; m,2-Lydia Kern; 1860 Burnet Co TX cen p172 (1864 Mason Co TX), 230

Wallace, Wallis


__, Mr. maybe Mace or Wallace, can read only last three letters (1864 Mason Co TX), 230




John W. Wilson, b-1819; Capt. Franklin Breazeale's Apr 1864 Llano County TST Militia (1864 Mason Co TX), 230








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Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains