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David Wilson (1774-1851)Jane Weir (1775-1846)

My direct ancestor   is ch: No. 1. John W. Wilson



 Marriage in Greenville, Greene Co TN on Oct 16, 1796 of Jane Weir and David Wilson. bond Hugh Weir.

David Wilson, b. on ? Kerr's (Carr's) Creek, Augusta Co VA on Jan 30, 1774 to David Wilson Jr [b-1745 then found 1783 Greene Co TN, one David Wilson born 1758-aft 1830]...and bro of Alexander Wilson [born 1739] born in Antrim, Northern Ireland. David d. in Meigs Co TN on Dec 19, 1851, Beech Springs Cem, Bradley Co TN, (ran 2W twp 1N) 1 mi East of Meigs Co countyline; in 1994 Beech Spgs. ...there was an older David Wilson and a younger David Wilson who had an illeg ch... David Wilson lvg w/ son George when he d-1851. "David Wilson, prob a bro to Peter Wilson, and born to David Wilson." per B Nelson of Coatesville IN.

Polly Thorn had a child out-of-wedlock by David Wilson. "David Wilson Senr enters into bond as Bail for David Wilson Junr, in the sum of two hundred dollars for the maintenance of a Bastard Child born of Polly Thorn. 3"12 C Fine 2" 10 Costs pd. (a later entry referencing the yr 1796: Bastardly fine from David Wilson 3 -12 1/2." per Greene Co TN Court of Common Pleas 1797-1807." ...   "...Hugh Preston Wilson was a third child of David and Jane Wilson.." per Elijah Williams & Desc, Wichita KS (1991), p89.

Jane "Jenny" Weir-Ware-Wear, b. Apr 14, 1775 on Augusta-Rockbridge Co VA line to prob ? Marjorie/Margaret Paul and prob  ? Joseph Wear. Marjorie dau of Mary Baxter and John Paul. Jenny d. Sep 19, 1846 Meigs Co TN], both b. Beech Springs Cem, Bradley- Meigs countyline. John Seaborn, exe of 1851 Meigs Co will, bro-in-law of Martha Ware who m. Kinsey C Seaborn.   ... Hugh Weir Jr, possibly father of Margaret Weir Culton and Jane Jenny Weir Wilson. ...  per p110 Weir/Wear Families, From Here and There to the White House (1990, 244pp) by Olga Jones Edwards and JoAnn Wear Spore,  3826 East Glenn Street, Tucson AZ 85716.     


**1. John W Wilson b. Aug 14, 1797 d. ca 1859 Bradley Co TN m-Eliz.  Campbell

2. Joseph Wilson b. d. young single

3. Hugh Preston Wilson b. Oct 1, 1799 d. bef Jul 1891 McMinn Co TN m-Nan Culton

4. Alexander Harvey b-Nov 22, 1801 Blount Co TN d-Aug 3, 1876 Charlton, Bradley Co TN m. Swan/Ross/Britain

5. Anny maybe Susannah b. Feb 16, 1804 Blount Co TN d. bef 1849 m. __ Rice

6. Nancy Wilson b. Jun 1, 1806 Blount Co TN d. Oct 12, 1841 Missouri, ?Laclede m. Capt John Grigsby

7. Mary Ann "Aunt Anne" b- Dec 1, 1808 Blount Co TN d-Aug 27, 1902 Chatata Valley, Brad Co TN m-Robt Barnett

8. David B Wilson b. Dec 30 1810 Blount Co TN d. Jun 14, 1849 ? Coles Co IL m. __

9. Jane W Wilson b. Apr 25 1813 d. ? Meigs Co TN m. ...... ? Henry Barnhart

10. George M Wilson b. Dec 9, 1815 ? Rhea, now Meigs d. Oct 20, 1868 Meigs Co TN m. Elizabeth Wood

David's 1849-1859 Meigs Co TN probate: daughters: Mary Barnett, Jane W Barnhart; dau-in-law, Elizabeth Wilson; "rep of __ Rice, dec, formerly Wilson"; minor heir of John Grigsby (Wiley Grigsby); Execs: John Seaborn [m. Hester McDowell] and Martin Rigg. Witnesses: John Dungan, Geo F Smith, Geo E Curton [maybe ? Culton]. inventory buyers: J.D. Eldridge, George Kincanan, Thomas & Wm Brown, ( ? T.P Ellkcon), Wm Bill Mapell, Holliday Spivy, J.W. Culton, Andrew ( ? Cassict), Howell Whitmore, Wm E Kennedy, M Hazzard, S.G. Wood, E. Henry, J ( ? Grosk), Wm D Collins, G Todd, C ( ? Gamble). Meigs Co Clerks: John Seaborn, Hansen, Lilliard


**1. John W Wilson, m. in Knox Co TN on Jul 30, 1820 to Elizabeth "Betsy" Campbell [Jun 27, 1802 TN-d. aft 1870 Bradley Co TN cen], dau of Jennett Lockhart [c1768-Jan 17, 1842 Concord TN] and Elder David Campbell [Aug 1762 Augusta Co VA-Apr 1813 Concord, Knox Co TN, m. Dec 11, 1785 Greene Co TN]. "John W Wilson of Blount County, bond by David Campbell, bride of Grassy Valley, min R.H. King of Knox Co." Issue, 11 ch: James H Wilson, b. 1824 and m. Mary C (?Cates); Eliza Jane Wilson, c1827-d. prob bef 1850 and m. John Stanfield; David N, b. 1830 and m. Margaret__/Marzann __; Alexander P Wilson, b. 1831 and m. Emily __; John M Wilson (1832-1859) and m-Elizabeth King, 1 ch;  **George Baxter Wilson, 1834-Sep 27, 1882 Meigs Co and m. Elizabeth Grisham on Oct 15, 1856 ?Bradley Co, Union Army Co G, 3rd Reg TN Vol Cav; Robert D Wilson, 1836-May 4, 1863 Camp Dick Robinson KY and m. Jun 12, 1859 to Malvina Emeline "Emily" Kirkpatrick, 1 ch; Mary Ann, b. 1839; Sarah Jane or Sarah E Wilson, b. 1841 and m. Nathaniel Parmer or Farmer on Aug 19, 1868 Bradley Co; Nancy Margaret Wilson, 1844-c1869 and m. James A McCraken on Oct 11, 1867 Brad Co, 1 ch; Malinda C Wilson, Mar 10, 1846 Georgetown, Meigs Co TN-Feb 20, 1927 OKC OK and m. Jessee T McCracken on Mar 23, 1868 Bradley Co TN, 8 ch

2. Joseph Wilson, prob d. young, but not in Bible. from JoAnn Wear Spore's (of Tucson AZ) records.

3. Hugh Preston Wilson, m,1. in Knox Co TN on Feb 24, 1820 to Nancy Culton, dau of Margaret Weir [prob sis to Jane Weir Wilson] and Joseph W Culton, m-1801 Blount Co TN, son of James Culton [d-1800 VA]. Jos W Culton had son James M Culton. Issue, 8 ch: James Matthew "Matt" Wilson, 1821-Jan 3, 1892 Barry Co MO and m. Mar 9, 1843 McM Co to Delany Triplett; Kathryn Jane Wilson, Nov 3, 1823-Dec 7, 1904 McM Co TN and m. Jan 10, 1844 to Roswell Burke; David Alexander Wilson, Dec 12, 1825-Jun 26, 1902 Barry Co MO and m. Oct 8, 1846 McM Co TN to Amanda Muriel Burke; Patrick W. Wilson, b. Feb 2, 1828-Aug 30, 1865 Mt Cumberland Cem, McM Co TN and m. Feb 14, 1850 McMin Co TN to Mary C Barnett; Wilburn Hugh "Bill" Wilson, Apr 5, 1830-Jan 28, 1901 Iuka, Pratt Co KS and m. Jan 7, 1851 McM Co TN to Louisa Thompson/Susan Isabel Lassiter; John ET. Wilson, 1831-1884 Barry Co MO and m. Feb 14, 1848 to McM Co TN to Jane M Richardson (prob same as the John M Wilson, Aug 1833-Dec 1, 1883 and m. Mary J); Mary Wilson, Oct 4, 1836-Feb 23, 1904 McM Co TN and m. Jan 7, 1858 McM Co TN to Benj Gregory; Margaret Anburn Wilson, b. 1836 and m. Aug 20 1850 to Wm P Burke/m,2. Ezekial Sherill/m,3. McM Co TN to John Wesley Underdown, 5 ch; Nancy Wilson, b. 1838 and m. Dec 18, 1857 McM Co TN to James Prickett; Francis Marion Wilson, aft Jul 1842-Jun 3, 1865 Natchez, Adams Co MS smallpox Union Army, 12th East TN Cav and m. Nancy P Rowland, who m,2. Michale Long.

Hugh, m,2. prob McMinn Co TN on Sep 11, 1875 to Betsy Sloop.

4. Alexander Harvey "Harve" Wilson, m. Dec 7, 1826 to Jane H Swan [?Cherokee]. Christina Price Cate states "Jane was full-blood Indian." Hiawassee Dist Land granted 1826 to Alex H Wilson in McMinn Co TN. 1850cen, 1870 Brad Co TN cen p346, 8th Dist, $8000-$2500. All of Harve's ch born in what became Walker Valley, near Charleston, Brad Co TN. Issue, 4 ch: Marcella Jane Wilson, b. Dec 1, 1827 and m. Dec 1, 1846 to Wm McCarty, mvd to Wylie TX; James Newton Wilson, b. Mar 3, 1830, mvd to Texas; Sarah Miriam Wilson, b. Dec 1, 1833 and m. Jul 22, 1852 to Calvin Parks (either Sarah or hubby d. Sep 29, 1853); could be another ch Isaac Francis Wilson, b. Dec 8, 1835.

Harve, m,2. Jul 1840 Sarah "Sally" Ross [Nov 1, 1822-Feb 15, 1851, part Indian], dau of Sophia Christian and Nathaniel Green Ross. Ross vert file, Cleveland TN Lib, the Lee fam hist by E.L. Ross, also Cleve Lib. Issue, 5 ch: Richard J "Dick" Wilson, ,Jun 26, 1841-1924 and m. Jan 6, 1870 to N. Ann Denton, 5 ch; Margaret "Puss" Wilson, b. Jun 7, 1844 and m. Apr 24, 1867 to Wm B Kimbrough, 4 ch; Texanna "Babe" Wilson, Dec 7, 1845-Jan 23, 1928 and m. Apr 1, 1862 to Geo W Moore, 5 ch; Thomas Jefferson Wilson, b. Dec 14, 1847; David Marshal Wilson, b. Sep 31, 1849-1874 age 24.

Harve, m,3. in Dec 30, 1851 to Deida Angeline Brittain [Apr 13, 1825-Feb 15, 1900], dau of Mary Ann Stanfield [Feb 11, 1793-Jul 3, 1870] and William Brittain [b. NC]. Harve, Deida, and Mary Ann Brittain bur Charleston Cem, Brad Co TN. Issue, 3 ch: Wm Mehemit Wilson, Apr 13, 1825-Aug 1, 1870 deformed; Mary Ann Wilson, Sep 29, 1857-Feb 16, 1901 Charleston, Brad Co TN and m. Oct 14, 1879 Brad Co TN to to Jacob B Price, 7 ch; Alexander Wood "Wood" Wilson, b. Oct 24, 1865 and m. Dec 31, 1891 to Floy Brock, 7 ch.

5. Anny Wilson, (maybe Susannah) m. prob __? Rice. "..Which leave in hands of executors dec. __ Rice formerly Wilson $93.347,who is one of the legal representatives of David Wilson decd. Cr Children for this ( ? satins "50 & settlement 100." per 1851 will....Was Anny's birthdate given in the Bible ? .....pos desc is Phedocia Josephine Rice, see Mar 1995 GEN HELPER,  Ron Hatfield, 286 W 1060 South, Orem UT 84058...: 1850 Meigs Co TN cen 714-10 John Rice 54 TN farmer, Richard Rice 20, John Rice 18, Nancy 14, Samuel 13...731-141 Richard Rice 30 TN, Oliva 30 TN, Wm 9, Eliza Jane 9, Miles F 5, Rachel P 3.

6. Nancy Wilson, m. in prob Blount Co TN c1828 to Capt John Grigsby [Mar 3, 1806 Blount Co TN-Mar 1876 Moselle, Franklin Co MO], son of Rebecca James and George Grigsby. Rev Aaron Grigsby of Blount Co was John's bro; John went to Calif in 1845, then participated in the Bear Revolt when Calif was taken from Mexico; 1863 to Missouri then back to Calif; 1872 John went to Texas then to Missouri where he died. Issue, prob 7 ch: Granville White Grigsby, 1829 TN-1870/80 CA and m. Sally Ann Rector on Mar 27, 1853 Napa Co CA; Theresa Grigsby, Nov 21, 1830 TN-Jan 24, 1893 Napa Co CA and m. William Edgington on May 8, 1848 Calif; Calvin "Calebis" Grigsby, 1833 TN-aft 1852 and m. Eliz Rector on Jan 15, 1852 in Napa Co CA; Mary Jane Grigsby, Sep 13, 1836 MO-Oct 6, 1905 Cloverdale, Sonoma Co CA and m. Marion Newton Hale on Aug 3, 1857 Napa Co CA, 9 ch; Jefferson Sylvester Grigsby, Apr 8, 1838 Laclede Co MO-Jul 14, 1912 Yountville, Napa Co CA and m. Mary Bray on May 21, 1857 Napa Co CA; Wiley Grigsby, 1839 MO-aft 1857, prob the minor child of John Grigsby mentioned in David Wilson's 1851 Meigs Co TN will.

John m,2. in Orange, Lawrence Co Missouri (near Auora) on Jul 14, 1842 to Mahala Shields [c1811-Mar 20, 1860 Napa Co CA]. "They built the first cabin of logs in Cass twp, Orange Co MO [sic prob Orange, Lawrence Co MO], and he was one of the first three 3 judges of elections." Mahala div John Aug 20, 1856 and remarried him Jun 21, 1857 Napa Co CA. Issue, 6 ch: Nancy Ann Grigsby, Aug 28, 1843 MO-Mar 3, 1865 CA and m. Thomas A Watt on Apr 15, 1860 Napa Co CA; John Tyler Grigsby, Jul 24, 1845 MO-Dec 11, 1925 Napa Co CA and m. Ellen Mathews on Oct 3, 1869 Napa Co CA; James K.P. Grigsby, c1847 Yountville CA-aft 1852; Kesiah Grigsby, b. Apr 3, 1849 CA-d. Yountville CA and m. Wm H Wyatt on Jul 16, 1865 Napa Co CA; Elvia Grigsby, c1850 Yountville CA-Mar 2, 1928 CA and m. John A Cain on Aug 17, 1871 Napa Co CA; Louvisa Grigsby, b. Oct 30, 1851 Yountville CA and m. Albert J Davis on Dec 5, 1868 Napa Co CA.

John & consort Isabel Yates, never married. John's 2nd wife, Mahala, sued him for div based on grounds of adultery with Isabel, but he and Mahala later remarried. He is said to have had at least 2 children with Isabel: dau that d. young; William. 1850Laclede Co MO cen, Dist 45, 403-140 Isabel, lists these ch: Phoebe Grigsby, b. 1835 TN; Lucy Grigsby, b. 1839 IL; Rebecca Grigsby, b. 1845 MO; William Grigsby.

John, m,3. in Napa Co CA on Jun 21, 1857 to Mahala Shields [one source d. Jan 1863]. John gave power of attorney to his bro, Jesse Grigsby, on Jan 6, 1863 Napa Co CA, recorded Jan 1, 1864.

         studies Nancy Wilson Grigsby  <> Re: Grigsby Date : Sat, Jul 10, 2010

7. Mary Ann Wilson, m. Robert Barnett. "Aunt Anne" per Mamie Walker. Barnett tombstones in Taylor Cem, Chatata Valley (ran 1E twp 1N), Brad Co TN, now non-existent. Issue, min 1 ch: Mary Anvelene Barnett, m. Sterling Turner Talley, 2 daus (1) Cordie Talley, Oct 5, 1866-Oct 27, 1949 and m. __ Walker, two ch Sterling Walker and Mamie Waller single, lvd Chatata Valley, Brad Co TN and (2) Mary Tennessee "Tennie" Talley Jun 1, 1872-Apr 18, 1956.

Q U E R Y: Maybe Aunt Anne that Mamie Walker referred to was Anny Rice.

8. David Wilson, "mvd from Greene Co TN to Coles Co IL" per Winston Wilson of Louisville KY.

9. Jane W. Wilson, m-April 02, 1842 to maybe a Barnhart.

..... not this Henry Barnhardt [1812 Greene Co TN-Sep 9, 1893 Frank Co MO], son of Betsy Fisher and Adam Barnhardt [Jun 10, 1785 Cabarrus Co NC-Nov 5, 1854 St John's Cem, Caba Co NC WB I-248, m. Aug 16, 1808 Caba Co NC, son of Ann Hagler [c1750-bef 1820] and Charles Barnhardt [c1748 ?Rowan Co NC-bet Feb 9, 1814 and 1820, lvd near Concord, Cabarrus Co NC, found 1790 Mechlenburg Co NC cen]. Henry's sibs John, Catherine, Sally Barnhardt. Issue, 5 ch: (1) Median Barnhart, b-1842 TN; (2) Delilia Barnhart, b-1847; (3) Eliz. Barnhart, b. Sep 25, 1849 TN-Feb 22, 1906 Maries Co MO viii. (4) TENNESSEE M. BARNHART [Aug 29, 1851 TN-May 11, 1941 Maries Co MO], m-1, May 16, 1871, Maries Co MO to AZARIAH B. PENDLETON [b. May 07, 1850, Meta, Osage Co MO], m,2-Sep 09, 1912, Maries Co, MO to DAVID EDWARD COWEN [Jul 07, 1852-Apr 24, 1919]; (5) ROBERT WITTEN BARNHART [Aug 14, 1857 MO-May 26, 1933 Maries Co MO].....Henry Barnhart, m,1- Apr 06, 1824 Greene Co TN to DELILAH ROWAN [b-c1810]. Issue, 4 ch: (1) Thomas Fulton Barnahrt [May 10, 1827, Green Co TN-Dec 02, 1903, Ashland, Ntachc Co LA and m-MATILDA ANBERTA JOHNSON; (2) BARBARA BARNHART, b-1832 TN; (3) MADISON BARNHART, b-1839 TN ; (4) MARTHA BARNHART [1840-Jan 30, 1874 Crawford Co MO] m-John Moss [b. 1834 McM Co TN],.     per Nancy Fisher, Aug 11, 2010 03:25 PM      Adam and Elizabeth are in my Fisher Family Tree.  Their son Henry Barnhardt was born in 1822 in Cabarrus County, NC.  He was still living with his parents in 1850 and can be found on the Cabarrus County, NC census in their household. 

10. George M Wilson, m. in Meigs Co TN on Jun 14, 1842 to Elizabeth Wood [Apr 5, 1819 TN-Mar 26, 1879], dau of __and John R Wood [c1798- will prob'd Nov 1862 Meigs Co TN]. Both Geo and Eliz b. Beech Spgs Cem, Meigs Co TN. 1868 Meigs Co TN will of G.M. Wilson, wit John Wilson, S.O. Wood, and J.R. Ball. Issue, 3 ch: David Wood Wilson, Apr 2, 1843-Apr 5, 1913 __Co TN and m. Oct 10, 1869 to Emily Ellen Tipton, 5 ch; inf son Wilson, Dec 17, 1844-Jan 5, 1846 Beech Spgs Cem, Brad Co TN; Wm Harvey "Billy" Wilson, Jun 29, 1846 Meigs Co TN-Oct 30, 1897 Sequatchie Co TN and m. Feb 25, 1870 to Eliz "Lizzie" Bennett.


WILSON BIBLE pages, 1933 given to Owen T Barker, 1976 given to Mildred Barker Talley. sent to writer by Nancy Wilson Wagner of

Winchester TN, desc's of Geo and Eliz Wood Wilson. lists ch: of David and Jane (Weir), birthdates and some death dates.

WEIR/WEAR FAM, FROM HERE & THERE TO THE WHITE HOUSE, by Olga Jones Edwards & JoAnn Wear Spore, 1990, p110. Hugh Weir, prob father of Margaret Weir Culton and Jane\Jenny Weir Wilson.

Margaret Weir, Sep 7, 1782-Nov 1, 1855 McMinn Co TN and b-Mt Cumberland Presbyterian Cem, __ Co TN, m. Jan 20, 1801 Blount Co TN to James W Culton [Dec 14, 1778-Jan 29, 1863 Charleston, Bradley Co TN], son of Mary and James Culton. Issue, __ ch: James W Culton Jr, b. 1800-10; Nancy Culton, Apr 1, 1802 TN-Apr 1, 1875 and m. Hugh Preston Wilson on Feb 24, 1820 Knox Co TN (son of Jane Weir Wilson); Anna Culton, b. c1809 and m. on Nov 24, 1829 McMinn Co TN to Samuel Barnett; Margaret Jane Culton, Aug 31, 1815-Dec 9, 1855; boy Culton, b. 1810-15 per 1820 McMinn Co cen; Alexander Hugh Culton, Mar 16, 1818 TN-Jul 17, 1900 and m. Sarah F Newman; Ursula Culton, b. 1820-25 and Benj F Hudson on Apr 26, 1842 McMinn Co.

Beech Springs Cem, Bradley Co TN, on property of Leonard Grisham (1997 dec'd) and wife Pauline Davis Grisham,  .... 197 Old No Pone Road, Georgetown TN 37336, 423-336-2824, her father-in-law was Joe Grisham m. Eunice Lawson.... researcher Myra Millaway, 8692 Eureka Rd, N.W.,Charleston TN 37310, 423-336-3348, ...Pauline attends Gum Springs Church, which was the old Limestone... Pauline ment Templeton researchers

Laurie Grisham m. Milton

Andy Grisham m. Millaway

Ben Grissom m. Suzy Thomas

Curl Grissom m. Violina Millaway

Sandy Abel Pierce of Carrollton TX  <<>> Harve Wilson family Date: Sun, Oct 18, 2009 09:57 PM photo Harve Wilson house, Charleston TN

Patti and Larry:

I have sent you both an invitation to view online the photos I made at 
Harve Wilson's house the first part of September.  I have put brief 
captions on them.

The Erwins have painstakingly rehabbed Harve's house for the last 30 
years, living in it the whole time:  enduring one winter with no heat at 
all, having the foundation on one corner of the house repaired, walking 
the floor joists to get to the bathroom when the floors were taken up 
for restoration.  It has been and still is a labor of love, I think.  
Harve and the descendants who followed him would be pleased.  It was 
very sobering to listen to Nancy Erwin tell of my grandmother's visit 
there and the memories that it triggered for her.  The Erwins are going 
to jump through the hoops necessary to get the site approved for the 
National Register of Historic Places.  It looks very beautiful in its 
current incarnation.  Nancy's artistic, yet informed, sense of what 
"fits" the house is a saving grace for it.  It could very well have 
either been bulldozed down and a McMansion erected on the site, or it 
could have been given a hatchet job and really messed up.

The bedstead shown in the pictures had been in my parents' basement up 
on cinder blocks for at least ten years.  Prior to that I think it had 
been at my grandmother's house.  I don't know how it came to be hers.  
My siblings and I were really having a hard time trying to decide what 
to do with it. . .as none of us had a place for it.  But the Banner 
article (see next paragraph) was an inspiration.  I called Nancy and 
told her that we would be glad to give it to them if she had a place for 
it in the house.  She very quickly said that she would take it. . .and 
invited us to come see the house.  They are very gracious people. . .had 
cookies and coffee waiting for us that morning.  Bob is really into 
local history (talks a lot!).   Perfect ending to the bed's story, I 
think.  Nancy is going to have Bob move his office out of the little 
room upstairs, and she will set up a bedroom using the bed.  The little 
bed will have found its way back home.

I have a copy of the Cleveland Daily Banner article re: the house that 
my Uncle Bob had told me about in passing.  (I have sent a hard copy to 
Larry already.)  There are inaccuracies in the write up, but it is 
basically OK.  I will mail you one, Patti.  I do not have a scanner 
right now.

I also found a printout of an email that Larry copied  to my AOL address 
on April 3, 1997:  He had found Hugh P. Wilson on the 1880 census, going 
through the census page by page.  Hugh's  mother was said to be born in 
Tennessee, his father born in Ireland.   Larry said  "This seems to 
confirm the story handed down in the Alexander Harvey Wilson family."    
Did anything else ever come of this, Larry?   Did any other siblings of 
Hugh's live to be counted in 1880?

All for now.  Sandy Pierce
Larry Wilson >><<  
  >><< ...Hugh Preston Wilson House; Date:Tue, Sep 21, 2010 10:48 AM ......Can you please advise to the location of the Hugh Preston Wilson house?  I live in Charleston, Tennessee and would love to view this home. Respectfully,  Joan Waddell

Ernie Wilson : Mon, Apr 18, 2011 04:20 PM ...>><< Hello Patti This is Ernie Wilson from Ft. Oglethorpe, GA. A few short years ago I was chatting with you about the family tree. Hugh P. Wilson is my Grandfather and Ernest J. Wilson is my father. I had some problems with my computer and then lost my email thru some kind of crash. I am wanting to get back in touch with you and Larry about the family tree. I lost your phone number and just found your email today. Write me when you get a chance. ... ..Sincerely, Ernie Wilson


From: .. To: 5/6/2011 10:17:27 P.M. Central Daylight Time ... Subj: Wilson ......Larry: ....I have a little bit of a breakthrough for you, although it is circumstantial ... The Paul Willson whose DNA matched yours descends from a James Willson (b. 1715). He purchased land in the Borden Grant in the 1760's. He was married to Rebecca Wilson whose father, Thomas Wilson, came from PA to VA in 1751.

There is a deed from James & Rebecca Wilson to son John Wilson in 1779 in Rockbridge.

Later a John Wilson of Greene County, NC sells land in the Borden grant. It needs to be verified that it is the same tract of land, but if it is that puts a son of James & Rebecca in Greene County fairly contemporaneously with David's marriage there. ............Doug Jenkins


Larry Wilson <> Fwd: Wilson Date : Sat, May 07, 2011 09:04 PM ... Perhaps a clue to the identity of David Wilson's father. The Paul Wilson mentioned in the message has an exact DNA match with me. I sent a message to him directly, but so far no reply.

I will keep you posted if anything develops.

I remember the Wilson land purchases in Augusta (Rockbridge) County, Virginia. Four tracts were near tracts purchased by the two Culton brothers. The next generation after David / Jane finds a marriage between Wilson and Culton (my 3G)

Larry Wilson <> Another Wilson Family of Greene Co TN Date : Mon, May 16, 2011 03:36 PM   .... I saw this site for the first time today. I believe the David Wilson referenced is likely the one that we have seen in Greene County before - I think he is the one who had the son named David Wilson, Jr.  Yes, some were in the McMinn Co TN area also.


September 13, 2015 3:23 PM, <>  Larry Wilson wrote:

Yesterday I reviewed 32 family trees posted on Ancestry that contain a reference to David Wilson and Jane Weir.

The majority of these trees show that David was born in Kerr's Creek, Augusta County, VA. Most also show that he was the son of Warner Wilson and Linda Wilson. At least one has the name as Benjamin Warner Wilson and the mother as Linda C. Wicks.

I have sent messages to everyone who posted this info in an effort to discover the documentation used to establish these facts.

Incidentally, most that have this information also show that David died in Bradley County, TN. He actually died in Meigs County, but is buried in Bradley County. The one that had Benjamin Warner Wilson also listed Harold Wilson as the father of Benjamin and stated that he was born 1735 in Aurora, Lawrence County, MO. Missouri did not exist in 1735!!

Interesting. A good example of how misinformation can also be spread by well-meaning people. Larry Wilson

Search  on



Hugh Preston Wilson's

House built in 1833 in

McMinn Co TN, sent by

 Larry Wilson


Mars Hill Presbyterian

Ch, organized 1824 in

Athens, McMinn Co TN; charter members were David and Jane Wear Wilson.

sent by Sandy Pierce

Sandy posted 20 photos of Alex. Harvey "Harve" Wilson's House in Charleston TN.  Click on her name, then click on the web page address


Bradley Co TN 24"x48" 1860 plat map, (part of) that I bought at the Cleveland TN library.   Notice our John W. Wilson.



Beech Springs Cem on the Bradley Co TN near Meigs County line.  1985 inventory. See question on my Wilson-Campbell web page.



























































































































































Patricia Adkins-Rochette        10/10/2015     

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