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John Wilford WILSON and Nancy Susan PACE

My direct ancestor   is ch: No 3. Katie Matilda Wilson Adkins



Marriage of John Wilford Wilson and Nancy Susan Pace at the bride's home in Garland, Dallas Co, TX on Oct 7, 1891. Justice of the Peace, T.J. Swim officiating. (Lida Adkins Price has orig marriage license.)

John Wilford Wilson, b. in Georgetown, Bradley Co TN (but in 1st School Dist of Meigs Co TN) on Aug 6, 1868, son of Elizabeth Grisham [Oct 11, 1834 McMinn Co TN-Jan 7, 1911 Rockwall Co TX, bur Big A Cem, Rockwall-Dallas Countyline TX] and George Baxter Wilson [1834 Bradley Co TN-Sep 27, 1875 Georgetown, Bradley-James County line TN] and, TN; John Wilford d. Stephens Co OK on Apr 13, 1939; b. Marlow Cem.  

Editor's note: Eighteen-year-old John Wilford got into a fistfight in Bradley Co TN and thought he was in serious trouble with the law, so he left home at midnight on a donkey. A thousand miles later, he found himself at a saw mill in Texas. Later, he married the boss' daughter.

Nancy Susan Pace, b. Jan 17, 1875 in Garland, Dallas Co TX to Nancy Catherine Wallace and Nicholas Featherstone Pace; Nancy Susan d. in Mansville, Johnston Co OK on Sep 27, 1957 while living with dau Mattie; b. Marlow Cem, Stephens Co OK.


1. William Oliver Wilson b. Jul 26, 1892, Dallas Co, TX d. ca ? Gregg Co TX m. Hale/__-Harris

2. Earl Lester Wilson b. Dec 31, 1893, Dallas Co. d. Nov 27, 1927 Stephens Co OK single

**3. Katie Matilda Wilson b. Oct 15, 1895, Dallas Co. d. Apr 23, 1978 Stephens Co OK m. Arthur Adkins

4. Mattie May Wilson b. Aug 19, 1897, Dallas Co. d. Jun 20, 1962 Carter Co OK m. Fowler/Anderson

5. Joseph McKinley Wilson b. Jan 27, 1901, Dallas Co. d. ca 1955 Hockley Co TX m. Bocherding/Bocherding/Edna

7. Nickolas Featherstone b. May 30, 1903, Dallas Co. d. May , 1975 ? Garvin Co ? m. Simmons/Simmons-Cook

9. John Wilford Wilson b. Oct 8, 1906, Dallas Co. d-May 22, 1938 Step Co OK m-Madeline Southern

11. George Baxter Wilson b. Nov. 4, 1910, Comanche Co OK d. ca 1967 McClain Co OK m. Robinson/Emma Coleman

12. Jeffie Pace Wilson b. Apr 15, 1914, Cotton Co, OK d. ca 1975 Wichita Co TX m. Clyde Bussey

13. Allen Henry Wilson b. Feb 12, 1917, Cotton Co. d. Garvin Co OK m. Lorene Parker


1. William Oliver "Willy" or "Bill" Wilson, m,1. in Ada, Ponotoc Co, OK on Jun 10, 1917 to Maria Hale, dau of __Hale and __(maiden).  She raised Wayne; she died in Electra, Wichita Co, TX in about __(yr). Adopted Wayne Oliver on Nov, 1926 in __Co TX; b. Jul 12, 1926. .....writer has adoption announcement, sad child, Lida carried him around so when he would visit, he always knew.

m,2. in __(place) on __(date) to Sarah Harris, dau of __ and lived in Electra, Wichita Co, TX from about 1939 until about __? 1941, then moved to Kilgore, Gregg Co, TX. Sarah had ch: named Billy Harris. Willy was buried in __  Cemetery, near Kilgore. .... With Magnolia Oil over 40 yrs: gasoline plant superintendent Electra, Wichita Co, TX. at retirement age, he took a lower paying job with same co: Magnolia, as a roustabout in Kilgore, TX. younger years he and Joe were in the Kilgore boom.

2. Earl Lester Wilson died with heart attach when struck by fist; was a Mason; b. Marlow Cem. Earl went back to school at about age 30 at Burrows High, Stephens Co OK   (you editor has his papers).

**3. Katie Matilda Wilson, m. by Rev W.C. Wheat in Devol, Cotton Co OK on Dec 23, 1916 to Arthur Clyde Adkins [b. in Palo Pinto Co, TX], son of George Theodore Adkins [b. in Fleming Co, KY] and Frances Elzada Blair [b. in Parker Co, TX]. b. Marlow Cem.  Issue, 6 ch: Lida Bell Adkins, m-Jack Price, 5 ch;  Arthur Clyde Adkins, m-Reba Noblett, 2 ch;  **George Wilford Adkins, m-Christeen Graham, 5 ch;   Louis Henry;  Kenneth Wayne Adkins, m-Pauletta Hays;  Blair Pace Adkins m-Frankie Dean Mercer;  Katie Loretha, m-Dale Armstrong, 3 ch (including Allison Armstrong of Dallas TX)

4. Mattie May Wilson, m,1. in Devol, Cotton Co OK on Sept 1, 1917 to Austin Herndon Fowler [Jan 18, 1875 St Clair Co AL-Jan 10, 1932 Wichita Co TX], son of Mary Ann L Davis [Nov 15, 1837 Butts Co GA-aft 1880 St Clair Co AL] and Wm S Fowler [Jul 23, 1837 St Clair Co AL-Apr 30, 1878 St Clair Co AL].   Issue, 4 ch: Paul Herndon Fowler, 1918 Burkburnett, Wichita Co TX-Dec 3, 1918 Wich Co TX; Wilson McKinley "Mack" Fowler (Jun 6, 1920 Wich Falls, Wich Co TX-Sep 1994 Floyada, Floyd Co TX) and m. Margie Dinnin;  Thomas Weldon Fowler, Oct 31, 1921 Wich Co TX-Jun 3, 1944 near Rome, Itlay and m. Ann Oakes; and Charles Nickolas "Chick" Fowler, b-May 30, 1924 Wich Co TX and m. Jeannie Redmond/Allison Bowles.

Editor's note:  Fowler Hall at Tx A&M, Bryan's Station, Tx was named for Thomas Weldon Fowler (1921-1944).

m,2. in Wichita Co TX on Sep 29, 1945 to William Lee Anderson, son of "Bob" Anderson of Perryton, Ochiltree Co TX/   Issue. none.

5.Joseph McKinley Wilson, m,1. in __(place) on May 26, 1920 to Cora Elizabeth Bocherding, dau of__ Bocherding.

m,2. in __(place) on __(date) to Ethel Bocherding, dau of __ Bocherding. Issue, 3 ch: Pauline Marea ( Billie Marie), Joe Sue, and John Wilford "Johnny."

m,3. in Levelland, Hockley Co TX or Roswell, Chaves Co NM early 1950s to Edna __ (prob Palmer). Joe is buried in Levelland, TX, Hockley Co. By Edna's m,1 had min two sons: Baldy who owned a bowling alley & a cleaners in Levelland. Issue, none.

5a. Pauline Marea Wilson (changed her name to Billie Marie Wilson), m. Dr. Gordon Gafford--Weatherford TX or TX. .....writer has birth announcement for Pauline Marea on Dec 20, _____ ...m. in Fredrick, OK on Oct 19, __? 1941 to Gordon Gafford, son of Gordon Gafford, Sr of Electra, OK. bride had lived with her uncle W.O. Wilson for past two yrs.

5b. Joe Sue (b. Jul 17, 1930 in Yale, OK) --Midland, TX ---convenience ???? cannot read Joe Sue grad from Electra High School

5c. John Wilford Wilson III--killed in plane disintegration, ?U.S. Air Force jet trainer off Calif coast. b. c1931- died ? late 1940s. 

Editor's note:.  Joe was hard of hearing. He began in the Carver oil field; near Pernell, Garvin Co OK. He came to Adkins house at least once a yr from from West Texas to visit Nancy Susan and Katie Adkins. On one of these trips, he was driving home and picked up a hitchhiker (2). "Where are you going?" (2) "Marlow, OK" (1)" That's where I'm going." Who are you going to see. My mom and sis. Who is your mom? Nancy Susan Wilson. Startled Joe looks at hitchhiker and yells is that you "Roz."

7. Nickolas Featherstone "Nick" Wilson, m,1. in __(place) on _(date) to Nannie Rhoda Simmons, dau of _Simmons and __(maiden). Nick worked for many yrs in the oilfields. Nick buried s/s to Nan in the Foster Cem, Garvin Co OK; Nan d. c1938.  Issue, 4 ch: Jeffie Mae, m-Rex WilsonEarl Wilson m-JoAn Jones, lives Lindsay OK;  Betty, m-Ray Williams;  Norman, m-__.

m,2. in___(place) on ___(date) to Elizabeth "Bessie" Simmons Cook, dau of _Simmons and ___(maiden). Norman bought Nick a laundry in Wynnewood that he ran for yrs. Bessie is buried s/s her first husband, _Cook in the Foster Cem, Garvin Co, OK. Issue, none.

9. John Wilford Wilson, Jr, m. in __(place) on Sept 1933 to Madeline Southern, dau of __ Southern. After John Wilford's death,   Issue, 1 ch: Sandra Jean (b. in Altus, Jackson Co OK on Dec 14, 1937).  m-Troxler. lived in Redwood Valley, CA, 3 ch.

Madeline m,2. Leo Edmondson; lived in Lindsay.

11. George Baxter Wilson, m,1. in __(place) on May 27, 1933 to Juanita Faye Robertson, dau of Rachel Jaretta Price and John Reed Robertson.   Juanita lived in the orig Lindsay house where Carolyn Adkins Croom was born. Geo b. in a cem in Purcell OK.    Issue, 4 ch:  Richard Eldon;  Glenn, m-Jan Wilson;   Dale;  Carolyn Joyce Wilson (2012 lives OKC), m-Dennis Frank Robinson, 1 ch, Brandon.

m,2.Emma Coleman. George worked for Santa Fe Railroad from Jul 1935-1973.

12. Jeffie Pace Wilson, m. in Wichita Co, TX on Dec 24, 1936 to Clyde Frazier Bussey, son of  __ lived in Dallas Co, TX, Windhorst TX,. Machinist.  Issue, 2 ch: Patricia Ann Bussey, m-Bob Lawrence of Byers TX;  Charles Frazier Bussey.

13. Allen Henry Wilson, m. in __(place) on Jan 6, 1934 to Lorene Parker, dau of __ Parker. lived in Dibble, McClain Co OK.  (Wilson Bible says that Allen was born in Walters, Cotton Co. on a Monday.).    Issue, 6 ch:  Julia Wanda Wilson, d-age 65], m,1. Bryce Whitefield,.m,2. Herbert Rawson, lives Lindsay OK;  Zelma Wilson, m- Sam Beauchamp, 3 ch, lives near Amber, Grady Co OK;  Katherine Sue "Katie" Wilson [d-bef 2000], m. Elvin Horner, 2 ch,. m,2-Willis Meadows, lived in Elmore City, OK; Allen Ray Wilson, m. June Logan, 2 ch, m2-.Lenora Ivy,  lives in Lindsay;  Phyllis Wilson, m. Calvin Dewoody lives in Lindsay OK;  Monty Dale Wilson, b. 1953, m-Cathy, lives in Lindsay, OK


John Wilford Wilson's and Nancy Susan Pace's 1891 Wedding Photo

Photo taken at Maggy Fisher’s House in Rowlett, Rockwall County, TX. Sitting: Elizabeth (Grisham) Wilson (1834-1911) and Margaret (Wilson) Fisher (1858-1932). Standing: John Wilford Wilson (1868-1939) and Emily Elizabeth "Sis" (Wilson) Richards (1859-1921).

Joe Wilson, Katie Adkins, Loretha Adkins, Johnny Wilson, Photo taken 1947.  Notice broomcorn float in background.


































































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