Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains

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George Baxter Wilson (1834-1882) and Elizabeth Grisham  (1834-1911)

My direct ancestor   is child No 3 . John Wilford Wilson

Marriage of George Baxter Wilson and Elizabeth Grisham, in Bradley Co TN at her mother's home, Emily Grisham, on Oct 15, 1856. Minister of the Gospel of the Cumberland Presbyterian Ch: Noah R Smith. Witnesses: Nat Witt and J.C. Millaway.

George Baxter Wilson, b. in Bradley Co TN in 1834 to Elizabeth "Betsy" Campbell [Jun 27, 1802 Grassy Valley, Farragut, Knox Co TN-aft 1870 Brad Co TN] and John W. Wilson [Aug 14, 1797 Blount Co TN-w. May 17, 1858 Brad Co TN, m. Aug 1, 1820 Knox Co TN], son of Jane Ware-Weir [1775-1846 Beech Spgs Cem] and David Wilson [Jan 30, 1774 Kerr's Creek, Augusta Co VA-Dec 19, 1851 Beech Spgs Cem, Bradley Co TN]. The 1870 Bradley Co TN cen shows 64-yr-old Eliz w/ them. Beech Springs Cem is (one) 1 mi east of Meigs county line and on property that Grishams have owned for generations. Geo died Sep 27, 1882 in Meigs Co TN.

Elizabeth GRISHAM, b. prob McMinn Co, TN on Oct 11, 1833 to Emily "Milly" Rucker [1813 ? SC or McMinn Co TN-aft 1870 Brad Co TN cen] and James Gresham [b-1807 Jefferson Co TN]; Eliz d. Jan 7, 1912, "Big A" Cem, Rowlett, Dallas-Rockwall Countyline TX.


1. Margaret Jane "Maggie" b Oct 24, 1858 Bradley Co TN d Dec 16, 1932 Dallas Co TX; m-Wm N Fisher

2. Emily Eliz. "Sis" b-Mar 4, 1859 Bradley Co TN; d-Apr 21 1929 Amarillo TX; m-John Laf. Richards

**3.John Wilford Wilson; b-Aug 6, 1868 Georgetown, Bradley Co TN; d-Apr 13, 1939 Step Co OK; m-Nancy Susan Pace


1. Margaret Jane "Maggie" Wilson, m. in Brad Co TN on Feb 15, 1882-3 to William Neely Fisher [Sep 30, 1856 Brad Co TN-Dec 12, 1918 Rockwall Co TX], son of Nancy Jane Neely [Dec 1832-May 27, 1907 Georgetown, Meigs Co TN, fam tradition said 1/2 Cherokee] and George W Fisher [1830 McMinn Co TN-Sep 3, 1864 Cobb Co GA, Union soldier, Marietta Nat Cem, soldier, m. Feb 8, 1855 Brad Co TN, son of Darcus Paralee Cagle [1792 MD-c1867 Rhea Co TN] and Noah Fisher [1780 MD-1851/2 Rhea Co TN]. Nancy born to Elizabeth Keith [Dec 20, 1812 Grainger Co TN-Feb 3, 1850 Brad Co TN] and Wm Horton Neeley [Dec 14, 1801 TN-Oct 25, 1876 Georgetown, Meigs Co TN, m1. c1830 McMinn Co TN, m2. Sep 14, 1851 McMinn Co TN to Eliz McPherson], son of Nancy Horton and Joseph Neeley. Eliz Keith born to Margaret "Peg" Counts [1788-1856 Brad Co TN] and Zachariah Keith [Aug 30, 1782 Warwick twp, Bucks Co PA-Feb 22, 1855 Brad Co TN, Liberty Cem, m. Jan 16, 1808 Grainger Co TN, son of Eliz Drake [d. c1810 Rockbridge Co VA] and Noble Keith. ...Maggie Fisher's fam mvd 1882 to Red River Co TX then 1885 to Rowlett, Dallas Co TX. Operated cotton gins in Chisea, __, and Rowlette, Rockwall Co TX. Wm Fisher d. of influenza while living Route 2, Rockwall TX.    Issue, 4 ch: Mary E "May" Fisher, b. Jan 26, 1884 and m. Henrie; James Wilford Fisher, b-Jun 3, 1885; Joseph Austin Fisher, b-Dec 22, 1886; and Thomas Virgle Fisher, b. Aug 8, 1888-Dec 24, 1964 and m. Sadie Anderson (b-Feb 6, 1889) and b. Mills Cem, Dallas Co TX).

2. Emily Elizabeth "Sis" Wilson, m. in Bradley Co TN on Aug 13, 1877 to John Lafayette Richards [Jun 9,1855 Cobb Co GA-Jan 13,1921 Foreman, Little River Co AR, Dollarhide Cem], son of Mary Louise Jane Castleberry [Jun 5,1834 GA-Feb 22, 1893 Cobb Co GA] and Willis J. Richards [Apr 27, 1827 GA-Apr 29, 1897 Collins Springs Prim Bap Ch Cem, Cobb Co GA, m-c1855, son of ?Nancy ?Herndon [Sep 5, 1801 GA-Sep 15, 1883] and ?John ?Richards [Nov 20, 1800-May 30, 1891 Collins Spgs Prim Bap Ch Cem, Cobb Co GA. Richards lived next door to Emily's grandparents James and Emelia Grisham for the 1850 Bradley Co TN cen. Emily "Sis" bur. Llano Cem, Amarillo, Potter Co TX. Issue, 7 ch: Lee Roy Richards, c1880-c1926 Tulsa OK and m-Ida Lenora Taylor [dau of Abram Taylor], 3 ch, Rose Hill Cem, Tulsa OK; Ella Richards... Ola Richards, Mar 9, 1886-May 1972 Amarillo TX and m-H.T. Cornelius, 7 ch; Addie Richards; William H "Willie" Richards, Jul 30, 1888 OK and Nov 16, 1925 Tulsa OK, Rose Hill Cem, and m-Nov 8, 1911 Texoma, Roger Mills Co OK to Grace Francis Hinds, 6 ch; Pheonia T. Richards, b-c1889-d-aft 1927 ?Amarillo TX and m. c1920 to Pinkney T. Wallace [Jul 15, 1879 TN-Feb 15, 1968 Rockdale Co GA]; Wilford "Pat" or "Red" Richards, Jun 16, 1890 Mena, Polk Co AR-Dec 5, 1955 Coffeyville, Montgomery Co KS and m-Etna Cebell (Farris), 3 ch; Herman F. Richards, Apr 22, 1897-Apr 1964; Claude Richards, Oct 28, 1899 TX-Mar 4, 1992 Shawnee, Pottawatomie Co OK and m-__ Golden, 3 ch.

**3. John Wilford Wilson, m. in Dallas Co TX on Oct 7, 1891 to Nancy Susan Pace [b. in Garland, Dallas Co TX], dau of Nickolas Featherston Pace [b. in Pittsylvania Co VA-1890 ] and Nancy Catherine Wallace [b. in Craig's Creek, Montgomery Co VA]. Fam mvd to Lawton, Comanche Co OK then to Apheatone, Cotton Co OK c1910. Issue, 10 ch: Wm Oliver Wilson, b. 1892 and m. Maria Hale/Sarah Harris; Earl Lester Wilson, b. 1893 single; **Katie Matilda Wilson, b. 1895 and m. Arthur Clyde Adkins, 6 ch; Mattie May Wilson, b. 1897 and m. Austin Herndon Fowler\Wm Anderson; Joseph McKinley Wilson, b. 1901 and m. Cora Eliz Bocherding\Ethel Bocherding\Edna ( ?Palmer); Nickolas Featherstone Wilson, b. 1903 and m. Nan Simmons\Eliz Simmons-Cook; John Wilford Wilson Jr, b. 1906 and m. Madeline Southern; George Baxter Wilson, b. 1910 and m. Juanita Robinson\Emma __; Jeffie Pace Wilson, b. 1914 and m. Clyde Bussey; Allen Henry Wilson, b. 1917 and m. Lorene Parker.


 Fishers and Henries lived in Rowlett (now Wylie), at Rockwall-Collin-Dallas TX countyline.

1850 Bradley Co TN Cen Wilson, Geo B, 16 TN of John W Wilson and Eliz

1850 Bradley Co Cen Grisham, Eliz 16 TN of James Grisham and Emily Rucker

1856 Bradley Co, marriage of Geo and Eliz at her mother's home

1858 Bradley Co, Margaret Wilson born

1859 Bradley Co, Emily's birth

1860 Meigs Co Cen, Wilson, Geo B, Eliz Grisham, Margaret, and Emily E

Civil War. The CSA Army moved onto Eliz Grisham Wilson's Place forcing her to cook for them. They would make her eat some biscuits every morning first to make sure that she had not tried to poison them. As the CSA Army moved on, they took her only Mule that her brother had given [loaned] her. Over in town, someone recognized the Mule and said "I'd never take a mule from that Grisham Place.

"That man will look you up and sure as __, kill you for doing it." So this officer sent a soldier back to the home with the Mule stating that he "didn't need no trouble." He had heard that that man, Grisham, was a tough man and wanted no dealings with him. Eliza had a brother that was hiding in the woods during this time period that was coming out at night to plow and plant. This is why Eliz had the mule at her home (notice is was a Grisham mule, not a Wilson mule). per Emily "Sis" Wilson Richards. ... brother was probably James Wilford Grisham.

Civil War. Elizabeth Grisham Wilson rec'd a widow's pension from George Baxter Wilson's service in the Union East Tenn Cav, Co G, 3rd Reg.  While in the Civil War, he contracted measles, got wet and cold causing measles to settle in his lungs, detailed to hospital nurse; coughing and malaise evolved into consumption from which he eventually died. Civil War pension witnesses were: Samuel Wyrick and Nat Witt. His Union Pension # 309,508; her Widow Pens # 304,510

1863 Bradley Co TN, Cleveland, Wilson, Geo Baxter, July 12, mustered into Co G, 3rd Regiment Cavalry, signed up for 3 yrs

1864 Davidson Co TN, Camp Cottlett near Nashville, Geo Baxter Wilson, last of Apr, came down with measles

1864 Morgan Co AL, Decatur Wilson, Geo Baxter, Aug 22, detailed as hospital nurse

1865 Giles Co TN, Pulaski, Wilson, Geo Baxter, Aug 3, mustered out Union Army.

1867 Bradley Co TN, DB A-312f, Mar 24, 1866-Feb 25, 1867. G.B. Wilson to Samuel Wyrick. G.B. Wilson confirms that he and bro R.D. Wilson had rec'd $300 for 64 ac in Ocoee Dist twp 1N ran 2W, from Samuel Wyrick, neighbors:  .. Milliway, Murphy,  Wm Standfield's land that he bought from Pendersons. ...signed G.B. Wilson

1868 Meigs Co, Georgetown John Wilford Wilson's birth ......Georgetown post office was in several counties, four, I think.  Changing county lines, ... one postmaster named the counties that the post office bldg had been in, even though the bldg never  moved. 

1869 James Co TN, Cumberland Presbyterian Ch, Hiwassee TN, found this church record (book) in Cleveland TN gen lib.

1869, Mar 3, Elder Nat Witt started this ch w/ Rev A Campbell, bro Wm R Wyrick clerk, writer has a photo of Oscar Wyrick taken c1895 Whitewright, Fannin-Grayson Countline, Texas

1871, Tipton Wood

1875, Aug 5, Geo B. Wilson, examiantion of death ....we thought he died 1882

1885, Oct 15, James Grisham, rec'd "by experience"

1890, Oct 5, Parthenia (Stanfield) Wilson and Albert Wilson, letter "by experience" ...still there 1916

1870 Bradley Co cen Wilson, Geo Baxter, Eliz Grisham, and mother Eliz Wilson living with them

1880 Bradley Co cen, p45 Dist 9, Wilson, Geo Baxter 45, Eliz Grisham 45, Margaret 22, John 12, neighbor Calvin Grissom, B.M Grissom

1882 Meigs Co TX Wilson, Geo Baxter died per pension appl, see 1875 "examinatin of death" in 1869 item above

1882 Red River Co TX Fisher, Margaret Wilson moved to Red River Co, TX

1884 Dallas Co TX Wilson, John Wilford went to Texas.  John Wilford Wilson had killed a man with an axe in Tennessee and left in the middle of the night for Texas. ...Another story: John Wilford Wilson caught Susie [Nancy Susan Pace] in a compromising situation with a Negro and killed the Negro with an axe. They soon moved in 1906 to Apheatone, [now Cotton Co OK]. ... These two stories were evidently confused.   Nancy Susan Pace was near deaf, which limited her communication, but she read two newspapers, cover to cover, all of her life. She is the one who left writings that helped develop these Wilson histories.    .... George Belcher, desc of Maggie Wilson Fisher, of Garland TX said that he had heard the same story about "John Wilford Wilson's killing a man with an axe in Tennessee and leaving that night for Texas."

1885 Dallas Co TX Fisher, Margaret Wilson went to Dallas Co, TX

1889 Dallas Co TX Wilson, Eliz Grisham went to Texas

1911 Dallas Co TX Wilson, Eliz Grisham died, bur Triple A Cem, on Collin-Rockwall-Dallas Co TX intersection

1920 Little River Co AR, Richards, Emily and John L....New Rocky Comfort

Dear Mrs. Rochette,    I believe that the Asa Grissom living in McMinn County, TN on the 1830 Federal Census could have been the father of my GGGrandmother, Eleanor Elizabeth Grissom, born 1829.  Have you every found any information on Asa Grissom and or Eleanor Elizabeth?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.     Eleanor Elizabeth Grissom       Aug 19,2010 James P. Bell


Photo taken at Maggy Fisher’s House in Rowlett, Rockwall County, TX. Sitting: Elizabeth (Grisham) Wilson (1833-1912) and Margaret (Wilson) Fisher (1858-1932). Standing: John Wilford Wilson (1868-1939) and Emily Elizabeth "Sis" (Wilson) Richards (1859-1921).


Elizabeth Grisham Wilson (1834-1911)


Emily Wilson Richards and a child (1859-1921)

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Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains