Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains

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John W. Wilson and Elizabeth Campbell

My direct ancestor   is ch: No. 6. George Baxter Wilson

Marriage of John W Wilson of Blount Co TN and Betsy Campbell of Grassy Valley on Aug 1, 1820 Knox Co TN, by Rev R.H. King, bond David Campbell.  per KNOX REGISTER. Aug 20, 1820

John W Wilson, b. Aug 14, 1797 in Blount Co TN to Jane "Jenny" Weir/Wear [Apr 14, 1775‑Sep 19, 1846 Meigs Co TN, prob dau of Hugh Weir Jr] and David Wilson [Jan 30, 1774 VA‑Dec 19, 1851, m. Oct 16, 1796 Greene Co TN, b. Beech Springs Cem, Bradley Co TN on Old Joe Grisham's property].   John W Wilson's will filed May 17, 1858, but evidently probated bet 1864‑1870; d. bet May 1858 & Jul, 1860.

 Elizabeth "Betsy" Campbell, b. Jun 27, 1802 TN to Jane (Jean) Janet Lockhart [1763/1768-Jan 17, 1842 Concord, Knox Co TN] and David Campbell.  Eliz d. after 1870 Bradley Co TN cen when she was enum w/ son Geo Baxter Wilson


  1. David Wilson           b.         l823 TN                   d. Feb  9, 1894, Butler Co KS              m. Margaret __

  2. James H Wilson         b.         1824 TN                   d.                                                        m. Mary C (? Cates)

  3. Eliza Jane Wilson      b.       ? 1827 TN                   d.    bef  1858 Bradley Co TN            m. John Stanfield

  4. Alexander Preston      b.         1831 TN                   d.                                                        m. Emily Stanfield

  5. John M. Wilson       b.         1832 TN                   d. Dec 17, 1859 Meigs Co TN        m. Elizabeth King

**6. George Baxter Wilson   b.         1834 TN;         d. Sep 27, 1882  Meigs Co TN             m. Elizabeth Grisham

  7. Robert D. Wilson       b-Aug     1836 TN; d. May  4, 1863 Camp Dick Robinson KY    m. Emeline Kirkpatrick

  8. Mary Ann Wilson        b.         1839 Geotwn, Brad Co TN   d.                                       m. 

  9. Sarah E Wilson         b.         1841 Geotwn, Brad Co TN   d.                                       m. ?Nath Farmer (?Parmer)

 10. Nancy Margaret Wilson  b. 844 Geotwn, Brad Co TN   d.     ca  1869 ? Bradley Co TN; m. James A McCracken

 11. Malinda C. Wilson;  b-Mar 10, 1846 Geotwn, Brad Co TN   d-Feb 20, 1927 OK Co OK; m. Jessee McCracken


1. David Wilson, m-c1842 to Margaret __ [c1826-Feb 4, 1883 Cumberland Cem, Bodarc "Bois d'arc" Butler Co KS].   David and Margaret Wilson were members of the Cumberland Presby Ch, Hiwaissee TN records Feb 12, 1871 David and Margaret Wilson mvd to Kansas, per Cumberland Presby Ch, James Co TN.  David, Marg, and several ch bur Cumberland Cem, Bodarc, Butler Co KS.   Issue, 6 ch: John Wilson, Jul 27, 1843 TN-Jan 15, 1906 Bodarc, Butler Co KS and m. Williette Dailey;  Harriette Eliz Wilson, Oct 14, 1845 Hamilton Co TN-Apr 10, 1906 Bodarc, Butler Co KS and m. James Polk Bare, 10 ch  Marilla Jane Wilson, 1846-aft 1866 and m-1866 to Wm. Hopper;  Wm Roger Wilson, Sep 13, 1850 TN-Feb 10, 1924 Ringling, Jefferson Co OK and m-1881 Montague Co TX to Jo Ann Ketchum Smith;  Margaret A Wilson, 1860TN-1885 Georgetown, James Co TN and m-1881 Butler Co KS to Wm Hopkins Witt, 1 ch; Charley T. Wilson, Oct 25, l866 TN-Dec 18, 1898 Ringling, Jeff Co OK, single.

2. James H Wilson, m. Mary C (? Cates).   Issue, min 1 ch: Augustus T Wilson, b-1843.

3. Eliza Jane Wilson, m. c1848 to John Stanfield [1825-aft 1865 Brad Co TN], son of Nancy Turner and James Standfield, 13 ch, m. 1806 Surry Co NC, and was in Calhoun, McMinn Co TN bef 1819, one James Stanfield in 1832 list of Rev War pensioners of McMinn Co TN].  Eliza's Uncle Alex Harve Wilson m. 1851 to Deida Brittain, born 1825 to Mary Ann Stanfield [Feb 11, 1793-Jul 3, 1870] and Wm Brittain [b. NC]. John was a lawyer in Bradley Co TN.  Eliza evidently died bet 1840 and 1850.  Greene Co TN Tax List: 1783 Thomas Stanfield, 1805 Capt John Stanfield, Thomas Stanfield;  1812 John Stanfield, Samuel Stanfield Sr, Thomas Stanfield, Wm Stanfield; Sumner Co TN Tax List: 1812 Thomas Stanfield, John Stanfield.   Issue, 1 ch:  Wm W Stanfield  ...1870 Brad Co TN cen, 98-98 Joseph Stanfield 35, Nancy 26, Mary J 1 TN.

4. Alexander Preston Wilson, m. to Emeline "Emily" Stanfield, dau of Nancy Turner and James Stanfield. Alexander P Wilson 40, 1870 McMinn Co TN cen, p110, 10th Dist, PO Athens.   Issue, at least 5 ch:  Rebecca J Wilson, b-1852;  Samuel R Wilson, b-1854;  John Seaton Wilson, Jul 7, 1857-Aug 23, 1924 and m,1. Estie __/m,2. Oct 19, 1878 Monroe Co TN to Sarah Jane Goddard (had son Hugh Preston Wilson);  Davidson Wilson, b-1861;  Nancy Wilson, b-1865.

4c. John Seaton Wilson, m,1. to Estie _  ..  

4c  John Seaton Wilson, m,2. Oct 19, 1878 Monroe Co TN to Jane Goddard.  Issue, min 4 ch:  Hugh Preston Wilson and m-Mollie Jane Thompson, min 1 ch; Mayo Wilson; Arthur Wilson;  Newton Wilson

5. John M. Wilson, m. Jan 10, 1856 in Meigs County, Tn to Elizabeth E. King [Mar 18, 1832-May 16, 1904 Mt Zion Cem, Rockwall Co TX].        Issue, 1 ch: Wm. Campbell Wilson, m-Mary Capp, 3 ch.

 6. George Baxter Wilson, m. in bride's home of Emily Grisham, in ?Bradley Co TN on Oct 15, 1856 to Elizabeth Grisham [1813 McMinn Co TN-1911 Rockwall Co TX, Big A Cem, Rockwall-Dallas countyline], dau of Emily Rucker [1813 McMinn Co TN-aft 1870 Bradley Co TN] and James "Richard" Grisham [1807 Jefferson Co TN-1850/6 Meigs Co TN].    Geo was Pvt in Co G 3rd Reg TN Vol Union Cav; commanding officers were Thornburg,    Nat Witt, and Thomas A Neeley; got measles Civil War, had a setback, died at age 48.   Issue, 3 ch:  Margaret Jane "Maggie" Wilson 1858-1932 Dallas Co TX and m-1882-Brad Co TN to Wm Neely Fisher;  Emily Eliz "Sis" Wilson, 1859-1921 Little River Co AR and m-1877 Brad Co TN to John Lafayette Richards;  **John Wilford Wilson, 1868-1939 Purdy, Stephens Co OK and m-1891 Dallas Co TX to Nancy Susan Pace.

7. Robert D. Wilson, m. in Home of T.J. Duncan in Bradley Co TN on Jun 12, 1859 to Malvina Emaline "Emaline" Kirkpatrick [1840-c1890 Hickory Co MO], dau of Nancy __ [1801 VA-bef 1866] and Joel Kirkpatrick [bef 1790-d-bef 1850].    Emaline's sibs: James Kirkpatrick, 1818-1888 Hickory Co MO and m. Eliz Jane Whitecotton; Wm Kirkpatrick m. Clementine__, Susan Jane Kirkpatrick m. Thos Jeff Duncan mvd to MO; Mary Kirkpatrick m. Wm Duncan, mvd to Polk Co MO, who was guardian of Wm David Wilson on Feb 1867 per minor's pension appl #107170.  Kirkpatricks were charter mem Candy Creek Bap Ch that merged 1866 with the White Plains Ch, Eureka, Brad Co TN, some of Kirkpatrick's property was in ran 1 twp 1, east of John W Wilson's.   1860 Brad Co TN cen, Robt, Emeline & Wm enum w/ Robt's mother Eliz Wilson and his 4 sis in 1860 Brad Co TN cen.  Robt enl Aug 8, 1862 Union Army Co A, 8th Reg, TN Inf Vol, Capt Wm C Shelton, Robt died Camp Dick Robinson KY, bet Lexington and Danville, ?Jessamine Co KY, his personal effects were inventoried by Robt D McPherson, all three of these men were from Ninth Dist, Brad Co TN.   Issue, 1 ch:  William David Wilson, May 21, 1860 Brad Co TN-Aug 25, 1898 Pittsburg, Hickory Co MO and m. Jul 18, 1880 Hickory Co MO to Amanda Elizabeth Pitts [Jan 28, 1863 Hick Co MO-Oct 31, 1888 Hick Co MO], 1 dau Retha Jane Wilson, Jun 12, 1881 Hick Co MO-Jun 10, 1953 Benton Co MO and m. Ora Francis Kinkaid.

Emily Kirkpatrick, m,2. in Brad Co TN on Nov 25, 1866 to Wm A Amhart [c1845 NC-c1890 Hickory Co MO, lightning].  1869 mvd to Polk Co MO.   Issue, 3 ch:  Mary Amhart, b. 1868 TN;  Lucy L "Lou" Amhart, b-1872 MO, m. mvd to Nevada MO;  Alla J. Amhart, b. 1875 MO and m. 1891 to Wm Thomas Coons, 2 ch that d-infancy, went to Nevada MO to join sis.

9. Sarah Jane Wilson, m. in Brad Co TN on Aug 19, 1868 to Nathaniel Parmer-Parman-Farmer-Palmer-Parham  by S Dixon.   Robt Parmer m. in Roane Co TN on Oct 16, 1883 to Milda Vaughn, W.F. Littleton, JP.   Benj Parmer m. in Hamilton Co TN to Sarah Craven, J.D. Blackford JP. ....Nathan Farmer m. Marg Wheeler [1765 NC/SC-1856 Bedford Co TN], sis to Mary Wheeler Rucker....John W. Wilson's May 1858 will shows one Sarah Wilson, maybe Sarah E or Sarah J.  .....Sarah Jane "Sallie" Farmer [1842 VA-1908 McLennen Co TX] m. 1865 Bradley Co TN to Wm Dickson Fulks [1847 GA-1908], min A.R.T. Hambright, son of Jane Naler and James Fulks, m. 1843 Murray Co GA (Naler m,2. 1857 Whitefield Co GA to Ed Connally)

10. Nancy M. Wilson, m. in Bradley Co TN on Oct 11, 1867 to James A McCracken [1841 TN-aft 1900 Sebt Co AR cen], son of Rebecca Wood [1813 TN-aft 1870 Douglas Co KS] and Henry McCracken [1814 TN-aft 1870 Douglas Co KS, m. Oct 25, 1832 Hawkins Co TN, son of Alice Mercer [1790-aft 1850] and Samuel McCracken [1779 PA-d. 1854-60, son of Margaret _ and John McCracken [bef 1750-Jan 8, 1820 Wash Co TN. Nancy Wilson and James m. by W.J. Whitaker.   Issue, 1 ch:  John H McCracken, b. 1869 TN.

James McCracken, m,2. to Bettie B "Betsy" __ [b. 1855 MO].  1900 Sebs Co AR cen ED106-4.   Issue, 2 ch:  Mary A McCracken, b. 1876; Addie B McCracken, b. 1882 AR

11. Malinda C. Wilson, m. in Bradley Co TN on Mar 23, 1868‑69 to Jessee T McCraken [b. Feb 1, 1847 TN-Nov 10, 1938], son of Rebecca Wood [1813 TN-aft 1870 Douglas Co KS] and Henry McCracken [1814 TN-aft 1870 Douglas Co KS, m. Oct 25, 1832 Hawkins Co TN, son of Alice Mercer [1790-aft 1850] and Samuel McCracken [1779 PA-d. 1854-60, son of Margaret _ and John McCracken [bef 1750-Jan 8, 1820 Wash Co TN.  Malinda and Jess m. by min T.H. Gilbreath.   1850 Brad Co TN cen, 685-375; 1870 Douglas Co KS, LeCompton twp, Clinton P.O.; Jul 23, 1880 Johnson Co KS cen, Aubrey twp; left Eureka, Carroll Co AR and Feb 1884 arrived Smith Paul Farm (now Garvin Co OK).  Jess was in The Run of 1889, left near Purcell area and staked claim southeast of OKC at Clear Springs (now Mishak or Tinker Field area);  son Walter was in first graduation class of Irving High (prob NW corner of Pottawatomie Co OK).  Malinda lvd at about [now] 2100 South Eastern St, OKC.   Malinda b. Sunny Lane Cem, Capitol Hill Methodist Ch, OKC, obits: Feb 22, 1927 DAILY OKLAHOMAN, Feb 24, 1927 CAPITOL HILL BEACON, OK death cert 55250.   Issue, 8 ch:  dau d. Old Cem, Pauls Valley, Garvin  Co OK;  Mary Jane "Mary Jo" McCracken, Sep 19, 1869-aft 1957 OKC and m. on Dec 27, 1885 to O.D. Shirley;  Martha M McCracken, Jan 21, 1872 MO-bef 1957 and m. W.W. Walker, 1927 lvd St Joseph MO;  Elizabeth B McCracken, Feb 28, 1873 MO-bef 1957 and m. C.E. Faris;  Sarah M McCracken, Jul 15, 1874 MO-bef 1957 and m,1. Jan 27, 1905 to Thomas Cunningham/m,2. Otis Hogan;  Pearl McCracken, b. Feb 11, 1876 MO-aft 1957 OKC and m. Frank Trosper;  Smith C McCracken, b. Apr 1880 Johnson Co KS;  Walter Thomas McCracken, Mar 23, 1884 Smith Paul Farm, Pauls Valley, Chickasaw Nation I.T. (now Garvin Co OK)-Aug 24, 1957 OKC, Ok Co OK and m,1. to Dolly Mae Brown, 4 ch/m,2. on Sep 1, 1909 to Maude Hill, 3 ch;  Jessie Tennessee McCracken, b. Oct 23, 1887-aft 1957 OKC and m. on Jan 18, 1906 First Meth Ch, OKC (was in 1995 bombing) to Adley U Hogan

11h. Walter Thomas McCracken, m,1. on Sep 1, 1909 to Dolly Mae Brown [Feb 17, 1885-Nov 30, 1914 Choctaw OK, while giving birth to twins, Jones Cem, OK Co OK], dau of Dellas S Griffith [Nov 16, 1867-Mar 14, 1955 Jamison Cem, Pottawatomie Co OK] and Rev Joseph A Brown [Sep 16, 1860 __-Jun 9, 1928 Jamison Cem, north of McLoud OK], Meth Circuit rider of OK Terr incl Clear Spring OK (now Mishak). Sunny Lane (now Capitol Hill in south OKC), and other churches in the Methodist Conf, son of Katherine Morrison [Aug 10, 1834 Claremont Co OH-Feb 6, 1913 __] and Richard Brown [d. Sep 6, 1906, 83 yrs 9 months].   Issue, 4 ch:  Mildred McCracken, m. Merle Crossley, 1957, lvd OKC;  Wilson Walter McCracken, m. in OKC to June Tolson/m,2. in Logan Co OK to Kathrine Dye, 1957 lvd Guthrie OK;  twins, Lawrence McCracken, b. Nov 30, 1914 Choctaw, OK Co OK and m. Feb 2, 1941 to Marion Ruth Fox, 1957 lvd OKC;  Laurene, m. Herbert Needham, 1957 lvd Tulsa OK.

Walter, m,2. McCloud, Pottawatomie Co OK on Dec 14, 1916 to Maude Eleanor Hill [Apr 12, 1888 Augusta, Butler Co KS-Jan 12, 1977 Tulsa Co OK], dau of Mary Eliz Creal [Jan 25, 1861-Jan 12, 1944 Pauls Valley OK] and Samuel Armon Hill [May 7, 1842 Delaware Co OH-Jun 23, 1918 Pauls Valley, Garvin Co OK, Mount Olivet Cem, m. Aug 6, 1880 Hayes, Ellis Co KS, son of Eliz White and Caleb Hill m. Jan 28, 1850 Delhi OH].  Sam & Mary Creal came to [now] Pott Co OK in Feb 1893.  Walt was president of the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce in 1933.  Master of Ceremonies for the Chamber's 89er Dinner for yrs:  Sunny Lane Cemetery caretaker for yrs.  Issue, 3 ch:  Edmond Clarence, d inf;  Thomas Creal d inf;  Donald Ray McCracken, b. 1923 and m. Katherine Ford, 1957 lvd OKC.



Mellen, Dianna L, YESTERDAY, THE HAMPTON, MCCRACKEN, LONGWITH, MABRY, AND WELLS FAMILIES, Heritage Books (1991), 904 Conestga, Yakima WA 98908. pp 264-281, 296-299, 304-309, found Cleveland TN gen lib.  

McGee, Veda, BERRY PICKIN' and THEY WENT WEST, 711 North Mason St, Bowie TX 76230, desc of Eliz Wilson and David McCracken/

Kansas, an Argonia, Sumner Co KS newspaper carried in 1930s an article about Jessee McCracken in The Run on Apr 22, 1889.   Jessee's nephew, Henry Love McCracken [1860 Charleston TN-1939 Argonia KS], wife Sally McCullough Rose [m. May 2, 1883], and their 3 ch (6 had died) mvd 1902 to Frog Pond, near Argonia KS, spent two yrs in Comanche, Stephens Co OK, her half-bro W.J. Sears lived Comanche OK in 1933, found 1910 Step Co OK cen, Brown twp, 181-183 W.J. Sears 43 TN MO MO.  Sally born Mar 20, 1863 Berryville, Carroll Co AR-d-May 10, 1933 Argonia, Sumner Co KS, her father enl Civil War, never ret, mother soon mvd to Charleston, Bradley Co TN, mother evidently m,2. to Sears.

Larry Wilson <> Meet Your Cousins Date : Thu, Sep 22, 2011 05:25 PM ...>><< Cc :,, ...........Following are people that I have met via e-mail. All are descended from John W. Wilson and Elizabeth Campbell. Patti Rochette and I have met in person at least three times in the last fifteen years. ... Patti Adkins Rochette (aka Joan Adkins) >><< Patti's line is through George Baxter Wilson - a brother to Alexander Preston Wilson .........David Wilson.... >><<Alexander Preston Wilson > John S. Wilson > Hugh Preston Wilson > Howard Wilson > David .......Don Wilson >><<    desc of Alexander Preston Wilson .....  Date : Thu, Sep 22, 2011 07:56 PM; "Don Wilson"<> Dear Patti, My name is Donald Jack Wilson Jr. My great great grandfather was Alexander Preston Wilson son of John W. Wilson son of David Wilson Jr. I have been searching for Information for some time with no luck until today when a Larry Wilson sent information to my wife by email. I was born and raised in Sweetwater and now live in Madisonville. I would love to hear from you and meet you I am 58 years old what is your age and who was your father and grandfather on the Wilson side? Hope to hear from you soon. ... Sincerely, ...Don ......        ................................................................ Ernie Wilson >><<... Alexander Preston Wilson > John S. Wilson > Hugh Preston Wilson > Ernest Wilson > Ernie ......Note: The Hugh Preston Wilson in this line is not my ancestor who is also named Hugh Preston Wilson   ...............Judy Wilson<<>Tue, Oct 04, 2011 05:17 PM  Hello, Thanks for sending the information, it is deeply appreciated. Didn't know that Sarah Jane Goddard was John Seaton Wilson's 2nd wife. I haven't been researching Don's Wilson family very long. All this time we didn't realize that the church we drive by in Athens, Mars Hill Presbyterian Church, Don's gggg-grandparent's are listed as 2 and 3 as the original members. We plan to visit Beech Springs Cemetery soon while we are still having beautiful weather. Thanks again, Judy Wilson



Bradley Co TN 24"x48" 1860 plat map, (part of) that I bought at the Cleveland TN library.   Notice our John W. Wilson plus our  Grishams (Grissom), Ruckers, and Richards families. 


Beech Springs Cem, on the Bradley Co TN near McMinn County line.

Question: Does this Farmer family belong to Sarah E. Wilson who m-?Nathan Farmer, Parmer.   . 
































































































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