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Whitebead family of Caddos, Whitebead Hill Community

Civil War era
 and   Cherokee Town, now Garvin County, OK




 On the right are three pages from Cecile Elkins-Carter's  Caddo Indians: Where We Come From, Norman OK, University of Oklahoma Press (1995) 420pp.    These three pages address a July 20, 1842 event.


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 Chapter 24-p356 of Cecile Elkins-Carter's  Caddo Indians: Where We Come From, Norman OK, University of Oklahoma Press (1995) 420pp.

 .           Julia is Cadohadacho. Her people, "the Whitebead bunch", "came across." They never lived on the reservation in Texas. When they left their homeland in Louisiana sometimes after the 1835 treaty, "they came across this way ó just like you cut across the pasture. They didnít follow the road. They angled like ó follow this creek, they call it Washita, today, Washita ó from up there, from Red River." She paused a minute thinking about the Caddos old home at the bend of the Red River where the river lost its easterly direction and curved to the south. We had the whole county of Miller County," and Julia, speaking of the territory, above the Red River where early white settlers organized a vast area spreading from west Arkansas into a political unit they named Miller County. (see Steely and Foreman)**

** (Cecile Elkins-Carterís reference) Foreman, Grant, Indians and Pioneers, pp144-151

** (my suggested reference) Steely, Skipper (Thomas B.), Six Months From Tennessee, Paris TX, Wright Press (1982). About Old Miller County, Arkansas that included now McCurtain County OK, and Lamar County TX, esp. George W. Wright (founder of Paris TX) plus a sequel Forty Seven Years (2000 unpublished manuscript in the James G. Gee Library, East Texas State University, Commerce TX.

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Win-hut Whitebead, b-1850 IT LA LA was possibly the daughter or dau-in-law of the "old Lady White Bead" [maybe Salvania]  on p2of4 of Sippia (Paul) Arnold Hull's memoir on the right and on the web page: 


Below is a paragraph from the above web page:


" ... When the Civil War broke out in 1861, the friendly Plains Indians came around the locality where my father had his farm. They were the Comanche, Caddo, Apache, Cheyenne, Osage and I think some Delaware. One mixed band located at Cherokee Town [3N IE sec 25] another on my father's farm, a band of Osage across the river and a band of Caddo Indians under old Lady White Bead, five miles up the [Washita] river [to Whitebead Hill 3N 1W sec 3].  And the [Confederate] Government realized that they must do something with and for those Indians, so they appointed my father as an agent to issue them rations. This was one reason that my father did not  have to go to war. ..."



PAUL, Mississippi "Sippia" (Paul) Arnold Hull (b-1843), dau of Ela-Teecha (Brown) McClure and  Smith Paul [1809-1893]


WHITEBEAD, Win-hut Whitebead [b-1850 I.T.] mother of Frank, Harry, and Joel Whitebead of 1910 Canadian Co OK cen p200.




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  per Grant Kimberlin of Pauls Valley OK.

According to Indian Legend, a Caddo Indian woman named Salvania and her son set up temporary camp west of Pauls Valley in the 1800s. Salvania was leader of a band of Caddos traveling from Louisiana through Oklahoma. As other tribes came to make trades, they first had to be approved by the Indian woman who wore the white beads. They began to ask for her by that name. She died at the age of 95 or 96 and is believed to be buried near the old campground. Her son, known as 'son of Whitebead', continued to use the campsite.


Her son, possibly Chief Whitebead, married a woman named 'Win-hut'. They later moved around Walters Oklahoma where he was known to the Comanches as 'Man with a lot of horses'.





Some research on One Whitebead Family



Below is Reuben Whitebead's family history cited in extant documentation

.      1)   Reuben Whitebead (1910-1987, m-Rhoda Wilson), son of

       2)   Frank Whitebead  (1875-1978, m-Lydia Penn), son of

       3)   Win-hut and husband Whitebead, son of

       4)   Caddo Jake b-1820 LA .... a bridge NE of Binger OK close to the Walnut area was named for this

                       Caddo Jake, "Caddo Jake Bridge".



1900 Oklahoma Territory cen, Wichita Reservation ED252:2A(109A); Jun 4; 1136-1117

        Caddow Jake               Head,            In, M;   ___1820;  80; m-3yrs;           LA LA LA

        Mueller, Maud            Wife;             In, Fe  ___ 1878,  22; m-3yrs; 1-0;  OK KS IT

        Whitebead, Joseph    Grandson,     In, M, May 1878, 22, S                        OK OK LA

        Whitebead, Lary        Grandson,     In, M,          1875, 25, S                        OK OK LA

        Ea-Se-Sa                      Grandson,     In, M, Apr  1882, 18, S                        OK OK LA

        Win-hut                       Dau-in-Law, In, Fe,          1850, 50, Wd                    IT LA LA


        Note: Win-hut and Es-Se-Sa were full-blood Caddo, cited at bottom of p109A


1910 Canadian Co OK cen, West Walnut twp, June 1, ED:100:20A(270), Dwelling 2-3

      2-3 Whitebead, Frank,            m-3 yrs   26 OK Unknown Unknown

            Whitebead, Lyda [Penn]   m-3 yrs   22 OK Unknown Unknown

            Whitebead, Ollie dau                 6/12 yr OK OK OK



1920 Canadian Co OK cen ED86:p06A(040A) Feb 18; FM, 111-125 listed as "Whitehead"

       FM, 111-125 Whitebead, Frank           34 OK

                              Whitebead, Lydia,             30 OK 

                              Whitehead, Rubin,           10 OK

                              Whitebead, Catherine,      7 OK

                              Whitehead, Roy                  4 OK

                              Whitehead, Hannah           2 OK

       FM 112-126  Whitehead, Joe                32 OK

                              Whitehead, Maud              32  OK

                              Whitehead, Effe                   2 OK











p302  Elkins-Carter

pp303f  Elkins-Carter

Footnotes for pp302ff


1900 Oklahoma Terri-

tory cen, Wichita

Reservation, p109A

Caddo Jake b-1820 LA

and dau-in-Law

Win-Hut, b-1850 I.T.



1910 Canadian Co OK

 cen; Win-hut  and

son Frank Whitebead

1920 Canadian Co OK

 cen ED86p06B(040B)

Frank Whitebead

(1875-1978), p2of 2

p1of4, Smith Paul's

daughter's memoir,

Sippia (Paul) Arnold Hull

p2of4, "a band of Caddo Indians under old Lady White Bead"

p3of4,John Newton Hamill (1810-1867)

p4of4,John Newton Hamill (1810-1867)





























































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