Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort  Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains

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William Dement Tolson (1836-1916)

Captain, 22d Texas Cavalry, Company H

Private, Bourland's Regt, Company D



Personal.  Wm Dement Tolson, b-July 14, 1836 in Maryland to Elizabeth Dement and Wm Tolson; m-1856 in Platte Co MO to Fannie Wallace1850 Prince George Co MD cen p99b(108); 1870 Buchanan Co MO cen p375b(14); 1880 Colusa Co CA cen p470.   Issue, 4 ch: Edward (b-1860 TX), Annie (b-1865 TX), Emma Augusta, and Claude.  He served in the 22d Tx Cavalry and Bourland's Regt.  Wm.'s brother, Ben Tolson, was a Lt in Bourland's Regt, plus two of his brothers, Calvin and Samuel Tolson, were found on the Grayson Co TX cen p179.   The   Whitesboro Masonic Lodge #263 of Grayson County listed "W.D. Tolson" as a member in 1866. 

W.D. Tolson moved after 1866 to Platte Co MO then in 1870s to Colusa, California, where he belonged to the United Confederate Veterans, Camp Pap Price, Post #1360. The Southern Cross of Honor was bestowed upon him on October 19, 1903 at a Camp Meeting.  He passed away at the age 80, May 3, 1916, College City Cemetery, Colusa County.  

Twenty-second Cavalry.  W.D. Tolson served in a Grayson County militia then in Co H of the 22d Cav. from Dec 13,  1861and his last Compiled Service Record (CSR) was "August 16, 1863."    His commanders recognized his bookkeeping skills written a thoughtful format, so he was promoted (Oct 1862) to captain in charge of tracking ordnance, which was their MOST important commodity.  

There are 117 CSRs his NARA file; below, from left to right, are CSR #002, 017, 023, 072 of 117.

x x x

This CSR #072 of 117 was found in Fold3 <> Confederate Records <> Texas <> Twenty-second Cavalry <> T <> Tolson, Wm. D.  ...  Brig-Gen. Albert Pike was the commander of the camps where Tolson was stationed.  The rank-of-file soldiers and especially the Indians loved Pike, who was hated by Maj-Gen. Thos. C. Hindman who probably "reduced" Tolson’s rank just because Pike had promoted him.  Notice that Tolson was promoted to Captain in October 1862.

Bourland’s Texas Border Cavalry Regt.  Wm. D. Tolson served in  Company D as shown on these four CSRs: CSR #03 of 04 Aug 64 Clerk in Quarter Master's  Dept. at Ft. Belknap; --- CSR #04 of 04  Oct 64 Quarter Master clerk. 

 x xx x

Since Wm. D. Tolson's last record in the 22d Cavalry was dated August 16, 1863, it is probable that soon thereafter, he began serving in Bourland's Regt.   Beginning in February 1863, the Texas Legislature mandated that guards be placed up and down the South bank of Red River to ensure that travelers had acceptable passports.   Bourland organized the men of communities so that one-half of the men would patrol Red River for six-week turns while the other one-half would stay behind and care for their families.    The only record we have that many of these men served in this capacity are family records.

Editor's note:  John Jehu Miller (b-1845 NC, 1860 Grayson Co TX cen p215) served for 23 months in Bourland's Regt even though his only CSR read: "Oct 1864, J. Miller, sick."   We know he served in Bourland's Regt because he wrote a letter explaining his service with her husband, D.L. Cabe,  so she could collect a widow's pension.

Toward the end of the War, the records were increasingly sparse.


Fold3 <> Civil War Service Records <> Confederate <> Officers <> Tic-Toy <> Tolson, W.D., CSR #01of 01

Fold3 <> Confederate Citizens File  <> Citizen <> T <> To <>  Tolson, W.D., CSR #09 of 09







































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Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains