Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains

by Patricia Adkins-Rochette

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Sociological entries in my four indexes


The following listing of collective terms in the indexes that may help navigate my 1,046-page book with a 146-page Name Index and a 20-page Gazetteer.  These collective terms may shed light on the sociological aspects of life in North Texas and Indian Territory.

Collective Terms in the Name Index

arms and ammunition


Brush Battalion

churches, religion


communication, direct





Indian, personalities

Indians, American tribes


identification, passports

manufacturers, foundries, tan-yards, crafts

Masonic Lodges

medicine, physicians

mill for cereals

Negro, black, colored, mulatto


nicknames, Confederate & Union


ransom, kidnapping


scalping, torturing, killing



spying, spies

substitutes, hired for military service

supplies and equipment




weather, climate

Collective Terms in Gazetteer


clear title issue, 16, 49, 75, 76, 77

Greenville, Hunt Co TX surveyed, 73

Initial Point of Oklahoma, rock from which Oklahoma is

      surveyed, Burger Mountain, A-431

      meridian and longitude, 98th, 99th, and 100th parallel

      or meridian, 148, A-165,  A-356, A-404, A-405,


Oklahoma Meridian and Longitude map, A-432, A-xv

Oakland Reserve Allotments in Oklahoma Territory

Tonkawa Tribe, legal descriptions of allotments, A-453

railroad land script, 86

Republic of Texas, 20

Mercer Colony, 5,120,000 acres, 49

Nacogdoches County (1846), 42

Peters' Colony, 1,088,000 acres, 49

title bond, title of sale, 42, 73, 77, 81, 87, 106, 114, 213,


township map of Oklahoma, legal descriptions, A-431,

     A-432, A-433, A-435, A-436, A-437, A-438, A-439,



trails, highways, migration paths

Arbuckle Road, see Ft Arbuckle, A-389

Baltimore & Ohio Railway, A-389

Belknap Road, east of West Fork of Trinity River, 242

Bonham Roadwork Commission (1850), 51

Boone's (Capt. Nathan) Route (1813), A-377

Boston (Bowie Co TX) to Jefferson (Marion Co TX)

     Road, A-40

Butterfield Overland Stage (St Louis to San Francisco,

     1858-1870), 101, 104, 113, 133, 139, 172, 173, 184,

      216, 232, 327

Blackburn's Stage stop, Mary (Walker)

     Blackburn, 233

Carriage Point, Stop 11 of 12, from Ft. Smith to

      the Red River, sec34 ran8E twp6S, later

     Fisher's Station #39, 223, A-436, 252

Conolly's Old Stage Stand, Wise Co TX, 170

Diamond's Station, Grayson Co TX, 117, A-423

Fisher's Station #39 on Butterfield Stage or

     Carriage Point,  I.T., A-436

Holloway's Station, A-437

Johnson's Station, A-439

Nail's Crossing (now Kenefic), A-438

The Narrows, A-440

Pulsey's Station, 2 miles South of Higgins, I.T.,


Riddle's Station, A-439

Trahern's Station, later Shady Point, A-440

Walker's Station, A-440

Caffrey's Crossroads about halfway between Bloomsdale on

     the Kiamichi River and mouth of Boggy River

Caffrey's Station on a stage line, 233, A-412

California Trail, through Indian Territory, 264, A-427

Central National Road (1845) in Texas, 28, 35

Cherokee Trace, northeast Texas, 18, 25, 29, 35

Chihauha Trail (1835, also "Road of" or "Caravan from"),

     25, 30

Chisholm Trail, Old Chisholm Trail though Ft Arbuckle,


Dona Ana Trail to Red River, A-427

Ft Arbuckle-Ft Smith Road or Powell's Road, A-383,

     A-389, A-411, A-438

Ft Arbuckle Road that traces southwest, 101, A-389,


Ft Arbuckle Wagon Road, 15 mi West of McAlester I.T.,

     A-389, A-436

Ft Belknap, Young Co TX to Camp Radziminski, now

     Kiowa Co OK, 242, 243

Ft Gibson Road, 168

Ft Smith to Pecos River, Mail Route, 101

Ft Smith to Santa Fe to California Emigrant Route, 258

Jefferson (Marion Co TX) to Boston (Bowie Co TX)

     Road, A-42

Kansas Road (1864), A-392, A-434

Little Rock & Ft Smith Railroad, 252

M. K. & T. Railroad: Missouri, Kansas, & Texas, 214

Marcy's (R.B.) Route (1849), 101, 104, 172

Marcy's (R.B.) Route (1853), 101

Merrill's (Major) Route, A-377

Michler (Lt Nathan) Route to Ft Washita, 101

National Road, Jefferson, Marion Co TX to Dallas (opened

     Dec 2, 1847), 11

Osage Road, 259

Pawnee Trail, Ft Towson west to Blue River, 259

Preston Road, US Hwy 289 roughly traced, 38, 214

Road from Walnut River, Kansas to Old Ft Cobb & Ft

     Washita (1864), A-374

Road of the Shawnee-Delaware & Road to Ft Belknap,


Santa Fe Trail, 126, 205, A-367, A-377

Shawnee Cattle Trail, South Texas to Kansas City, 214

Shawnee, Delaware, & Kickapoo Trail from the Colorado

     River to Edward's Trading House, 39

Texas & Pacific Railroad, Tarrant Co TX, 27

Texas Military Line Road, 164, 173, 191, 192, 214, 234,

     259, 264

Van Dorn's (Earl) Route (1858), 264

Whiskey Trail, between Delaware Bend and Ft Arbuckle,

     260, 323, A-420, A-421


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Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains