Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains

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William Walter Rochette  (1893-1963)

My direct ancestor  is John Evangeliste Rochette

My direct ancestor  is Virginia Beauchene


 m. in Thompsonville, near Enfield, Hartford Co CT in Apr 1885 of John Evangeliste Rochette and Virginia Beauchene. 


6.Wm Walter; b-May 17, 1893 Thomp'v, Hart Co C; d-Jan 14, 1963 Old Saybrook, M'sex Co  m-Eliz Bedard


6. William Walter Rochette, m. in Old Saybrook, CT on Oct 14, 1914 to Elizabeth Marie Bedard [Oct 4, 1892 Thompsonville‑Nov 2, 1978 Glendora, LA Co CA], dau of Lucina Champoux and Louis Bedard.   Rev O'Brien at marr.  Walter b. Cypress Cem, Old Saybrook CT.    Issue, 5 ch:  Walter Louis Rochette, b. 1915 and m. Reardon (Walt was Capt in Army);  Irving Raymond Rochette, b. 1917 and m. Brainard;  Arthur Rochette, b. New Britian, d. Apr 13, 1919;  Thelma Doris Rochette, b. 1925 New Britian and m. Johnson;  Lawrence Harvey Rochette, b. 1929 Old Saybrook, Middlesex Co CT and m. Anderson.


Rochette Family Tree Date : Mon, Jun 11, 2012 08:01 PM ....Adam Twiss <<la2nddistrict at>> <>


First, Laura,
I found some info online about our family tree on Mom's side which I know that you are interested in for Josh's sake as well as your own purposes and the info came from a website that a cousin of ours had submitted to. this person is the great granddaughter of Armond Herman Rochette, who's a brother to William Walter Rochette (Grandpa's Father).

Second, To Patricia Adkins-Rochette
My name is Adam Twiss (4-3-1977--) and I'm The Great Grandson of William Walter and Elizabeth Marie Rochette. Walter Louis Rochette (10-10-1915--6-3-1991) and Ethel Belle Riordan (6-3-1918--5-4-1986) are my maternal grandparents. grandpa changed the spelling of his middle name to Lewis. My mother is Hollice Mary Ann Rochette (3-27-1946--3-29-2005) and my uncle is Craig JT Rochette. Everyone is deceased except Craig. Since he would have the most info regarding Uncle Armond his phone number is (864) 268-9845 and he lives in Greer, South Carolina. He has a wife Marcia (Babcock) and two daughters, Arielle (8-2-1979--) and Bridget (12-2-1982--).

My mother had 4 kids, two by David Twiss and two by others. The four of us are Wendy Marie Twiss-Ostensen (9-19-1966--), Cynthia Lynn Twiss- (2-21-1968--), Laura Elizabeth Rhodes-Miller (8-25-1972--), and myself. Although My last name is Twiss I'm not related to David. My mother gave me that name because she did not know my father's last name and used her last name from her marriage to David. Wendy has two boys Tanner Ostensen(2-19-1996--) and Dane Ostensen (7-12-1999--), and Laura has one boy, Joshua James Miller. Laura's husband is Michael J. Miller (01-18-1972--). Walter lived in Saybrook until 1961 when he moved his family to Glendora, CA and lived there until he passed in 1991. His Address in Glendora was 1151 E. Comstock Ave. Great Grandma Elizabeth died on 11-2-1979 in Glendora which until I read your site did not know, nor do I know where she was interred. She passed when I was only 19 months old, so I did not get the chance to meet her to my knowledge. However I have met my great aunt Thelma Johnson ust after Walt died. Also of note Although my grandmother was named Ethel, Walt called her terry and she was known to us as Grandma Terry

After Grandma died Walt, married Elizabeth (Betty) Hubbard in 1989 and she passed soon after with COPD. Some of us grandkids did not get along with Betty as well, but I did not get along with Terry either because she was more strict with me than my sisters and first cousins.


If there are any questions about any information regarding William Walter's descendants through Walter Louis Please let me know.

Thanks, Adam Twiss ...William Walter's Great grandson




Hello,  Kristen Arseneau <> Sent: Wed, Jul 29, 2009 06:37 AM
I'm a distant relative that was playing around on the computer this morning and found your Rochette genealogy website.  I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for taking the time to put this history together and put it on a website.  Although I'm not the "keeper of the records" for our branch of the Rochettes, I found it interesting to spend my morning reading through our family history and recognizing the names from my childhood.
My maiden name was, Kristen Elizabeth O'Dell, and I'm the daughter of Dawn Rochette.  My great grandparents were William Walter Rochette and Elizabeth Bedard (I'm named after her). My maternal grandfather was Irving Rochette.  Although the surname has been lost with my mother's generation in our sub-branch of the family (Irving had 2 daughters - Dawn and Deborah Rochette), my brother and I have both given our children Rochette as a middle name in honor of our grandparents, whom we miss dearly.
We recently had an Old Saybrook Rochette family reunion (first in ~20 yrs), so this part of my history is fresh on my mind.  I've also just gotten back from touring Normandy and the Loire with my mother and sister, so it was particularly interesting to see that our roots trace back to Rouen and Paris - we visited both places on our travels!
Thanks for putting this together and making it available to everyone.
Kristen Arseneau (yes, I married a good Quebecoise to keep the bloodline going) by Patricia Adkins-Rochette




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