Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains

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Gene's father was   child No. 9. Armond Herman Rochette

Gene's grandfather was   child No. 9.  John Evangeliste Rochette

Gene's great-grandmother was   child No. 2. Genevieve Paris LeMay Rochette LaMontgne


 John Evangeliste Rochette  and  Virginia  Beauchesne

 m. in Thompsonville, near Enfield, Hartford Co CT in Apr 1885 of John E. Rochette and Virginia Beauchene.

John Evangeliste Rochette, b. in St Christophe, d'Arthabaska P Q Canada on Apr 27, 1863 to Genevieve Paris\Pare, widow of Napoleon Lemay [b. 1830 St Jean Des Chaillons, Canada-1900 Chester, Middlesex Co CT, USA] and Michel Rochette [Nov 1818 St Christopher, d'Arthabaska, Quebec, Canada‑1878 Thompsonville, Hartford Co CT, USA].   John d. in Portland, Middlesex Co CT on Sep 21, 1914.

Virginia Beauchesne, b. in St Norbert, d'Arthabaska P Quebec, Canada on Feb 17, 1869 to Denise Labarre Genest [Jan 2, 1846‑Feb 18, 1920 Westerly RI] and Clovis Beauchesne [Sep 4, 1842-Nov 8, 1911 Middletown CT and m. in St Norbert d'Arthabaska P Q Canada on Aug 15, 1865].   RI Death Records sent letter hinting that Denise Beauchesne died 1920 somewhere other than Rhode Island.

 Virginia m,2. at St John's Rectory, Middletown, Middlesex Co CT on Sep 22, 1927 to August Johnson by Rev James J Donovan DD.   Virginia d. in Middletown on Apr 24, 1945.    Issue, none.

1. Virginia Marie "Jennie"; b-Nov  3, 1885 Thomp'v, Hart Co CT; d-Feb  8, 1962 Middlesex Co CT; m-Dennis Corkery

 2. infant son, b-1887 Thomp'v, Hart Co CT; d. Feb  3, 1887 Thomp'vle, Hart Co CT; single

 3. Arthur Rochette; b. Mar  2, 1888 Thomp'v, Hart Co CT; d. Mar 22, 1888 Thomp'vle, Hart Co CT; single

 4. Wilfred Rochette; b-Mar  8, 1890 Thomp'v, Hart Co CT     d-Feb  6, 1891 Thomp'vle, Hart Co CT; single

5. Adelord Joseph "Al"; b-May 30. 1891 Thomp'v, Hart Co CT; d-Aug  8, 1979 Cromwell, Middlesex Co; m. Caffrey/ Coleman

 6.Wm. Walter Rochette; b-May 17, 1893 Thomp'v, Hart Co C; d-Jan 14, 1963 Old Saybrook, M'sex Co  m-Eliz Bedard

7. Frank Rochette; b-Jun 12, 1895 Thomp'v, Hart Co CT; d. Apr 22, 1968 Middletown, M'sex Co CT; m. Dora Ehlers

 8. Zelpha Yvonne Rochette; b. Feb 11, 1898 Thomp'v, Hart Co CT     d. Jan 16, 1899 Middlesex Co CT; single

**9. Armond Herman; b-Sep 11, 1901 Chester, M'sex Co CT; d-Sep  8, 1978 Cromwell, M'sex Co CT; m-Mary Gabany

10. Vina Rica Rochette; b-Jul 31, 1904 Middletown, M'sx Co CT  d. Mar 14, 1905 Middletown, M'sex Co CT; single

 11. Hazel Emma Rochette       b. Oct  7, 1909 Middletown, M'sx Co CT; d-__; m. Phillip Turcotte

1. Virginia Marie "Jennie" Rochette, m. in St John's Ch, Middletown, Middlesex Co CT on Jun 22, 1910 to Dennis Jerome Corkery [May 3, 1882 Portland CT‑Aug 21, 1933 Middletown CT, sis was Delia Corkery], son of Mary Jane Keegan [sis was Mrs. Corbett] and Thomas Corkery [b. Ireland-d. c1888 ?Middletown CT].   Issue, 5 ch: b. Middletown CT:  Earl Dennis Corkery, Aug 5, 1911‑Jul 14, 1921;  Bernard Francis Corkery, b. Jul 31, 1916‑Oct 29, 1947 NYC;  Vina Mary Corkery, b. 1920 and m. Kenneth Miller;  Armand Lawrence Corkery, Jun 14, 1922‑Mar 2, 1925 __(place) single;  Claire Virginia Corkery, b. 1926 and m. Lee Nellis.

 5. Adelord Joseph "Al" Rochette, m. St John's Ch, Cromwell, Middlesex Co CT on Jul 23, 1913 to Catherine "Kit" Caffrey [Aug 11, 1892 Cromwell‑Nov 5, 1933 ___(place)], dau of __ and James T__ Caffrey.   served on AUS ship, WWI.   lv'd 64 Westerfield St.   Issue, 5 ch:  James Adelord Rochette, b. 1913 and m. Payne;  Marion Virginia, b. 1915 and m. Young;  Burton Caffrey Rochette, b. 1920  and m. Johnson, dau Lori 1994 lives Virgin Islands;  Gloria Agnes, 1922-1994 __ and m. D'Amato/Bidwell/Fitch;  John, stillborn.

 Al, m,2. in Middletown, Middlesex Co CT on Aug _ 1942 to Esther Mabel Coleman [Jul 22, 1919 Middletown-Dec 24, 1961 Middletown CT], dau of Aagott Ovidia Nilsen Ring [Sep 11, 1891 Norway (Assti)-Jun 13, 1941 Middletown CT] and Abbott Francis Coleman [Oct 7, 1891 Middletown CT-Sep 2, 1968 Middleton CT, St John's Cem, m. Jul 1, 1915 Middletown CT].    Al was a Mason.  b. St John's Cem, Middletown CT.  Issue, 5 ch: born Middletown CT:  Donald Charles Rochette, 1944-1980 and m. Cindy Twiss;  Gayle Elizabeth Rochette, b. 1944 and m.__ Reed/Ted Batko;  Ronald Joseph Rochette, b. 1946 and m. Schaefer, div;  Karen Marie Rochette, b. Dec 5, 1947 and m. David Greaves;  Susan Carol, b. Mar 11, 1949 and m. Tom Healy.

6. William Walter Rochette, m. in Old Saybrook, CT on Oct 14, 1914 to Elizabeth Marie Bedard [Oct 4, 1892 Thompsonville‑Nov 2, 1978 Glendora, LA Co CA], dau of Lucina Champoux and Louis Bedard.   Rev O'Brien at marr.  Walter b. Cypress Cem, Old Saybrook CT.    Issue, 5 ch:  Walter Louis Rochette, b. 1915 and m. Reardon (Walt was Capt in Army);  Irving Raymond Rochette, b. 1917 and m. Brainard;  Arthur Rochette, b. New Britian, d. Apr 13, 1919;  Thelma Doris Rochette, b. 1925 New Britian and m. Johnson;  Lawrence Harvey Rochette, b. 1929 Old Saybrook, Middlesex Co CT and m. Anderson.

7. Frank Rochette, m. in St John's Rectory, Middletown, Middlesex Co CT to Dora Louise Ehlers [Oct 12, 1895 Middletown-Oct 25, 1978 Middletown], dau of Lena Henry [b. __ Germany-d. Middletown] and Otto Ehlers.   Rev James J Donovan DD perf marr cere.    Issue, 4 ch: b. Middletown:  John Evangeliste Rochette, b. Middletown;  Evelyn, b. Middletown;  Harold Irving Rochette, b. 1919 and m. Stange (Dist Flying Cross, 31 Air Force missions);  Dorothy Eleanor Rochette, b. 1921 and m. Geo Wolfe.

**9. Armond Herman Rochette,. m. in Sacred Heart Ch, East Berlin, Hartford Co CT on Oct 1, 1924 to Mary Elizabeth "Mae" Gabany [b. Apr 6, 1904 New Britain, Hart Co CT], dau of Mary Petruska [Aug 20, 1885 Austria, later Czech-Sep 6, 1943 New Britain, Hart Co] and Jacob Joseph Gabany [Jul 25, 1883 Austria, later Czech-Apr 14, 1937 New Britain].   Armond b. Rosehill Cem, Rocky Hill, Hart Co CT.   Armond was named Ermand Ernest, then confirmed Armond Hermon.   Issue, 2 ch: born in New Britain CT:  Norman Leroy Rochette, Jul 1, 1929 Hart Co-Dec 18, 1990 Hart Co CT and m. Bettie Palka;  **Eugene David Rochette, b-Sep 9, 1932 and m. Joan Viola Dykeman, 4 ch/Patricia Joan AdkinsWilson, no ch.

11. Hazel Emma Rochette, m. in St John's Ch, Middletown, Middlesex Co CT on Oct 8, 1932 to Philip Turcotte [b. Nov 25, 1898 St Edmond P. Q. Canada-d. ___], son of Arselie Lachance [b. __ d'Arthabaska, Canada] and Joseph Turcotte [b.__ d'Arthabaska, Canada].   Rev Thos H Boland.   Issue, 2 ch: born in Middletown:  Phillip Edmond "Phil" Turcotte, b. 1941 and m. Maurine Mahoney, 5 ch;  Jeanette Emma, b. 1948 and m. Foss/Carbo, dau Kimberly m. David Rybczyk on Jan 1, 1994.

   11a. Phillip Turcotte, m. Maureen Mahoney.   Issue, 5 ch:  Sheryl Anne m. Dale Withee on May 5, 1990;  Debra Jean m.  Nickolas Tomassone on May 9, 1992;  Charlene Marie m. Christopher Begley on May 29, 1993, ch: Jennifer Elisabeth Begley, b. Jul 24, 1994;  Michelle Christine m. Michael Baldasarre, ch: Briene Elisabeth, b. Sep 24, 1992;  Lisa Lynn.

1872 -- Joseph Rochette became a citizen, per 1900 Middlesex Co CT cen.

 1880 -- Virginia Beauchene Rochette came to U.S.A. per 1920 Middlesex Co CT cen.

1898 Alaska, Mar 8.  John E went to the Klondike in search of gold.    Before that, John was a stonecutter by trade.

1900 -- Jun 14.  1900 Middlesex Co CT cen, 270:11, Chester.  Joseph Rochette 35 Can Can Can (came to U.S.A. and became citizen in 1872, blacksmith;  Josephine, 36 Can Can Can, U.S. cit 1880; Rosa 16 CT; Arthur A 14 CT; Ernest 11 CT;  Victor 10 CT; Wm 8 CT

1900 Middlesex Co CT cen, Jun 14, 270:11, Chester.  Virginia Rochette 31 Can Can Can, ( ?steel) screw cutter; can read and write, owns home; Jennie 14 CT Can Can, work in bone, attended school 8 months, can read and write;  Delore (Adelord) 9 CT Can Can;  Walter 7 CT; Frank 4 CT.

1900 -- Nov.  John Evangeliste Rochette returned from the Klondike

1900 -- Nov.  John E. came back Nov 1900 to Chester CT.

1904 -- May 15.  Moved from Chester to Middletown CT.

1910 -- Apr 1.  Jennie and Dennis Corkery announced their engagement at her parents silver wedding anniversary.

1910 Middlesex Co CT cen, Jun. no index, must look street by street. ...plz help by telling part of town and/or street where this these families resided.

1914 -- Sep 21,  John E Rochette died allegedly as a result of a fall from a railroad trestle in Portland CT on Sep 21, 1914 at the age of 51.   He was the first charter member of the Loyal Order of Moose, Middletown Chapter to die.

1920 Middlesex Co CT cen, Jan 28, Middletown, ED 229:13, line 6.   722 Main Street.  Virginia Rochette, rents home, age 50 Quebec, came to US in 1880, French first language, works as helper in typewriter company;  Armond H, 18 CT, did not go to school  that yr; tool designer, [Hartford] Machine Shop.



Michel Rochette  and  Genevieve Paris  

Marriages of Michel Rochette, b. Nov 1818 to Madeleine Jolie and Michel Rochette.  Michel d. 1878 Thompsonville, Hartford Co CT.

Michel Rochette, m,1. in Plessisville, P Q Canada on May 6, 1848 to Julie Sevigny per Loiselle Index.  Julie died after 4 ch: Napoleon "Topsy," Victor, Dennis, and Mary.

Michel Rochette, m,2. in St Christophe, d'Arthabaska Parish, Quebec, Canada (Victoriaville) on May 20, 1862 to Genevieve Paris [Pare], b. Oct 31, 1831, St Jean (church) Des Chaillons, Victoriaville to Thais Beaudeat and Amboise Paris [born prob in St Jean (church) Des Chaillons.   Genevieve d. in Chester, Middlesex Co CT in 1900.  ...... Her name was "Baril" per Marie-Marthe Piché in a  Sat, Jan 03, 2009 07:23 PM e-mail. 

Genevieve, m,1. in St Jean, Deschaillons, Lotbiniere Parish, Q, CAN on Jan 15, 1850 to Paul-Hermite Lemay [Jan 15, 1822 Lotbiniere CAN, d-Apr 7, 1859 Warwick, d'Arthabaska, CAN, had 3 ch (father of the Saybrooke, Middlesex Co CT Lemays).

Genevieve, m,3. __ LaMontgne

Genevieve Paris, m,1.__ LeMay; m,2. Michel Rochette; m,3.__ LaMontgne 

ch by Michael Rochette and 1st wife, Julie Sevigny

  1. Napoleon "Topsy" Rochette; b-Jan 1849 Victoriaville, Canada;  d__;  m. __

  2. Victor Rochette; b___Victoriaville, Canada; d__; m. __

  3. Denis  Rochette; b__; d ___;  m. __

  4. Mary   Rochette; b__; d ___;  Mr. Lemire

  ch by Genevieve Paris and Napoleon LeMay

  5. Onesiphore "Dennis" Lemay   b-Jan 15, 1822 __; d-Jan 24, 1919 ?Canada; m-Aleaide Spenard

  6. Marie-Octavie Lemay; b-Dec  8, 1850 ___; d__; m. _ Lange

  7. Victor Lemay; b-May 10, 1858 Warwick CANADA; d. Mar 26, 1859 Warwick CAN; single

  8. ? Napoleon Lemay; father of Saybrook Lemays

         ch: by Genevieve (Paris) Lemay and Michael Rochette

**9. John Evangeliste Rochette; b-Apr 27, 1863 Victorville, Q Canada; d-Sep 21, 1914, Middlesex Co CT; m-Virginia Beauchesne

10 . Joseph Rochette; b-Dec 1865 Victorville, Q Canada; d-1938, Middlesex Co CT; m. Roseanna Ford

11. Mary Jane Rochette; b-Apr  6, 1874 Thomp'v, Hart Co CT; d-Oct 13, 1965, Thompvle, Hart Co CT; m. James Plamondon

1. Napoleon "Topsy" Rochette, m. Alphonsine ___ [b. May 1864 Can Can Can].    Napoleon found 1900 Hartford Co CT.  Issue, min 2 or 3 ch: one was Esmus Rochette, m,1. St Louis and d. bef her 1st baby born.

widow Alphonsine, m,2. Fred Gemme.  widow brought 2 or 3 ch to marr then they had five (5) more ch.

5. Onesiphore "Dennis" LeMay, m. Alelaide Spenard.   Issue, 3 ch: Delia LeMay; b__; d. c1993 ? Occun, Norwich CT m-Harry Baah;  Louise LeMay; b__; d.? Acushet MA; m. __ Martin.

5a. Delia LeMay, m. to Harry Baah [a Blackfoot Indian].    Harry Baah was a very interesting man.  I was at their house on the day Pearl Harbor was bombed."  per Claire Corkery Nellis in Dec 1997.   Issue, 7 or 8 ch:

6. Marie-Octavie "Rose"  LeMay; b__; d.? Saybrook CT; m. __ Lange

7. Victor Lemay


8.  Napoleon LeMay                  


Editor's note: A desc of Dennis Lemay sent this info that seems scrambled:  Delia LeMay; b__; d. c1993 ? Occun, Norwich CT m. Harry Baah;  Rose  LeMay; b__; d.? Saybrook CT; m. __ Lange; Louise LeMay; b__; d.? Acushet MA; m. __ Martin     .....Onesiphore "Dennis" Lemay; Mary Lemay (m. Mr Lemire); Octavia Lemay Lange.

** 9. John Evangeliste Rochette, m. in Thompsonville, Hart Co CT in Apr 1885 to Virginia Beauchesne [b. 1869 St Norbert d'Arthabaska P Q Canada], dau of Denise Labarre Genest [b. 1846] and Clovis Beauchesne [b. 1841].   (John E., born in St Christophe d'Arthabaska P Q Canada).   Issue, 11 ch:  Virginia Marie "Jennie,"  b. 1885 and m. Dennis Corkery;  infant 1887; Arthur, 1888‑1888;  Wilfred, 1890‑1891;  Adelord Joseph, 1891-1968 Middletown CT and m. Catharine Caffrey/Esther Mabel Coleman;  William Walter, 1893‑1963 and m Eliz Marie Bedard;  Frank, b. 1895 and m. Dora Ehlers;  Zelpha Yvonne, 1898‑1899;  ** Armond Herman Rochette, 1901‑1978 Cromwell CT and m. Mary Elizabeth Gabany;  Vina Rica 1904‑1905;  Hazel Emma, b. 1909 and m. Philip Turcotte.



10. Joseph Rochette, m. in 1882 in prob Chester CT to Roseanna Ford/Forgue [Feb 1864 Can-1923/4 Durham CT, became US citizen in 1880 per 1900 cen].  Joe came to US then became citizen in 1872.   1900 Middlesex Co CT, Chester, owned home.    Issue, 6 ch: Rosa "Rosie" Rochette, b. Aug 1883 and m. Eugene Bleau, 3 ch;  Arthur Joseph "Archie" Rochette, Jan 8,1886 Thomasville-Enfield CT-1955 Haddam CT and m. Charlotte Graham, 3 ch;   Ernest Rochette, Aug 1888-d. 1917 and m. Margaruite Fuller, 4 ch;  Victor Rochette, b. May 1891 and m.__;  William "Bill" Rochette, Dec 1890-c1961 Portland CT  and m. __, 1 son Wm and Genevieve;  Evelyn Rochette, Apr 26, 1901 Chester CT-Sep 30, 1990 Middletown and m. John Cunningham, 1 dau.

Editor's note:  Uncle Joe lived in the south end of Middletown while we lived on the north end.  per Hazel (Rochette) Turcotte's Aug 1994 letter:

11. Mary Jane Rochette, m. James "Jacques" Plamondon Jr [Jan 20, 1874 Victoriaville, Canada-Jan 9, 1933 Thompsonville, Hart Co CT], son of Philomene Rheault [1866 Lorethe, Canada-__Thompsonville CT] and James Planondon Sr [Jan 17, 1840 Lorethe, Can-Jul 31, 1924 Thompsonville, Hart Co CT, enl in Union Army as a native of Canada, 22 Reg, NY S.V., Co K].   Issue, 5 ch:  Sister Mary Lillian, Sister of Mercy, Apr 1, 1890 Chester CT-Jul 30, 1963 West Hartford CT;  Evelyn Plamondon, Oct 2, 1901 Thompsonville, Hart Co CT-Jan 2, 1981 Thompsonville CT and m. Wilfred Rochon, 1 ch;  Theodore, Nov 9, 1903 Thompsonville CT-Jul 29, 1969 Thompsonville CT and  m. Mildred Shaughnessy, 4 ch;  Mary Edna Plamondon, b. Jul 16, 1907 Thompsonville CT and Kenneth Chillson, no ch;  Elizabeth Plamondon, Dec 3, 1909 Thompsonville CT-Jun 16, 1974 Wilbraham, Hampden Co MA and m. Ralph Schoppe, 3 ch

1872 -- Joseph Rochette came to U.S.A. per 1900 Middlesex Co CT cen.

1874 -- Apr.  Mary Jane (Rochette) Plamondon born in Chester CT, first child not born in Canada.

1878 -- Michael Rochette died in 1878 in ?Thompsonville CT USA.

1880 -- Virginia Beauchene Rochette came to U.S.A. per 1920 Middlesex Co CT cen....? she prob came before 1878 ?

1900 -- Sarah Rochette (head of household).  1900 Hartford Co CT cen, 130:10: line 87, East Windsor.   Sarah Rochette, Mar 1856 Can; Gertrude, b. Jan 1882 CT; Hilda I, b. Mar 1884;  Mary L, Jan 1886;  Emma M, b. Mar 1887;  Frank, b. Sep 1888;  Wm C, b. Oct 1890; Sylvia, b. Sep 1893; plus 2 boarders:  Joseph Siboda 42 Can and John Bressit, 16 CT. 

                .....this fam was NOT related to our Rochettes per Hazel Rochette Turcotte.

1900 -- Alphonsine Rochette (head of household).  1900 Hartford Co CT cen, 132:28: line 79, Enfield, Pleasant Rd, Alphonsine 36 Can; Arthur 16 CT; Arcadus, 11 CT; Esma 9 CT; Noel 5 CT.

1900 -- Napoleon Rochette.      1900 Hart Co CT cen, ED 222:19, line 97, Sheffield.   Napoleon Rochette, b. Jan 1849, 51 CT, servant.

1900 -- Joseph Rochette.        1900 Hart Co CT cen, ED 270:11, line 74, Chester.   Jospeh Rochette 35 Can Can Can; Josephine 36; Rosa 16; Arthur A 14; Ernest 11; Victor 10; Wm 8. 

1900 -- John E Rochette's fam.  1900 Hart Co CT cen, ED 270:11, line 94, Chester.  Virginia Rochette 31 Can; Jenny 14 CT; Delore (Adelord) 9 CT; Walter 7 CT; Frank 4 CT.

1900 -- August and Joseph E Rochette found enum w/ Solomon Michael in 1900 CT cen.  ....may be different Rochette fam


Rochette:  Michel Rognon dit Laroche, then Rochette, born in 1639, son of Charles and Genevieve Le Parmentier, of St‑Germain-Auxerrois, Paris, married at Quebec on Sep 14, 1670 to Marguerite Lamain, daughter of Jacques and Marguerite Dishaies, of Saint‑Vivien, of Rouen, in Normandy.   Michel was buried at Pointe‑aux‑Trembles of Quebec on Nov 22, 1684.   ref: 13a: Bk. IX, pg 249, 13b: pg 443; 30m: Bk.  I, pg 152 

from Phillip Moore, 680 Riverbend Dr, Owosso MI 48867‑1064, Feb 1993 letter:

Michel Rognon dit Laroche came to the New World with the Carignan Regiment in 1655.   He was in the company of Monteil.  

He  signed a marriage contract Sep 2, 1670 with notary Becquet; marr cere perf Sep 14, 1670; marr record said his father was dead, his mother living.   He m. a King's Daughter Marguerite Lamain.   Her parents were living in St‑Viven Parish, Rouen, Normandy.   They made their home in Neuville, also called Pointe‑aux‑Trembles.   They had six ch: and after Michael died, Marguerite remarried Pierre Mercier and had eight more children.




Ambroise Paris  and  Thais Beaudet 

Marriage in St Pierre Les Becquets, Nicolet Parish, Quebec, Canada on Feb 14, 1820 of Amboise Paris and Thais Beaudet.

Amboise Paris (Pare), b. in St Pierre Les ', Nicolet Parish, Canada on Jan 1, 1796, christened Jan 2, to Marie Rosalie Bernard [Marie's 1st husband was Urbain Baudet; Urbain d. in 1791 Des Chaillon, Que] and Pierre Paris [b. in St Pierre, Les Bequets, Que; Pierre and Marie m. Jul 1, 1793 St Jean (church), Des Chaillons, Que].  

Marie Thais Beaudet, b. 1795 St Pierre Les Becquets, Nicolet County, Quebec, Canada to Genevieve Brissonditetilly and Charles Beaudet.  Thais d. Mar 23, 1866 Des Chaillons, Lotbiniere, Quebec, Canada; b. Mar 28, 1866.

 1. Marcel Paris; b-Apr 23, 1823 Des Chaillons, Que; d-Aug 21, 1831 Des Chaillons, Que; single

**2. Genevieve Paris; b-Oct 3, 1831 Des Chaillons, Que; d-1900 Chester, Middlesex Co CT; m-LeMay/Michel Rochette/LaMontgne

 3. Christophe Dosithe` Paris; b-1833 Des Chaillons, Quebec

1. Maurice Paris, maybe Marcel.

**2. Genevieve Paris,  m,1. c1847 to Napoleon LeMay.   Issue, 5 ch:  Napoleon "Topsy," b. Jan 1849 [....? father of the Saybrooke, Middlesex Co CT LeMays];  Victor, Dennis, and Mary Jane (m. Mr. Lemire)....Octavia LeMay Lange.

Editor's note:  Hazel Rochette Turcotte of Middletown CT in Sep 1994 added to the above list of children:  Octavia Lemay Lange.    ....maybe she was born after the 1900 cen.


Genevieve, m,2. in St Christophe, d'Arthabaska Parish, Quebec, Canada  (Victoriaville) on May 20, 1862 to Michel Rochette [b-Nov 1818  to Madeleine Jolie and Michel Rochette].  Michel d. 1878 Thompsonville, Hartford Co CT.   Issue, 3 ch:


Genevieve, m,3. __ LaMontgne.    Issue, none.


1900 -- John E Rochette's fam.  1900 Hart Co CT cen, ED 270:11, line 94, Chester.  Virginia Rochette 31 Can; Jenny 14 CT; Delore  (Adelord) 9 CT; Walter 7 CT; Frank 4 CT.

1900 -- August and Joseph E Rochette found enum w/ Solomon Michael in 1900 CT cen


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