Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains

by Patricia Adkins-Rochette

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Pittsburg County OK Surveys of Aug 1897

counties surveyed by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management      Oklahoma Township-Range Map

Below are some of the legal descriptions of places of now Pittsburg  County mentioned on

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3N  14E  sec 3               Bessie McCann

3N  14E  sec 4               Cemetery                                  

3N  14E  sec 14             Brushy Creek

3N  14E  sec 4               slough

3N  14E  sec 9, 10         Limestone Ridge

3N  14E  sec 10, 11        Hartshorne Road

3N  14E  sec 11             Natural Arch

3N  14E  sec 14             Pine Mountain

5N  14E  sec 1               South McAlester

5N  14E  sec 1               RR

5N  14E  sec 8               South McAlester

5N  14E  sec 9, 17, 18   Stonewall Road

5N  14E  sec 18, 7, 5     Deer Creek

5N  14E  sec 13             Hogan

5N  14E  sec 13, 12       Kansas-Texas R.R.

5N  14E  sec 15              Mary Goddard

5N  14E  sec 26, 33        McAlester & Stringtown Trail

5N  14E  sec 33              Perryville

6N  14E  sec 3, 11          Bull Creek

6N  14E  sec 8                J. O. Tannehill

6N  14E  sec 6                J. R. Stanton

6N  14E  sec 17              A. Tolson

6N  14E  sec 22, 21        Coal Creek

6N  14E  sec 20              William Pulsey

6N  14E  sec 17              A. Tolson

6N  14E  sec 19              Church

6N  14E  sec 29              L. Hardcock

6N  14E  sec 30              Deer Creek

6N  14E  sec 36              A. McKay             

6N  14E  sec 36              Mrs. Motley



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Patricia Adkins-Rochette        03/20/2013     

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Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains

Your very close in being correct, the first postmaster (Choctaw Nation) was  Gary E. Scales date of appointment Sept. 18,1857, Toboxky.    I noted that no place called 'PERRYVILLE' on any P.O. or known written records until after the war. Likely this was Scalesville on the mail route, it also had a court house. But soon forgotten after the town was burned, remembered only by the living Perry's who name attacted it to name "Perryville" to this ghost town it name lost.  Writters keep this town-name-alive The many of the Perry's lived on,--


I should of added the following information. Before the Civil War, a man named Mr Perry owned a store and a Gov. Commissary, he did very well for himself and family but later died and is buried in a family plot not 200 yards from this store. Mr Chunn bought this store after he died. (note this is where the first P.O, Est Sept.17,1857 Gary E Scales-Toboxky) later-- about the "Old Perry Store" pg Vol 4 Pg184
The evidenice all go to show that the Post office was in the 'old Perry business house and that was continued in the building after Mr Fisher took charge, there is no doubt the same building in which Wn Chunn conducted a genernal business for many years, until the Kay Railroad build through and the town of McAlester was Est.
Mr Chunn closed this business in 1875 moved to his ranch.
These look like the same place- misc-sounds-spelling ----Toboxky----Tobaksi---Buckluxy Post Offices
Gary Scales, Sept 17,1857 Toboxky
William Davis Dec 8,1868 Scalesville Buckluxy
William Davis (Late Scalesville-March 1,1870 Buckluxy

It looks like after reading O.H.S. that this old store was the site of the post office to the end of this town, when the railroad got started in 1870's and that the end of this town, as all people moved on and away.