Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains

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 Patricia Adkins-Wilson-Rochette's

Direct Ancestors' Surnames

A listing of your editor's direct ancestors begins with "Adkins"


Husband Irvin William Wilson's children's families: Edwards-Douglas Roberts-James

Swartout-Scouten,  Weatherby-Brown,  Westcott-Swartout,  Westcott-Whitney,  Wilson-Edwards-Adkins,  Wilson-Roberts,  Wilson-Westcott,  Wilson-Weatherby

Husband Gene Rochette's ancestors: Gabany-Petruska,   Rochette-Beauchene, 


Adkins, m-Blair, see I-1

Adkins, m-Graham, see A-1

Adkins, m-Houchins, see I-I

Adkins, m-Littleton, see I-1

Adkins, m-Parker, see I-1

Adkins, m-Powell, see I-1

Adkins (Jesse), m-unknown, see I-2

Adkins, m-Wilson, see I-1

Alexander, m-Wallace, see L-1

Bailey, m-Rucker, see K-2

Barnes, m-Grisham, see K-1

Bigler, m-Lease, see L-6

Bigler, m-Sessler, see L-1

Billington, m-Newbill, see N-3

Blair, m-Adkins, see J-1

Blair, m-Criswell, see J-1

Blair, m-Gray, see J-1

Boone, m-Moore, see P-1

Boone (Rich), see P-1

Bourland  (John), m-Catherine, see P-1

Bourland, near Lockerbie, Scotland; Kilraughts, County Antrim, Ireland

Bourland, Benjamin, m-McElroy, see P-1

Bourland, m-Griffith, see P-1

Burnett, m-Gatewood, see

Burnett, m-Johnson, see

Burnett, m-Wood, see

Byrd, m-Griffith, see P-1

Campbell, Lockhart (Jennett)

Campbell, m-Wilson, (John W.)

Choate, m-Littleton, see I-1

Choate, m-Lowe, see I-1

Criswell (Davis), m-Morning Estabrook

Criswell, m-Lytle, see I-1

Criswell, m-Blair, see J-1

Edrington, Mildred Price, m-Settle

Fahlin, m-Fahl, see N-4

Fall, Fahl, m-Finn, see N-4

Fall, Fahl, m-Cathren Wite (Witt)

Foote, m-Powell

Goddard, m-Littleton, see I-1

Goddard, m-McTier, see I-1

Graham (Chs), m-?Williamson, Rayburn, see M-1

Graham (John), m-Sarah ?Rains, unknown

Graham (TW), m-Jane Williams, see M-1

Graham (Tip), m-Wood, see N-1

Graham (Tot), m-Adkins, see A-1

Graham, Grimes, Richard & Aseneth (pre-1800)

Gray, Grey, m-Blair, see J-1

Griffith-Bourland  (DAR, SCV application info)

Griffith, m-Bourland, see P-1

Griffith, m-Byrd, see P-1

Griffith, m-Moore, see P-1

Grisham, m-Barnes, see

Grisham, m-Rucker, see K-1

Grisham, Elizabeth, m-Wilson, Geo Baxter, see K-1

Houchins, m-Adkins, see L-4

Houchins, m-Pace, see L-4   writer descends

               from Houchins sisters b-c1720

Inge, m-Burras, see L-5

Inge, m-Diggs, see L-1

Inge, m-Pace, see L-5

Johnson, m-Burnett, see N-1

Lease, Leyst, m-Bigler, see L-6

Littleton, m-Adkins, see I-1

Littleton, m-Goddard, see

Lockhart, m-Campbell (Elder David)

Lytle, m-Criswell, see J-1

McDowell, m-Graham, see O-1

McElroy, m-Bourland, see P-1

Moore, m-Boone, see P-1

Myers, m-Wallace, see L-1

Newbill, m-Burnett, see N-3

Pace, m-Wallace (Nancy Catherine)

Pace, m-Houchins, see L-4

Pace, m-Inge, see L-1

Pace, m-Robinson, see L-1

Pace, m-Wilson, see L-1

Parker, m-Adkins

Powell, m-Adkins

Powell, m-Foote, see

Powell, m-Williams, see

Rains, maybe Sarah Graham's maiden name

Robinson, m-Pace, see L-1

Rucker, m-Grisham, see K-2

Rucker, m-Wheeler

Seay, m-Wood, see N-1

Seay, m-Lyon, see N-1

Sessler, m-Wallace, see L-1

Sessler, m-Bigler, see L-1

Settle, m-Edrington

Settle, m-Fall, Fahl, see N-1

Settle, m-Wood, see N-1

Wallace, m-Alexander, see L-1

Wallace, m-Myers, see L-1

Wallace, m-Pace, see L-1

Wallace, m-Sessler, see L-1

Ware, m-Wilson, see K-1

Wheeler, m-Rucker, see K-1

Williams, Williamson, m-Graham, see M-1

Wilson, m-Adkins (Arthur Clyde)

Wilson, m-Campbell (Elizabeth)

Wilson, Geo Baxter, m-Grisham, Eliz, see K-1

Wilson, m-Pace, L-1

Wilson, m-Ware/Weir, see K-1

Witt, m-Fall, Fahl, see N-1

Wood, Woods, m-Burnett, see N-1

Wood, Woods, m-Coleman, see N-1

Wood, Woods, m-Graham, see N-1

Wood, Woods, m-Seay, see N-1

Wood, Woods, m-Settle, see N-1



Editor's note:  I habitually put double stars before my direct ancestors in my family group sheets. 


I have complete family sheets with accompanying timelines and bibliographies of most of the families mentioned above.  Yes, I have dozens of  family group sheets on my family, then I outlined my step-children's ancestor's family group sheets: total about 100 family sheets of direct ancestors.


As time permits, I will add my intra-web page linking click-ons, photos, and Editor's notes in red in the  column on the right, so tune in from time to time.   Also toward the bottom of each page, is a Google feature: "Search on www.bourlandcivil".


Please understand that these ancestor charts were compiled in 1993 and that since then, I have learned new stuff proving some of the pages on the right are incorrect.    Most of this data  was found in Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Texas libraries and court houses which meant extensive travel, traveling alone.  Serious researchers travel alone. ... few Internet researchers understand how expensive this is.


For those who want to know more, I'd like to say "buy my book" but I do not have this data organized into an indexed book.


Google search function at the  bottom of my 250-page website. 





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page I-1,


page J-1,


page K-1, Wilson***

page K-2, Rucker***

page L-1,


page L-2,


page L-4, Houchins***

page L-5,


page L-6,


page M-1, Graham***

page N-1,


page N-2,


page N-3, Burnett***

page N-4,

Fall, Fahl***

page O-1, McDowell***

page P-1, Griffith***


*** This ancestor chart was prepared in 1993. 


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Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains