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Nicholas Featherstone Pace and Nancy Catherine Wallace

My direct ancestor  is child No 3 Nancy Susan Pace


  xx Nicholas Featherston PACE and Nancy Catherine WALLACE

Marriage in Christian Church, Craigs Creek, Montgomery Co VA on Sep 17, 1868 of Nicholas Featherston Pace and Nancy C Wallace.

Nickolas Featherston Pace, b. in Pittslyvania Co VA on June 4, 1840 to Nancy Burwell Inge [1808 Charlotte Co VA-aft 1880 Montg Co VA] and Nickolas Pleasant Pace [1814 Pittsylvania Co VA-1890 Montg Co VA], son of Elizabeth Robinson and Francis Pace; Nick d. in Garland on Nov 26, 1910 (Jean Calame of Comanche OK said Nick died Nov 26, 1918); bur South Masonic Cem in Garland, Dallas Co TX.

Nancy Catherine "Nan" Wallace, b. in Montgomery Co VA on Apr 22, 1849 to Susannah Sessler [1817 Botetourt Co VA-1890 Montg Co] and James John Wallace [1814 Montg Co-1890 Montg Co]. Nan d. Dec 11, 1886; b. South Masonic Cem, Garland, Dallas Co TX.

1. Mary Arlena "Mollie" Pace b. Oct 9, 1871 Garland, Dall Co TX d. May 17, 1944 Wheeler Co TX m. Will Pendleton

2. William Edward Pace b. Nov 18, 1873 Garland, Dall Co TX d. ca 1885 Garland, Dallas Co TX single

**3. Nancy Susan Pace b. Jan 17, 1875 Garland, Dall Co TX d. Sep 23, 1957 Mansvile, Johnston Co OK m. John Wilford Wilson

4. Henrietta "Etta" Pace b. Oct 14, 1877 Garland, Dall Co TX d. Aug 6, 1937 Dallas Co TX m. Arthur Louthridge

5. Nora Virginia Pace b. Nov 4, 1879 Garland, Dall Co TX d. Sep 20, 1920 Dallas Co TX m. James Blair Pace

6. Ida May Pace b. Sep 15, 1881 Garland, Dall Co TX d. May 27, 1901 Dallas Co TX single

7. Mattie Agatha Pace b. Feb 5, 1883 Garland, Dall Co TX d. Feb 27, 1955 Dallas Co TX m. Owen Corley

8. Thos Jeff Stonewall Jack b. Sep 21, 1884 Garland, Dall Co TX d. ca 1925 Pensacola FL single

N.F. Pace obit says there were 5 girls and 4 boys

1. Mary Arlena Pace, m. Garland, Dallas Co TX on Dec 11, 1889 to William "Wil" Pentleton [nmn, Aug 5, 1865 Jefferson City, Cole Co MO-Dec 26, 1943 Wheeler Co TX] son of Jennie "Lennie" Celley [b. ?Salem England-d. 1868 prob ?Cole Co MO] and Wm Pendleton Sr [b. ?Salem England-d. 1873 Rockwall Co TX, Wm Sr m,2. to Eliz John Routh (later Saunders), Wm Jr adopted c1877 by Lemuel A. "Gus" Green of Rockwall. Eliz was m. to John Routh, 3 ch; Wm Pendleton, brought Wm Jr to m, 1 ch; John T Saunders, 9 ch:. lv'd 3 mi from Rockwall w/ Greens where 7 ch: born; 1899 to Rowlett Creek, near Allen, Collin Co TX; 1916 to Sweetwater Creek, 6 mi N.E. of Wheeler, Wheeler Co TX. Mary, b. Wheeler Cem. Issue, 16 ch: Wm Oliver Pendleton, 1890-1965 and m. Susie Pipkin; Ethel Edna, 1891-1915 Collin Co TX; Eugene Featherston Pendleton, 1893-1895 Rockwall Co TX; Nannie Lee, 1894-1954 and m. Ira Melton Passons; Nora Etta Pendleton, 1895-1992 and m. Harvey Nile Patterson; Gussie Arlena Pendleton, 1897-1985 and m. Marvin Womack; Lemuel Byron Pendleton, 1898-1947 and m. Jennie Carter; Olen Webster "Chessie" Pendleton, 1901-1986 and m. Ruby Mae Bradshaw; H___ Compton Pendleton, 1903-1989 Cottonwood, Shasta Co CA and m. Lillian Johnson/Morea Cornelius/Amy Gibson/Alma__; Mary Sue "Mattie" Pendleton, 1905-1987 and m. Chs Howard "Charlie" Bradshaw; Willie Ray Pendleton, b. 1913 and m. Billie Martin; Wallace Pace, b. 1918 and m. Lillian Harrel/ Geraldine __.

2. William Edward Pace, killed with baseball bat. He was a spectator sitting on the sidelines when a batter swung at a pitch, missed the ball, and let the bat slip from his hands, accidently hitting Wm in the head. (Albert Corley's grandmother told him this story.) b. Masonic Cem, Garland, between his mother and father. No issue.

**3. Nancy Susan "Susie" Wilson, m. in Dallas Co, TX on Oct 7, 1891 to John Wilford Wilson [1868 Bradley Co TN-1939 Stephens Co OK], son of Elizabeth Grisham [1834 McMinn Co TN-1911 Rowlette, Dallas Co] and Geo Baxter Wilson [1834 TN-1882 ?Meigs Co TN]. first 7 ch: born Garland, Dallas Co TX; c1908 Comanche Co OK; c1911 to Apheatone, Cotton Co OK; c1920 to the Burroughs-Doyle Comm, Stephens Co OK. Susie b. Marlow Cem, Stephens Co OK. Issue, 10 ch: Wm Oliver "Willie" or "Bill" Wilson, 1892-__ ?Gregg Co TX and m. Maria Hale/Sarah Harris; Earl Lester Wilson, 1893-1927 single; **Katie Matilda, 1895-1978 and m. Arthur Clyde Adkins; Mattie May Wilson, 1897-1962 Carter Co OK and m. Austin Herndon Fowler/Wm Lee Anderson; Joseph McKinley Wilson, 1901-c1955 Hockley Co TX and m. Cora Eliz Bocherding/Ethel Bocherding/Edna __; Nickolas Featherstone Wilson, 1903-1975 ?Garvin Co OK and m. Nan Simmons/Bessie Simmons-Cook; John Wilford Jr, 1906-1938 Stephens Co OK and m. Madeline Southern; George Baxter Wilson, 1910-c1967 McClain Co OK and m. Juanita Robertson/Emma___; Jeffie Pace Wilson, 1914-1975 Wichita Co TX and m. Clyde Bussey; Allen Henry Wilson, 1917-c1980 and m. Lorene Parker.

4. Henrietta Pace, m. Arthur Louthridge [Jan 2, 1885-Mar 20, 1952], dau of Minnie G [Jan 8, 1869-Aug 3, 1889] and J.B. Louthridge [1857-1936]. Henrietta b. Mills Cem, Garland/Rowlette, Dallas Co TX. Issue, 4 ch: Ola M Louthridge, May 19, 1904-Jan 13, 1972 single, (her imaginary lover was Winslow); J.B. Loutheridge, b. 1908 and d. in Houston, Harris Co TX, had ch; Henry H Louthridge, Jan 8, 1912-Mar 27, 1972 single; Edna Louthridge, b. c1917.

5. Norah Virginia Pace, m. in Rockwall Co TX on Dec 20, 1896 to James Blair Pace [1st cou, Sep 24, 1871 Richardson, Dallas Co TX-Jan 5, 1936 Garland], son of Sarah Eliz Tinsley [b. 1843 Montg Co VA-1874 Richardson, Dallas Co] and Vincent Franklin Pace [1843 Pittsylvania Co VA-1919 Dallas Co]. Issue, 5 ch: Lillie Arlena Pace, 1897-1969 and m. Wright Coldwell; Ernest Harper Pace, 1899-1979 Rusk Co TX and m. Nellie James Raines; Henry Ogle "Polly" Pace, 1904-1982 Pinal Co AZ and m. Laura Smith; James Blair Jr, 1909-1928 single; John Raymond Pace, 1912-1975 Littleton CO and m. Jane Taylor.

6. Mattie Agatha Pace, m. in Garland, Dallas Co TX on Sept 6, 1903 to Owen Bates "Otis" Corley [Nov 29, 1879 Lebanon, Wilson Co TN-Feb 20, 1949 Dallas Co TX], son of Emma R Robertson\Roberson [__ Wilson Co TN-1865 ? Lebanon TN] and Richard Bates "Dick" Corley [Jan 22, 1860 Wilson Co TN-May 21, 1941 Garland, m. 1878 Wilson Co TN]. Mattie b. Mills Cem, Dallas Co TX. Issue: 6 ch: Emma Lucile Corley, 1904-1971 Garland and m. Hulan Deets; Owen Ray Corley, ___-1986 Dallas Co TX and m. Adria French; Herman Corley (nmn), 1908-1925 Dallas Co single; Albert Lee Corley, b. 1911 and m. Helen Merriman; James Earl Corley, 1913-1984 Upshur Co TX and m. Kathryn __; Jeff T__ Corley, 1918-1944 Itlay and m. Allice Stone.

Editor's note: Nell Deets Walker sent a letter about T.J.J. Pace.  See 1925 in the timeline below.

7. Ida May Pace, b. South Masonic Cem, Dallas Co TX.

8. Thomas Jefferson Jackson "T.J.J." or "Jeff" Pace. T.J.J. sent a letter to Nancy Susan Wilson saying that he was coming home from Florida (World War I); but, he never arrived home in Garland. Though he was in Dallas during the early 1920s; he just didn't come to Garland. He was supposed to have designated Ola Louthridge (a strikingly beautiful niece) as his beneficiary. T.J.J. had read German books and it was believed by many that the Kaiser's politics swayed him. one Thomas J Pace listed in TX State Lib death cert # __ and d. in Dallas Co TX in 1924.   .... He called himself "Stonewall Jackson" Pace, but his name was Thomas Jonathan "Jack"   Jackson....maybe T.J.J. was listed as Jonathan, Jack, Jackson, etc.

1861 --Jul 16. Nickolas F Pace mustered into Co L, 4 VA Inf with Geo W Pace, Vincent F. Pace, Wm H Sessler, Mark S Wallace, Wm W Wallace, close relatives of Montg Co VA.   Nick detailed as a nurse.

1862 --Oct 21. Nick received a flesh wound in leg.

1864 Fredrick Co VA, Winchester, Sep 19. Nick captured at Winchester

1864 St Mary's Co Maryland. Oct 30. Nick was Union prisoner exchanged at Point Lookout Prison, St Mary's Co MD.

1868 --Nickolas brought his bride to visit the Louisiana Paces, then to New Orleans where they took a ship to Galveston.  They came to Duck Creek, Dallas Co TX and bought land.

--Hogan families lived in Montgomery Co VA then Chattanooga, Comanche Co OK. Mack Fowler of Floydada TX remembers his mother, Mattie Wilson Fowler, visiting this family west of Walters, Cotton Co OK. writer has a 5 generation photo of them.   Hogan family also found in the Melinda (Wilson) McCracken fam of OKC

1876 Dallas Co TX, Albert Corley of Bonham, Fannin Co TX has N.F. Pace's clock purchased in 1876 size 12x16x4 in mint condition. Also has T.J.J.'s trunk 36x24x30 inches

1886 Dallas Co TX, Nancy Wallace Pace died.

c1900 Travis Co TX, Austin, Nick served in the Texas State Legislature. writer cannot find proof other than family

1910 Dallas Co TX, Garland, Nick died while living w/ dau Henrietta Louthridge.

1925 Letter re: T.J.J. Pace from Nell Deets Walker.    Was going through some stuff today and found this about our grandmother's brother. I have had this info for some time but kept forgetting to tell you about it.

Thomas Jefferson Jackson Pace did not disappear until the date of ""2nd of December 1925"" long after WW 1 was over in 1918. He left Florida for a furlough to go to Garland for two weeks. I have copies of his military papers. He had excellent military record, did not smoke or drink nor cuss according to the records. He owned a filling station in Garland at one time and was a volunteer fireman and was friends with all the local people in the know in Garland. He volunteered for the service during the war and came home a hero. He re-enlisted and at the time of his disappearance he was Corporal in the U S Marine Barracks of Fixed Defense, Anti-Aircraft Fire Control nit, Naval Air Station.

His furlough expired at 12:00 midnight 2 December 1925. Was wearing civilian clothes and boarded the train for Garland. My grandmother had received a letter stating he was coming home for a furlough but no one claimed to have seen him. His sister, Etta Louthridge got his insurance money when he was finally declared deceased by the military. What's more her husband Arthur had Disappeared at the same time he was to arrive in Garland and he would never tell anyone where he was. The family thought he killed Jeff and hid the body. It turns out that Arthur was always just one step from being in jail. He was a very unsavory character and not to be trusted. It was known fact that Arthur had beaten Jeff up pretty badly on more than one occasion. And his daughter, Ola was the tall tale teller of Garland, Texas. More than one witness to that.

So, Jeff was unjustly accused and was a very upstanding person. It was never proven that Arthur killed him but the family all left this earth believing that is what happened to him. And I do not mean the Louthridge part of the family. That is about 7 years after the war that he was still living until Dec. 1925. I have newspaper articles, copy of letter he wrote the hometown newspaper, his military record and other proof that he was not a turncoat. I never did believe that in the first place.

So, if you get the opportunity to tell anyone and set the record straight it would be great. He was a very patriotic soldier and a hero for his country. And I had his name, rank etc., put on a brick at the Veterans Memorial in Garland since his name does not appear on a stone anywhere.

Take care, Nell Deets Walker


xx xx

Nickolas Featherston Pace       (1840-1918) with                          Knights of Phythais scarf




















































































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