Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains

by Patricia Adkins-Rochette

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Love County  OK Surveys of January 1872 and/or June 1899


by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management       Oklahoma Township-Range Map

Below are some of the legal descriptions of places of now Carter County mentioned on    

Apr 1, 1871, Jan 16, 1872  Unless otherwise stated, these data are from an Aug 9, 1899 survey.

6S  2E  sec 3        West Fork

6S  2E  sec 6        Overbrook                  Web page Under Construction

6S  2E  sec 14       Anacharche Creek

6S  2E  sec 17        Hickory Creek

6S  2E  sec 20, 21        Little Hickory Creek

6S  2E  sec 32        Shiggin Creek

6S  3E  sec 14         Wilson Creek

6S  3E  sec 27         Ran

6S  3E  sec 31        Hickory Creek

6S  3E  sec 32        Pumpkin  Creek

6S  3E  sec 35         Holder 

6S  1W  sec 26      School

6S  2W sec 16      Simon Creek

6S  2W sec 19      Cloud Road, 1871

6S  2W sec 22, 23          Simon Creek or Lost Creek, 1871

6S  2W sec 22      Walnut Bayou

6S  2W sec 36      Eastman

6S  2W sec 36      Eastman

6S  3W sec 17      Orr

 6S  3W sec 30     Clear Creek

 6S  3W sec 31     Mud Creek

7S  1W  sec 6      Widow Coy

7S  1W  sec 8      Pike

7S  1W  sec 9      Simon Creek

7S  1W  sec 15     Dry Creek

7S  1W  sec 22/23 Bone Creek

7S  1W  sec 26      Walnut Bayou

7S  1W  sec 31      E. L. Pinsley

7S  1W  sec 31      From Leon Road

7S  1W  sec 34      From Gainesville (Road)

7S  1W  sec 34      Burneyville

7S  3W  sec 16      W. Ellis

7S  3W  sec 18      Bolan (maybe William H. Bourland)

7S  3W  sec 22      Courtney

7S  3W  sec 25      Mud Creek-Red River Intersection

7S  3W  sec 25      Keltner

7S  3W  sec 26      Courtney Ferry

8S  1E  sec 11         Bill's Branch

8S  2E  sec 1           Corcoran Creek

8S  2E  sec 17          Bob

8S  2E  sec 17          Bomar .Station

8S  2E  sec 24          Horseshoe Bend Ferry

8S  2E  sec 26          Decherds' Bend

8S  1W  sec 10        (road) From Gainesville

8S  2W  sec 6          Leon and Burneyville Road  

8S  2W  sec 8          Leon

8S  2W  sec 22        Jimtown



Patricia Adkins-Rochette        03/20/2013     

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Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains