Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort  Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains

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Daniel Phillip Lanius (1821-1896)


Questions, identify:  Lt. Samuels,  W.R. Jones


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1864 Fann Co TX, Bonham, Jul 31 .... To: Lt. Samuels, Genl. Orders 19a ...... Pvt. D.P. Lanius of Capt. [A.J.] Nicholsonís Co, Border Regiment, C, is detailed as a saddle tree maker and will report to Capt. Jno. S. McCulloch, AQM, Bonham. This detail subject to approval of Major General [J.B.] Magruder

By Command of Brig-Gen. H.E. McCulloch, N.S.D., Hd. Qrs.; B.E. Benton, A.A.Genl., N.S.D., Hd. Qrs.

1864, Jul 30 .... Capt. J.S. McCulloch application for detail for D.P. Lanius, Capt Nicholson Co, Col Bourland Regt. a Sub-District North Texas Report referred to Maj. Wm. G. King, Chief of Staff, Sub-Dist of Texas, Report forwarded.  Approved Wm. G. King, Major & Chief of Staff, N.S.D.

1864, Aug 12.....Hd. Qrs. Dist, Houston,  Reports referred to Major Burk, QM.    By command of Maj-Gen. Magruder. ... W.R. Jones, Capt. & A.A.A. Gen, Ofs Chf staff &c., Houston, Aug 10/64, Respy and Approved Col. __Burk, Major & QM


From my 190-page Name Index

LANIUS, Daniel Phillip Lanius, Lanens (1821 Washington Co MO-1896 Fann Co TX, Inglish Cem) m-1847 Madison Co MO to Mary Eliz. Cain; 1870 Fannin cen p165 (Co C, Bourland's Regt)

KING, Wm. George King (1823 Stewart Co TN-1901 Sequin TX) m-1850 Guadalupe Co TX to Euphemia Texas Davis Ashby; 1860 Guadalupe  Co TX cen p288; arrived 1837 TX; TX State agent for Mex. War expenses (Maj, Chief QM CSA)

McCULLOCH, John Stokes McCulloch (1803 Wilkes Co NC-1877 Ellis Co TX) m-Frances M. Williams Peoples (Capt AQM, CSA)

Is this the correct "Lt. Samuels"?

SAMUELS, Gabriel Samuels, b-1827 KY; m-Margaret J.; 1870 Dallas cen p344; Darnell's 18th Cav, Co I, Lt, 16 CMSRs, note on 1st CMSR: enlisted. Mar 1, 1862 Dallas TX; May 26, 1862 elected Lt., resignation accepted Aug 26, 1864 by Gen E. Kirby Smith, given permission to join Col. Gurley's 10th Cav. Regt; On his first CMSR is a note that he went to R.T.P. Allen's 17th Inf., Co G as a Lt.   ....   Your editor does not think that this Lt. Gabe Samuels mustered into either the 17th Infantry or the 30th Cavalry.


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Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains