Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains

by Patricia Adkins-Rochette

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The Bordlands of County Antrim

by Patricia Adkins-Rochette

Bourland Bulletin, Volume XIX Numbers I and 2, 1995

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My direct ancestor probably lived in Kilraughts.


Part II was written after I met Bill and Mary Bourland E36393 of Indialantic FL at the Spring 1995 Bourland Reunion in Plano TX.  They had read Part I that I wrote after reading a rather large Bourlands-in-Scotland-and-Ireland-of-the-1600s-1700s file they had accumulated in their 3-month trip to Northern Ireland and Southern Scotland.  They expressly followed the leads outlined by a professional genealogist in Northern Ireland who had spent a year researching our Bourland family a year before their trip. 


Part I, Bourland Bulletin, Volume XIX Number I


What is Kilraughts?  Kilraughts is a short strip of roadway about four and one-half (4-1/2) miles east of Ballymoney, in the Borough of Ballymoney, in northeast County Antrim, Ulster, Northern Ireland, and in the actual townland of Kilraughts, but there is no Kilraughts village.  In 1610 County Antrim was divided into sixteen (16) districts.  Kilraughts was included in the District of Ballymoney and Drumart.   Kilraughts Parish with eighteen (18) townlands, is a political district in County Antrim, in the barony of Upper Dunluce. 

Blair, Alexander S., Kilraughts, A Kirk and Its People.  (a 300-page hard cover privately published book.)  Blair, a minister of the Kilraughts Kirk or Presbyterian Church where we think our Bourlands attended before they came to North America.

Kilraughts, County Antrim, Northern Ireland.






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Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains