Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains

by Patricia Adkins-Rochette

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Houchins - Adkins  and  Houchins - Pace

My direct ancestors are children numbers 4. and 7. Susannah Pace and Rachel Adkins

My direct ancestors is child number 4.  Susannah Houchins   Pace

My direct ancestors is are child number 7.  Rachel  Houchins  Adkins


Edward  and Aner Houchins

m. in probably New Kent Co VA c1722 of Edward Houchins and Hannah.

Edward Houchin/ Hutchins/ Howchens/ Howgens/ LaHouchins, b. in St Peter's Parish, New Kent Co VA in 1692 to Rebecca [b. c1660] and Edward Howchens [b. c1658 prob England--d. New Kent Co VA]. Ed was 33 when John was born, maybe he was married before. Edward first found in Goochland Co in 1737. Edward d. in St James Parish, Northam, Goochland Co VA, will written Dec 7, 1762, Book 8-456; probated Feb 19, 1765. Inventory Goochland Co VA Book 8-475, Apr 16, 1765. William Hutchings found Lancaster Co VA on Apr 10, 1770.

Hannah "Aner" probably b. in New Kent Co VA, listed 1765 Goochland Co VA. d. in Goochland Co VA aft Dec 1762.


1. John Houchins b. c1725 Goochland Co VA d. 1784 Amherst Co VA m. Martha Alford/ Orford

2. Charles Houchins b. c1724 d. 1782 Goochland Co VA m. Lucy Clemente

3. Francis Houchins b. 1735 Goochland Co VA d. 1805 __ m. Joice Clemente

**4. Susannah Houchins,  b-c1728 Goochland Co VA, d-1808 Goochland Co VA, m-John Pace II

5. William Houchins b. ? Anderson Co KY m. Agnes __

6. Elizabeth Houchins b. c1728 Goochland Co VA d. ca 1815 m. John Clements

**7. Rachael Houchins, b-1718 Goochland Co VA, d-aft 1791 Montgomery Co VA, m-Henry Adkins

8. Mary Houchins b. c1745 Goochland Co VA d. m. John Tuggle

9. Agnes Houchins b. c1730 Goochland Co VA m. Will Page

1. John Houchins, m. in prob Goochland Co VA c1747 to Martha "Patsy" Alford\Orford [b. ? New Kent Co VA], dau of [either the ?Lucy Bailey (b. 1715) or the Lucy Bailey (b. 1722 VA ?New Kent)] and ?James Alford/Orford [c1715/20 ?1712 VA, New Kent Co-May 26, 1782 Fluvanna Co VA, 9 ch]. Issue, 8 ch: Edward Houchins, d. 1804 Monroe Co VA/WV, m. ? Amherst Co VA; John Houchins, 1748 Gooch Co VA-Oct 1838 Brownsville, Edmondson Co KY and m. Martha "Patsy" Jackson 1804 Warren Co KY; Charles Houchins, 1759 Gooch Co VA-c1840 Edmondson Co KY and m. Mary "Mollie" Sale, dau of Frances Sanders and John Sale/m,2. in VA to Ann Fowler; Wm Houchins, d. KY, m. Agnes 1769 (p72) prob in Amherst Co VA; Frances Houchins, d. Edmondson Co KY; Moses Houchins, b. Amherst Co VA-d. Pendleton Co WV; Elizabeth Houchins, b. Jun 14, 1763; Agnes, m. __ Hudspeth.

1c. Chs & Molly (Sale) Houchin's dau Patsey m. in Warren Co KY Jan 4, 1811 to Henry Adkins, maybe Rachel Houchins Adkins' gson. ... Chs & Molly (Sale) Houchin's son John Decater Houchins, m,1. Warren Co KY Nov 27, 1810 to Mary Polly Blair.................. Blair

Charles, m,2. Warren Co KY Jul 24, 1820 to Nancy Hall..........................Hall son John Decatur C Houchins m. Hulda Lindsay

2. Charles Houchin, m. in Goochland Co VA on Sep 20, 1853 to Lucy Clements [d. soon aft 1800], dau of Eliz and Stephen Clements. Issue, 11 ch: James Houchins, b. c1755 and m. Margaret Johnson, dau of Susannah Pace Johnson, gdau of Ann Basford Pace; Jesse Houchins, b. 1758; Charles Houchins (prob the Chs that m. Ann Britt on Mar 28, 1782 Gooch Co); Ann Houchins, b. 1762; John Houchins; Eliz Houchins, b. 1768; William Houchins; Mary Houchins, b. 1773; Joshua Houchins; Edward Houchins, b. 1781; and Joseph Houchins.

Editor's note:  one Joshua Houchins, b. 1797 and m. Nancy, b. 1805 found 1850 Montg Co VA 194-194. also in 1810 cen   ....   one Jesse Houchins, m. on Jan 1, 1802 to Susannah Pace, dau of Mary Ann Page and Joseph Pace, gdau of Ann Basford Pace. prob m. in Fluvanna Co VA.

3. Francis Houchins, m. in Goochland Co VA on Jan 10, 1758 to Joice Clements. Issue, min 1 ch: Edward Houchins, b. 1760, Rev War pens appl from Mercer Co KY.

**4. Susannah Houchins, m. in ?Goochland Co VA Mar 1743 to John Pace II [1722 Sunderland Creek, Middlesex Co VA-1790 Goochland Co VA], son of Ann Basford [b. c1700 ? Middlesex Co VA] and Joseph Pace I [b. c1698 Middlesex Co VA]. Rev War patriot. Issue, 13 ch: Mary Pace, 1744-1815 and m. Rev Wm Baskett; Wm Pace, 1745-1815, Rev War vet, and m. Eliz Newsome Wade/Mary __ Wineinger; George, b. 1747; Susannah Pace, b. 1749 and m. Stephens Johnson; Murray Pace, 1751-c1830 and m. Mary Ashlin (Ashley)/ Mary Bragg; Ann Pace, 1753-aft 1806 and m. John Pace; Elizabeth, 1759-1818 and m. Joshua Tuggle; Edward M Pace, 1761-1820 and m. Susannah Johnson; **Francis Pace, 1764-1842 Pittsy Co VA and m. Eliz Robinson; Rachel Pace, b. 1766 and m. Ben Johnson; Charles, b. 1768; Stephen Pace, b. 1770; James Pace, 1772-aft 1830 Boone Co KY and m. Lydia Drake.

5. William Houchins, m. Agnes ( Nancy). Issue, 7 ch: John, m. __ [son John H Houchins, Jul 22, 1828 Anderson Co KY-Jun 6, 1895 Arcola twp, Douglas Co IL, m. Mary Eliz Reynolds (p75), Mar 6, 1833 Anderson Co KY-Nov 29, 1915 Coles Co IL, 10 ch]; Wm Houchins, m. Nancy Erwin; Agnes m. _; Eliz Houchins m. Henry Slavin; Chs Houchins; Moses Houchins.

6. Elizabeth Houchins, m,1. in ___ on Aug 2, 1756 ( or Jan 28, 1755) to John Clements. Issue, 6 ch: Annie Clements, b. 1756;  James Clements, b. 1758; John Clements, b. 1759; Elizabeth Clements, b. 1761 and m. Joseph Pace III (son of Mary Ann Page and Joseph Pace II [1741-1829 Gooch Co VA]); Rachael Clements, b. 1764; Stephen Clements, b. 1766.

6d. one Eliz Clements, m. c1795 to Joseph Pace II [b. 1741 Goochland Co VA], son of Eliz Houchins and Joseph Pace II. Issue, 2 ch: James Pace, b. 1796\1802 and m. Eliz Lipford (dau of Henry Lepford)/then James Pearce m. Martha E Toler of Cumberland Co VA; Geo W Pace, b. c1798\1806 and m. Catherine Lipford (dau of Henry).

**7. Rachael Houchins, m. in Goochland Co VA on Jan 20, 1756 to Henry Ackinson/Adkins [b. c1730 Goochland Co VA], son of Elizabeth Parker [b. c1695] and William V. Adkins Sr [b. c1690 Charles City (Henrico Co) VA, m. 1727 Henrico Parish, Goochland Co VA]. Issue, min 3 ch: b. in Halifax Co VA: Bartlet Adkins, b. Dec 19, 1756; Moseby Adkins, b. Sep 29, 1758; **Jesse Adkins, b. Mar 12, 1762-c1833 Pike Co KY and m,1 _/m,2. 1815 Floyd Co KY to Anna (?Morgan) (Adkins)/m,3. 1831 Pike Co KY to Sarah Mullens .....prob also had girls and Henry Adkins Jr that m. John Houchins gdau, Mary Patsey Houchins, above. .....Rev Douglas just quit keeping birth records.

8. Mary Houchin, m,1. in Goochland Co VA on Sep 19, 1756 to John Tuggle [1724 Middlesex Co VA-1793 Goochland Co], son of Mary Godbey (Chetal) Tuggle Baskett [b. Oct 13, 1701 Middlesex Co VA] and Henry Tuggle Jr [b. 1699 __(place) son of Mary Baskett and Henry Tugwell]. Mary's step-father was Thomas Chetal, d. 1724.    Issue, 5 ch: James Tuggle, Sep 19, 1756-1810 Pulaski Co KY and m. __; Joshua Tuggle, b. 1758, Rev War vet, and m. Eliz Pace, dau of Ann Basford Pace; Joseph Pace, b. 1761, Rev War vet from Amherst Co; Jane Tuggle, b. 1763 and m. Andrew Knight of NC; Seela Tuggle, b. 1764 and m. Thomas McDaniel.

John Tuggle, m,1. to ___. Issue, 5 ch: Wm Tuggle, m. Ann Nash; Molly Tuggle, m. Robt Clairden; maybe John Tuggle Sr, 1756-1823 Smith Co TN and m. __/Sarah Harris Bradford in Granville Co NC, not proven, may belong to Person Co NC Houchins, dau was Sally Alvis of 1854 Gibson Co TN; Chs Tuggle, m. __ Montgomery; Henry Tuggle, b. 1755 Amherst Co VA and m. Drucilla Boatwright.

N O T E: Henry Tugwell/Tuggle was half-bro to John Burk, Henry Burk's father, see Bork p65-66.

9. Agnes Houchin, m. in Goochland Co VA on Dec 2, 1757 to Will Page. Issue, min 4 ch: Jean Page, b. Sep 12, 1758; Robert Page, b. Jan 26, 1762; Susannah Page, b. Feb 17, 1764; Elizabeth Page, b. May 11, 1764.

Howchens arrived in America

1686 New Kent Co VA, Edward Howchens\ LaHouchins\Houchin, first found in Virginia in 1686, St Peter's Parish, wife Rebecca, b-c1660 Edward's ch: (1). Rachel Houchins, baptized Oct 24, 1686 St Peters Parish, New Kent Co VA; (2). Chs Houchins, bap. Aug 17, 1690, St Peters Parish, New Kent Co VA; **(3). Edward Houchins, b-1692, St Peters Parish, New Kent VA-d. bef Feb 19, 1765 Goochland Co VA and m. Aner__; (4) maybe (William Houchins, w. Dec 1, 1764 St James, Gooch Co VA.) ....see Manakin Colony

32. EDWARD HOWCHENS12,13,1,2,3,4 was born about 1658 in England.14 He died in New Kent Co., Virginia. Living in New Kent County, Virginia in 1686. He was a parishioner in St. Peters Parish. He was a "possessioner" i.e. a land holder. Records of New Kent County were burned in 1866.

He was reported to have been transported to America as a bond slave for 6 years with passage paid by William Broadribb in 1666. He was married to REBECCA about 1685.

33. REBECCA1,2,3,4 was born about 1660 in St. Peter's Parish, New Kent Co., VA.15 EDWARD HOWCHENS and REBECCA had the following children:

i. RACHEL HOWCHENS1,2,3,4 was christened on Oct 24 1686 in St. Peter's Parish, New Kent Co., VA.

ii. CHARLES HOUCHINS1,2,3,4 was christened on Aug 17 1690 in New Kent Co., Virginia. Obtained a grant of land in 1711 in King William Co., VA from Gov. Alexander Spotswood.

16 iii. EDWARD HOUTCHENS. .... per Dave Houchens,




Houchins, Houchens, Houchin, Howchen, etc.  ... website (2008)

Houchins database webmaster, David Houchens (b-1937), 1501 Langston Drive, Columbus OH 43220, who is a researcher of medicine at the Battelle Institute on the Ohio State University campus.  >><<

Houchens family website:

                   Username:   PAdkinsRochette
                   Password:   szs7jh3






1716 Henrico Parish VA. marr of Wm Atkinson Sr and Elizabeth Parker. Richard Parker gave Eliz 150 ac.

1740-46 Brunswick Co VA, c1743. Wm Atkinson Jr, w/ parents and several family members, mvd to the Snow Dist, Harping Creek & Storey Creek on Pigg River area of Brunswick Co VA (until 1746); later Lunenberg Co VA (1746-1856/52), Halifax Co VA (1756/1752-1767), Pittsylvania Co VA 1767-1776, Henry Co VA (1776-1785), Franklin Co VA (1785-present).

1746 Lunenberg Co VA. Wm Sr and Parker appear on Lance Holman's Tax List.

1747 Goochland Co VA. Wm Sr, Wm Jr, Parker, and others on Henry Martin's Tax List.

1748 Lunenberg Co VA. Wm Sr, Wm Jr, Parker, and others on Lance Holman's Tax List.

1743-48 Lunenberg and Goochland Co VA. Other fam members found both counties.

1751 Lunenberg Co VA, p146. Wm Adkins ?bought 400 ac adj to Wm Witcher. ....prob the Wm born c1690.

1752/6-1767 Halifax Co VA was the political dist of Snow Creek Dist bet 1752- or 1756- and 1767

1762 Goochland Co VA, Mar. last Adkins fam record in this area was birth of Jesse, son of Henry Atkinson and R. Houchins.

1762 Goochland Co VA, Dec 7, Book 8 p456, Edward Houchins' will  

1767-1776 Pittsylvania Co VA was the political dist of Snow Creek Dist from 1767-1776

1768 Pittsylvania Co VA, Aug 26, DB 1-157. Wm Adkins sold 50 ac on north side of Pigg River to son-in-law, Wm Witcher.

1773 Pittsylvania Co VA, Sep 23, DB 3-343f, Henry and Rachel Adkins refer to a tract "given by father William Adkins Sr."

1776-1785 Henry Co VA, 1776-1785 this Snow Dist was in Henry Co VA.

1777 Henry Co VA, Mary Tuggle's sons, David and Mark, swore allegiance to America.

1777 Pittsylvania Co VA, Dec 26, swore allegiance to America on list of Wm Witcher: Jesse, Moses, Morris, and Henry Atkensen; Jun 10, 1778 list of Capt Dan Hankins: Henry, Wm, Joseph, Richard, Henry, James, William Atkins, one Joseph Standley.... Spencer Adkins m. __ Standley c1785 in Franklin Co VA....Pigg connects w/ Atkins in Orange Co VA.

1787 Pittsylvania Co VA, WILL BK __, Mar 15, 1787, will belongs the Wm Adkins born c1724.

1787 Pittsylvania Co VA, WILL BK __, Apr 15, 1787, Henry Adkins's will.

.At the time of his marriage, Henry lived, along with the rest of his family, in the Pigg River area of Halifax (Pittsylvania 1767, Henry 1776, and Franklin, as today in 1785) County, Virginia. There are many records of Henry especiall y in Pittsylvania. These records (mostly land transactions ) of Henry and Rachel clearly prove his relationship to his brother, Parker, and to their father, William Sr. One o f the records that clearly proves his relationship is -- 15 Mar. 1773 Henry sold fifty acres to Samuel Calland (Pittsylvania deed book 4 pages 343-344). In this record, it is stated " being the land the said Henry now lives on which he bought of his brother, Parker, ... and boundaries will more fully appear by his deed he had from his father William Adkins, Sr."

As Rachel and Henry were selling their land in the Pigg River area of Pittsylvania in 1773 it is believed they were preparing to move to Fincastle (Montgomery 1777, Giles 1806 ) County to join his brothers. It is known that Henry wa s in Montgomery in 1791 as he and Parker were granted exemptions from county taxes because of "age and infirmities".

Alford fam org, Lynn Shelley, 104 Lakeside Dr, Morgantown WV 26505-9000; 304-292-6466; questions which Lucy Bailey was mother to

Martha (Alford/ Orford) Houchins of Goochland Co VA: one Lucy Bailey, born 1715 New Kent Co (dau of Thomas) and one Lucy Bailey born 1722 (dau of John & Anna). Lynn lists Martha's dad as James Alford/Orford, b. 1715-1720 ( ?1713) New Kent Co VA-d. May 26, 1782 Fluvanna Co VA.


Houchins bibliography

DAR application for patriotic service--furnishing supplies to Rev War troops--of John Pace II of Goochland, that can be ordered from Virginia State Lib, 11th St at Capitol Square, Richmond VA 23219-3491; included:

1. John Pace of Goochland. PUBLIC SERVICE CLAIMS, GOOCHLAND CO COURT BOOKLET, Reel 2, pp 1, 10. Requisition C8278. John Pace issued a warrant for beef, corn, and horses provided for public use; court held Mar 19, 1782. 2 photoprints

2. John Pace of Goochland. PUBLIC SERVICE CLAIMS, COMMISSIONER'S BOOK III, Reel 5, p76. Requisition C8278. Sep 10, 1783;  a warrant issued to John Pace for beef, etc, furnished for public use. 1 photoprint.

No 339539, 339539-A458 thru William Pace, thru Edward "Neddy" Pace

No 590724 thru Mary Pace Baskett

No 597339, 611636, 674157 thru Francis Pace, thru Edward

No 635563-A642 thru Eliz Pace Tuggle

No 640078, 613764, 623862 thru Murray Pace. 613764 submitted by desc of Murray's John Pace, b. 1787 prob Abermarle Co VA and d. bef 1850 Clark Co KY. DAR applicant living in Winchester, Clark Co KY in 1975 where her Paces had lived since c1809. This application included "Pace Family Bible Pages" submitted by Mrs Roy Pace, of Winchester KY, and published in 1888 in New York by ? American Bible Society. This application refers to DAR 339539 of Sue Pace Hicks that cites: "pp 381-386 in 1901 publication in NY by Thomas Nelson & Son of Bible owned by Mrs Roy Pace."   _....writer did not see this case file, recommends that it be ordered. Case files are adjacent to NSDAR Library and down the hall from the room one collects DAR numbers and the second room where films are viewed. Ask for the "case file of John Pace of Goochland." As I understand it, each Rev War vet has his own case file.

Clemons, Marna, 12120 Mil Pitrero Rd, San Diego CA 619-486-6099: "Charles Houchin Bible Transcription" Chs, b. 1759 Goochland Co VA, son of Martha Orford and John Houchins. Chs m. Molly Sale. incl McCarty and Adkins.

Crider, Gussie Waymire & Ed, FOUR GENERATIONS OF THE FAM OF STRANGEMAN HUTCHINS AND HIS WIFE ELIZ COX, as known Jan 1935. Kokomo IN, priv pub (prob updated). "In Warren Co KY, Houchins and Hutchins are two diff families, and I am descended from the Quaker Hutchinses of VA, through the Stanleys; have never seen a hard connection bet the Hutchins and Houchins, but have always it to there." per Van Stilley of Wilmington NC in May 1996.

Douglas, Rev Wm, edited by Wm Mac Jones, DOUGLAS REGISTER, INDEX OF GOOCHLAND WILLS, NOTES ON THE FRENCH HUGUENOT REFUGEES WHO LIVED IN MANAKIN TOWN, 1928, 408 pp, Rev Douglas of Dover Church from 1750 to Rev War when the Established Church collapsed. Manakin-Town same as King William Parish. covers Fluvanna, Goochland, Louisa, Orange, and Spotsylvania in Central VA. Lists Susannah Houchins's marriage to John Pace II of Goochland the same date as the birth of her seventh (7th) child. Rev Douglas simply started keeping records, for this community in 1756. Outlines John Pace and Susannah Houchins plus her siblings. Houchins pp 27, 69, 216, 217,263.

Hopkins, Wm Lindsay, ST JAMES NORTHAM PARISH VESTRY BOOK, Richmond VA, priv pub, 1987. re: Goochland Co VA area

p10 ?1751 "Joseph Pace and John Haden......John Brild (prob Britt) and John Charis prob had sworn for ..."

p14 ?1754 "Josiah Pace and Wm Johnson...begin at Little Byrd Creek Bridge on the church Great Byrd"

p20 processioning: 1759 "John Pace and John Britt lands that Joseph Pace and Wm Johnson did in 1755."

p33. vestry 1771 "Wm Pace for 2 levys, listed twice."

p47. processioning: 1784 "Joseph Pace and Sam Richardson land last done by Wm and Benj Johnson."

Houchins, Dr Paul C, Beaver Crossing NB, HIST OF THE HOUCHIN FAM IN U.S., priv pub, 1967, writer's copy of few pp from NSDAR Lib. have

pp 1-25 & p78. maybe ? another edition in 1970.. ..Jack Houchin has also written several Houchin histories, NSDAR Lib, Wash DC copy

Hutchins, Jack Randolph, 23 Orchard Way South, Rockville MD 20854, 301-762-3251, who written six (6) Hutchins books  ... recommended.  .. in writer's library.

HUTCHINS OF COLONIAL AMERICA, 1992, priv pub, 1350pp, pp689-712 addresses our Houchins line"...includes summary of Dr Paul Houchins

Houchins's book (pp689-721).......My book HUGH HUTCHINS OF OLD ENGLAND traces the Hutchins name back to 1276 in England. The name started as "Hugh" and over time changed to "Huchin" (little Hugh). Due to the various langague accents in Engaland, this name went through many changes and in the 1500's was often written "Houchin", etc. Most families changed their name (the family didn't, the public record did) to Hutchins, etc and later to Hutchings. In America the Howhin name was often used in early records but almost all later became Hutchins, except for your Goochland [County] Virginia group which continued to use the older spelling. Also the spelling Hudgins was also used...Yes, they are all related (but how and when is not known) to people in the 1200-1300 named Hugh." per Jun 1996 letter from Jack Hutchins.

Huguenot Soc of Foundation of Manakin in Colony of VA, James Maples, 1996 pres, 208 Mt David Dr, Knoxsville TN 37920, 423-579-0535

Lundy, Patricia, 3130 Caswell Dr, Troy MI 48084-1207 "Some say that another Wm Newsome came into the Northern Neck. Middlesex is in the northern neck. This William Newsome has the names of his sons."

McIlwaine, H.R. (edited by), JOUR OF HOUSE OF BURGESS OF VA, Richmond VA, 1914. in about 10 volumes found in NSDAR in Wash D.C. and Richmond VA Gen Lib. The Heartwell surname keeps popping up in these records, especially in "western VA."  vol 1773-76, p24. House of Burgess to pay: ...To Joseph Ecoks 5 lbs, Richard Stokes & John Pace 4 lbs each. ....To William Pace, Daniel Skelton.... some Skeltons in this listings were listed as "..Skelton (Pittsylvania Co).." our John Pace moved later, c1798, to Pittsy Co.

Tuggle, Vivian S, THE TUGGLE FAM OF VA, THOMAS TUGGLE OF MIDDLESEX CO VA OF DESC, 1630-1967, Baltimore, Gateway Press, 1970. info on Godbey, Joshua and Eliz Pace Tuggle, and all 3 marr of Mary Houchins that Paul Houchins doesn't mention. KCMO lib.

Tuggle-Owen, Doris, ENTWINING BRANCHES, Advanced Printing, 5206 Rufe Snow Dr, Ft Worth TX 76118, 1986, pub by Advanced Printing, 5206 Rufe Snow Dr, Ft Worth TX 76118, mentions Joshua Tuggle.

Writer descends from Houchins sisters, Susannah Pace and Rachel Adkins.

Houchins database webmaster


This Houchins DAR data was collected in the DAR Library in Wash D.C. while I was staying with my brother, Gary Wayne Adkins.





























































David Houchens (webmaster of Houchins website) in 1965 at Mammoth Cave. Note the reference to "a man named Houchins" who discovered the cave while pursuing a wounded bear.   This was, John D. Houchin, 11 years old at the time of the 1799 discovery,

After our 4600-mile planned Rochette family 1981 vacation, Westcott said that the site he enjoyed most was Mammoth Cave, Barren Co KY.    









































This Houchins DAR data was collected in the DAR Library in Wash D.C. while I was staying with my brother, Gary Wayne Adkins.





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