Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountain

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George GRIFFITH and Milly BYRD     S P E C U L A T I O N   O N L Y

My direct ancestor  is  Seibert Griffith

 Marriage in Chesterfield Co VA on May 16, 1778 of George Griffis and Milly Byrd.   Surety bond: Wm Shaw.

George Griffith, b. prob in Bedford Co VA (maybe Pennsylvania) c1755, lived in the Pittsylvania‑Franklin Co VA area to prob George  Griffith who d. 1777 Bedford Co VA, but his son Geo went to Georgia......did this Geo go to Georgia.    Bird Griffith and Geo Griffith living s/s in 1820 Caldwell Co cen; maybe this land was later Caldwell Co‑Hopkins Co‑Calloway Co.   ....Most Seibert families went to Clay Co KY from Pittsylvania Co VA; one Catherine Seibert, b-1817 Pittsy Co VA and m. Wm Wright,   lvd west central Graves Co KY.  ...notice Geo Wright in Alex Griffith's estate settlement, see Alex Griffith

 Milly Byrd, prob dau of Nancy Milicent (believed to be Indian) and Wm  Byrd.  maybe Nancy Milicent; believed Indian.   Our Griffiths dark skinned, others red haired.

  1. Dianne Griffith        b.   c1780 VA ?Chesterfield Co   d.        c1826, KY  ?Calloway Co    m. Drury Hodges

? 2. Delpha ?Griffith       b.    1792 NC                    d.         1873  Marshall Co KY            m. __/ Henley Wade

  2. Alexander Griffith     b. 1775‑94                       d.         1811, Hopkins Co, KY            m. Rachel Hodges

  3. Martin Byrd Griffith   b. 1787‑90 VA                    d. Feb 21, 1866, Marshall Co KY            m. Greer/Ford

  5. John Griffith          b.    1796 VA                    d.        c1880, McCracken Co, KY          m. Nancy Bourland

**6. Siebert Griffith,  b-1797 VA ?Franklin Co       d.        c1870, Ballard Co, KY            m. Tempie Bourland

  7. William Griffith       b.    1802 VA                    d.     aft 1860, ?Marshall Co, KY          m. Greer/Garner‑Morton

  8. Walter Walton Griffith   b.    1813 KY                    d. bet 1880-1900 ?Ballard Co KY            m. Mahula Woodall

               following closely related to above family

? 9. Sarah Griffith         b. aft 1803 __                    d.     aft 1824, ?Calloway Co KY           m. E. Dawson Brown

?10. ? Wm Griffin                                            d.    aft  1832, ?McCracken Co KY          m. Ibby Byrd

?11. Daniel B Griffith      b. 1810‑20 __                    d. Jul 11, 1831, McCracken Co KY           m. Charlotte Ferguson

 1. Dianne Griffith, m. in Franklin Co VA on Jan 23, 1800 to Drury Hodges [c1780 ?Pittsylvania Co VA-aft 1830 Callo Co KY], son of ?Edmund Hodges [of Goochland Co VA, maybe Cumberland Co].  Surety Geo Griffith, Horatio Burns MG.    Issue, 11 ch:  Hiram;  Miriam Hodges, m. Farmer;  Geo Wash Hodges, c1805-bef Graves Co KY cen and m. Nancy Cargill;  James;  Irvine Hodges, c1810-1842 Marsh Co KY and m. Mary Griffith (cousin, dau of Martin Bird);  Anderson "Ance";  Matilda Hodges, 1815-1840 Scott Co MO  and m. Dr James Swafford;  Martin Byrd Hodges, 1818-1885 Graves Co KY and m. Louisa Jane Cargill, 1ch/Nancy M Cargill, 9 ch;  Nancy Barbara Ann Hodges, 1822-1880 Marsh Co KY and m. Hugh Alex Arant;  Dinah Hodges, m. Davidson;  Mary; ?Jane Hodges, 1813-1858  Callo Co KY and m. Tristain Hubbard.

 m,2. in McCracken Co KY on Feb 4, 1829 to Ruth Means.  

 ? 2. Delpha ?Griffith, m. in Hopkins Co KY on Jan 7, 1819 to Henly Waid/Wade.  since Delpha was 29, she may have been a widow.  maybe Walter Walton below is her son.  Issue, 7 ch:  James Isaac Waid, Apr 16, 1821 KY-May 10, 1913 Marsh Co KY, and m. Frances Minter  [Sep 6, 1829 KY-Aug 7, 1907];  William Waid, b. 1823 and m. Eliza Jane Gatlin (this Gatlin fam from Hopkins Co KY also);    Mary D Waid, Oct 16, 1827 KY-Aug 29, 1907 Marsh Co KY and m. George W Finch;  Marsha A Waid, b. 1828 and m. Jasper Newton Darnell;  Nancy Waid, b. 1832 KY and m. Zachariah Franklin;  Hampton Bayles Waid, b. 1836 and m. Mary Dill;  Sarah E Waid, Dec 1838-Jul 2, 1869 Marsh Co KY and m-Nathan Wesley Frizzell. ..Delpha age 29 for 1819 marr, ? widow, ?son Walter Walton Griffith

 2. Alexander Griffith, m. in Franklin Co VA on Dec 16, 1806 to Rachel Hodges Griffith [1785-1839, Rev War Widow's Pension Appl W-8864 on Mar 20, 1844], dau of Hiram Griffith [b-1760 NC].  Surety Geo Griffith, Wilson Turner MB.  Alex's will adm was Martin Byrd Griffith, wit: Abner Martin, _  Baker.   Issue, 4 ch:  Wm Griffith, 1800 VA-aft 1860 Marsh Co KY and m. Rutha Gardner;  Dianne Emiline Griffith, 1807-aft 1844 Hardin Co KY and m. John Adams Grugett;  Obdadiah Griffith, c1815-bef 1850 and m Eliz Johnston;  Mary "Polly"  Griffith, m. Granvil Gibson;  Anne Griffith, 1819-1899 Bienville Par LA and m. John Wood.

 Rachel m, Hopkins Co KY on Jun 8, 1818 to Gilson Gray [1796 Iredell Co NC-1827 Callo Co KY-bef 1830], son of widow Leah Loving  Sisk [b-Sep 17, 1770 Wilkes Co NC] and Samuel Gray [b-Jan 2, 1761 Wilkes Co NC, m-Wm Wilcox Home, came to Hopk Co KY].  Gilson in 1820 Caldwell Co p 53 cen.   Gilson d. bef 1830.   Issue, 5 ch:  George Miles Gray, 1819 Hopk Co KY-1857 Massac Co IL and  m. Eliz Caylor;  Capt. Hiram Vardeman Gray, 1822 Caldwell Co KY-1862 ?Independence Co AR and m. Mahala Sweeny;  Celia Emeline Gray, 1825  Calloway Co KY-1852 Marsh Co KY and m. Lewis Odgen;  Malenia Adelina Gray, c1827 Callo Co KY-1847 AR and m. Tillman H Steele;  Gillson Leander Gray, 1828 Callo Co KY-1877 Memphis, Shelby Co TN and m. Mary Jane Humphrey

3. Martin Byrd "Bird" Griffith, m,1. in Union Co KY on Jan 16, 1815 to Nancy Greer [b-1796 NC (prob Mechlenburg Co)‑d. ca Jun 1850], dau  of prob Elizabeth __ [b. ? Halifax VA] and ? maybe the James Greer 3 doors from Bird Griffith 1820 Caldwell Co KY cen.  Issue,  5 ch:  Mary "Polly," b. 1815 and m. Ervin Hodges (1st cou)/Joseph Minter;  Joseph Robert Griffith, b. 1819 and m. Nancy Ann Ford, dau of Daniel;  1m 1820‑25 (not in 1840 cen);  ?Edward Griffith (c1823-aft 1845) and m-1843 Cornersville, Tippah Co MS  to Judith Greer (son Ralph went to Brazos Co TX); 1m 1825‑30;  1fe 1825‑30 ( ?Barbara);  John 1833‑1852, single.

   Bird, m,2. in Marshall Co KY on Jul 18, 1850 to Nancy Ford [b-1822 TN], prob widow of Daniel Ford and mother of Nancy Ann that  m. son Jos Robt.   Issue, min 4 ch:  Sally, b. 1851;  (fe, b. Oct 23, 1853, prob same as Sally);  Ellen, b. Jul 29,    1855;  Geo, b. c1863;  Betsy "Bettie, b. c1865.

N O T E:  Mary Griffy    m. Fredrick Miller in Calloway Co KY on Feb 22, 1836. (cons of guard M. Anderson male ?of age) Nancy Griffith m.  M. Anderson    in Calloway Co KY on Oct 10, 1836. (both of age)  Sarah Griffith m.  Chesley Miller in Calloway Co KY in         1842   Mary Griffith and James Greer named in Benjamin Greer Sr's 1788 Franklin Co VA will.       

 4. John Griffith, m. in Hopkins Co KY on Jan 20, 1818 to Nancy Bourland [1800 Pendleton Dist SC-1874 McCrack Co KY], dau of Agnes Nancy McElroy [d-c1828 Callo Co KY] and Benj Bourland [1779 Wilkes Co NC-1851 Fannin Co TX].   John Griffith on 1834  Callo Co KY Deed.  Issue, 7 ch:  ?John Griffin, c1819 and m. 1843 McCrac Co KY to Sally Bell;  Benj M Griffith, 1822-1871 Graves Co KY and m. Matilda Earle;  Geo T Griffith, 1824-1862 Civil War and m. Mary Frances Young;  James W Griffith, c1827 -aft 1872 McCrac Co KY and m. Matilda Gardner;  Margaret, 1828-1862 McCrak Co KY and m. John Winstead Ogilvie; (fe), b- c1830 and m. _ Hannah, dau N.E. Hannah, b. 1838....maybe Nancy b-1818 and m. David Miller

 **5. Seibert B. Griffith, m. in Hopkins Co KY on May 5, 1821 to Temperance Bourland [1803 NC-1882 Ball Co KY], dau of Agnes Nancy McElroy and Benj Bourland [1779 Wilkes Co NC-1851 Fannin Co TX].   Issue, 9 ch:  **Joseph McElroy Griffith, 1822-1888 Cooper, Delta Co TX and m. Martha Ann Moore/Mary Lavina Musick;  Benjamin B Griffith, 1828 MO-aft 1870 Ball Co KY  and m. Catherine Willingham/Nancy Ann Austin;  Mary Ann Griffith, 1831-aft 1870 Ball Co KY and m. John Mott;  James W  Griffith, 1832-1917 Kansas, Graves Co KY and m. Margaret Whitlow;  Martha Jane Griffith, 1834-1905 Hunt Co TX and m. Ben  McKinney;  Eliza, 1837-c1864 Ball Co KY and m. Ben McKinney;  Gilbert B Griffith, 1839-aft 1900 Carlisle Co KY and m _/m,2.  Nancy J Whitlow;  Thomas Reece Griffith, 1844-aft 1920 Carli Co KY and m. Sarah A/Sara.

 6. Wm Griffith, m. in Calloway Co KY on Feb 5, 1825 to Eliz Greer [d. 1845], dau of Barbara Cook [c1783 Mechlenburg Co NC-1844 Calloway Co KY] and James Greer Sr.  1825 marr cere A.H. Davis, wit: Celia Drannon   Wm had land on Middle Creek (Marshall Co, pd 1843 tax); on West Fork, Graves Co KY; land on Miss Riv, Hickman Co KY.    Issue, 7 ch:  Nancy Griffith, c1825-aft 1860 Graves Co KY and m. Wm J. Hathcock;  James Greer Griffith, 1828-1915 Hickory, Murray Co OK and m. Martilda D Bazzell, 7 ch/ m,2. Susan C Lowery, 2 ch (1895 in Velma, Chickasaw Nation,  IT);  Nancy Griffith, b. bef 1830 and m. Wm Hathcock;  Rhoda Jane  Griffith, 1832‑1897 and m. David Tinsley Bazzel Jr;  Mary Polly Griffith, b. 1837 and m. H.F. Frizzell;  Barbara Griffith,  1838-1897 Callo Co KY and m. James Calloway Frizzell; Joseph Griffith, b 1840, m. M.F._.

?7. ?Sarah Griffith, m. in Calloway Co KY on Jan 14, 1824 to E Dawson Brown.  wit: Thomas Gibson; her father gave permission for marr  Peter Brown m. Eliz Kirksey on   Mar 15, 1825 Calloway Co KY, consent of father Wm Kirksey, wit: Nick Copeland Abraham Brown m. Nancy M Carson on Oct 12, 1825 Calloway Co KY, consent of father Andrew Carson, A.H. Davis JP

 8. Walton Walter Griffith, m. in Calloway Co KY on Nov 10, 1838 to Mahula "Malty" Woodall, dau of Matilda Woodall.   pd 1843  Marsh Co KY taxes, but had no land.   Mvd from near Martin Byrd Griffith to next door to Seibert Griffith.   1850 McCrack Co KY, 1860 Ballard Co KY, 1880 Ball Co KY cen.   Issue, 9 ch:  Sarah E, 1840-1936 Carlisle Co KY single;  Matilda A, b. 1841;  James B.R, 1842-1929 Cunningham, Carlisle Co KY;  Ervin Anderson Griffith, 1844-1917 and m. Eliza Jane Burrow;  Mary S, b. 1847;  Rebecca I, b 1849;  Alfred D Griffith, 1856-aft 1920 Carli Co KY and m. Margaret;  Geo W, b 1858;  Margaret M  Griffith, 1860-1938 Carlisle Co KY and m. Lawson Lee DeJarnatt.

        Q U E R Y:  Maybe this Walton Walter was son of Delpha Griffith's first marriagae ?

 ?9. ?Wm Griffin, m. in McCracken Co on Jun 6, 1832 to Ibby Byrd.   reasoning:  McCracken Co marr records shows a John Griffin m.  to a Sally Bell, 1843 McCracken Co, that writer thinks belongs to John Griffith and Nancy Bourland; therefore, this Griffin  may well be a Griffith also.

 ?10. Daniel B Griffith, m. Charlotte Catherine Ferguson [b. 1808 New York‑d.1868 McCrac], dau of Charles and Lydia Ferguson.   Daniel delivered mail and bought land in McCracken Co before his early death.   Charlotte's name is on several deeds at the Carlisle Co KY Courthouse.   Issue, 3 ch: that m. in McCrac Co:  Lydia Griffith, b. 1825 and m. Allen Doyle;  Sarah "Saretta"  b. 1827 and m. Lewis J Doyle;  George Robert Griffith, b. 1831 and m. Eliz Jane Blue.

 Q U E R Y:  Look on 1880 cen for these ch: to find where Daniel was born.

Char m,2. to Toliver Doyle (Toliver..initial S. or L.), wit: Allen Gibson; brought min 6 ch to marr.   He abandoned Charlotte; div c1849.

  Q U E R Y :  Who is the David Griffith that m. Elener B. Gray in Muhlenburg Co KY on Jun 1807.  cere by Thos Irvin ?    Where does Reece Griffith fit ?  b. 1853. b. and raised Graves Co    m. 1876 Graves Co to N Laura Pryor


1840 Hopkins Co Cen    this older John Griffith may be related to Geo Griffith.     John   Griffith, b. 1780‑90  1m 10/15 1m 15/20 1f 5/10 1f 15/20 wife 50/60 and b. 1780‑90    Daniel Griffith, b. 1810‑20  1m  5/10 1f u/5            wife 20/30 and b. 1810‑20   ? son of immed above John   let's look in 1850 Hopkins Co Cen for these families.

 Tobacco.  Robertson Co TN area, 1st court case relates that 15 came from VA-NC line counties on either side of state line and came  with seeds and know how.  "Dark Fired" tobacco raised in the "black patch."

Alex Griffith and Richard Baker are wit: Hopkins Co KY 1811 deed for Abner Martin.   James Martin assigned G Ramsey.

James Martin's parents: Sarah Baker and Benj Martin.   Patsy Baker, half sis to Wm Griffith of Livingston Co KY PROBATE dated 1809‑11, Wm's mom is Jane Payne.

 Martin Byrd Griffith, adm for Alex Griffith's estate, $20 for note to James Wright.   Wm Wright m. Cath Siebert, b.1817 Pitts Co VA.  Rev War vet, Obediah Griffith

        Wm Griffith, b. 1760 Greenbrier Co VA, d. 1800 Harrison Co KY and          m. Sarah Baker, Rev War Sgt

        Wm Griffith, b.                        d. 1800 Livinston Co KY and half‑sis to Patsy Baker

1820 Caldwell Co KY          Griffith, Geo, Bird, Gipson Gray Jr, Gilson Gray Sr, Isaac Gray, and James Greer

1822 Hickman Co KY TAX LIST  Griffiths: Daniel  , Jeptha, George, Byrd. ...Byrd and Geo ours, prob also Daniel  .. Jeptha, Anna Laura's

1823 Hickman Co KY TAX LIST  Griffiths: Daniel B, Wm, Thomas

1824 Hickman Co KY TAX LIST  Griffiths: Daniel B, Wm, Thomas, Mary, John W......know this Wm m. Greer; John W. pos lived in McCrac

 1820 KY Caldwell Co p 53‑28  Griffith, Bird

1820 KY Caldwell Co p 53‑29  Griffith, Geo

1820 KY Christian   p 41‑15  Griffy, Geo

1830 KY Calloway Co          Hodges, David next door to Seibert Griffith

1830 KY Calloway Co          Griffith, Siebert

1840 KY Graves Co            Hodges, Geo Washington

1840 KY Graves Co            Griffith, Siebert   7 houses away from Geo W Hodges, son of Dianna


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