Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains

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Griffith -  Bourland

My direct ancestor is child number 1.  Joseph McElroy Griffith

My direct ancestor is child number 1.  Temperance Elizabeth "Bettie" Griffith-McDowell

My direct ancestor is  Mary Boone Moore .

Marriage in Hopkins Co KY on May 5, 1821 of Siebert Griffith and Temperance Bourland.

Seibert B. Griffith  b. 1797 Franklin Co VA to Millie Byrd and George Griffith [b-? Chester Co PA, in 1820 Caldwell Co KY cen, m-1778 Chesterfield Co VA]. Seibert d-prob Lovelaceville, Cobbs Dist, Ballard Co KY bet 1860-1870 cen, maybe Mt Pleasant Bap Church Cemetery.

Temperance "Tempie" Bourland, b-Wilkes Co NC in 1803 to Agnes McElroy [d-c1825 KY] and Benjamin Bourland [1779 Wilkes Co NC-1851 Ladonia, Fannin Co TX]. Tempie d-c1882 prob Ballard Co KY; prob buried Mt. Pleasant Bap Church Cem, Graves Co KY.

**1. Joseph McElroy Griffith, b-Jul 22, 1822 Hopkins Co KY, d-Oct 27, 1888 Cooper, Delta Co TX m-Martha Ann Moore/Mary Levina Musick

2. female b 1820-1825 Mississippi Co MO d aft 1830 per 1830 cen

3. Benjamin B Griffith, b 1828 Mississippi Co MO d aft 1870 ? Ballard Co KY m Willingham/Austin

4. Nancy Katherine Griffith b 1830 Calloway Co KY d per fam records

5. Mary Ann Griffith b 1831 ? Calloway Co KY d 1870-1880 ? Ballard Co KY m. John Mott

6. James William Griffith b Apr 6, 1832 Benton, Callo KY d Sep 27, 1917 Kansas, Graves Co KY m. Margaret Whitlow

7. Martha Jane Griffith b Nov 1, 1834 Graves Co KY d Feb 22, 1905 Hunt Co TX m. Ben McKinney

8. Eliza B. Griffith b 1837 Graves Co KY d ca 1863 ? Ballard Co KY m. Ben McKinney

9. Gilbert B. Griffith b May 1838 Graves Co KY d aft 1900 ? Carlisle Co KY m. Nancy J Whitlow

10. Thomas Reece Griffith b Sep 26, 1843 Ballard Co KY d aft 1920 ? Carlisle Co KY m. Sarah_/Sarah A_

** 1. Joseph McElroy Griffith, m. in McCracken Co KY on Aug 22, 1845 to Martha Ann Moore [1822 AL-1862 Lamar Co TX], dau of Mary "Polly Ann" Boone [1796 KY-c1855 Polk Co MO] and Wm H. Moore [1790 NC-1869 Polk Co MO], m-1818 Madison Co AL.  Sons of Confederate Veterans and DAR application info.  Issue, 7 ch: Hannah Ann Griffith,  (1847-1884) and m-1879 Cooke Co TX to John H. McBroom, 2 ch; Richmond Bourland Griffith, 1849-1935 Coleman Co TX and m. Theodocia Anderson; twins: Wm B Griffith, 1851-1917 Coleman Co TX, single; Eliza Jane Griffith (1851-1892) and m-Abel Price; George Wash, 1854 Polk Co MO-aft 1900 IT and m. Becky Smith;  ** Temperance Elizabeth "Bettie" Griffith, 1857 Polk Co MO-1917 Donley Co TX and m. Wm McDowell; Amanda E Griffith, 1860-?1931 ?Jack Co TX and m. Billy McClure/ maybe also Humphreys Griffis.

Joe m,2. in Fannin Co TX in Mar/Apr 1863 to Mary Lavina Musick [Dec 7, 1838 Washington Co VA-Jun 12, 1935 Delta Co TX], dau of Mary Thirza Hawk and Andrew Jackson Musick. Dawson Cem, Cooper, Delta Co TX. Issue, 12 ch: Joseph Milton "Joe" Griffith, 1864 Lamar Co TX-1919 Kaufman Co TX and m. Emma (Goode) Halliburton; James Gilbert, 1865-1868 Lamar Co TX single; Andrew Jackson, 1867-1867 single; Thirza Catherine "Dutch" Griffith, 1868-1943 Choctaw Co OK and m-Henry Patton Kizer; Mary Virginia "Jennie" Griffith 1870-1948 Delta Co TX and m. John Grant; Sarah Bell, 1872-1943 Delta Co TX and m. Wilse Parrish; Sammie Hawk, 1874-1876 Delta Co TX single; Nancy Ella "Nan" Griffith, 1875-1964 Howard Co TX and m. Wm Tucker/Wm Andrew Cannedy/ Joe Bond; Walter Walton Griffith, 1877-1948 Wharton Co TX and m. Sarah Frances Price; Francis Burton "Bertie," 1879 single; Amelia Gertrude Griffith, 1882-1959 Harris Co TX and m. Edward Price; Arthur Ernest Griffith, 1885-1963 Angelina Co TX and m. Mattie Oliver.

3. Benjamin B. Griffith, m. in McCracken Co KY on Feb 3, 1850 to Catherine Willingham [1836-Jul 1860 Ballard Co KY], dau to prob Wm Willingham, son of Gartha and Jarrett Willingham [1782-1834 Hickman Co KY]). Wm Willingham in 1850 McCrak Co KY cen. Ben's marr cere perf by Joseph Canada, wit: John Enlow. She d. Jul 1860 Ballard Co KY, age 24 of ?scrofula per 1860 Mortality Sch. Joseph Canada perf 1850 marr cere plus Joseph McElroy Griffith's, see ch #1). Issue, min 3 ch: Temperance Griffith, b-1852 and m-Sep 6, 1870 Ballard Co KY to John G. Brown; Seibert Wesley Samuel Griffith, 1855-1923 Hugo, Choctaw Co OK and m-1874 McCrack Co KY to Sally A. Spalding; and James W. Griffith, b-1857.

Ben, m,2. in Ballard Co KY on Jan 11, 1859 to Nancy M. "Ann" Austin [b-1829 TN-aft 1880 Ballard Co cen], prob. dau of P.W. Austin. Issue, 3 ch: Catherine, b-1861; Charles Joseph Griffith, (1867-1918) and m-Nola Alice Tucker; Harriett, Jan 21,1870-d-bef 1880 cen

5. Mary Ann Griffith, m. in ?Ballard Co KY c1865 to John "M or D" Mott [b. 1815 KY], son of prob Eliz Mott [1788 VA-aft 1870 Ballard Co KY cen]. 1870 Ballard Co KY cen pp426 & 433; 1880 Ballard Co KY cen found John w/o Mary Ann next door to son Benj B Mott. Mary Ann b. prob in Fuller Cem near Zoar Bapt Ch about 3 mi South of Lovelaceville, Carlisle Co KY. John Mott in 1840 McCrac Co cen.   Issue, min 1 ch: John W Mott, b. 1867.

John, m,1. to Ann Helm. 1840 McCracken Co KY cen. Issue, 5 ch: James N Mott, b. 1838; Amanda Mott b-1840-Oct 1,1872 Ballard Co KY and m. Sep 30, 1858 to R.W. Shelbourne [b-Oct 27, 1832 Graves Co KY], 9 ch; John M. Mott, b. 1843; Benj B. Mott, b-1847; Eliz Mott, b. Feb 1850.

6. James W. Griffith, m. in Graves Co KY on Jan 5, 1859 to Margaret E. Whitlow [1840 KY-bef 1900 cen], dau of Jane Dinwiddle [b-1816 KY] and James Whitlow [b-1813 NC, m-Nov 1, 1832 Allen Co KY], son of Sarah Morgan [b-1778 NC] and Jesse Whitlow [b-1777 NC]. James lvd 1880 Arlington, Ballard Co KY, 1900 Massac, McCrac Co KY. Issue, 8 ch: Jimmie D. Griffith b-1861; Irena S "Rene" or "Arenna" Griffith b-Nov 1862; Wm R Griffith b-May 1865 KY; John W Griffith b-1867; Armintha Griffith b-1870; James T. Griffith b-1873; Oscar Griffith b-1876; Dan H Griffith, b-Oct 1879.


7. Martha Jane Griffith, m. prob McCracken Co KY c1864 to Ben M. McKinney [Jul 11, 1834 KY-Dec 1, 1885 Hunt Co TX], son of Rebecca Stobaugh [b-1809 TN] and Chs McKinney [b-1801 KY, m-1831 Hopkins Co KY]. 1880 McCrack Co KY cen. Money Cem, NE of Greenville, Hunt Co TX. Issue, 7 ch: Eliza Jane, b-1865 and m. Lee Fulkerson; Sarah Ann McKinney, b-1866 and m. Arch Fulkerson; Geo W McKinney b-cJan 1870; Nancy K "Kitty," b-1871 and m. John Ford; Cora A ?same as? "Luby," b-1873 and m-John Dillard Barrett; Luby b-Apr 1877; David B. McKinney b-1877; Wiley Lumas McKinney b-1879, m-?Bessie ?Reece


8. Eliza B. Griffith, m. in McCracken Co KY on Nov 19, 1855 to Ben M. McKinney [b-1836 KY], son of Rebecca Stobaugh [b-1809 TN] and Chs McKinney [b-1801 KY, m-1831 Hopkins Co KY]. 1855 marr perf by John W Ogilvie, Consent of S.B. Griffith; surety Benj McKinney and Wm H McKinney; wit: Harrison McKinney, Joseph Clark, and Geo T. Griffith. 1860 Ballard Co KY cen. Ben later m. her sis Martha. Issue, 3 ch: Martha McKinney, b. 1858 and m. __Brady; Joseph McKinney, b-1861 and m. __ Johnson; Benjamin Franklin "Frank" McKinney, b. 1863 and m. Mirtie Pierce.


9. Gilbert B. Griffith, m. c1861 to Nancy J Whitlow [Aug 1844 KY-Dec 4, 1911 Carlisle Co KY], dau of Jane Dinwiddle [b-1816 KY] and James Whitlow [b-1813 NC, m-Nov 1, 1832 Allen Co KY], son of Sarah Morgan [b-1778 NC] and Jesse Whitlow [b-1777 NC]. Some bur Zoar Cem, Cunningham, Carlisle Co KY. Issue, 11 ch: Sally Griffith b-1862; Billy Griffith b-1863; John Griffith b-1864; Susan Griffith b-1865; Hannah Ann Griffith, May 9, 1867 Wickliffe, Ballard Co KY-Jun 18, 1938 Ranger, Evergreen Cem, Eastland Co TX and m-Sep 20, 1884 Lamar Co TX to Jacob Rushing "Jake" Baker, 11 ch; Mary M Griffith b-1869; Gilbert C "Clint" Griffith b-Mar 1874 and m-Carrie _; Nancy J Griffith b-Jan 1875 and m-Roland T Brent; Joseph Ervin "Erve" Griffith, May 1880-1958 Cunningham, Carlisle Co KY and m. Mollie _; Luisa E Griffith, b. 1881; Sarah Elizabeth "Liz" Griffith, b-Apr 1884 and m. James Shepard.


10. Thomas Reece "T.R." Griffith, m. to Sarah [b. 1849 KY]. Issue, _ch: Margaretta A Griffith b-1867 KY; Eliza T. Griffith b-1869 KY; Wm I Griffith b-1872; Isaac E Griffith b-1877. .....gson Wm Effor Gray, b-Aug 1892 KY KY KY


T.R. m,2. c1880 to Sarah A [b-May 1847 KY IL IL-aft 1920 cen]. Sara brought to marr Allora A Griffith, b. Jan 1881. Issue, min 1 ch: Lillie A Griffith, b-Oct 1884 and m. _ Lamkin, 2 ch.



Timeline,  Joseph McElroy Griffith and Martha Ann Moore

1797 Franklin Co VA, Blackwater Creek, Seibert B. born to Milly Bird and Geo Griffis [m-1778 Chesterfield Co VA]

1803 NC, maybe Wilkes Co NC. Temperance born to Agnes McElroy and Benjamin Bourland.

1821 Hopkins Co KY on May 5, 1821, marriage of Siebert Griffith and Temperance Bourland....prob on Pond Creek (see p1-6)

1823 Calloway Co KY Tax List. Cebert, John, Geo, Martin Bird, and Jessey Griffith, plus Drury, Hiram, and Jno Hodges. Siebert Grifith lived on Clark’s River, about 2 mi east of Murray, Calloway Co KY, prob on a farm owned by David Hodges. Then they moved to northwestern Graves Co KY.

1824 Calloway Co KY Tax List. Seburn, John, Geo, and Martin Bird Griffith plus John Quarles, next door

1828 Mississippi Co, Missouri. son Benjamin Griffith born there....

1830 Calloway Co KY cen p202-21 John M.C. Bourland 10001--1001 John McElroy Bourland

1830 Calloway Co KY cen p201-15 John Griffith 221001--10001 m. Nancy Bourland

1830 Calloway Co KY cen p211-6 Cebert Grif. 110001--11001 on Clark River 3 mi E. Murray KY next to David Hodges

1830 Calloway Co KY cen p211-6 Harrison Irby 000001--21001

1832 Benton, Calloway Co KY [1842 became Marshall Co], "James William Griffith, b-Apr 6, 1833 [sic, 1832] Benton, Kentucky; father: Sebert Griffith born Louisville KY; mother Bolin born Madisonville KY. per Graves Co KY 1917 dc #24873-5979. Seibert and Temperance Griffith probably attended the Clark’s River Primitive Baptist Church, which was part of the Soldier Creek Baptist Association. (see Washburn’s "Clark’s River Prim. Bapt Church")

1840 Graves Co KY, Boaz, Apr 4....Seibert Griffith and Tempie Bourland joined Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church three (3) mi , also John & Nancy mem, "Clark’s River Primitive Baptist Church organized May 1820 in the Wm. and Betsy Owens home, later Soldier Creek Baptist Church." per Washam's "Clark’s River Primitive Baptist Church."

1840 Graves Co KY cen p114-14 David Boaz, the 15 in p114-15 refers to the number of names from top of page

1840 Graves Co KY cen p114-15 Dicey Bearden 00102--03001 (see p7-1)

1840 Graves Co KY cen p115-32 Wm Moore 11001--11011

1840 Graves Co KY cen p117-27 Joshua Boaz

1840 Graves Co KY cen p117-28 Silbert Griffith 1111001--021101

1840 McCrac Co KY cen p84-_ John M Mott 12001--11001 ..prob the John Mott m-Mary Ann Griffith

1840 McCrac Co KY cen p78-17 Joseph Canada 00011--20001 perf 1846 marr cere of Josep McElro Griffith

1840 McCrac Co KY cen p82-16 Andrew Gilmore 011991--112001 m-Seabury Bourland (see p7-1)

1840 McCrac Co KY cen p82-19 John Griffith 0002001--0110001 m-Nancy Bourland (see p2-1)

1840 McCrac Co KY cen p83-25 Benjamin Bourland 110000001--211002 Tempie Bourland Griffith’s father

1842 Ballard Co KY formed from McCracken and Hickman Counties KY

1845 McCracken Co KY, Aug 22. son Jospeh McElroy Griffith m-Martha Ann Moore, Joseph Canada perf marr cere

1850 McCracken Co KY, Feb. son Ben Griffith m. Catherine Willingham. Joseph Canada perf marr cere

1850 McCracken Co KY cen p178 Aug 23, 234-235 Sebert Griffith 53 VA, farmer $100; Temperance [Bourland] 47 NC; Mary Ann _; James W 18 farmer; Martha J. 16 KY; Elizabeth B. 13; Gilbert B 11; Thomas R 6 KY.

1850 McCrack Co KY cen p178 Aug 23, 235-236 J.M. Griffith 27 KY farmer; Martha Ann [Moore] 27 AL; Hannah A 3KY; Richmond 1 KY

1854 Ballard Co KY, Lovelaceville, Nov 25....."Seibert Griffith sold his land last spring to Moore, but the hardness of the times has prevented him from moving this year. His health has been very bad but I understand a few days ago, he was gaining." per Nov 25, 1854 letter from Reece Bourland [1812-1864] to Benjamin Bourland [1818-1900, of Ladonia, Fannin Co TX]. per BP-DM4406-3N-087

Editor’s note: Their oldest son, Joseph McElroy Griffith m-1845 Martha Ann Moore, daughter of Mary "Polley Ann" Boone and Wm. H. Moore. In April 1852 Joseph Griffith moved from the Lovelaceville area to Polk County, Missouri. Wm. H. Moore probably moved to Missouri after March 1856, Polleys death. The Moore that Seibert Griffith sold property to was probably Wm H. Moore, but could have been one of his sons.

1855 McCracken Co KY, Nov 19. daughter Eliza Jane Griffith m. Ben McKinney.

1856 McCracken Co KY, Paducah, Mar 22. "Sebart is still living in this country. He sould out last fall and Started to Moove [move] to the Missouri and got as far as our house. Some youngsters came with them that far ... next morning a young man by the name of [Ben M.] McKinney Asked the old folks for Eliza [Griffith], the youngest daughter and they was married [Nov 1855], and Sebart gave out mooveng [moving] any further and are [now] living in the Edge of Ballard [County] near Lovelaceville." per Mar 22, 1856 letter from Nancy Bourland Griffith (1800-1874) to Col. James Bourland (1801-1879) of Gainesville, Cooke Co TX. per BP-DM4406-3N-079

1859 Ballard Co KY, son Ben Griffith m. Nancy A "Ann" Austin.

1859 Graves Co KY, Jan 5. son James W Griffith married Margaret Whitlow.

1860 Polk Co MO, Feb 7.    Thornton Wainscott's will probated, writer's Joseph McElroy Griffith was executor, named twice, will written Dec 2, 1859.  Joseph McElroy Griffith's name on Thornton Wainscott  will, twice.  Notice that Thornton Wainscott's wife was Rebecca Boone, whose neice was Martha Ann Moore Griffith, dau of Mary Polly Ann Boone-Moore. who was m-1818 Madison Co AL to Wm. H. Moore.    Yeah!

1860 Ballard Co KY cen p99(659) Cobbs Dist, Jul 16, Elm, 666-644 Sebert Grifith 64 VA farmer $300; Temperance [Bourland] 57 NC; Gilbert B Griffith 22 KY farm labor; Martha J 25; Mary A 29; Thomas R Griffith 16

1860 Ballard Co KY cen p103 Cobbs Dist, P.O. Elm Jul 17, 659-667 Walton Grifith can read and write

1860 Ballard Co KY cen p106(665) Cobbs Dist, Jul 19, Elm, 705-683 Benjamin B Grifith 32 MO $1000/$300 cannot read or write; Ann M [Austin] 31 TN; Temperance 6 KY; Seibert W 5 (Robt W in 1870 cen); James W 3

1860 Ballard Co KY cen p106(665) Cobbs Dist, Jul 19, Elm, 683-661 Benjamin McKenny 25 KY farm laborer $50; Eliza R [Griffith] 23 KY; Martha A McKenny 2 KY.

1860 Ballard Co KY cen p668 Cobbs Dist, PO Melvina, Jul 19, 720-798 Rich Austin w/ 3 Willinghams, Alex Stratton

Civil War.   re: Hannah Griffith McBroom, m John McBroom, who served in the 27th Arkansas Inf. during the War.  His father was Abel Armstrong McBroom of Cannon Co. Tenn. who died in Madison Co. Ark. near Huntsville in 1860.  per  great-nephew Erik McBroom

1870 Ballard Co KY cen p11(421) Jun 21 Dist 4, Milburn, 71-75 Benjamin Griffey 42 MO $1200/$800 cannot read or write; Nancy C, 41 TN; Robt W 15 KY in school; Catherine 9 KY, Charley 3 KY; Harriett 5/12 b-Jan 21, 1870. 71-76 Temperance Brown 17 KY; John G Brown 24 KY $400. .....Whitlows next door

1870 Ballard Co KY cen p426 Milburn 161-168 John Mott 55 KY; Mary Ann [Grif] Temperance Griffith 66 SC, old & feeble...1880 Ballard Co KY cen 123-123, John Mott 67 KY SC SC.

1870 Ballard Co KY cen p23(427) Dist 4 Milburn 170-177 Walton Griffith 57 KY $100/1000; Mahala [Woodall] 50 KY

1870 Ballard Co KY cen, p427, P.O. Milburn, 172-179 Gilbert Griffith 25 KY, Nancy 20 KY, cannot read or write; Sally 8 KY, Billy 7 KY, John 6 KY, Susan 5 KY....Hannah Baker's dad G.B Griffith about age 32 in 1870

1870 Ballard Co KY cen p28(429) Jun 27 Dist 4 Milburn 197-205 James W Griffith 36 KY $100/$250; Margaret [Whitlow] 30 KY, Jimmie (fe) 10 KY, Irene 8 KY, Wm B 5 KY, John M 3 KY

1870 Lamar Co TX cen Sep 29 Pct 2 Paris 761-761 Joseph McElroy Griffith; Mary S 27 VA; Hanner A 22KY; Wm B 19KY; Eliza J 19; Geo W 16 MO; Temperance E [McDowell] 13MO; Amanda M 12; Sarah C 2; Mary V 1, Derrick next door

1875 McCracken Co KY. Martha (Griffith) McKinney had 2 plots: sec20 twp6N ran1W, sec28 twp6N ran1W.

1870 Ballard Co KY cen p22(426) Milburn 161-168 John Mott 55 KY; Mary Ann [Griffith] 39 KY; John W. 3KY; Temperance [Bourland] Griffith 66 SC old and feeble. (1886 Carlisle Co formed from Ballard Co KY)

1870 Graves Co KY cen p107 Haynes Dist P.O. Kansas 86-86 Thomas Griffith 26 KY $750/1320 farmer, cannot read or write; Sarah 21 KY; Margarette 3; Eliza 1 KY.

1880 Ballard Co KY cen ED67-11 Arlington, J.W. Griffith 44 KY; Margaret [Whitlow] 40 KY; Jinmey J 9 son; Raney 17; Wm 15; Armintha 10; Ausher 4; Don 10/12.

1880 Ballard Co KY cen ED65-18(464) 165-165 Nancy M Griffith 56 TN TN TN widow; Catherine A 19KY; Charles J Grif 12

1880 Ballard Co KY cen ED65-23(467) Jul 24 PO Brakes 207-207 G.B. Griffith 41 KY KY KY farm laborer cannot read write; Nancy J 35 KY keeping house can read write; Hannor A 13, Mary M 11 KY, Gilbert C 5 KY, Nancy J 4 KY, Jos E., May 1880...neighbors: Perry, Ransom, Whitlow, Scott, Watson, Bone, Stoner, Preston, Corgel J.R. Griffith 36 KY in 1880 Eastland Co TX cen ED173-47, Pct 7.

1880 Graves Co KY cen ED88-32(228) Haynes Dist 251-251 Thomas R Griffith 36 KY SC KY; Sarah A 34 KY IL IL; Margaretta A 13; Eliza T 11; Wm I 8; Isac E 3; Allora A 7/12 step-dau.

1880 McCracken Co KY cen, Milburn, Temperance (Bourland) Griffith 77 NC NC NC w/ dau Martha (Griffith) McKinney

1882 "Aunt Tempie died about ten years ago" per Hillen Bourland’s Oct 27, 1892 letter, Arrington Papers (see p3-94, 9-8)

1884 Lamar Co TX, Gilbert B Griffith living here for Hannah's wedding and the birth of Sarah Elizabeth b-Apr 1884.

1886 Carlisle Co KY formed from Ballard Co KY

1888 Delta Co TX, Cooper. son Joseph McElroy Griffith died in Cooper.

1894 Carlisle Co KY, Cunningham, Hannah Baker 5th ch, Vivie Pearl Baker, born here, Gilbert Griffith line

1896 Ballard Co KY, Wickliffe, Hannah Baker's 6th ch, Alvin Bryan Baker, born here, Gilbert Griffith line

1900 Carlisle Co KY cen ED23-20(56) 371-374 Gilbert B Griffith __m-35 yrs cannot read, write; rent farm; Nancy J. [Whitlow] Aug 1847 can read, write; Jos I Apr 1880 KY farm labor; Luisa Dec 1881 KY; Sarah A 1884 TX

1900 Carlisle Co KY cen ED23-4(40) Jun 7 Pct 2 Cunningham 71-17 _ Griffith Oct 1875 KY m-25 yrs; Margaret Griffith Dec 52 KY (cannot read first name... may have been married longer).

1900 Carlisle Co KY cen ED23-19(55) 366-366 Roland T Brent Oct 1862; Nannie J Jan 1875 KY, 1 ch alive of 2 births; Cordie E Brent Jan 1899 KY.

1900 Carlisle Co KY cen ED 23-4(40) Jun 7 Pct 2 Cunningham 68-65 Thomas R Griffith 53 KY, cannot read or write, owns farm; Sarah A. May 1847 KY IL KY 7 ch alive of 9 births; Allora A Aug 1881; Lillie A Oct 1884; Wm E Gray Aug 1892 KY KY KY gson.

1900 Carlisle Co KY cen ED23-19(55) Jul 4 Pct 2 Cunningham Gilbert C Griffith Mar 1875; Carrie H May 1884 KY KY KY

1900 McCracken Co KY cen, ED75-17, Pct 7, Massac, 329-331 James W Griffith, Apr 1833 KY VA VA cannot read or write rents farm; Arrenna, Nov 1862; Wm R ,May 1865; James T., May 1874; Don H (son) Jun 1879 KY.


1900 Hunt Co TX cen ED126-11, 184-191 Martha (Griffith) McKinney 66 KY found w/ dau Cora ?Luby Barretta/Barrett


1900 Ballard Co KY cen ED Ervin A Griffith; Alice M Jan 1865


1910 Carlisle Co KY cen, ED36-7(38), 127-129 Erven Griffith 30 KY, own home, mortgage; Mollie 30 KY 2 ch,2 births; Otto 5KY; Irie 2KY


1910 Carlisle Co KY cen ED41-5(96) J.E Griffith 30 KY, own home, mortgaged, 1920 Carlisle Co KY cen ED46-7(34) 157-159 J.E. Griffith 39 KY; Mollie 39 KY; Otto 5 KY; Irel 12 KY; Jannita 3/12 KY


1910 McCracken Co KY cen ED129-350, James W Griffith 78 KY; James F 35 KY; Minnie 28 KY dau-in-law; Dorothy P 4; Aubrey


1920 Carlisle Co KY cen ED47-8, Reece Griffith 76 KY; Sarah 73 KY


1920 Ballard cen ED5-12 John Griffith 55 KY; Allie 42; Eugene G 16; Jesee 13; Hurvey 11; Ruby; Hatti ...


1920 Carlisle Co KY cen ED47-4(39) Jan 3 Pct 2, James Shepard 53 KY KY KY; Elizabeth [Griffith] 36 KY KY KY; Jimmy L 11 son; Laurene 10; Bernice 8; Giddy C 6 son; Lonie D 5 son; Tonie 2 11/12 dau; Dinie 2 11/12 dau.


1920 McCrack Co KY cen ED153-13 Clint Griffith 42 KY; Dewey 19 KY son; Ethel 17 KY; Desmer 14 KY






Joseph McElroy Griffith  (1822-1888)

**Martha Ann Moore  (1822-1862)

Mary Lavenia Musick  (1838-1935)

Marriages of Joseph McElroy Griffith, b. Jul 2, 1822 Hopkins Co KY to Temperance Bourland [1803 NC-1882 Ballard Co KY] and Seibert B Griffith [1796 VA ?Frank Co-bet 1860-1870 Ballard Co KY, m-May 5, 1821 Hopkins Co KY]. Joseph d. Oct 24, 1888 Cedar Creek Community, near Cooper, Dawson Cem, Delta Co TX.

m,1. in Lovelaceville, McCracken Co KY on Aug 22, 1845 to Martha Ann Moore, b-Sep 13, 1822 AL [?Madison Co] to Mary "Polley Ann" "Polley Ann" Boone [1796 KY-c1856 Lovelaceville, Ballard Co KY] and Wm H Moore [1790 NC-1869 Greene twp, Polk Co MO, MB1-117]. 1845 marr cere perf by Joseph Cannada, JP, bond signed by E.J. Sissle. re: Martha’s mother: "Sis Polley is dead." per Mar 22, 1856 letter from Nancy Bourland Griffith (1800-1874, aunt of Joseph Griffith) to Col. James Bourland (1801-1874) of Gainesville, Cooke Co TX. per BP-DM4406-3N-079. Martha d-Ben Franklin, Lamar Co (now Delta) TX in Mar/Apr 1862.

m,2. in Fannin Co TX in Mar or Apr 1863 to Mary Lavenia Musick, b. in Washington Co, VA on Dec 7, 1838 to Mary Thirza Hawk and Andrew Jackson Musick. Mary, at age 14, walked from VA to TX helping to drive cattle; then helped her father in a brick quarry. Mary d-Jun 12, 1935 Delta Co TX, while lvg w/ dau Sarah Bell Griffith Parrish, RFD # 1, Cooper TX; b. Dawson Cem.

Mary Lavenia, m,2-Delta Co TX on Aug 26, 1894 to "Caleb M Little [d-1920], div 1902." per G.R Taylor CSA pension appl.

ch: by m,1. Martha Ann Moore

1. Hannah Ann Griffith b-Jan 17, 1847 McCrack Co KY; d-Sep 3, 1884 Cooke Co TX; m-John Henry McBroom

2. Richmond Bourland "Doc" Griffith, b-Feb 1, 1849 McCrack Co KY d-Apr 29, 1935 Coleman Co TX m. Theo Anderson

3. William B. Griffith b Jul 30, 1851 McCrac Co KY d Jun 3, 1917 Coleman Co TX single

4. Eliza Jane Griffith b-Jul 30, 1851 McCrac Co KY d-Jan 9, 1892 Anderson Co TX m-Abel Price

5. George Washington Griffith b Sep 19, 1854 Polk Co MO d aft 1900 IT ?Push Co OK m. Becky Smith

**6. Temperance Elizabeth "Bettie" b May 3, 1857 Polk Co MO d Jan 12, 1917 Donley Co, TX m. Wm McDowell

7. Amanda M. Griffith b-Jan 23, 1860/1859 Polk Co MO d-?1931 ? Jack Co TX m-?Griffs/McClure

by m,3. Mary Lavina Musick

8. Joseph Milton "Joe" Griffith b Mar 17, 1864 Lamar Co TX d Dec 4, 1919 Kaufman Co TX Emma Goode Haliburton

9. James Gilbert Griffith b Jul 11, 1865 Lamar Co TX d Sep 1, 1868 Lamar Co TX single

10. Andrew Jackson Griffith b May 15, 1867 Lamar Co TX d Aug 4, 1867 Lamar Co TX single

11. Thirza Catherine "Dutch" b May 28, 1868 Lamar Co TX d Apr 4, 1943 Choctaw Co OK m. Pat Kizer

12. Mary Virginia "Jennie" b Mar 19, 1870 Lamar Co TX d May 26, 1948 Delta Co TX m. John Grant

13. Sarah Bell "Bell" Griffith b Jan 3, 1872 Delta Co TX d Oct 13, 1943 Delta Co TX m. Wilse Parrish

14. Sammie Hawk Griffith (fe) b Jan 6, 1874 Delta Co TX d Sep 10, 1876 Delta Co TX single

15. Nancy Ella "Nan" Griffith b Apr 3, 1875 Delta Co TX d Aug 26, 1964 Howard Co TX Tucker/Cannedy/Bond

16. Walter Walton Griffith b May 4, 1877 Delta Co TX d Jul 8, 1948 Matagorda Co TX m. Sarah Price

17. Frances Burton "Bertie" b Apr 7, 1879 Delta Co TX d young Delta Co TX single

18. Amelia Gertrude Griffith b Mar 10, 1882 Delta Co TX d Feb 14, 1959 Harris Co TX m. Edward Price

19. Arthur Ernest Griffith b Jun 27, 1885 Delta Co TX d Dec 31, 1963 Angelina Co TX m. Mattie Oliver

1. Hannah Ann "Ann" Griffith, m-Cooke Co TX on Nov 24, 1879 to John Henry McBroom or John Houston McBroom [1842 Cannon Co TN-1891 Dexter, Cooke Co TX], son of  Frances Hayes [1809 NC-1867 Madison Co AR] and Abel Armstrong McBroom [1778 Rowan Co NC-1860 Madison Co AR, McBroom Cem, m-1841 Cannon Co TN.   Hannah Ann Griffith was the only person named in Col. James Bourland’s (1801-1879) Cooke Co TX will. (see will, and Hannah’s photo). Hannah buried North Dexter Cem, Cooke Co TX.  Issue, 2 ch:  John McBroom, b-c1880; George B. McBroom, b-1884 (initial B. probably referred to Bourland). one Geo McBroom, d. Dec 15, 1936 Llano Co TX, death cert # 61141.

John Henry McBroom, m,1- to Unknown:    Issue, 6 ch: Thomas M. McBroom b-Mar 2, 1875 Madison Co AR-aft 1910 Carter Co OK cen p200 and m. Leola, 4 ch: Wm. Franklyn McBroom b. 5 Feb 5, 1869-aft 1900 Chickasaw Nation IT cen (now Love Co OK), p320 and m-Belle, 3 ch; Dora McBroom, b-1872; Manion McBroom, b-Aug 4, 1878 TX-aft 1910 Pottawatomie Co OK cen p12, and m-Hetty (__) Cleveland, 3 step-ch, min 1 ch;  Manson McBroom, b-Aug 4. 1878 TX-d-aft 1920 Pont Co OK p184 and m-Liddie A. "Belle", b-1886 AR, min 4 ch;  Stella McBroom b-Aug 4, 1878 and m-1899 Cannon Co TN to B.B. Odom.


John Henry McBroom, m,3-to Martha [d-Nov 24, 1894].  .....  John H. McBroom served in the 27th Arkansas Infantry, Co I, CSA, Enlisted in Madison Co AR on July 12, 1862; transferred from Adams’ Arkansas Infantry Regt, December 18, 1862; present, February 29, 1864.

2. Richmond Bourland "Doc, Doch, or R.B." Griffith, m. nr Cooper, Delta Co TX on Dec 31, 1874 to Ernestine Theodosia Anderson [1858 Tennessee Colony, Anderson Co TX-Jun 21, 1933 Coleman Co TX], dau of Archie McCorkle Anderson [b. ?GA or east TN] and Amelia Louise Senecney. Doc died in Santa Anna TX; bur Glen Cove TX. Doc wanted to be a physician, but was a farmer; wife Ernestine had a confectionary, candy store. lvd Delta Co TX; Coleman Co TX: Glen Cove, Bangs, and Santa Anna. Issue, 6 ch: Joseph McCorkle "Mack" Griffith, Dec 15, 1875 Delta Co TX-Mar 17, 1948 Travis Co TX and m. Effie McBride, 5 ch; Paul Francis Griffith, Feb 21, 1878 Delta Co TX-Jun 13, 1950 ? Orangevale CA and m. Stella Crockett, 2 ch; Chester Ernest "Chesney" Griffith, Aug 30, 1880 Delta Co TX-Mar 20, 1940 Bakersfield, Kern Co CA and m-Etoile Smith, 5 ch; Herbert Bourland Griffith, Nov 4. 1882 Delta Co TX-Apr 12, 1927 Coleman Co TX and m-Hattie Smith, 4 ch; Jessie Valera Griffith, Nov 14, 1889-Jan 6, 1972 and m. Fred Strange, 2 ch; Ora Griffith (nmn), Dec 13, 1893 Glen Cove, Coleman Co TX-Jan 8, 1982 Torrence, LA Co CA and m. John W Judd, 3 ch/Timmerman.

3. Wm B. Griffith was lvg with sis Bettie and Wm McDowell for 1880 Lamar Co TX cen, 28 KY KY TN; w/ bro Geo M and Becky for 1900 Lamar Co TX cen. He is prob the W.C. Griffith d-Coleman Co TX on Jun 3, 1917, #15483. (photo p4-10b, 4-23)

4. Eliza Jane Griffith, m- in __  on Jan 4, 1877 to Abel Price, son of  __ and ___ Price.    Issue, 6 ch: ... (1) Nancy Pernecia Price, b. 17 Mar 1880 d. 30 Sep 1881 ..... (2) Joseph Lee Price b. 22 Feb 1882 d. 30 Sep 1882   .... (3) Martha Priscilla Price, b. 7 Aug 1883 d. 21 July 1975 and m-Hubert H. Fitzgerald  ..... (4) Abel Price Jr b. 16 July 1888 d. 2 Sep 1965   ....  (5) Asa Price, b. 16 July 1888 d. 14 Oct 1978   ....   (6) Baby Boy b. 9 Jan 1892 d. 9 Jan 1892 Buried in the casket with mother Eliza Jane (Griffith) Price who died the same day. All except Abel Jr. are buried in Price cemetery, Springfield, Anderson Co. Texas

.5. Geo Wash Griffith, m in prob Lamar Co TX in 1883 to Rebecca A Smith [b-1847 MO TN AL], who brought 1 ch: John B Smith to marr. J.B. prob d-bef 1900 cen, 1 dau Rebecca Smith b-Jan 1900 IT. lvd Honobia, near LeFlore-Pushmahata Co OK. "Uncle George lvd in Honobia OK." per Illa May Morgan Curtis, Thirza’s gdau. No issue. (photo p4-13)

**6. Temperance Elizabeth "Bettie" Griffith, m. in Lamar Co TX on Mar 21, 1875 to Wm M McDowell [1849 Cumberland Co IL-1926 Clinton, Custer Co OK], son of Amelia [b-OH, ?Licking Co] and Walter M McDowell [1811 PA ?Venango Co-1892 Comanche IT (now Step Co OK)]. Bettie lived Paris, Lamar Co TX; Buffalo Springs, Clay Co TX; Wildhorse Creek, Owens Prairie, Ind Terr (now Step Co OK); Jericho, Donley Co TX. Issue, 9 ch: Minnie Frances McDowell 1876-1920 and m. Charles Addington Moore; Walter Henry 1878-1889 single; Joseph Wm McDowell 1880-1955 and m-Emma Bowers: Charles Moore McDowell, 1883-1932 Pampa, Gray Co TX and m-Wessie Davis; Eliza Elizabeth "Eliza" McDowell, 1885 Clay Co TX-1953 Carson Co MI and m. John Garland Hickey; Mila Ann McDowell, 1888 Wildhorse Creek, Pickens Co IT-1969 and m. Wm. Easley "Tad" Hamlin; **Maudie Della McDowell, 1891 Wildhorse Ck, Hope IT (now Step Co OK)-1969 OKC, Marlow Cem, Step Co OK and m. Tot Graham; Flossie Florence McDowell, 1894-1984 and m-Adam Mack Wright; Thos Richard, 1896-1919 single

7. Amanda M. Griffith, maybe the Amanda E. Griffith who m-Lamar Co TX on Dec 16, 1879 to Humphreys Griffs. In the 1880 Lamar Co TX cen, Blossom Prairie, one Umpshear Griffis mulatto 29 NC NC NC farmer, Mandy mulatto 25 TX KY TN; Willie, mulatto 10 TX, at school, Hannih A., mulatto 8 TX; Joe, mulatto 4 TX; Mary mulatto 2, Annie Griffis, black, 60 NC NC NC. probably our Amanda Griffith b-1859 MO. one W.E. Griffis, d-Jul 11, 1925 Lamar Co TX cert 26530; one Humphrey Griffith m-Apr 12, 1893 Hunt Co TX to Paulina Jordan.

Amanda, ? m.. Billy McClure. one Amanda McClure d-Nov 14, 1931 Jack Co TX cert #52225. one W.A McClure d-Apr 21, 1923 Palo Pinto Co TX death cert #13220. Eula Grant Bangs had this husband listed. Not found in 1880, 1900, 1910 cen    ....   Editor’s note: Eula Grant Bangs’ research showed that Amanda was married to Billy McClure. No mention of Griffis.

8. Joseph Milton "Joe" Griffith, m-Angelina Co TX on Mar 27, 1910 to Emma Texas (Goode) Halliburton [1887 TX-1954 nr Diboll, Angel Co TX, Ryan’s Chapel], dau of Indiana Parsons [b-1854 TX] and Lafayette "Fate" Goode [b-c1850 Tyler Co TX]. "Joe died, of flu, while he was away from his family; had gone to find work to support his family, died there (TX cert #35931) prob in ‘pauper’s grave’ Scurry Cem." per dau Velma Lewis of Shawnee Prairie TX. Issue, 5 ch born Angel Co TX: Riley Lawrence "Rowlett" Griffith, Mar 14, 1911-Jun 5, 1968 Ryans Chapel, and m. Ruby Mae Henderson, _ ch/ m,2. Winnie Mae Oliver, no ch; Charles Wesley Griffith, Jul 9, 1913 Angel Co TX-Oct 26, 1988 Lufkin, Walker Cem, Angel Co TX and m. Gladys Donnie Walker, 2 ch; Velma Griffith, Jan 28, 1916 east of Huntington, Angel Co TX-Jan 27, 1999 Shawnee Prairie, Carrell Cem, Angel Co TX and m,1-Nov 30, 1935 Angel Co TX to J.B. Burnett, 5 ch/m,2. Clarence Debs "C.D." Lewis; Thelma Griffith, 1918-1919; Josie Murlene Griffith, May 10, 1920-Nov 9, 1990 Ryan's Chapel and m. Paul Coker Sr, had cabinet shop on Lake Livingston, Polk Co TX.

Emma Goode, m,1-Feb 9, 1903 to J.R. Halliburton, Emma’s m,3. to W.J "Jack" McCormack, m,2-Joe Griffith. Issue 3 ch: Leona Halliburton, Jul 9, 1903-Oct 19, 1921 Jonesville Cem, Huntington TX and m-Mar 4, 1920 to T.S. Russell; Alma M Haliburton, Nov 27, 1905-Apr 3, 1953 Jonesville Cem and m-Dec 17, 1921 to Melvin Lester Addison; Clarence D. Halliburton, Oct 25, 1907-Dec 6, 1987 Carrell Cem, Angel Co TX and m,1-Bertha Mae Loving/ m,2-Marie.

9, 10, and 14, and 17. "James Gilbert and Andrew Jackson bur Bourland Cem, Ladonia, Fann Co TX; Sammie Hawk d-nr Honey Grove,  Fann Co TX or nr Ben Franklin, Delta Co TX plus Fran Burton ‘Fanny’ or ‘Bertie’ bur Dawson Cem, Cooper, Delta Co TX."    per  Eula Grant Bangs of Cooper TX. Martha Moore Griffith’s two sis bur Lee Cem, Roxton, Lamar Co TX, (see map p1-13, 4-24)

11. Thirza Catherine "Dutch" Griffith, m-Cooper, Delta Co TX on Jul 17, 1887 to Henry Patton "Pat" Kizer [Apr 16, 1866 Cooper, Delta Co TX-Jan 4, 1910 Bearden Springs, Choctaw Co OK], son of Selena Wynn [b-1824 TN] and Henry Kizer [b-1820 NC]. 1870 Hopk Co TX cen Henry Kizer age 4. Dutch bur Shoat Springs Cem, Hugo, Choctaw Co OK. Kizers lvd Liberty Comm. 1880 Delta Co TX Agricultural cen. Issue, 4 ch born in Cooper, Delta Co TX: Iona Kizer, Mar 15, 1888-Oct 23, 1965 Hugo OK, Shoat Springs Cem, and m. Reece Morgan, 3 ch; Willard Patton Kizer, Nov 2, 1889-Jan 17, 1972 Hugo OK, Mt. Olive Cem, and m. Mattie Snow, 2 ch/m,2. Verda E Redwine; Harry Cern Kizer, Dec 26, 1892-Mar 21, 1945 Hugo OK and m-Oct 8, 1913 Choct Co OK to Thelma Mae "Shug" Walker, 9 ch; Lillian S Kizer, Apr 29, 1897-1973 and m-Nov 30, 1913 to Gus Lee/m,2. James A "Ed" Coffey. desc is Jessie Hamill Fondy of Chickasha OK.

12. Mary Virginia "Jennie" Griffith, m-Delta Co TX on Feb 22, 1888 to John Edwin Grant [Sep 29, 1868-Jun 26, 1953 Cooper TX]. Oddfellows Cem, Cooper TX. Issue, 2 ch: Luther John Grant, Dec 19, 1888-Jun 20, 1952 Oddfellows Cem and m-Mar 16, 1910 to Lavilla Wynn Tate, 9 ch; Eula Lavenia Grant, Jul 15, 1904-1983 and m-Oct 7, 1946 to Eckley Franklin Bangs, no ch.

13. Sarah Bell "Bell" Griffith, m-Hopkins Co TX on Dec 18, 1890 to Robert Wilson "Wilse" Parish [Dec 10, 1871-Jan 10, 1965 Cooper TX], son of__Parish. Sarah d. of pellegra; Dawson Cem. Issue, 6 ch: Eva Day Parish, Mar 23, 1892-Dec 25, 1964 Dawson Cem and m-May 25, 1911 to David S Allen, 4 ch/Jim Phipps; James Foy Parish, Jul 5, 1895-May 3, 1958 Oddfellows Cem, Cooper TX and m1-Apr 18, 1917 to Lomie Wough/m2-Eula Lindsey; Walter Parish, Jan 27, 1900-Dec 1952 Dallas Co TX and m-Nora Smith 2 ch; Wilsie Parish, Jan 27, 1900-May 30, 1953 Sulfur Spgs, Hopk Co TX and m-Effie Jane Harris; Mary Jewel Parish, b-Aug 14, 1906 and m-John Austin Brantley, 2 ch; inf 1912 Dawson Cem

15. Nancy Ella "Nan" Griffith, m,1. to Will Tucker [Oct 11, 1874-Jan 7, 1921 Tucker Cem, mvd to Oddfellows Cem, maybe div c1901. Issue, 3 ch: Cuba Tucker (fe) b-Apr 9, 1895 and m-Orie Cummings [1890-Feb 15, 1942], 3 ch: Orion Tucker b-Apr 9, 1895 and m-Myrtle Morgan [b-Nov 12, 1898] 2 ch; Daphne Tucker. inf 1899 Oaklawn Cem, ?Willie H Tucker (Dawson Cem); inf b-1900.

Nan, m,2-Delta Co TX in May 1902 Wm Andrew Cannedy [Aug 27, 1871 Delta Co TX-Jul 11, 1906 Wood Co TX], son of Rachel Lawrence Russell [1844 Alexander Co NC-1880] and James Jefferson Cannedy [1847 Greene Co IL-1911 Cedar Creek, Delta Co TX]. Issue, 2 ch: John Eledge Cannedy, Mar 24, 1903 Delta Co TX-Feb 29, 1988 OKC, Mem Lane Cem, Anadarko OK and m-Jan 27, 1927 Anadarko, Caddo Co OK to Pearl Shook (of Anadarko, Caddo Co OK), 5 ch; Gaylon Joe Cannedy, b-Aug 8, 1905 Wood Co TX and m,1._/m,2. Jan 30, 1932 to Grace Ann Pulliam [Feb 1910-Dec 1990 Paris, Lamar Co TX], 11 boys.

Nan, m,3-1920 Cooper, Delta Co TX to Joe R Bond [Feb 2, 1884-Dec 2, 1962 TX]. Coahoma Cem, Howard Co TX. No issue

Joe Bond, m,1-_. Issue, 6 ch: Winnie Bond, b-1905, m,1-Jim Francis/ m,2-Claude Hamlin/ m,3-S.P. Petty; Edna Bond, b-c1906 and m-Lemon Hopper, 2 ch; Eugene "Buster" Bond, 1907-c1996 Howard Co TX and m-1931 to Lola Simon, 3 ch; Laquilla "Tom" Bond (fe) b-1909 and m,1-Robt Ray, 4 ch/ m,2-Harold Gilmore; Edmond Bond, 1915-1987 Howard Co TX and m. Omega Buchanan, 2 ch; Lillie Louzell Bond b-1918 and m,1-_ Reeves, 4 ch/m,2-_ Lewis.

16. Walter Walton Griffith, m-Delta Co TX on Jul 15, 1899 to Sarah Frances Price [Jul 8, 1881-Apr 12, 1925 Palacois, Matago Co TX], dau of Margarette Eliz Sallee [b-1857 KY] and Wm Barber Price [b-1840 MO, lvd Bates Co MO]. Palacios Cem, Matagorda Co TX. farmer, Ch of Christ. Issue, 5 ch: Wm Walton Griffith, May 9, 1900 Cumberland, Pick Co, Chick Nat IT (now Marshall Co OK)-Apr 4, 1992 Jackson Co TX and m-Sep 11, 1919 Jackson Co TX to Jessie Fay Green, 12 ch; Everett Theo Roosevelt Griffith, Aug 24, 1901 Cumberland IT-Dec 9, 1988 Lufkin TX m-Cora Della Hall, 3 ch; Louie Berton Griffith, Dec 5, 1903 Bald Hill, Angel Co TX-Oct 9, 1990 Bexar Co TX and m. Jul 1, 1933 Palacios TX to Ida Dorothy Magnolia Peterson, 4 ch; Stella Madonna Griffith, Feb 20, 1908 Shawnee Prairie, Angel Co TX-Jul 11, 1950 Cleveland, Liberty Co TX, Fielder's Cem, Homer, Angel Co TX and m. Jul 3, 1926 Angel Co TX to Roy L Hopson, 8 ch; Francis Lorenzo Edwin Griffith, Aug 10, 1921 Calhoun Co TX-Apr 25, 1975 Calif and m-c1946 to L’Jean Christmas 1 ch.

18. Amelia Gertrude Griffith, m-Delta Co TX on Jul 27, 1899 to James Edward Price [b-Mar 11, 1880 MO], son of Margarette Eliz "Maggie" Sallee and Wm Barber Price [b-1840 MO]. 1900 Delta Co cen. Gertrude bur Houston, Harris Co TX. Issue, 9 ch: Hilbert P Price, b-Jun 2, 1900 TX and m. Doris Nickolson, 7 ch; Leura P Price, b-May 14, 1903 and m. Joe Hebel, 3 ch: Joe Foy Griffith, b-May 13, 1904; Ola Votra Price, b-Nov 11, 1907 and m,1. Tom Eubanks, 1 ch/m,2._; O.B. Price, b-Sep 1, 1910 and m. Frances Genera Stripling, 1 ch; Nondus Amelia "Millie" Price, b-Feb 28, 1912 and m-Virgil Griffith (cous, Arthur’s) 2 ch; Fred Price, b-May 11, 1917 and m. Viola Fitchner, 1 ch; Virginia Opal Price, b-Aug 21, 1915 and m. Leslie Benedict; Lloyd Vanoy Price Sr, b-Sep 24, 1920 and m-Laura Marie Kay Armstrong, 7 ch

19. Arthur Ernest Griffith, m-Angelina Co TX on Jul 21, 1907 to Mattie Jane Oliver [Jan 27, 1886 Groveton, Trinity Co TX-Aug 25, 1968 League City, Galv Co TX]. sawmill worker, Bapt. lvd Keltya; Etiola, Nacod Co TX; Huntington, Angel Co TX. Sims-Rocky Hill Cem, Lufkin TX Issue, 4 ch: Joseph Milton Griffith, Jul 11, 1913-Nov 8, 1923 appendicitis, Ewing Cem (?Rocky Hill Cem), Lufkin TX; Betty Griffith, Jan 7, 1914-Apr 9, 1995 and m. Clarence Cavallin, 3 ch/m,2-F.R Godwin; Virgil Lee Griffith, b-Jun 6, 1908 and m-Dec 19, 1939 to Nondus Amelia "Millie" Price (cous, Amelia’s), 2 ch: Fred Edell Griffith, Aug 1, 1922 Ewing TX-Mar 28, 1998 Lufkin TX Gann Cem, and m,1-Mattie Lou Weems 2 ch/m,2 Reba Lou _

1822 Hopkins Co KY, Pond Creek, Jul 2. Joseph McElroy Griffith born to Tempy Bourland and Siebert B. Griffith.

1822 Alabama, ? Madison Co, Sep 22, Martha Ann Moore born to Polly Ann Boone and Wm H Moore [d-1868 Polk Co MO

1840 Graves Co KY cen, Boaz. Wm H Moore and Mary Polly Boone and ch

1845 McCracken Co KY Aug 22, MB1-117 Martha Moore m-Jos McElroy Griffith mar cere perf by Jos Cannada JP, bond E.J Sissle

1850 McCracken Co KY cen, Griffith, Martha, next door to both sets of parents

1850 Polk Co MO cen 725-725 James Boone 34 TN, Mary 20 TN, Greene Boone 7AR; Thornton Wainscott 44 NC, Rebecca 42 TN, Isaac 20 MO

1852 Polk Co Missouri, Green twp, J M and Martha Griffith mvd Apr 1852 w/ F-in-law Wm H Moore from KY to MO; US LAND SALES v10p75 from the "Clinton Abstract"... prob c1855 records

Joseph M Griffith 40 ac sec 32 twp 35 ran 21

Joseph M Griffith 40 ac sec 32 twp 35 ran 21

Jacob Wainscott 39 ac sec 2 twp 40 ran 26

Thomas McBroom 35 ac sec 18 twp 48 ran 21

Thomas McBroom 75 ac sec 18 twp 48 ran 21

1856 McCracken Co KY, Paducah, Mar 22. "Sis Polley is dead." per Mar 22, 1856 letter from Nancy Bourland Griffith (1800-1874) to Col. James Bourland (1801-1874) of Gainesville, Cooke Co TX. per BP-DM4406-3N-079.

Editor’s note: This was about the time of death of Mary "Polley Ann" Boone (1796-1856), who m-1818 Madison Co AL to Wm H. Moore (1790-1869), and the mother of Martha Ann Moore Griffith (1822-1862, wife of Joseph McElroy Griffith.

1859 Polk Co MO deed, Thornton Wainscott deed has J.M. Griffith's signature, appears twice

1860 Polk Co MO, Feb 7.    Thornton Wainscott's will probated, writer's Joseph McElroy Griffith was executor, named twice, will written Dec 2, 1859.  Joseph M. Griffith' name appears twice on Thornton Wainscott  will.   Notice that Thornton Wainscott's neice was Martha Ann Moore Griffith, dau of Mary Polly Ann Boone-Moore.     Yeah!

1860 Polk Co MO cen, Green twp, 1023-1023 Jos M Griffith 37 KY $1000-$500, Martha 36 KY, Hannah 12 KY, Richmond 10 KY, Wm 8 KY, Eliza 8 KY, Wash 5 MO, Temperance 3 MO, Amanda 6/12 MO, lvg nr F-in-law Wm Moore, Green twp town, Sentinel Prairie, originally Vaughn's Stand, per an 1874 Missouri gazetteer.

1860 MO Polk Co cen, Green twp, 1055-1055 Wm Moor 69 NC $500-$250, Henrietta 25 TN, Eliz 24 TN, John 23 KY, Nancy 20 KY

1860 MO Polk Co cen, 1054-1054 John Boon 14AR, enum w/ Isaac Wainscott, 30MO $1200/2000, Sarah 27TN, next door Mary Boone Moore fam

1861 Polk Co MO, Battle of Wilson's Creek, Aug 10, maybe J.M. Griffith here (commander Sterling Price). per son R.B Griffith. On Mar 29, 1862, a skirmish at Humansville occurred... very near where J.M. Griffith family lived.

1861 Polk Co MO, 1862 REBEL LIST OF POLK CO MO p38 Joseph M Griffith assessment of $650, $350, $300 for 1861, 1862 and 1863 resp, for land in twp35 ran21 sec32; Wm Moore, assessed $2760, $1600 and $1975 for 1861, 1862 & 1863 resp. for land in twp35 ran24 sec35, twp35 ran24 sec36 and twp34 ran24 sec3. J.M. pd taxes on this land after he mvd to Ben Franklin TX. (see 1869 below)

1861 Lamar Co TX, near Ben Franklin; moved in Texas in December. At some point they moved to the Cedar Creek Community, Hopkins Co TX (1870 Delta Co TX formed). J.M. Griffith's P.O. was Ben Franklin (est 1854) when enl TX CSA, (near Dawson, Delta Co TX, see map)

1862 Lamar Co TX (later Delta Co TX) Mar or Apr. Martha Ann (Moore) Griffith died.

1862 REBEL LIST POLK CO MO Moore, Wm assessed in 1861, 1862, and 1863 for land in twp 35 ran 24 sec 3, 35, 36

1862 REBEL LIST POLK CO MO Moore, Harvey taxed 1862 for land in twp 35 ran 24 sec 3

1863 Fannin Co TX, Ladonia, Jernigan's Thicket, Feb 1. ...  Dear Bro. James [Bourland, Delaware Bend, Cooke Co TX] .. "Joseph [McElroy] Griffith was at Bro. Reubin's [Bourlands] last week and said his children have been some sick but not serious. Said Reuben has been to the factory and got a few bunches of spun thread at 250 pr. Bin, lest he thinks there is no certainty of geting were I to go.

I suppose you have heard or will before this reaches you of Martin D. Hart's career capturing and paroling some of our Confederate troops and of his being caught by our men and hung together with Hase [J.W. Hays], a 2nd Lieutenant with his band, and it is said [Jonathan] Fox Hart with about 20 men around Red River and are skulking somewhat on this side from, and fled." per letter to Col. James Bourland (1801-1879) from Benj F. Bourland (1818-1900). per BP-DM4406-30-135.

Editor’s note: Joseph McElroy Griffith’s uncle Reuben Rollo Bourland (1820-1900) was a widower and a CSA soldier living in Skullyville, Choctaw Nation, I.T.. Nancy Bourland [later Colbert (1845-1913)] was living with Reuben during from 1852-1864.

Martin D. Hart, who was hanged as a turncoat in Ft Smith by Confederates, was from a large Hart family in the Jernigan’s Thicket area. James C. Hart, who died in 1876 Cumberland County, Illinois, owned land in Delta County, Texas. This is important because Wm. M. McDowell (1849-1926), of Cumberland Co IL, who m-1875 Lamar Co TX to Temperance Elizabeth Griffith (1857-1917). This may prove to be a connection found Cumberland Co IL and Delta Co TX area McDowells.

Wm. M. McDowell’s sister, Ruth, m-1884 in the Dick Nicholson Home of Honey Grove, Fann Co TX to Robt Lee Vaughn (1861-1940) born in Red River Co TX, son of Allen J. Vaughn (1832 GA-1892).

1863 Lamar Co TX, Mar/Apr. Jospeh Griffith m,2. Mary Lavinia Musick of Fannin Co TX

1863 Lamar Co TX, Camp Buford, Jul 27, Pvt Joseph M Griffith, joined militia. Jul 27, 63 Camp Buford for 6 mon; Capt George R Gose, Co F, Lamar Co, Texas State Troops. List of 25 men formerly of State Infantry not brought into new organization; Enlisting Officer Gen Smith; Volunteered Feb 15, 1864 into CS F. 15-64 (?Confederate Service, ? Frontier Regt); joined Capt Anderson's Co. .. .found Confederate Library, Hillsboro TX,

Editor’s note: Geo. R. Gose [b-1822 VA} found 1860 Lamar Co TX cen, Pct 4, 50-51, also served Capt of Co B, 9th Brig, TST, 1st Lt, Pct 4, 9th Brig TST} John A Gose 1873 Lamar Co sheriff's dept. Camp Buford prob at home of Sam Buford (b-1826 VA), 1860 Lamar Co TX cen, Pct 9, 364-365. ... militia, TST, CSA, or Frontier Regt?.

1864 Lamar Co TX, Aug. Jos McEl Griffith, Company G, Bourland's Reg't Cav, Conf Texas, "last home to procure clothing, cooking utensils, Iron Blksmith tools, etc" signed, W.A. Roxby. Co G same "H" or "I."

1865 Lamar Co TX "absent with leave since Jan 1, 1865" Pvt J.W Griffith, Co G, Bourland Border Reg TX Cav, signed B.R Stough (see pA-7) below is from the widow’s CSA Pension Application in Texas on June 17, 1930:

"J.M. Griffith's post office was Ben Franklin, Lamar Co [now Delta] TX for enl 1863 CSA Co H, TX Cav, Bourland's Border Regt with Capt [sic, 2nd Lt] George R Gose. Son R.B. Griffith went to visit him [J.M. Griffith] while he was at his first place of service at Bonham TX; his father served at Buffalo Springs [Clay Co TX]; also said his father came home for a short visit but while he was there he was detailed to search for deserters thought to be hiding in Lama Co TX. 1st Lt Jas Patterson [sic, 1st Lt] Geo W Patterson] and Lt Thompson Beard." per TX CSA Widow Pens 46662. Muster cards 50422371, 50423367 shows Co F at Ft Belknap, Co I at Buffalo Springs, Co G was in Gainesville.

Editor’s note: One Capt Geo W. Patterson b-1834 in 1860 Lamar Co TX cen. One Adjutant Geo Patterson in 1st Lt D.R Patterson’s 1st Seminole Cav of Stand Waite’s 1st Indian Cav Brig (surrendered May 26, 1865 Doakesville, Choctaw Co IT; D.R. Patterson killed Sep 19, 1864 Battle of Cabin Creek, Saline Co, Cherokee Nation, IT (now Mayes Co OK). By 1864 the TX CSA had evolved into a disorganized group. ...Geo W Patterson, b-1834, was captain of Lamar Co TX, Pct 6, 9th Brigade, Texas State Troops, Texas Militia (later Co F, 9th Brig, TST in 1863).

1867 Fannin Co TX, J.M Griffith bur ch: Bourland Cem, Lee Cem, Roxton, Lamar Co TX; Dawson Cem, Delt Co TX (see p1-12, 1-13)

1869 Polk Co MO "James M. Jones vs Jos M. Griffith and Jno. Ellis, motion to set aside judgement, Feb 25, 1869," BOLIVAR FREE PRESS (see 1860 Polk Co MO cen, Green twp, Jno Ellis 51 SC $1200, Sarah 42 TN 10 ch, our J.M. Griffith lvd Green twp also)

1870 Lamar Co TX cen p93(281) Pct 2 Sep 29 Paris 761-762 Jos M Griffith; Mary L. [Musick] 27 VA; Hanner A 22 KY; Wm B 19 KY; Eliza J 19 KY; Geo W 16 MO; Temperance 13 MO; Amanda M 12 MO; Joseph M 6 TX; Sarah C 2 TX; Mary V 1 TX ... neighbors: Baker, Wm Broom, Jno W Derrick

1870 Delta Co TX formed from Lamar Co TX, Jos McEl Griffith lvd Cedar Creek that became Delta Co TX.

1874 Delta Co TX, Dec 31. son Richmond Bourland Griffith m. Ernestine Theodosia Anderson.

1875 Lamar Co TX, dau Temperance Elizabeth "Bettie" Griffith m. Wm M McDowell. writer's line

1876 Cooke Co TX DB13-470, Oct 20, James Bourland sold 160 ac [Joshua Woodfin Survey] to Hannah Ann Griffith of Cooke Co TX, wit: G.L. Scott, A.B. Manion ...DB17-17-75 Feb 17, 1877 Jas Bourland sold 160 ac to J.J. Hill S.W. corner of Woodfin survey on Sycamore Creek about 1 mile (__), 1/2 N of Dexter, at S.W. corner of Ann Griffith to the Rhoden Place, wit: A.B. Manion, W.T. McClure. probably is but may not be this Hannah Griffith. (see p3-51, 3-10, 4-41)

1879 Cooke Co TX WB C-522, #605, Jan 30, Col Bourland's will, "Item 3, I bequeath to my grand-neice, Hannah Anne Griffith [prob b-1847, gdau of Temperance Bourland Griffith] three hundred dollars, three cows, and the hogs running at Mr, Finney’s" Item 7, Sam E Doss appointed exe. wit: W.B. Gilmore, John W McCaulay. (see p3-10, 3-51, 6-1, 4-7, 4-10a)

1880 Delta Co TX Agricultural cen, J.M Griffith; neighbors: Parish, Kizer, Caleb Little, Corbett, Wynn. sent by Jesse Hamil Fondy of Chickasha OK.

1880 Delta Co TX cen ED18-17(478) Griffith, J.M. 56 KY...

1880 Delta Co TX cen ED18-18(471) McBroom, V.

1880 Lamar Co TX cen ED75-5, Paris P.O, Roxton area, 26-26 Wm McDowell and Tempie Eliz "Bettie" Griffith

1880 Cooke Co TX cen ED113-21(252) Pct 2, George Griffith 24 MO KY KY (see 1880 p3-10). ...may not fit in this fam

1880 Lamar Co TX cen, ED78-140, Pct 4, P.O. Blossom Prairie, Jun 3, 65-71 Umpshear Griffis, mulatto,29 NC NC NC, farmer; Mandy [? Griffith] mulatto 25 TX KY TN; Willie, mulatto 10 TX; Hannih A, mulatto 8 TX; Joe, mulatto 4 TX, Mary 2, Annie, black mother 60 NC NC NC, this may be Amanda Griffith b-1860 (see Motes in Bibliography) one Crage Griffis 1870 and 1880 Lamar Co TX cen,

Editor's note:  Eula Grant Bangs recorded that Amanda was married to Billy McClure, but we could not find them in the census, but one Amanda Griffith m-1879 Lamar Co TX to Humphrey Griffis. One Umpshear Griffis was a mulatto.

1887 Delta Co TX, dau "Dutch" Griffith m. Henry Patton Kizer. 1888 Delta Co TX dau Jennie Griffith m-John Edwin Grant

1888 Delta Co TX, Oct 24, Joseph McElroy Griffith died. Dawson Cem

c1888 Chickasha, Pickens Co, Chickasaw Nation, IT, "Once several wagons of relatives came to the Chickasha area [from probably Delta Co TX]. Along on the trip was Granny [Thirza] Kizer and Harry Cern b-1878 (Sallie’s son), who was about age 10." ...Maybe visited half-sis, Temperance Elizabeth (Griffith) McDowell, lvg on Wildhorse Creek [now Step Co OK, 30 mi from Chickasha] near the Colberts, and other Bourlands. per J Hamill Fondy of Chickasha OK, interview of Illa Mae Morgan Curtis quoting Aunt Sarah Kizer Cern.

1890 Hopkins Co TX, dau Bell Griffith m. Robert Wilson "Wilse" Parrish

1894 Delta Co TX, Mary Laven Musick Griffith m,2-Caleb M Little

1899 Delta Co TX, son Walter Walton Griffith m-Sarah Fran Price; Amelia Gertrude Griffith m. James Edward Price

1900 Chickasaw Nat cen IT cen, Pick Co ED128-7, Cumberland Town (now Marsh Co OK), Walt W Griffith 23 TX

1900 Lamar Co TX cen ED73-7(240) Pct 2, sons: Wm B Griffith 47 MO enum w/ Geo W Griffith 45 MO (see p4-13)

1910 Angelina Co TX. "Jos Milton Griffith stayed home as ‘man of the house’ until all of his bros and sis were grown."

1917 Donley Co TX, Jericho, Jan. Temperance Eliz Griffith McDowell died, bro Wm B Griffith attended her January funeral, then returned to Coleman Co TX.

1917 Coleman Co TX Jun, son Wm B Griffith d. at brother’s house, Richmond Bourland Griffith

1919 Kaufman Co TX, Scurry "Joe Griffith d. while he was away from his fam; he had gone to find work to support his family, died there...prob in ‘pauper’s grave’" per Velma Burnett Lewis of Shawnee Prairie TX.

1930 Howard Co TX, Big Spring, Mary Musick Griffith Little living w/ dau Nan Tucker Cannedy Bond, per CSA widow’s pension.

1934 "My son, Luther John Grant, had another boy and that makes 6 living and 4 dead (ch)" per Jun 5, 1934 letter from Jennie Griffith Grant to Richmond Bourland Griffith

1935 Delta Co TX, Jun 12, Mary Musick Griffith d. while living w/ dau, Sarah Bell Griffith Parrish, RFD#1, Cooper TX





 William H.  Moore  (1790-1869)

Mary "Polly Ann"  Boone  (1796-1856)


Marriage of William Moore and Mary "Polly Ann" Boone in Madison Co AL on Dec 24, 1818.


William H Moore, b. in NC c1790; d. ca Aug 16, 1869 Polk Co MO.   Wm was in TN ( ?Anderson Co) in the 1820s then was found in the 1830 Graves Co KY cen.  Bricklayer.   Wm and family moved to Polk Co MO in Apr 1852.   Some of Wm's ch: moved in Mar-Apr 1862 to the Lamar Co TX area.   Wm's death ref. in BOLIVAR FREE PRESS dated Aug 26, 1869 says Hannah R Moore, Admx will make appl for final settlement of  estate during Oct term in Polk Co MO.


Mary "Polley Ann" Boone, b. in KY in 1796, probably  Rich Boone, may be Richmond Boone or Richard Boone. ... maybe grandchild of Samuel Boone.  Polly Ann died in Polk Co MO bet 1852 and 1857.  one Rich'd Boone found 1817 Madison Co AL on two records.    1850 McCracken Co KY cen says she was born in KY.   Polly Ann died just prior to Mar 22, 1856, per BP-DM4406-3N-079.


 1.  Richmond Boone Moore, b-1821 NC ?Stokes Co,  d-aft 1871 ? McCracken Co KY, m-Nancy Kimmel/? Holt

**2.  Martha Ann Moore      b-Sep 13, 1822 Madison Co AL, d. Mar‑Apr 1862 Lamar Co TX, m-Jos McEl  Griffith

  3.  Sarah Jane Moore            b-Feb 19, 1825 TN ?Anderson Co    d-Dec 10, 1910 MO       m-Wm. Frank

  4.  Hannah R. Moore             b-Dec 30, 1825 TN ?Anderson Co, d-Jan 11, 1911 Lamar Co TX, single

  5.  Mary Elizabeth "Bettie"    b. Nov  4, 1827 TN ?Anderson Co, d-May  9, 1908 Lamar Co TX, m. Bill Derrick

  6.   George W. Moore            b.  1835 Graves Co, KY, per 1850 Cen

 7.  Nancy F. Moore,                b-1837 McCracken Co KY, d-1864 Goshen, Elkhart Co IN, m-Daniel Beckner


1. Richmond Boone "Boone" or "R.B." Moore, m. in McCracken Co KY on Mar 8, 1842 to Nancy Kimmel [Jul 26, 1816 KY‑Sep 9, 1874 Ballard Co KY], dau of Jemima Lynn [1794  Rowan Co NC-1853 Ballard Co KY] and Benjamin J. Kimmel [1791 York Co PA-Nov 6, 1866 Muhlenberg Co KY, m-1814 Butler Co KY].   "Richmond B. Moore" mentioned in two McCracken Co KY deeds w/ Mary and Wm H Moore.  R.B. enl. Apr 1,  1864 Ballard Co KY in Faulkner's 12th KY Cav, Co  D, CSA.  R.B. prob took on name of "Robert" later in life.   Issue, 5 ch:  Nancy E Moore, b. 1843;  Richmond Boone Moore, b. 1846;  Joseph B Moore, b. 1848;  Mary J., b-1852; Sarah A., b-1852.


maybe our R.B. Moore m,2. in McCracken Co, KY on Apr 8, 1871 to Sarah Ellen Holt.  Surety: D.M. Rudolph.


 **2. Martha Ann Moore, m. in McCracken Co, KY on Aug 22, 1845 to Joseph McElroy Griffith [1822 Hopkins Co KY-1882 Delta Co TX],  son of Siebert B Griffith [1797 VA, prob Pittsylvania Co‑bet 1860‑70 Ballard Co KY] and Temperance Bourland [1803 NC, prob Wilkes Co‑bet 1870‑80 Ballard Co KY], dau of Agnes McElroy and Benjamin Bourland.   lvd Lovelaceville, McCracken Co KY;  Lovelaceville, Ballard Co KY; Apr 1852 to Polk Co MO; winter 1862 to Lamar Co TX.   Issue, 7 ch:  Hannah Ann Griffith, 1847-?1938 ?Eastland Co TX and m. Jake Baker/Wil McBroom;  Richmond Bourland Griffith, 1849‑1935 Coleman Co TX and m. Theo Anderson;  twins: Eliza J Griffith, b. 1851 and m. Abel Price/Matt Jones; and Wm B "Will" Griffith, 1851 KY-1917 Coleman Co TX single;  Geo Wash Griffith, 1854 Polk Co MO-aft 1900 I.T. (now prob Choct Co OK) and m. Rebecca Smith;  **Temperance Elizabeth "Bettie" Griffith, 1857 MO‑1917 Donley Co TX and m. 1875 Lamar Co TX to Wm. M. McDowell;  Amanda M Griffith, b. 1860 and m. Humphrey Griffs /m,2. Billy McClure.


   Joseph m,2. in Lamar Co TX Mar or Apr 1863 to Mary Lavina Musick [1838 Wash Co VA‑1935], dau of Mary Thirza Hawk and Andrew Jackson Musick.   Issue, 11 ch:  Joseph Milton "Joe" Griffith, 1864 TX-1919 Kaufman Co TX and m. Emma Goode Halliburton, 5 ch; James Gilbert, 1865-Lamar Co TX single;  Andrew Jackson, 1867-1867;  Thirza Catherine "Dutch", 1868-1935 Choctaw Co OK and m. Pat Kizer, 4 ch;  Mary Virginia "Jennie" 1870-1948 Delta Co TX and m. John Grant, 2 ch;  Sarah Bell Griffith, 1872-1943 Delta Co TX m. Wilse Parrish, 6 ch; Sammy Hawk, 1874-1876 Delta Co TX single; Nancy Ella "Nan" Griffith, 1875-1964 Howard Co TX and m. Wm Tucker, 3 ch/m,2. Wm Andrew Cannedy, 2 ch/m,3. Joe R Bond, 6 ch;  Walter Walton Griffith, 1877-1948 Wharton Co TX and m. Sarah Frances Price, 5 ch;  Frances Burton "Bertie" d. young;  Amelia Gertrude Griffith, 1882-1959 Harris Co TX and m. Edward Price, 8 ch;  Arthur Ernest Griffith, m. Mattie Oliver, 3 ch.

 3. Sarah Jane Moore, m. in McCracken Co KY on Jan 6, 1846 to Wm.  Frank [Aug 26, 1810 NC-Mar 27, 1893 MO ...  In the 1850 McCrac Co KY cen, lvd bet Wm Moore and Seibert Griffith.  Jane mentioned in Donald Coleman Griffith files.   Issue, 5 ch:  Mary Francis Frank [May 24, 1846 KY-Jan 26, 1921 Polk Co, MO] and m-John E. Carroll, 6 ch;   Nancy E. Frank [May 21, 1849 KY-Apr 19, 1923 Polk Co MO] m-Thomas A. Williamson;  Martha Ann Frank, b-Jun 2, 1851 and m-Tom H. Williamson;   George W., b-1854 MO;  John W. Frank [;Apr 9, 1860 Polk Co MO-Feb 14, 1915 Polk Co MO] and m-Martha Ellen Cloyd

 4. Hannah R. Moore.  not w/ parents for 1850 or 1860 cen.  1900 Lamar Co TX cen lists her: landlord; sis M.E. Derrick enum w/ her.  Wm B. Derrick died owing Hannah $500, he d. intestate and she got letters of adm, then property and sold at sheriff's sale; Hannah's Lamar Co will written Jan 6, 1911, left her property to Geo W Derrick; b. Lee Cem, Lamar Co TX.   Issue, none.

 5. Mary Elizabeth "Bettie" Moore, m. in Lamar Co TX on Mar 26, 1875 to Wm B "Will or Williby" Derrick [c1809 Anderson Co TN‑Sep 8, 1887 Lamar Co TX], son of Lydia Tipton [1780 VA-1836 Madison Co AL] and Simon Derrick II [1770 Shenandoah Co VA‑Dec 1867 Lamar Co TX VA TN, m. 1805, mvd 1812 to Madi Co AL, Simon had 70 slaves in 1830 Madi Co cen].   [one Wm Derrick cited in Madison Co AL Chancery Court dated 1828, prob this one who was age 20].   Lydia's dad was Shadrick Tipton.  A Gough MG perf 1875 marr cere.  Will Derrick, Mary E Moore, & Hannah Moore bur Lee Graveyard, near Roxton, Lamar Co TX.   Will's sis Nancy m. 1848 Madi Co AL to Thos McBroom in 1848 in Madison Co AL.    Writer has letter from "Wm B Griffith of Roxton," nephew of Bettie Griffith  McDowell.  1870 Lamar Co TX, next door to Joseph McElroy Griffith was John W Derrick 34 AL; 1880 Lamar Co cen shows Wm B Derrick 70 TN living w/  Eliz 52 TN and sis‑in‑law Hannah Moore 53 TN.  1900 Lamar Co Cen shows Hannah Moore living w/ sis  M.E. Derrick].  b. Lee Cem, Lamar Co TX.   Issue, prob none.

Wil Derrick, m,1. in Madison Co AL on Jan 3, 1833 to Furnatte "Fanaty" Derrick [1811-c1870], dau of Catherine Bird [1790 VA-c1862 Madi Co AL] and John Derrick [May 7, 1754 Lancaster, Lancaster Co PA-1863 Madi Co AL, m. Dec 7, 1807 Roane Co TN, 1850 Madison Co AL cen.]  At Jun 1863 will reading of John Derrick, Wm owned 324 ac in Lamar Co TX.   1870 Lamar Co cen finds Will enum w/ son Geo Derrick.    Issue, 6 ch:  John Wesley Derrick, c1836 and m. Nancy J Ragsdale;  Geo Wash Derrick, 1839‑1887 and m. Mary Jane Derrick;  Mary A Derrick, 1841‑c1900 and m. Alfred F. Laird;  Hannah Catherine Derrick, 1844‑1935 and m. Wm V Derrick Jr;  Henry B Derrick;  Minerva Alice Derrick, m. Wm. N. Gurley.  .....Henry Bradley Derrick 23 AL enum w/ John W Derrick 34 AL in 1870 Lamar Co TX cen, next door to writer's J.M. Grifith.

 6. George W Moore, b-1835 Graves Co KY.

 7. Nancy F. Moore, m. in Polk Co MO on Dec 25, 1860 to Daniel W. Beckner [Aug 23, 1821 Old Dominion, Montg Co VA-Apr 10, 1920 LaClede Co MO], son of Mary Lease [b. 1798 PA, m. 1813 York Co PA and d. 1862/3 Elkhart Co IN] and Daniel Beckner II [b. 1789 PA].   Nancy was mem of Missionary Baptist Ch.  Dan's father was a brick‑mason; notice Nancy's dad was a brick mason.  In 1827 Beckners moved to Preble Co OH; 1835 to Elkhart Co IN; 1839 to Pulaski Co, now Dallas Co MO.  During Civil War, went back to near Goshen, Elkhart  Co IN, prob where Nancy died.   Gen. Franz Seigel, Union general at Battle of Wilson's Creek, Polk Co area.  Issue, 2 ch: Seigel Beckner (Dec 15, 1861 Fountain Co IN-1917) and m-Jun 25, 1883 Miller Co MO to Edith R. Goodrich, 3 ch;  Jesse Beckner (1864 Elkhart Co IN‑1865 Elkhart Co IN).

Daniel m,2. to Ellen Catherine Schoolfield [May 28, 1836 TN-Dec 24, 1910 MO].   Dan lived in Spring Hollow twp, Laclede Co MO; d. 1920; b. Lebanon Cem, Laclede Co MO.   Dan rep Laclede Co MO in 1877 State Leg on Greenback ticket; picture in capitol.  Issue, 4 ch: Chloe Beckner, b. 1871 and m. Beckner;  Earl C Beckner; Dan Beckner;  Levi Beckner (d. bef 1889).

 Madison Co AL       Nov 1830: Wm H Moore   owner in    s11 t4S r2E       ......some owners lived in Lincoln Co TN

                                 Wm H Moore   owner in    s14 t5S r2E          .....prob not our Wm H Moore

                 1809‑11: John F Moore owner in    s27 t1S r1W

                                 David  Moore owner in    s 4 t4S r2E

                                 Wm Derrick    s 11, 8, 9, 17 t1S r2W

                 1817        Rich Boone, name on two Madison Co AL deeds

                 1819        Richard Boone, Huntsville P.O. has mail, Jan 1, Wm Moore in same listing.


P O S S I B L E   L E A D S :

 A. Richmond Boone, b. 1831 Davidson Co, TN to Bryant & Martha R. Phipp Boone of Graves Co KY;   maybe R is for Richmond ...... one Bryant Moore lived next door to Eliza Griffith McKinney (gdau of Martha Moore Griffith) in 1860 Ballard Co KY cen

1860 Polk Co Cen, shows John Boon ca 14 AR: enum w/ Wainscott next door to Mary Boone Moore fam.

 1807 now Madison Co AL, Cherokee & Chickasaw Session of Lands

 Land Grant Warsaw Abstract, page no 166.  one (Wm. Moore, west half, northeast sec 26 twp 35N ran 22W) ours

Land Grant Clinton Abstract, p?27  .. one (Willam Moore, 40 ac SW SW, 22 twp 35N ran 21)  may be ours....Nov 1, 1859

F O R   S U R E, this family found in:

 1816  ...    Gordon's HIST OF HOPKINS CO KY lists one Wm H. Moore as schoolmaster in 1816.  (our Wm H Moore would have been 25 yrs old in 1816.)   The Pond family lived in Hopkins Co, KY.   In 1828 in a Madison Co, AL Probate Court, our Wm H Moore, Wm Derrick and Naomi Carlisle Pond were sued by the trustees of Jefferson College of Mississippi for "her" land.   ... Our "Wm. Moor" was an educator in 1817 Madison Co now AL. 

1818 AL Madison Co Marr  Moore, Wm m. Polly Boone on Dec 24, 1818     adj to Lincoln Co TN.

1828 AL Madi Co PROBATE  Wm H. Moore and Wm Derrick, sued by trustees Jefferson College, MS, Chancery Probate Rec 31, V 97 p 227                          

1830 KY Graves Co Cen    Moore, Wm     110001‑‑‑220001, this Wm 30‑40, our Wm b. 1790, Mary, b. 1796  checks

 1832 MO Pike Co MARR BK  Boone, James m. Matilda Wainscott   .........prob connection

 1840 KY McCrac Co Cen    Moore, Wm H   01110001‑‑‑1022001

1845 KY McCrac MARR BK   Moore, Martha Ann and Joseph McElroy Griffith

 1850 AR Phillips Co Cen    Boone, Rich'd 12 AR,     enum w/ W.C. Boone  ..... Rich'd Boone

 1850 AR St Francis Cen    Boone, Richmond T 15 AR, enum w/ Richmond Pearson Boone ... Richmond Boone

 1850 KY McCrac Co Cen    Moore, Wm H 60 NC, Mary (Boone) 54 KY, Henrietta 22 TN, Mary E 14 KY, Geo W 15 KY, Nancy F 13 KY

1850 KY McCrac Co Cen    Griffith, Martha Ann (Moore) door to her parents

 1850 MO Polk   Co Cen    Boone, James 34 TN, Mary 20 TN, Greene 7 AR enum w/725 Thornton Emit Wainscott 44NC, Rebecca  42TN, Isaac 20 MO

1856, Mar 22 letter    "... Sis. Polley is dead. ..." [Mary "Polley Ann" Boone Moore (1796-1856)].   This Polley is the mother-in-law of Joseph McElroy Griffith (1822-1888), who m-1845 McCracken Co KY to Martha Moore, whose parents were Polley Ann Boone and Wm. H. Moore of Lovelaceville KY. In Apr 1852 Joseph McElroy Griffith moved to Polk Co MO, hence the reference "moove to Missouri." Your editor’s Griffith-Moore family.    from Nancy Bourland Griffith's Mar 22, 1856 letter mailed from Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church area, McCracken Co KY near Boaz, Graves Co KY found in The Bourland Papers

 1859 MO Polk   Co deed   Wainscott, Thornton deed has our J.M. Griffith's signature twice

 1860 MO Polk   Co Cen    Moore, Wm 69 NC, Henrietta 25 TN, Eliz 24 TN, John 23 KY, Nancy 20 KY.....John not in 1840 or 1850 Cen

1860 MO Polk   Co Cen    Boon, John 14 AR, enum w/ Wainscott fam next door to Mary (Boone) Moore's family, Mary dec'd by 1860

1860 MO Polk   Co Cen    Griffith, Martha Ann (Moore) listed w/ husband Joseph M Griffith

 1862 REBEL LIST POLK CO MO  Moore, Wm assessed in 1861, 1862, and 1863 for land in twp 35 ran 24 sections 3, 35, 36

1862 REBEL LIST POLK CO MO  Moore, Harvey taxed in      1862           for land in twp 35 ran 24 section  3

 1869 Polk Co MO Oct Term, Aug 26, 1869, Hannah R Moore, Admx will make appl for final settlement of estate during Oct term

1869 Polk Co MO Nov 25, 1869, Hannah Moore vs Thomas Stanley, ejectment, Judgement found for defendant & against plaintiff

 1870 TX Lamar  Co Cen    Moore, Mary 30 TN and Hannah Moore 40 TN door to Derrick   p 270, 583‑583

1870 TX Lamar  Co Cen    Griffith, Jos M and Mary L .......2nd wife of Martha Ann Moore's widower     761‑761

 1873 KY McCra Co Deed V  Geo B Moore, grantee, J.J. Stanley et al.  35 ac on Ohio River, Jan 14, 1873/Jan 27, 1873.  p690

1880 MO Laclede Co Cen   Beckner, Siegel 18 IN VA KY        ....son of Nancy Moore Beckner, dec'd

 1880 TX Lamar  Co Cen    Moore, Hannah 53 TN NC AL  enum w/ sis Eliz Derrick 52 TN NC AL and Wm B Derrick 70

1880 TX Lamar  Co Cen    Derrick, Wm B and Eliza (Moore)

 1889 MO Laclede Co hist  Moore‑Beckner, Nancy as dec'd wife of Daniel, son Siegel and Jesse              .....per Goodspeed

 1900 TX Lamar  Co Cen    Moore, Hannah 73 TN NC AL  enum w/ sis M.E. Derrick 72 TN NC AL

R E S E A R C H   N E X T:

      1840 Hopkins Co KY Cen: notice proximity of Alfred and Bryant Moore (age 29)

      1870 Ballard Co KY Cen for Bryant Moore, was in 1850 Graves Co, 1860 Ballard Co Cen

      1820 NC, Stokes Co or Moore Co cen   should be  001‑‑‑001 or maybe a baby.




Rich  Boone  (b-c1770)

Rich Boone, b. c1770, found 1817 and 1819 in Huntsville, Madison Co AL......writer's Rich Boone must fit somewhere.  I think his name was Richmond.  ..... Could not find ch. of Isaiah Boone...

aa. Mary Boon, 1796 KY-c1855 Polk Co MO, m. Wm H Moore in 1818 Huntsville, Madison Co AL....could be Samuel Richmond Boone,

 1. John Boone Jr b. ca 1790 KY ? Warren Co m. Julie Ann __

2. Mary "Polly Ann" Boone b. 1796 KY d. ca 1855 Polk Co MO m. Wm H Moore

3. Sarah Hannah Boone b. Jan 23, 1806 TN d. ca 1867_?Cooke Co TX m. Christopher Wainscott

4. Rebecca Boone, b. Oct 10, 1808 TN d. Feb 20, 1892 Groves (now Mayes Co OK) m. Thornton Wainscott

5. James Boone b. 1816 TN d. ?Polk Co MO m. Matilda Wainscott

                  maybe other ch: of Rich Boone

a. Isaac Boon b. m-Jul 2, 1817 Miss Territory m. Lucinda Bell

b. Eliz Boon m-Sep 2, 1820 Miss Territory m. John Hendricks

                     maybe also

6. Indiana Boone m. Francis Campbell

7. Elizabeth Boone m. Daniel G Reel


N O T E: Bebecca Boone Wainscott's 9th ch, Charles said his mother was born in Alabama per 1880 Bates Co MO cen. means family talked about being in Alabama, and had prob been there.

2. Mary "Polly Ann" Boone, m. in Madison Co AL on Dec 24, 1818 to Wm H. Moore [b. 1790 NC, ?Stokes Co-Aug 16, 1869 Polk Co MO], son of __. 1820's TN (....maybe Anderson Co TN), 1830 Graves Co KY, 1840-1852 McCracken Co KY, 1852-1869 Polk Co MO. Issue, 9 ch: Richmond Boone "R.B." Moore, b. 1821 NC-aft 1874 Ballard Co KY and m. Nancy Kimmel on Mar 8, 1842 McCrac Co KY /?m,2. ?Sarah Ellen Holt on Apr 8, 1871 McCrac Co KY; **Martha Ann Moore, 1822 AL-Mar 1862 Lamar Co TX and m. Joseph McElroy Griffith; Hannah Moore, Dec 30, 1825 TN-Jan 11, 1911 Lamar Co TX single; Mary Elizabeth Moore, Nov 4, 1827 TN-May 9, 1908 Lamar Co TX and m. Wil Derrick on Mar 26, 1875 Lamar Co TX; Henrietta Moore, b. 1828 TN and m. Wm Douglass in 1851 Polk Co MO; Geo W, b. 1835; ?John; Nancy F. Moore, 1837 KY-1863 Goshen, Elkhart Co IN and m. Daniel Beckner on Dec 25, 1860 Polk Co MO.

3. Sarah Hannah Boone, m. in prob KY on Nov 1826 to Christopher Columbus Wainscott [b. Dec 27, 1802 NC-c1860 IT, Red River area], son of Robert Wainscott [1779 Monravian church, NC-1851 Pike Co MO]. Issue, 11 ch: John Boone Wainscott, Aug 5-Aug 5, 1827 KY; Robert L "Bob" Wainscott, Aug 5, 1827 TN and m. Sarah "Sallie" Willingham [Wainscott-Booker] on Jan 20, 1853 Polk Co MO; James Barnett Wainscott, Oct 28 1828 TN and m. Arthemisia Arabella Shepard Jul 18, 1848 Boone Co MO; Wilson Hunt "Wilt" Wainscott, Nov 19, 1830 Iowa-Feb 18, 1919 AZ and m. Reta Lairmer-Retta Laurety Laimen Larrymore in 1880 Mason Co TX; Jefferson Straton Wainscott, Dec 29, 1833 MO; Miranda Wainscott, b. 1835 MO and m. Tom Conklin; Mary Jane Wainscott, Feb 10, 1838 MO-Oct 16, 1923 and m. Joseph App Fields; Samuel T Wainscott, Dec 12, 1840 Iowa-1879 Washington and m. Rachel German; Sally Ann Wainscott, Apr 8, 1842 Iowa and m. ?Bright; Benton Boone Wainscott, Jun 9, 1844 Des Moines, Polk Co IA-Jan 16, 1918 Olney, Young Co TX and m,1. Aug 29, 1865 Grayson Co TX to Mary Melvainia Boone (dau of Israel "Jack Boone, 1/4 Cherokee, bur in Blanco Co TX, implies they were from the San Antonia Boones), m,2. Lieu Raney Rogers; Charles Franklin Wainscott, Oct 23, 1846 MO and m. Tres "Tes" Hartsugg; Phoebe Wainscott, Mar 8, 1850 Iowa-Mar 21, 1934 Newport, Jack Co TX and m. O.M. "Bud" DeShane.

Q U O T E: of W.G. Wainscott of Itlay TX: "Christopher brought his family to Texas about 1860. He then went back North on a cattle drive where he got pneumonia and died, bur on the trail. Hannah is b. around Gainesville TX [Cooke Co] somewhere or Thacherville OK [sic Indian Territory, now Love Co OK]. Benton Boone Wainscott moved over to Oklahoma for a few years then in 1906, he came back to Texas. This time Young Co TX." [bro John Wainscott lived near Gainesville, then Denver City, Montague Co TX.  ..W.G. Wainscott of Itlay TX is desc of Benton Boone Wainscott's m,2. to Rogers.

4. Rebecca Boone, m. in prob KY on Nov 30, 1826 to Thornton Emmit Wainscott [Sep 25, 1805 NC-Dec 7, 1859 Boliver, Polk Co MO], son of Robt Wainscott [b. 1779 Monravian Ch, NC]; coincidently, a Monravian Cherokee Mission was located near Groves, now Mayes Co OK]. Issue, 11 ch: Harriett Elvira "Vic" Wainscott, Feb 2, 1828 TN-Nov 16, 1910 Mason Co TX and m. Thomas Henry "Tom" Tuckness on Nov 1, 1849 Polk Co MO; Isaac Boone Wainscott, Oct 29, 1829 MO-Jun 9, 1877 Bates Co MO and m. Sarah Payne; Barnett S Wainscott, Dec 23, 1831 Pike Co MO-Mar 18, 1880 Bates Co MO and m. Alice Alsey Payne on Jan 20, 1852 Polk Co MO; Ewing Marion Wainscott, Mar 8, 1834 Clark Co MO-Oct 12, 1921 Callao, Mason Co MO and m. Sarah R Simpson on Aug 21, 1861 Polk Co MO; Amanda M Wainscott, Jan 12, 1921 MO-Dec 13, 1913 __m. John Stewart/__ Martin; Wm Grant Wainscott, Jan 11, 1838 MO-Jul 17, 1904 Bates Co MO and m. Margaret Emily Long on Mar 22, 1858 Polk Co MO; Louis Allen Wainscott, Apr 8, 1840 Iowa-Oct 12, 1921__and m. Elvira Burn-Brown/___; John L Wainscott, Sep 9, 1842 AR or MO-Oct 12, 1921; Chs Benton-Burton Wainscott, Nov 29, 1844 Benton Co AR-May 4, 1916 Hazelton, Barber Co KS and m. Pernecia Jane "Perniecy" Evans on Feb 22, 1872 Bates Co MO; Ira L Wainscott, Jan 29, 1846 Polk or Audrain Co MO-1864 Denver, Montague Co TX, single; James Elbert "Eb," Apr 13, 1849 Polk or Audrain Co MO-1919 MO and m. Arabella Hulse on Jun 19, 1870 Bates Co MO.

Q U O T E: of W.G. Wainscott: "Rebecca had gdau, Rebecca Elizabeth Wainscott [b. 1875], who m. Ira Green Moore [1873], who's mother was a Boone. In a letter from Minnie Zelma Moore says her dad, Ira Green Moore often teased his wife about being cousin or kin."  ...  "Rebecca's desc says she often talked of her Cherokee Indian blood and for medicine for me. She had high cheek bones and looks Indian. "lots of Hannah's desc showed Indian features, and Hannah had son called 'chief.' "  ...  "At one time Thornton moved to Texas and ran a horse ranch somewhere on the Brazos River. Stayed a while, then moved back to MO. Prob in the middle 1800's. Most of his desc are in Missouri."

5. James Boone, m,1. in Pike Co MO on Oct 27, 1832 to Matilda Wainscott [d. in AR bet 1834-40], dau of Robert Wainscott [b. 1779 Monravian Ch, NC]. After Matilda's death, James went to live with Thornton Wainscott in Polk Co MO; was w/ him in 1850 and 1860 cen. Thornton Wainscott willed "colt to Allen Boone." Issue, min 1 ch: Allen Boone, b. 1834 AR.

NOT ours, one James m-Polk Co MO Aug 18, 1840 to Mary Allen. Issue, 2 ch: Green Boone, b. 1843 AR; John, b. 1845 AR.   ...this James Boone 1850 Polk Co MO cen p23b, 1860 Carroll Co AR cen p86 Prairie twp.

6. Indiana Boone, m. in Pike Co MO on Oct 29, 1829 to Francis Campbell.

7. Elizabeth Boone, m. in Pike Co MO on Aug 5, 1836 to Daniel G Reel.

Boone Co MO, Jan 25, 1832, Lucy Ann Wainscott m. Esquire J. Green .....Green

Boone Co MO, Dec 30, 1834, Garrard Wainscott m. Alzara Winn

Clark Co MO, Sep 26, 1834, Eliz Wainscott m. Pink McDonald

writer's research that applies to above family.

1840 KY McCrac Co Cen Moore, Wm H 01110001---1022001

1850 AR Phillips Co Cen Boone, Rich'd 12 AR, enum w/ W.C. Boone

1850 AR St Francis Cen Boone, Richmond T 15 AR, enum w/ R.P. Boone

1850 AR Phillip Co Cen Boone, Rich'd 12 AR, enum w/ W.C. Boone

1850 KY McCrac Co Cen Moore, Wm H 60 NC, Mary (Boone) 54 KY, Henrietta 22 TN, Mary E 14 KY, Geo W 15 KY, Nancy F 13 KY

1850 KY McCrac MARR Boone, Rich Boone m. Lucy Willet in Dec, 1850 in McCracken Co KY

1850 MO Polk Co Cen Boone, James Boone 34 TN, Mary 20 TN, Greene 7 AR w/ 725 Thornton Wainscott 44NC, Reb 42TN, Isaac 20 MO

1860 Polk Co MO, Feb 7.    Thornton Wainscott's will probated, writer's Joseph McElroy Griffith exe, named twice, will written Dec 2, 1859.      Y E A H !

1860 MO Polk Co Cen Moore, Wm 69 NC, ....Mary Boone Moore's family

1860 MO Polk Co Cen Boon, John 14 AR, enum w/ Wainscott fam next door to Mary (Boone) Moore's family, Mary dec'd by 1860

1870 TX Lamar Co Cen Moore, Mary 30 TN and Hannah Moore 40 TN .....Mary Boone Moore's ch: moved to Lamar Co TX

1880 MO Bates Co cen p8 Wainscott, Chs, said mother Rebecca Boone born in Alabama.... Shawnee twp

N O T I C E: Christian names of Isaac, Green, Henrietta, Hannah, and Richmond.

Boone and Frontier Research Letter, Ken Kamper, Hist, 1606 Cork Ct, Hazelwood MO 63042, 314-391-0737


S P E C U L A T I O N    O N L Y  

Samuel Boone (1711-1745)

Outline from Sarah Ridge Rockenfield's OUR BOONE FAMILIES, DANIEL BOONE'S KINFOLKS   Rockenfield, Lynnette McCammon Brown, 3415 North County Rd 50 East, Sullivan IN 47882, sells Rockenfield book (about 1995 address)

George Boone III, 1666-1744 and Daniel Boone's gfather, m. Mary Milton Maugridge, 1669-1740, Mary and Geo came 1717 America.

1. Geo IV Boone, 1691 England-1753 Exeter twp, Berks Co PA, m. 1720 Bucks Co PA to Deborah Howell, son Josiah, 1726 PA-1814 Frankfort KY and m. Hannah Henton.

2. Sarah Boone, 1691-England-1743 VA and m. 1715 to Jacob Stuber-Stover, emig 1713

4. Squire Boone, 1696-1765 Rowan Co (now Davie Co) NC, and  m Sarah Morgan, 1770-1777 NC, THE Daniel; Edward d 1780 Fayette Co KY m. Bryan; Israel d1756 NC; bro Edward Boone, m-Martha Bryan, gson Geo Wash Boone Jr of Davies Co KY, mvd Mar 1852 to Ozark AR

5. Mary Boone, 1699-1774 Berks Co PA and m. 1720 Philadelphia PA to John Webb

6. John Boone, 1702-1785, single schoolteacher, raised bro Samuel's boys: Samuel Jr, Isaiah, and Arnold Boone, see below.

7. Joseph Boone, 1704-1776 Berks Co PA, m. c1733 to Catherine Warren [d. 1778].

7a. Joseph Boone Jr, 1730-1776 Berks Co PA, m. Elizabeth Warren, dau Hannah Boone m. James Lamb; Wm Wallace Boone m. Sarah Boone; Abner Boone, born 1773, son James E Boone mvd to Clear Springs, Texas Co, Missouri

8. Benjamin Boone, 1706-1762 Berks Co PA, lvd [now Lincoln Co TN] and m. Mary Farmer/m,2. Susannah, son of John & Rebecca went 1750/2 NC w/ THE Daniel

9. James Boone Sr, 1709-1785, m,1. 1735 North Wales PA to Jane Faulks/ m,2. Anna Griffith ....his ch: in Stewart Co TN area c1820 (James Boone Jr, Samuel Boone, Geo Wash Boone) per Doc Wainscott's files

10. Samuel Boone, Mar 22, 1711 England-Jun 6, 1745, m. Aug 29, 1734 Philadelphia PA to Eliz Sarah Cassel in a Quaker Mtg, dau of Susanna Deleplane and Arnold Cassel of Philadelphia. Aft Sam died, Eliz Cassel m. Jospeh Yarnell, son of Hannah Baker and Francis Yarnell. Sam & Eliz had ?five ch. Sons, Samuel, Arnold, and Isaiah were raised by Samuel's bro, John Boone. The two girls were raised by their mother aft she remarried. 

10a. Samuel Boone Jr, Jan 23, 1736-d._, raised by Uncle John, m,1. Rachel Coles [d-Apr 17, 1763], son John Jul 3, 1761-May 13, 1763

Samuel Boone Jr, m,2. in Trinity Epis Ch, Reading PA to Jane Foulkes "Little Granny" Hughes [d. at home of dau Hannah [Boone] Boone], dau of Hannah Boone and John Hughes...Hannah dau of George Boone. 1776 Sam and Jane left Exeter twp, Berks Co PA for Fredrick MD where he manufactured guns for the Rev War. He went broke, and had taught his cousin Squire Boone the gun business. In 1782, Squire Boone Jr went to Georgetown MD on the Potomac River. When Squire returned he brought Samuel Boone Jr and his family and several others to Shelby Co KY. All settled at Squire Boone Jr's station on Brashear Creek, 3 mi north of Shelbyville KY.

10a2. Rachel, b. Sep 7, 1767 and m. Alexander H Merrifield, 3 ch

10a3. Hannah m. Moses Boone, (Squire, Squire, George)

10a4. William Boone, 1774-1854 Meade Co KY, bur Boone Cem, Little Bend

10a5. John Hughes Boone, b. 1772 mem Indiana Constitutional Convention

10a6. Geo Wash Boone, Mar 6, 1783-Jul 1, 1854 Goshen Cem, Laconia, Harrison Co IN, m. 1803 to Lucy Blackwell Green

10a6a. Helen, m. 1828 to Hezekiah Luckett

10a6b. Robert Green Boone, m. Ellen Williams...bringing sick Rich Pey Willet home from Plumsville, Feather River, CA, when Richard Peyton Willett died, after a big gold stike.

10a6c. Hamilton Boone

10a6d. Elvira Boone, 1813 IN-1896 Harrison Co IN m. Richard Peyton Willett, b. 1812 Meade Co KY-1852 while returning from CA, son of Sarah Essary and Richard Willett [1761 Prince Geo Co MD-d. Meade Co IN, m. Mar 4, 1799 Oak Grove, Bullitt Co KY]. Sarah born to Sarah (Hester) Clark and John Essary. Issue 8 ch: Lucy Willett, m. Richard T Boone 1850 McCracken Co KY. (....? her uncle)

10a6e. Craven Boone, 1802-1886, m. Sallie Newman

10a6f. Richard T. Boone, m. Lucy Willet in 1850 McCracken Co Ky Eli Gather Boone, 1851-1922 McCracken Co KY; Bobby Boone, b. 1853; Elvira Boone, b. b. 1855

10b. Susannah Boone, b. Jan 17, 1738 and m. 1757 to Isaiah Willets

10c. Isaiah Boone, b. Jun 10, 1741, raised by Uncle John, Isaiah and Arnold raised by Uncle John.

10d. Arnold Boone, b. Oct 16, 1743 and m. Oct 28, 1767 to Mary Hope, dau of Mary Boone (Geo, Geo) and Thomas Hope.


Seibert Griffith and

Joseph McElroy Griffith

photo found in Mila Ann

McDowell Hamlin's effects. 




Gilbert Griffith and Thomas Reece Griffith

photo found in Mila Ann McDowell Hamlin's effects. 



Hannah Ann Griffith

(1847-1884), dau of Joseph

McElroy Griffith.  Photo found in

Mila Ann McDowell Hamlin's



Joseph McElroy Griffith, (1822-1888) Texas State Troops militia data on Texas Archives card




Griffith-Moore 1845

marriage certificate




Texas CSA Pension Application information on Joseph McElroy Griffith's Confederate service.




1880 North Graves Co

KY Plat map   Mt. Pleasant

Baptist Church,

page 1 of 3.



Mt. Pleasant Baptist

Church Minutes

Page 2 of 3



Mt. Pleasant Baptist

Church Minutes

Page 3 of 3





McElroy family sheet


























































































































































Seibert Griffith and

Joseph McElroy Griffith

photo found in

Mila Ann McDowell Hamlin's



Martha Ann Moore (1822-1862)  m. Joseph McElroy Griffith. Your editor would like to speak with the submitter of this photo to












































Hannah Ann Griffith

(1847-1884) photo found in

Mila Ann McDowell Hamlin's





Hannah Ann Griffith

-McBroom's tombstone

in the North Dexter Cem,

Cooke County TX.



Eliza Jane (Griffith) Price




Martha Priscilla (Price) Fitzgerald













































































































































































































































Wm. H. Moore

1817 document



page 1 of 2

Madison County, Mississippi Territory, January 7th, 1817

Doctor Issac Stuart, Decd, Dr. to me Wm. Moor Four dollars and twenty five cents for schooling to the best of my present Recollection.

M.T. Madison County January 7th 1817.  This Day came Wm. Moor before me Shadrack Webster and one of the acting justices in and for the City and made oath that the above Account is just and true, sworn to and submitted the day and Date above written.

Wm. Moor

Shadrack Webster, J.P.

page 2 of 2

(vertical)       No. 31       $4.25   Proven account again, Dr. I. Stuart, Decd. 

Received of Wm. Hendricks Administrator on Dr. Issac Stuart’s (Dec’d) Estate four Dollars and 25 cents in full of the of the within proven account this 10th of January 1817.

Wm. Moor

Above sent by Joel H. Hutto










































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