Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains

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Tillman Williamson "T.W." Graham  and  Jency Jane  Williams

My direct ancestor is child number 5. Tillman Williamson "Tip" Graham, Jr.


 Marriage of Tillman Williamson Graham and Jane Jency Williams c1841 prob in Perry Co TN.

 Tillman Williamson Graham, "T.W." Graham, b. near Nunnelly, Hickman Co TN on May 15, 1817 to __ ( ? Williamson) and Charles Graham [1792 NC-1875 Cass Co TX].  T.W.'s mom may have been the dau of Jesse Williamson.  T.W. served in John Jay Good's Co A, 2d TX Cav, org. Aug 1863 Grayson-Collin Co TX militia.  T.W. d. Sep 9, 1893 Bailey, Pickens Co, Chickasaw Nation,  Indian Terr; Bailey Cem, Grady Co OK.

 Jency Jane Williams, b. prob Indiana, maybe TN on May 22, 1823 to prob Jones Williams [in Perry Co TN 1820-1830]; Jane d. in Bailey  while living w/ son Tom Graham on May 23, 1901; b. Bailey Cem.

 1. Charles Granville Graham   b. Aug  6, 1843 Perry Co TN             d. Apr  4, 1930 Carter Co OK           m. Molly Savage

  2. Jones Perry Graham         b. Nov 14, 1844 Linden, Cass Co TX      d. Mar 18, 1920 Stephens Co OK         m. Dollie Ireland

  3. John Rayburn Graham       b. Dec 15, 1845 Linden, Cass Co TX      d. Apr 17, 1917 Stephens Co OK         m. Annie Keyes


  4. Rose Abeen Graham  b. Mar  4, 1846 Linden, Cass Co TX      d. Jul 22, 1879 Spring Hill, Cooke Co TX    m-Dewitt Simpson


**5. Tillman Williamson "Tip" Graham   b-Aug  9, 1849 Linden, Cass Co TX    d-Nov 30, 1907 Hope, Step Co OK     m-Lizzie Wood


  6. Robert D. "Bob" Graham  b. Nov   , 1850 Linden, Cass Co TX   d. Aug     1910 Bailey, Grady Co OK    m-Pickett/Cox‑Pound


  7. James Holcombe "Jim"       b. Dec 22, 1852 Linden, Cass Co TX      d. Feb  3, 1909 Bradley, Grady Co OK   m. Sarah Thompson


  8. Thomas Marian Graham  b. Aug   , 1854 Linden, Cass Co TX      d. May  9, 1939 Lindsay, Garvin Co OK  m. Lee/Herndon‑Bowles


  9. Mary Charlotte Belle Zora  b. Jul 18, 1856 Sadler, Grayson Co TX   d. Aug 25, 1929 Tarrant Co TX          m. Rube Thompson


 10. Sarah Emma Camillia        b. Feb 15, 1858 Sadler, Grayson Co TX   d. Apr  7, 1945 Moore, Cleveland Co OK m. Clabe Crouch


 11. William Benjamin "Willy"   b. Feb 18, 1860 Sadler, Grayson Co TX   d. Oct 15, 1945 Comanche Co OK         m. Villa Thompson

 1. Charles Granville Graham, m. in Grayson Co TX on Jan 9, 1867 to Mary Louise "Molly" Savage [Sep 8, 1849-Mar 11, 1935], dau of Eliz J Madon [May 4, 1830 MS-Oct 24, 1902 ?Cooke Co TX] and Sam B Savage [Mar 30, 1829 TN-Jan 24, 1885 ?Cooke Co TX].  Mvd to  I.T. in 1868; lvd eastern Cooke Co; Burlington, Spanish Fort, Montague Co TX; worked on Graham-Chisum Ranch; lvd Duncan; d. CSA Vet Home, Ardmore; b. Fairview Cem, Cooke Co TX.  Served 44 months in Steven's 22d Cav-1st Indian-TX Regt, OK pens 2940.  Issue, 1 ch: Thomas Graham, 1867 Grayson Co-1947 ?Cleveland Co OK and m.  Lula Blake; and adopted Mrs. Hersie Weaver, (maybe also Lela Carlisle).

 2. Jones Perry Graham, "Perry" m. in Grayson Co TX on May 17, 1866 to Dorothy Elizabeth "Dollie" Ireland [1848‑1937], dau of Sally Ann Dishman and Wm Patrick Ireland [m. in Glasgow, Barren Co KY].  Perry served in  Co D, Bourland's Regt, TX CSA, OK pension 3374..  Perry, b. Marlow Cem, Stephens Co OK.  Lvd Grayson Co, Clay Co TX, Ind Terr, Clay Co TX, Burlington, Montague Co TX, Jack Co TX, Marlow, Pick Co, Chick Nat, Ind Terr.  Issue, 10 ch:  Rosa Lee, 1867-1886;  Chs, 1869-1881;  Rayburn "Rabe," 1872 and m. Rossie Hill;  W.P., 1874-bef 1900;  Joe Abeen, 1876 Ind   Terr-1951 Step Co OK and m. Gertie Huntly;  Nora Ann, 1878-1913 and m. Bruce Thompson;  Maude B, b. 1881 and m. Lak Largent; Edith Estelle, 1884 Burlington-1962 Step Co OK single;  James Perry Jr, 1885 Jack Co TX-1944 Kerr Co TX and m. Nettie Jackson;  Bill Ireland Graham Jr, 1888 Marlow I.T.-1970 Lubbock Co TX and m. Rachel McMurry.

3. John Raborn Graham, m. in Cooke Co TX on Jan 16, 1873 to Anna Elizabeth "Annie" Keyes [Oct 17, 1854 Carroll Co AR-Feb 25, 1935 Marlow OK], dau of Rosie Jane Farrar [b. 1824 VA] and Wm Keyes [b. 1814 VA].  b. Bailey Cem.  John in   Martin's 5th TX Cav, Savage's Co D, TX CSA per OK widow's pens 2796.   Issue, 5 ch: Rose, 1876-aft 1917 Marlow OK and m. Lee McGaughey;  Abeen (male) b. 1877-bef 1900;  Oscar, b. 1879 and m. Ella Morris;  Rube;  Glenn;  and Ora, b. 1883 and m. Tom Hurst.

 4. Rosa Abeen Graham, m. in Grayson Co TX on Mar 18, 1869 to Dewitt Clinton "Dee" Simpson [Jul 6, 1837 AL-Aug 3, 1906 Runnels Co TX], son of Jemimia E [1815 TN-1888 Cooke Co TX] and W.S. Simpson [1811 TN-1894 Cooke Co].  Rosa b. in  Spring Hill Cem, Cooke Co TX. Dee was in Fitzhugh's 16th Cav, Co A, TX CSA.   1880 Cooke Co TX cen finds sis Belle (Graham) Thompson enum w/ them.   Issue, 6 ch:  Edgar T, 1869-1889;  Wm C "Willy," 1871-1882;  Maudie B Simpson, 1874-1957 Runnels Co TX and m. Dec 5, 1893 Cooke Co TX to Isaac "Doc" Vancil, 2 ch;  Mallie Drew Simpson, 1876-aft 1962 Los Angeles CA and m. Edward Mann;   Hulen H.  Simpson, 1877-1955; Myrtle, 1879, d-infant. 

Dewitt m,2. in Cooke Co TX on Feb 2, 1881 to Mary Alice (Blackman) Wallace. [Mar 22, 1858 AR-Sep 26, 1949 Runnels Co TX].  1900 Runnels Co TX cen, lvd Runnels, then Ballinger.  Issue, 4 ch:  Lora Simpson, 1881-1882 Cooke Co TX;  Elmer C Simpson, b.  1884;  Francis Paul Simpson, 1886-1913 Runnels Co;  Troy P Simpson, 1892-1962 Runnels Co, WWI.

**5. Tillman Williamson Graham Jr., Tip Graham, m. prob near Lebanon (in a stockade), Indian Territory, June 10, 1872 to Elizabeth West Wood, dau of Hamilton Wood and Mildred Marion Settle [m-1843 Ralls Co MO].  Tip b. Bailey Cem, Grady Co OK.   Bourland's Regt, Co G, TX CSA.  1870 Grayson Co TX cen: Tip was a clerk at age 21.  Later, he and "Lizzie" farmed in the Bailey Community, Ind Terr.     Issue: 9 ch: Archie Mildred Graham, 1873-1938 Roosevelt Co NM and m. John Holley/Ben F Cornelius;  Thomas Marion Graham, 1875-d. Gridley, Butte Co CA and m. Minnie Lynch/m,2. Minnie (Horner) Clark;  Jesse Grandville Graham, b. 1877 and m. Nellie Gray;  Vivan Carlson "Ben" b.1880 and m. Emma Presnell;  **Tot William Graham, b.1883 and m. Della McDowell; Cass McNatt Graham (1885 Velma I.T. (now Stephens Co OK)-1960 Stephens Co OK, Marlow Cem) m-Minnie Valentine, 3 ch; twins: John Claude "Buck" Graham, b. 1888 and m. Ella Burton;  Jimmy Clyde Graham, b. 1888 and m. Wil Owings; Mable Clara,  b-1892-d. young.

6. Robert D. "Bob" Graham, Sr, m,1. in ? Grayson Co TX, or I.T. c1877 to Victoria A_ "Torrie" Pickett, b. in TX to  and Sally Ann Dishman [Jul 7, 1826‑Aug 11, 1902) and John Pickett.    Sally Dishman's m,1. was to Wm Patrick Ireland.   1870 Grayson Co TX cen finds Victoria A Pickett living with her widowed mother Sallie A Pickett.   Belle (Isabella) and husband, John Hall,  are enum/ w/ sis, Victoria and R.D. in the 1880 Jack Co TX cen; John listed as bro‑in‑law.  Victoria used the names of both  Pickett and Ireland.   Issue, 4 ch:  Lelah Belle "Lelia" Graham, 1878 Jack Co TX-aft 1952 ?Step Co OK and m. Reed Ridley; William Dee Graham, 1880 Jack Co TX-aft 1927 Hall Co TX and m. Sally Sing;  Charley Granville Graham, Aug 20, 1885 ?Happy Hollow IT-Mar 19, 1942 Stephens Co OK and m. Louise Ireland/Rosie _;  Lora Graham, Nov 1887 ?Happy Hollow IT-Jul 27, 1927 ?    Denver CO and m. ?Vanderpool/Wayne;

 Bob, m,2. in Pottawatomie Co, Indian Territory on May 20, 1892 to Mary Ellen Cox Pounds [Jan 29, 1861 Missouri-Jul 29, 1924 Mountain View, Kiowa Co OK], dau of Nancy A A __ [b. IN-Oct 1869 Lindley twp, Mercer Co MO] and Wiley Cox [b. 1838 in KY-d. aft 1880 Cooke Co TX cen].  Mary  b. in Mt View Cem.  Ethel Christine Graham Martin said that Robt's marrying Mary Ellen Cox Pound caused a scandal because she was a divorced woman.   Issue, 5 ch:  Edgar Graham, Jan 1894 ?Pottaw Co, I.T.-d. Step Co OK and m. Buelah Odam;  Robert D "Dick" Graham Jr, May 16, 1896 Bailey IT-Nov 27, 1983 Potter Co TX and m. Ruby Wade;  Bonnie Graham, Aug 1898 Bailey IT and m. Lister Colbough;  Willye Graham (fe), b. 1904 ?Bailey IT and m. Ray Clark;   Elsie Graham, b. 1907 Rush Springs OK-d. May 20, 1982 OKC and m. Lowell Prichard.

 7.  James Holcombe Graham, m. near Lebanon, Indian Terr on Jun 5, 1872 to Mary Elizabeth Sarah or "Sallie" Thompson [Apr 6, 1856 TN-Jun 22, 1928 Antioch, Garvin Co OK], dau of Ann Bayless] and Steve Thompson.  Jim & Sallie b. Erin Springs Cem, Garvin Co OK.  Issue, 8 ch:  Lillie Ann Graham, 1873-1951 and m. Billy Woolsey;  A.P. "Amy" or "Annie" Graham b. 1876 and m. Frank Bryant, no ch;  Nora J Graham, b. 1878 and m. Seth Field Hazel, (1874-1907), 3 ch/ m,2-Rufus Andrew Inman, 1 ch;  Rube C Graham. b.1880 and m. Cora McGrudder, min 5 ch, broomcorn buyer;  Stanley Sallee Graham (male) b. 1883 and m. Maude Frost, no ch, broomcorn buyer in Lindsay;  James Leck Graham [same as Dexington], 1886-1938 and m. Beryl __, min 2 ch;  Mary Leah Graham, b.1890 and m. Joe Martin Tuck; and Zula Belle Graham, b.1892 and m. James Tuck ...these Tuck brothers ran a ferry across Red River near Courtney Flats, Love Co OK

 8..  Thomas Marian Graham, m,1. in prob Bailey, Indian Terr (now Grady Co) in 1886 to Sophia Lee (Chickasaw Indian); no issue.  Sophia died in 1888, buried Gainesville TX.  per letter: "Chickasaw C‑105" dated May 9, 1904, Muskogee, Indian Territory.

 Tom, m,2. in prob Pottawatomie Co, I.T. in 1892 to Nannie Bell Herndon Bowles, dau of __ Herndon and _.  Tom and Nannie farmed  in Bailey, then Criner: the Lindsay‑Erin Springs area of Garvin Co, OK.   Tom d. in Lindsay, Garvin Co and was b. in Bailey  Cem, Grady Co OK.  Nannie brought son Charles Bowles to the marriage, who used the name of Graham.    Issue, 3 ch:  Bink Graham, Jan 10, 1894 Bailey IT-Jan 20, 1994 Ardmore, Carter Co OK and m. Docia Ann Welsh;  Mae Graham, Jan 16, 1896 Bailey IT  and m. Ben Jordan;  Tip Graham, Jul  3, 1897 Bailey IT-Aug 26, 1971 and m. Rose Welsh.  .... .

Editor's note:  Jency Jane Williams Graham lived with Tom and Nannie after T.W. died.  Bink warmed her feet until he was 5 or 6 yrs old while she rocked in the rocking chair.   Tommie Graham Roland is the proud owner of Jency Jane Williams Graham's rocking chair.   Jane wore her  big toenail thin rocking Bink in her beloved chair‑crib.   ......writer has seen chair; beautiful shape.

Pat Brandenberger's e-mail <<>> re: Nannie Belle Herndon Bowles Graham Date: Thu, Jun 07, 2012 07:25 PM .....Nannie was my great-grandmother's sister (Lucy) Herndon Abney.  I have a good photo of Nannie Belle and would like to see some of her family have it. If you can put me in contact with them. I will be happy to send it to them.  <>Pat Brandenberger

 9. Mary Charlotte Belle Zora "Zola" and "Belle" Graham, m. in Grayson Co TX on Aug 6, 1874 to Reuben Bayless Thompson [Jul 18, 1852 TX-May 31, 1945 Bray, Stephens Co OK], son of Ann Bayless and Stephen Thompson and of Tyler, Smith Co TX].  Belle and Rube came from Whitesboro area to Happy Hollow, near Erin Springs, Indian Terr.  Belle had a in car crash, and d. in Ft Worth hosp; b. in Bailey Cem, Grady Co OK.  Rube and Belle ran a boarding house in Bailey, Grady Co OK.   Issue, 9 ch:  Samuel Willis Thompson, Jan 13, 1877 Whitesboro, Grayson Co TX-Jan 11, 1952 Oklahoma Co OK and m. Lillie Pierce;  William S_ "Willie" Thompson, Oct 17, 1878 Whitesboro, Grayson Co TX-Feb 19, 1938 and m. M. Brannen Thomas;  Robert Odes Thompson, Aug 1884 Whitesboro, Grayson Co TX-Jan 17, 1963 and m. Lena Shelton;  Ruby Lee Thompson, Feb 27, 1885 Whitesboro, Grayson Co TX-Jul 1971 Tom Green Co TX and m. George DeLong;  Thomas Jefferson "T.J." Thompson, Mar 18, 1886 Happy Hollow IT-Jun 15, 1945 Oklahoma Co OK and m. Lena Carter;  John Aubrey "Jack" Thompson, Dec 11, 1890 Bailey IT-Dec 27, 1965 and m. Sue Alice Smith; James Tillman "Jim" Thompson, Aug  2, 1893 Bailey IT-Jun 21, 1973 and m. Jacks‑Garvin/Nada;  Elmer Amie "Fat" Thompson, Oct 11, 1896 Bailey IT-Jun  8, 1925 Grady Co OK and m. Ada Bratton;  Seth Woolsey Thompson, Mar  6, 1899 Bailey IT-Apr 13, 1972  Stephens Co OK and m. Grace McLean.

10.  Sarah Emma Camillia Graham, m. __ (place) in c1878 to Clayburn Edward Crouch, son of Edward Henry Crouch [b. MO] and Judith Virginia Creech of Bailey, Ind Terr [b. VA).   Emma d. Moore OK, b. Smith Cem.   The Crouches and Grahams came from Happy Hollow (near Erin Springs: now Garvin Co), Ind Terr to Bailey, Ind Terr as settlers to farm and raise cattle.  Issue, 4 ch:  Arthur L Crouch, m,1. Lillie Waters/m,2. Maude Luvenia Hudgens Reynolds;  Tip West Crouch;  Estelle Crouch, m. Rolo Manvel; and Rosa Crouch single.

11.  William Benjamin "Willy" Graham, m. in Grayson Co TX on Jun 24, 1883 to Heneritta Lavilla "Viller" Thompson, dau of Mary Camilla Stuart [May 21, 1940 Bradley Co AR-Apr 11, 1915 Bailey Cem, Grady Co OK] and James Finley Thompson [Nov 10, 1836 Lancaster Co SC-Dec 19, 1922 Hope twp, Step Co OK].  Stockman and farmer.    Willy b. Woodlawn Cem, Comanche Co, OK.   Issue, 10 ch: James Tillman Graham, m. Minnie Passmore, 2 ch/m,2. Iva Chapman, 2 ch; Emmett Jones Graham, m. E. Bittner, 1 ch;  Archie Edwin Graham, m. Bess Coyle, 1 ch;  Dink Drew Graham, m. Alma Payne;  Nellie Bess Graham m. Marvin Yeaman 2 ch;    Dolphie Graham (1897-1975 RMills Co OK), m. John Wesley Burns, 5 ch;  Merle Graham, m. Edwin Hervey, 10 ch;  Minnie Juanita "Mary" m. Frank McKiernan;  Mike, and Halbert Flato Graham, m. Emma Babek Womaster. one time, they lived in Spanish Fort Bend, Montague Co, TX.

 1817 Hickman Co TN, Nunley.   T.W. born to Charles Graham and maybe dau of Jessee Williamson.

 1819 Wayne Co TN.  Wayne Co formed from Hickman Co TN.

 1823 Wayne Co TN.  T.W.'s father Chs Graham m. Jane Rayburn.

1826 Perry Co TN, Nov 26, John McFarland vs Jones Williams.  Case dismissed p15 of M Bowen's PERRY CO TN CIRCUIT DOCKET 1926-1833

 1829 Perry Co TN, Perryville, Apr 9, p142ff.  Charles Graham ment in Wm Johns vs Jones Williams. p73 of M Bowen's PERRY CO TN CIRCUIT DOCKET 1826-1833

 1838 Davidson Co TN, Jun 21.  DEED BK 1-542.  T.W. Graham bought 77 acres from Smith Criddle and Wm B Murfree.

 1838-1839 Perry Co TN, December.  T.W. Graham listed as a juror.

1840 Bowie Land Dist, TX, T.W. Graham issued Third Class Headright Grant in Bowie Land Dist [1846 Cass Co TX formed].  3rd Class  issued between Oct 1, 1837 and Jan 1, 1840.

1841 Perry Co TN, Mar 20.  Williamson Graham listed as a juror

1841 Texas.   T.W. Graham came to Texas in 1841 per 1867 TEX VOTER REGISTRATION, T.W. #1364 in Precinct 13, Grayson Co TX on Jan 31,

1868.  T.W. stated that in 1868, he was a native of Tenn;  had been in Texas twenty-seven (27) yrs (since 1841) and had been in this county (Grayson) and precinct (13) for twelve (12) yrs (1856).  ...."Many many people lied on these Texas Voter Reg forms." per Larry Martin of Splendora TX.   8 mi northeast of Linden TX.   T.W. brought slaves from Tenn.

 c1841 Perry Co TN.  marriage T.W. Graham and Jane Williams, dau of Jones Williams.

 1843 Davidson Co TN, Jan 19.  ? Thomas Graham sold 77 ac to Smith Criddle

 1845 Grayson Co TX, Dec 1, DEED BOOK, 320 acres were bought by T.W. and Jane from ____

 1843 Perry Co TN.  Jane (Williams) Graham went back to Tenn to have baby Granville, b. Aug 1843."  per Rose Crouch Thomas.  Granville  stated he was born in Perry Co TN.

 1846 Cass Co TX formed from Bowie Co TX.

 1846 Grayson Co TX formed from Fannin Co TX.   T.W. Graham may have records in Fannin Co TX.

 1847 Davidson Co TN (Nashville is county seat), Jan 19, DEED BOOK _, p __ dated Apr  4, 1847.   ? 77 acres were sold by T.W. Graham  to James N. Bowman

 N O T E: While T.W. and Jane were living in Cass Co TX, they sold 1/3 undivided interest of 77 ac lying on Davidson Co TN line on the waters of the Big Harperth on the Dickson Co TN line.  James Bowman‑lawyer.

 1850 Cass Co TX cen, p767, Pc5, Fam 20-22.  T.W. Graham (incl 2 colored fam: 7 blacks, all could read and write)

 1850 Cass Co TX cen, Parthenia Williams 23 TN (b-1823 TN), with ch lvg next door to T.W. Graham and his father Charles Graham

 1850 Cass Co TX Slave Schedule, 3 slaves, Chs 3 slaves, R.C. Graham 8 slaves

1853 Cass Co TX, Nov 26.   Texas State Land Grant Number 946 on Nov 26, 1853 in Cass Co TX to "T. Williamson Graham."

1855 Grayson Co TX.... re: John Graham Reeves, son of Charlotte Graham Reeves, aunt of T.W. ...   My John Reeves (and I donít have any evidence that his middle initial is H) left Mississippi and moved to Grayson County in late 1854 or early 1855. One of my sources states that Charlotte died enroute on 11 June 1854. John Reeves received a preemptive claim of 160 acres on 15 March 1855. This land is not close to his brother, Billie, who lived near Pottsboro. But, it is near your T.W. Grahamís survey. Do you have a plat map of Grayson County? John Reeveís survey is southwest of Thorne about 5-6 miles. I tried to locate this land last year and I believe it is land-locked today. It appears to me that T.W. Grahamís land is at the intersection of Highway 901 and Highway 56. The John Reeves property is on about 130 degree heading from the Graham survey. My best guess is-they would be about 5 miles apart.     per Gerald Witt of Camp Verde TX.

1856 Grayson Co TX.  T.W. came to Precinct 13 from Cass Co TX. (see 1841 above and 1867/1868 below)

 c1856 Grayson Co TX,   T.W. listed as member of Odd Fellows Lodge Number 102.  per Landrum's AN ILLUSTRATED HIST OF GRAYSON CO TX

1857 Grayson Co TX, Dec 12, DEED BOOK, p 285.  220 acres were sold   by T.W. and Jane to Allen Wagisner.

 1858 Grayson Co TX, Apr 13, DEED BOOK, p _      61 acres were bought by T.W. and Jane from John T. Helms.

 1858 Grayson Co TX, Aug 22, DEED BOOK,          61 acres were bought by T.W. and Jane from John T. Helms.

1858 Grayson Co TX, Aug 30, DEED BOOK, p__     320 acres were bought by T.W. and Jane from Henry Davis.

c1860 Grayson Co TX, International Org of Odd Fellows [I.O.O.F], T.W. was a mem of I.O.O.F #102

1861 Grayson Co TX, Whitesboro Masonic Lodge #263, Mar 30.  T.W. was Charter mem of Whitesboro Masonic Lodge Mar 30, 1861, Demitted Jan 12, 1878.  Demitted Jan 12, 1878.  T.W. admitted May 22, 1886 to the Burlington Masonic Lodge # 440         in Spanish Fort, Montague Co TX, prob while living in St Jo area.    ....T.W. was living west of Sadler, go past a graveyard about 0.25 mile to an intersecting road, turn left then go about 1/2 mile... this is within 1/4 mile  of where T.W. lived.

Civil War.  T.W's son, Granville Graham, spent 46 months in the Confederacy, was NOT wounded.  enl Jul 1861 Granville enl Co B, First Indian Regt (1st Indian/Texas Reg) at Ft Washita, Ind Terr.  On Dec 15, 1861 enl in Sherman TX in Co B, 22nd TX Cav by Capt T.J. Shannon.  On Jul 1, 1862 he transferred to Co H, commanded by Capt Stevens, disc May 24, 1865 at Millican, Brazos Co TX by Lt Col Geo W Merrick.  ...from other sources:  Mustered as a private into company of Capt John Wallace, succeeded by Capt. J.B. Davenport's Company B, 22nd Texas Cavalry, also called First Indian Regiment. "served in Company A" per 1919 CSA pens appl.   Col Bob Taylor succeeded by Col Bob Stone.  (also called Taylor's Reg, Stone's Battalion).  .....notice Co A vs Co B.  

Correction:  Col. James G. Stevens, 1st Tex Partisan Regt, Sep 30 1862 (assigned to 1st Indian Brig commanded by Col D.H. Cooper while in Missouri (see ORsIv13p297), then it became the 22nd Tex Cav Regt, commanded by R.H. Taylor, replaced by Stone; ....this was probably also the 1st South Kan-TX Regt, was probably one of two units, 1st Indian Regt attached to Stand Watie.   ... 1865 Discharged "Sandy Point, west of Galveston TX in June" per 1919 CSA pension appl.  "Honorably discharged by Lt Col Geo W. Merrick at Millican, Brazos Co TX on May 24, 1865." per formal document

c1861 Grayson Co TX, William Graham (our T.W. Graham) is listed as a Southern sympathizer who encourages Sam Houston to secede  from Union.  per Landrum's HIST OF GRAYSON CO TX.  

1863 Grayson Co TX, Apr 20, DEED BOOK, 160 acres were sold by T.W. and Jane to J.S. Franklin.

 1863 Collin Co TX, Camp Stonewall...was assigned to Co B TX Cav Reg, Commanded by Capt John G Goode,  ...."Camp Stonewall, Aug 6, 1863 for six (6) months, Tilman W. Graham, Pvt, Capt John Goode, Co B Cavalry, 15th Battalion, Tex State Troops." Mustering officer J.B. Wilmeth, Younger Scott McKinney  and Mullins appraisers. per card found TX State Lib, Austin TX.    

 1864 Aug to Nov 1864, T.W.'s son, Tillman Williamson "Tip" Graham served as Private in Company G, Bourland's Border Regt Cavalry.  Aug 64 Detailed to drive beef; Sep-Nov 64 to drive beef; Jan 65 Detailed in subsistence dept by special order No 240, Sep 24, 64 to report to Capt J.S. Fisher A.C.S. by order of Gen E Kirby Smith

1864 Aug-after Feb 1865 ... T.W.'s son, Jones Perry "Perry" Graham served as a Private in White's Company D of Bourland's Regt,  Aug-Oct 64 sick; Nov 64 sent home to get clothing. Also in L.M. Martinís Co.; 1915  Stephens Co OK CSA Pens No 652. (see pN-149.)

1867 Grayson Co TX, Precinct 13.  Texas Voter Registration shows that T.W. came to Texas in 1841 and has been in this county twelve  (12) yrs.  Rose Crouch Thomas had a note: "Jane was in Tennessee for the 1841 birth of Granville." 

 1868 Grayson Co TX, Jan 1868, reg voter in prec 13, Grayson Co TX, voter reg no. was 1363.

 1868 Indian Territory.  Granville Graham and Tom Graham settled in Indian Terr, prob Bailey.  Granville and his 14-yr old bro Tom went to Perry Co TN, bought cows and supplies and drove them to Indian Territory.  Tom stayed and m. Sophia Lee, a Chickasaw.

 1870 Grayson Co TX p108 (20), Pct #3, Nov 14, 1870, W. Montgomery, P.O. 129-132, Whitesboro.  T.W. Graham 53 TN farmer, J.J. 46 TN, John R. 24 TX stock rider, Tilman 21 TX clerk, Robert D. 20 TX, James H. 18 TX, Thomas 16 TX, Bell Z. 14 TX, Emma 13 TX. W.B. 11 TX. (incl 2 colored fam, __ blacks).

1872 Whitesboro Masonic Lodge #263.  Lizzie Wood m. in Love's Valley IT (now Love Co OK) to Tillman Williamson "Tip" Graham Jun 1872 while living in the Sadler TX area, Tip's dad, T.W. Graham was active in the Whitesboro Masonic Lodge #263.  "T.J.   Rogers first show up in the Jun 1872 Whitesboro Masonic Lodge #263 membership and remains until his death in 1878.    (T.J. Rogers was m. to Lizzie's 1st cousin, Wood)

 1878 Cooke Co TX, St Jo, Demitted Jan 12, 1878 from Whitesboro Masonic Lodge, that's probably when he mvd to St Jo area; admitted May 22, 1886 to Burlington Masonic Lodge #440.     

 1880 Cooke Co TX, near St Joe, Montague Co TX.    John Graham and Annie w/ father‑in‑law.  next door to father, T.W.   near Montague-Cooke county line ... see 1916 below.

 1880 Cooke Co TX cen, ED116-p332a, Pct 5, Jun 17, 257-264, T.W. Graham 60 __, Jane 50 __, and William 20 TX

 1880 Cass Co TX cen, ED40-p69a, Pct 1, Jun 7, 94-105, T.W. Graham 59 TN NC TN, Jane 50 TN TN TN

 1882 Cooke Co TX, DEED BOOK _ p __ dated Dec 13, 1882.     80 acres were bought by William Graham from W.C. Lemons:  N O T E:  Tip & Granville were Cooke Co residents...maybe in 1882

 1884 Velma, Pickens Co, Chick Nat, I.T. (now Stephens Co OK), VELMA (project) cites "T.W. Graham and Granville in Velma area in 1884."  per Velma Gifted Classes 1983‑86 (Joyce Pierce, teacher) VELMA pub Sep 1986 by by Velma High School, Velma OK.  6 pp.    ....writer has not seen proof

 N O T E:  Tip & Lizzie Graham owned a store in the Whitesboro area and sent parents T.W. Graham and Jane supplies in I.T.

 1886 Montague Co TX, Burlington Masonic Lodge #440 (renamed Spanish Fort) T.W. admitted May 22, 1886; listed every yr until 1894.

 1886 Velma (now Step Co OK).  VELMA cites Granville Graham as Velma resident in 1886.

 1893 Bailey, Pickens Co, Chickasaw Nation, I.T. (now Grady Co OK)    T.W. died and bur Bailey Cem.  Tom Graham (Bink's dad) gave the land for the Bailey Cem for his father to be buried.  Death listed in 1894 Burlington Masonic Lodge #440.

 1900 Chickasaw Nation IT cen, Jane Jency Williams Graham was not found in this census.  She was probably living with one of her  children, maybe in Oklahoma Territory or "Apache Lands" (Kiowa, Apache and Comanche Lands, in Oklahoma Territory).  Q U E R Y: 1900 Chick Nat cen ED 160 p 8 fam 138 lists Mary as having had 7 ch which were still living.   census enumerator  lists 6 of 7 ch: oldest being Nora Hazel, 22, m. and lvg with parents.

 1901 Bailey, Pickens Co, Chickasaw Nation, I.T. (now Grady Co OK)   Jane Jency Williams Graham died while living with son Tom.  

Jency Jane Williams Graham (1823-1901) above two photos

 T.W. Graham       (1817-1893)

T.W. Graham

and son Granville in 1861 before  Granville mustered into Stevens' 22nd Cav, TX CSA.


Jones Perry Graham (1844-1920).Death certificate immediately below.  Perry served in Bourland's Regt.

Tip Graham (1849-1907), at age 16,  in Bourland's Regt; detailed to drive cattle.







James Holcombe Graham (1852-1909) in above two pictures.


Below are photos of Bink Graham, son of Thomas Marion Graham (1854-1939).

Bink Graham (1894-1994) in his WWI uniform.  His dau, Tommie Roland, attended Tidwell Elementary, Stephens Co OK near Purdy, with your editor's father (my mother is a Graham and blood kin to Bink.) Tommie was in the class of Louis Adkins, who she adored. 




Della (McDowell) m-1908 Duncan OK to Tot William Graham, son of Tillman Williamson Graham.  Della's first three children were Mabel, Earl, and Flossie.

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Patricia Adkins-Rochette        04/21/2018     

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