Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains

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John Graham   (1760-1827) and Sarah ? Rains

My direct ancestor  is child number 1. Charles Graham


Marriage of John Graham and Sarah [prob Rains] in prob Randolph Co NC in ca 1791, three (3) gsons named Newton.

John Graham, b. 1760 in maybe Scotland to __ [maybe ? Asenath] and Richard Graham [1736/38-d-bet 1800 cen and Aug 1801 Randolph Co NC]. Came to Anson Co NC, found in 1800 Richmond Co NC cen (Richmond Co formed in 1789 from Anson Co), then Rowan Co, then Randolph Co NC. About 1808, moved to Warren Co TN. His obituary was pub in Anson, Rowan, and Randolph Co NC. A  notice in a Raleigh NC newspaper during Nov 1827 stated: "Died on the 6th ult. John Graham, esq. and member of the Legislature of Tennessee from Perry County...and a native of Anson Co. in this state." "Elected to 17th TN General Assembly in 1827 as a rep of Perry, Humphreys, and Stewart Co; he d. of a fever 19 days after session began, on Oct 6, 1827 in Nashville, Davidson Co TN....."prob served: Rev War: Capt Joseph Smith's regt that was also called the Courthouse Regt of Randolph Co NC, entire unit was court martialed 1802 and 1804 for unknown reasons, John Graham was fined and others cleared." per L Martin of Splendora TX

....Richard Grimes/Graham [c1736 VA-bef Aug 1801 Randolph Co NC] and wife __maybe Asenith, had 9 ch: Jane Graham, b. c1750and m. c1770 Orange Co NC to Geo Frashure; Rosannah Graham, c1752 and m. c1769 to George Rains; Richard Grimes Jr, b. 1753, m. __, adm of Richard Grimes' Randolph Co NC Aug 1801 will; Mary Graham, b. 1756 and m. __ Rains; John, m. Sarah __; Nancy (Graham) Rains (Jul 10, 1760 Rowan Co NC-Sep 4, 1855 Decatur Co TN) and m. 1787 Randolph Co NC to Anthony Rains, same day of Indenture "maybe for quick cash for a wedding"; male; Thomas Graham; Alexander Graham. ... one Richard Graham purc 400 ac in Anson Co NC in 1749. I think this may explain why our John Graham's 1827 obit appeared in the Anson Co NC newspaper. I have a lot of info on the Rains family and it is looking like they were together back in [1757] Caroline Co VA before coming to NC. I now believe 'his people came from Scotland" rather than John Graham being born there." per Larry Martin of Splendora TX.

m,1- probably a Newton. b. 1768 ?Scotland. After John's death the 17th TN Gen Assembly voted her a pension. (Sarah had two gch named Newton: James Newton Houston, James Newton Bowman, Newton C Graham [R.C.'s]. (...NOT ours: one Sarah Bunten m. Rowan Co NC to John Graham on Jan 22, 1785, John Bunten, bond but NOT ours..)

m,2-Sarah _ prob ? Rains, maybe Houston, Sarah d. Dec 15, 1856, prob Decatur Co TN.  

                       by  m.2.

+**1. Charles Graham, b-Jan 29, 1792 Randolph Co NC; d-Sep 8, 1875 Cass Co TX; m. ? Williamson/Rayburn

+ 2. Elizabeth Graham, b. 1791-1794 Randolph Co NC; d-Mar 8, 1860 Panola Co MS m-John King Rayburn

+ 3. John H Graham Jr, b-c1795 Randolph Co NC d-aft 1845 ?Cass Co TX per Perot diary, deed

4. David Graham, b-c1797 Randolph Co NC; d-aft 1830 ?Perry Co TN cen; per 1830 cen

                  by  m.2.

5. Richard Graham b-1799 Randolph Co NC d. aft 1860 Decatur Co TN m. Nancy __

6. Charlotte Graham, b-1800-1803 Randolph Co NC; d-c1855 enroute to TX; m-John Reeves

+ 7. Virginia Jane "Jenny" Graham, b-1802 Randolph Co NC; d-Jul 29, 1863 TN, prob Decatur Co TN; m-John L Houston

+ 8. Sarah Graham, b-Apr 11, 1803 Randolph Co NC; d-Apr 10, 1875 ? Red River Co TX; m- Bowman/Graves

+ 9. Hiram H Graham, b-1804 Randolph Co NC; d-aft 1870 ? Decatur Co TN; m-Malinda M Houston

+ 10. Lydia Graham, b-1806 Randolph Co NC; d-Mar 1853 ? Cass Co TX;  m-Bennett B Story

11. David Graham b. 1800-1810 Randolph Co NC d. aft 1837 ? Perry Co TN per 1837 tax list

12. Samuel Graham b. 1808 Randolph Co NC aft 1850 Wayne Co TN cen m. Jane __

+ 13. Robert Crawford Graham, b. Jun 15, 1809 Randolph Co NC; d. Feb 4, 1873 Camp Co TX; m. Cauthron/Story

+ 14. Mary "Polly" Graham b. Mar 10, 1810 Warren Co TN d. Mar 19, 1895 Cass Co TX m. Jeremiah Wood

+ only ch: we are sure belonged to John Graham.  some of these ch: may belong to Wm Graham, prob bro to John Graham and Nancy Graham Raines, who lived near Chs in 1830 Perry Co TN cen

**1. Charles Graham, m,1. to __? Williamson c1813 in ? TN. pos to dau of Jessee Williamson. Issue, 3 ch: dau, b. 1810-15, **Tillman Williamson "T.W.," 1817 Nunnelly, Hickman Co TN-1893 Bailey, Indian Territory and m. Jency Jane Williams, dau of Jones Williams; dau, b. 1815-20 and d. or m. bef 1840 cen.

Chs, m,2. in Wayne Co TN in Sep 1823 to Janett "Jane" Rayburn [Apr 14, 1801-Jan 26, 1861 Marion Co TX], dau of Sarah Shanklin and Henry Rayburn [both b. Ireland, m. Botetourt Co VA], bro John King Rayburn born at forks of Roanoke River, Montgomery Co VA]. Both b. Center Grove Cem, Cass Co TX. Chs was a surveyor.  Issue, 10 ch: Perry ?McClure Graham, b. 1823 m. Darby/Rogers /Edwards; John H, b. 1828 and m. Epperson; Sarah Ann, b. 1829 and m. Alex Holcombe; Elizabeth Caroline, b. 1830 single; Charlotte Jane, b. 1831 single; Charles Gibbs Graham, b. 1833 and m. Texanna Harris (TX Hist Seal on his home); Samuel R single; Mary F Graham, b. 1837 and m. Mills; Annie Elizabeth, b. 1839 and m. Sloan; Emily P. Graham, b. 1842 single; Robert D.M. Graham, b. 1846 and m. Lee.

N O T E: son Chs Gibbs Graham's home has a National & a Tex Historic Marker; gdau, Dorothy Brown Craver, resides there.

2. Elizabeth Graham, m. prob Warren Co TN c1807 to John King Rayburn [b. Oct 11, 1795 Montgomery Co VA-Apr 10, 1857 Mississippi River], son of Henry Rayburn and Sarah Shanklin [both b. in Ireland, m. in Botetourt Co VA]. John's parents moved from NC to Overton Co TN in 1806; then mvd to Indian Creek, Wayne Co TN where John K was sheriff 1822-1836; John elected to rep Wayne, Hickman and other TN counties for the 20th TN Gen Assembly; moved to Panola Co MS in 1836 where he was a farmer and a physician; John shot in back on his cotton boat while on Miss River; Eliz d. Mar 8, 1860, age 66 (66 on tombstone, age 69 in obit; b. Eureka Cem in SE corner of Panola Co MS; Eliz obit in PANOLA STAR dated Mar 22, 1860; says she lived in Warren Co TN. Issue, 6 ch: Anquilla (fe), b. c1810 TN and m. O.C. Wright; Louisa N, m. John Bratton; Charlotte Ann, m. James Graham Beard; Samuel Houston Rayburn, d. bef 1860; Sarah Jane, m. Pearce W. Perry; and Margaret A "Lucy," m. Leroy C Wright.

3. John Graham Jr, Marie Perot-Miller's diary ref to John Graham Sr; John Graham [John Graham Sr d. 1827], Chs Graham, & Wm Graham on 1828 Perry Co TN Circuit Court Docket; one Jno Gayhrem appeared with W Rainey in 1841 Panola Co MS w/ John King Rayburn.

5. Richard Graham, m. Nancy [1806 NC]. stonemason. prob same Rich Graham next door to John A Rains in 1830 Perry Co cen; 1860 Decatur Co cen listed as Geyahem, one M. Riggs (fe) 21 TN enum w/ Rich. Issue, at least 3 ch: W.H. (male), b. 1825; Duncan Canada (maybe son-in-law) b. 1839; Nancy Canada, b. 1841.

6. Charlotte Graham, m. John Reeves [1778-1867]. 1850 Tishomingo Co MS, Char is age 50, John is 72. Charlotte Graham Reeves (c1800-1855)

7. Virginia Jane "Jenny" Graham, m. in prob Warren Co TN in c1819 to John Luckey Houston [b. Aug 29, 1797 Fayette Co KY], son of Sarah Luckey [b. in VA] and Peter Houston. 1820 Warren Co TN cen, 1830 Fayette Co TN cen, 1840 Perry Co Cen. A lawyer in several Graham transactions. Issue, 9 ch: Johanna Houston, 1820-aft 1860 Decat Co TN and m. Nath Barnett, 9 ch; Jefferson Perry Houston, 1822-aft 1850 Decat Co TN cen and m. Jane Lofton, 2 ch; John Graham Houston, Mar 1824 Warren Co TN-1894 TN and m. Martha Arnold, 9 ch; Sara Jane Houston, 1826-1916 Decatur Co TN and m. Burrell Rushing, 4 ch/Rennie Raines, 2 ch; Laverna Ann Houston, 1828-bef 1870 Decat Co TN cen and m. James E Arnold, 10 ch; Eliza "Puss" 1830-1849; Martha Luckey Houston, 1835-1863 Decat Co TN and m. Rennie Raines, 1 ch; James Newton Houston (physician), 1837-1910 Decat Co TN and m. Sarah Chaney, 11 ch; Samuel Madison Houston, 1839-1884 Bear Creek Cem and m. Mary Harris Jennings.

8. Sarah Graham, m,1. c1822 William C Bowman [d. Jan 27, 1828], bros to Campbell Bowman, Joseph Bowman, Samuel Bowman, and J.T. or J.H. Bowman. Issue, 1 ch: James Newton Bowman, Jan 7, 1826 TN-Oct 14, 1871 Lamar Co TX and m. Tenn Tex Graham (1st cou, R.C.'s dau).

Sarah, m,2. in prob Perry Co TN on Oct 23, 1839 to Wiley Graves [May 7, 1808 NC-1868 ?Cass TX], son of Geo A Graves [b-Scotland] Issue, 6 ch: Geo Wash Graves, 1840-bef 1914 ?Red River Co TX; John C, b. 1842; Robt Crawford Graves, 1845-Nov 20, 1914 Red River Co TX and m. Amelia Fleming; Sarah C Graves, 1846 Perry Co TN-bef 1914 Franklin Co TX and m. W.H.H. Story; Katie, b. 1848 Cass Co TX; M.J. Tennessee Graves, 1849-Oct 11, 1890 Red River Co TX and m. Medford G Story.

9. Hiram H Graham, m. Malinda Margaret Houston [b-1814 TN-aft 1870 cen], dau of Sarah Luckey and Peter Houston. 1850 Henders Co TN cen says b. 1806 NC; 1860 Decatur Co TN cen shows Isaac W. Rains, husband to Sarah J. w/ 2 ch: Issue, 6 ch: male, 1830-35, Sarah Jane Graham, b-1834, m-Isaac W. Rains, min 2 ch; Chs M, b. 1836, lvd Smithland, Marion Co TX in 1862, in 1869 staying w Chs Gibbs Graham, not in 1870 cen; Eliza, b. 1838; Melvina Catherine, b. 1843 and m. Geo Wash Graves, Mt Tabor Cem, Decatur Co, 6 ch; E.C. (fe), b. 1845.

10. Lydia Graham, m. in ? Perry Co TN c1821 to Bennett B Story [1801 NC-1864 Cass Co TX], son of Asenith __[b. NC-d. aft 1850 Cass Co TX] and Samuel Story Jr [b. in AL-d. aft 1850 Cass Co TX]. Mv'd to Cass Co TX c1849; 1830 Tipton Co TN cen 120001-00001; 1840 Perry Co TN cen 221001-021001; 1850 Cass Co TX. Issue, 8 ch: James, b. 1821; Edward W Story, b. 1822, m. C.A.__ /Emily Jane__; Calvin C, 1833-1859; Robert B Story, 1835-1862; Mary Ann, b. 1838 and m. Judson Vaughn; Martha Jane Story, b. 1843 and m. Robt Guess; Asenith "Senia" Story, b. 1845 and m. Joseph C. Milsap; Zachariah T Story, b. 1851 and m. Martha Jane ( ? Moore).

Bennett m,2. in Cass Co TX on Aug 9, 1855 to Mrs Eliza Fitzhugh. Issue, _

11. David Graham, 1830 Perry Co TN Cen 0200100--200101 (D. born 1800-1810). 1837 perry co tax list, dist 5-p94, on west side of Tenn River.

12. Samuel Graham, m. Jane. Issue, 4 ch: S.G., b. 1841; Minerva J, b. 1844; John S, b. 1845; Maryann, b. 1848. 1850 Wayne Co TN cen: Samuel was b. in 1814 NC; 1860 cen says he was b. in 1808 in NC. .........may not be ours

13. Robert Crawford "R.C." Graham, m,1. in Perry Co TN on Apr 14, 1826 to Mahaly Caughron/Cauthron [d. Aug 28, 1839], dau of Susannah [d. Apr 8, 1830] and Samuel Cauthron [1740/1750 Ireland-Apr 1, 1831]. Issue, 3 ch: Tennessee Texas Graham, 1831 Perryville-1928 Red River Co TX and m. James Newton Bowman (1st cou); James Matthew, b. 1832 and m. Lou C. Reeves, Rives  in Cass Co; John Franklin Graham, b. 1839.

Robt, m,2. in ? Perry Co TN on Jan 5, 1841 to Nancy Hill Story [1818 TN-1879 __], dau of prob Senith and Sam Story [b. 1768 AL]; sis to Henry J and Bennett Story]. R.C. b. Leesburg Cem, Camp Co TX. Issue 2 ch: Robert C Graham, 1843 TX; Newton C Graham, b. 1845 TX.

14. Mary "Polly" Graham, m. in prob Perry Co TN in c1827 to Jeremiah Preston Wood [Mar 4, 1804 Greenville Dist SC-Aug 10, 1870 Cass Co TX], son of Nancy Smith and West Wood. 1849 mvd to Cass Co TX. buried in Center Grove Cem) north of Linden, Cass Co TX. Issue, 7 ch: John West Wood, 1828 Linden TN-1900 Stephenville, Erath Co, TX and m. Sarah Jane Hamilton, 6 ch; Wm M, b. 1830; Hiram H Wood, 1832-1911 Hunt Co TX and m. Emily Susan Hamilton, 8 ch; Bailey B Wood, b. 1838 and m. Martha J Hines, 6 ch; Martin Van Buren Wood, b. 1835 and m. Hines; Jeremiah Preston Wood Jr, 1835-1873 Cass Co TX and m. Eliz M "Frankie" Sasser, 1 ch; James Knox Polk Wood, 1844-1917 Linden, Cass Co, TX and m. Fannie Gupton.



Grimes. The English pronunciation of the Scottish Gaelic "G R A H A M" was in the 1770s and in the year 2000 "G R I M E S."

1738 Caroline Co VA, Order Book 1732-40, Part 1, 1732-1734/35, Wash DC 1965 printed: "Page 480, May 12, 1738, Eliz Rains confesses judgment to Wm Woodford and Benja. Robinson Gent., church warden of St Mary's Parish, in debt for 50 schillings, current money or 500 pounds of tobacco. Wm Stanley acknowledge himself security." .."p427 Item 7 BASTARDS, "Bastards were commonplace in Carolina Co, if they did not have the money, they were whipped. Eliz Rains' fine was paid by T.E. Campbell"...believe this is Anthony Rain's sis, who had a bastard ch. T.E. Campbell:

1736 Virginia (where Anthony Raines was born 1757 on Rappahannock River, Bowling Green, Caroline Co VA). ....Richard Grimes /Graham [c1736 VA-bef Aug 1801 Randolph Co NC] and wife __maybe Asenith, had 9 ch: Jane Graham, b. c1750 and m. c1770 Orange Co NC to Geo Frashure; Rosannah Graham, c1752 and m. c1769 to George Rains; Richard Grimes Jr, b. 1753 m. __, adm of Richard Grimes' Randolph Co NC Aug 1801 will; Mary Graham, b. 1756 and m. __ Rains; John, m. Sarah __; Nancy Graham, b. 1760 and m. 1787 Randolph Co NC to Anthony Rains, same day of Indenture "maybe for quick cash for a wedding"; male; Thomas Graham; Alexander Graham.

1749 Anson Co NC, Crown to Gabriel Johnston, Patent Book No 5 Item 3460 p355, Richard Graham Oct 7, 1749 in Anson Co, joining McPolpens (?) Creek,

"one Richard Graham purc 400 ac in Anson Co NC in 1749. I think this may explain why our John Graham's 1827 obit appeared in the Anson Co NC newspaper. I have a lot of info on the Rains family and it is looking like they were together back in Virginia before coming to NC. I now believe 'his people came from Scotland" rather than John Graham being born there." per Larry Martin of Splendora TX.

1754 Anson Co NC, Crown to Matthew Rowan, Pres of Council, Patent Book 15, Item 4493, p14, Richard Graham, May 16, 1754. Richard Graham rec'd 400 ac in Anson Co NC on the north side of the Broad River on Clark's Creek below Gayin (?) Moore, being the land formally surveyed for James Moore.

1754 Anson Co NC, Crown to Matthew Rowan, Pres of Council, Pat Book 15, May 17, 1754, Item 4477 p11, "Richard Graham 300 ac in Anson Co on the south side of the Cataba [Catawba] River, joining the Sd. River and (a point above the mouth of the Dutchman's Creek, opposite to the Nation [prob Cherokee].

1756 Craven Co NC, Crown to Arthur Dobbs Royal Gov, Patent Book 15, Item No 5033, p183 Richard Graham, Sep 29, 1756 100, ac in Craven Co NC on the White Oak Pocoson, joining Coonses line, both sides of a Savannah, Jacobs Pocoson to the head thereof, (A point) near a branch, Marshalls line and Matthews line.

1757 Craven Co NC, Crown to Arthur Dobbs, Pat Book 2, Item 1022 p166, Richard Graham Nov 18, 1758 100 ac in Craven Co NC on the White Oak Pocoson near Samuel Johnston joining James Marshall.

c1760 ?Scotland, born prob in Anson Co NC. Obit in the Raleigh NC newspaper during the month of November, 1827 stated: "Died on the 6th ult. John Graham, esq a member of the Legislature of Tennessee from Perry Co TN. ...and a native of of Anson Co. in this state."

...."It is believed that John Graham and Nancy Graham Raines had brothers James Graham and Thomas Graham, and probably the William Graham [b-1750-60], who m. Susannah ? Washington." ... ..This William Graham had son, Thomas Graham that m. Rosannah __, and had ch: Cathleen m. Flower/Robbins; Frances J, m. Wm Langham; Wm H Graham m. Rowena (1/2 Cherokee) found once Lewis Co TN cen, had son Josephus Graham that went to AR or MO and returned almost starved (ancestor of Carlene Graham); Alexander Graham; Sarah C Graham; Thomas Graham; Hugh Cain Graham m. __; Susan Matilda Graham, single; Jesse B Graham ......proof Dec 14, 1897 Clermont Co SC (1801 became Sumter Dist SC) and finally settled 1818 Williamson Co TN. .... per Carlene Graham of Kingsport TN.

c1770 Guilford Co NC, Jane Grimes [born-died Randolph Co NC] m-1770 Guil Co NC to Frazier, 13 ch, went to IL, NB

1772 Anthony Rains arrived in Randolph Co NC according to DAR application.

1773 Craven Co NC, Crown to Josiah Martin Royal Gov, Pat Bk 22, Item 4505, May 24, 1773, p243, Richard Graham and Joseph Dowse 640 ac in Craven on the little Pocosson bewteen Neuse and Trent Roads, joining a small pond, the Pocoson, Samuel Hill and John Hawkes by the side of South Cart Road.

1775 Anson Co NC, Crowm to Josiah Martin, Royal Gov, Patent Book 25, Item 7754. p169, Richard Graham and Joseph Donse (? Dowse), Mar 4, 1775, 198 ac in Anson on the Northeast side of Pee Dee River on the Rocky Fork of Hitchcock Creek, joining Gorge Collins, near Old John Kerseys improvements. ...maybe Geo Collins

1778 Anson Co NC. Oct 6. John Graham enters 50 ac in Anson Co on Joe's Creek, later Richmond Co NC. It would appear that John lvd in Anson Co NC bef moving to Randolph Co. per L Martin of Splendora TX

1778 Chatam Co NC, DB-S (1775-1783), Nov 13, 1778, Richard Grimes bought 50 ac from Richard Lane on the waters of Lick Creek.

1779 Randolph Co NC, Tax List, Richard Graham listed, John Hinds Dist: "Richard Graham found on this tax list." Robt Rains in the John Hinds Dist Ishmel Rains in John Hinds Dist. Thos Frazier. Anthony Rains (single men that returned inventories of Taxable property in John Hinds Dist, Larence Rains. Person who refused to failed to return inventories of tax prop James Rains. Assessed fourfold, Geo Frazier, Geo Rains, .....Wm Millikan's List: John Frazier, .... Jane Graham, b. c1750 and m. c1770 Orange Co NC to Geo Frashure, Sandy Creek, Randolph Co. Liberty. Fraziers buried in Sandy Creek Primiative Bapt Church Cem, Randolph Co NC.

1780 Chatham Co NC Court of Pleas and Quarter Session 1774-1779, Richard Grimes in Index, p53, p79, and p81.

Rev War. "one John Graham served, probably NOT ours: Capt Joseph Smith's reg that was also called the Courthouse Regiment of Randolph Co NC, entire unit was court martialed 1802 and 1804 for unknown reasons, John Graham was fined and others cleared." per L Martin of Splendora TX

1784 Randolph Co NC, plus 1787, 1791, 1792, 1794, 1797, 1798, 1800, 1801, 1803, Rains records found Richard Graham Sr, 300 ac; Richard Jr. 175 ac

1785 Rowan Co NC marriage record: one John Graham m. Jan 25, 1785 to Sarah Bunten, dau of John Bunten. NOT ours

1785 Randolph Co NC, Tax List, Richard Graham Sr (300 ac, 1 white person) and Richard Graham Jr (175 ac, 1 white poll) found; Ishmael Rens 1 wp 200 ac; Roland Rens Sr 100 ac, Anthony Rens 1 wp 200 ac. Geo Rens 1 wp, Larance Rens 1 wp 150 ac;

1787 Randolph Co NC DEED BK 7-p182, Aug 18. John Graham purc 180 ac in Rand Co NC DEED BK 3-P154, Dec 10. Anthony Rains purc 200 ac in Randolph

1790 Randolph Co NC cen, Richard Grimes Sr 1m>16, 2m<6, 0fe; Richard Grimes Jr 1m>16, 2m<16, 5fe; John Grimes 1m>16, 2m<16, 1fe; George Frashure 2m>16, 2m<16, 0fe; George Rains 3m>16, 5m<16, 2fe; Mary Rains 1m>16, 3m<16, 2fe. ....this John Grimes may be ours. ......Hillsborough Dist: John Grimes, Richard Grimes Sr 1m>16, 2m<16, 0fe, Richard Sr Grimes, Geo Rains, John Rains, Anthony Reines, 1m>16, 2m<16, 0fe.....Isreal Rains, Robt Rains, John Frazier, Wm Rains, Isaac Rains, Lawrence Reins ..line154, John grimes, 1m>16, 2m<16, 1fe>16, slaves...

1790 Cumberland Co NC cen -- Anthony Rains listed. also, a single John Graham.

1790 Stokes Co NC cen, Thomas Graham, 2 males 16 or over (3 under 16) 4 fe white. 1 slave

1791-4 Randolph Co NC, then Warren Co TN, dau Elizabeth Graham Rayburn born "stated in obit to be born in Warren Co TN." She was born in Randolph Co NC, but it is important that she set foot in Warren Co TN, but she was NOT born there. Her Mar 1860 obit said she was age 69, her tombstone states age 66.

c1791 NC. John Graham m. Sarah (maybe Newton or Houston).

1792 NC. Jan 29. son Chs Graham born.

1793 Randolph Co NC, Richard Graham conveyed 300 ac to Joseph Lane

1794 Randolph Co NC

1797 Randolph Co NC mar 4, John Graham purchased 100 ac from Joseph Lane

1797 Randolph Co NC, Nov john sold 100 ac to Richard jr.

1798 Randolph Co NC Oct 15 Rich Graham sold 26 ac

1798 Randolph Co NC, Oct 15. This indenture made the 15th day of Oct in the year of our Lord 1798 between Richard Grimes Sr. of the County & State of No. Carolina of the one part & Joseph Lane of the County aforesaid of the other part. Witnessth that the said Richard Grimes for and in consideration of the sum of 45 Dollars to him in hand paid by the said Joseph Lane the receipt whereof the said Richard Grimes doath hereby acknowledge, hath granted & sold (?) & confirmed by these presence doath grant bargain and sell (?) & confirm unto the said Joseph Lane, his heirs & assigns, all that tract or parcel of Land lying in said County & State aforesaid on the east end of said Lane's own tract & being part of said Grimes tract lying on the bottom of Reed Creek & bounded by George Rains & William Cox containing by estimation or (?) Twenty six acres of 1/4 of land more or less bounded as follows to wit: Beginning at a Hickory at said Lane's own corner & Grimes original line beginning corner & running East 46 pls to a Maple tree So. [South] 16 pls to a post oak then West 24 pls to a Maple in a branch (?) Down the (?) Course of the branch near the mouth of then of the old original line on a post oak then west 35 pls to the corner stake on the Lane's Line then No to the first station 140 pls. Filing term 1799. The execution of the above deed of conveyance from Richard Grimes to Joseph Lane was duly proved in open court by (?) Lane and ordered to be registered.

1799 Randolph Co NC tax list Rich Jr. Grahan pd 100 ac

1800 Buncombe Co NC (this info not in 1810 cen)

1800 Randolph Co NC cen. ....not listed John Graham, 2 children: Chs and Eliz Rayburn;

1800 Randolph Co NC cen. May 5. Alex Grimes 26-45, fe 26-45; Richard Grimes Sr >45, fe>45; Richard Grimes Jr >45, fe>45, 3fe 16-26, 1m10-16, 1fe10-16, 1fe0-10, 3m0-10; John Graham 26-45

1800 Stokes Co NC cen, Salisbury Dist, p462, line7, Thomas Grimes 1m>45, 1fe>45, 1fe,16-26; 1m,16-25; 1m, 10-16, 1wh male, 1>45 fe 7 slaves; Levi Graham, 463, line 3, 1,0-10, 1, 16-26 --- 10-10, 2, 16-26, 1slave

1800 p463, line 7 Eli Grayham 1, 2-10 male, 1, 16-26, 1, 0-10 fe , 1, 26-45 fe, 1 slave

__________________1800, (found all gents mentioned in the 1805, 1806 from Richard Grimes Sr's Estate.

1800 Randolph Co NC, #533 Thomas Grimes from Stokes Co NC

#314 Alex Grimes from Randolph Co NC

#314 Richard Grimes from Randolph Co NC

#314 Richard Grimes from Randolph Co NC

#315 John Graham from Randolph Co NC

#170 John Graham from Bucombe Co NC

1801 Randloph Co NC Wills, Indentures and Settlements of Estates, Book 2-79, Aug Term 1801, Richard Grimes, adm. of Richard Grimes (Sr.) decd, returned the inventory of the Estate matter this acct of Teste herein, accounting Randolph Co. J. Harper, C. Clk

1803 Randolph Co NC tax list Richard Grimes pd taxes on 373 ac

1805 Randolph Co NC. Mary Rains indentured involving Richard Graham and John Graham, Alex Graham, Thomas Graham of Randolph Co as well as John Graham of Stokes Co NC and John Graham of Bucombe Co NC. ...John Woodward m-Hannah Graham, Geo Frazier m-Jane Graham. ...1805 or 1806 doc ment Jacob Rains, gson of Richard Grimes.

1805 Randolph Co NC, July 17, 1805. This Indenture made this 17th day of July in the year of our Lord 1805. Between Mary Rains of the County of Union and State of South Carolina and Thomas Graham (a son of Richard Graham, Sr.) of Stokes County, & Alexander Graham (a son of Richard Graham, Sr.) of Randolph County, and John Graham ( this is the John Graham who married the Graham girl we have no name for ) of Buncombe County & John Graham of Randolph County and Joab Rains (a son of George Rains and Rosanna (Graham Rains) of Randolph County & John Woodward & Hannah, his wife [(a daughter of George Rains and Rosanna (Graham Rains) of Randolph County, all of the State of N. Carolina of the one part & Richard Graham of the County of Randolph & State of N. Carolina of the other part. Witnessth that the said Mary Rains & Company for consideration of the sum of One Hundred & Seventy One dollars separately to them in hand paid by the Said Richard Graham at or before the sealing & delivery here of the receipt Whereof they do hereby acknowledge & hereby doth hereby exonerate and Discharge the said Richard Graham his heirs, Exrs. & Admrs. By these presents Have granted, bargained, sold and confirmed unto the said Richard Graham His heirs & assignees forever all their right, title, and claim of in and to a certain Tract or parcel of land lying and being in the county of Randolph and State of No. Carolina on Reed Creek joining Joseph Lane's land belonging to the Estate of Richard Graham, deceased, containing two hundred & seventy acres together with all singular, the rights, liberty, privileges, improvements, etc...thereunto belonging Unto the said Richard Graham, his heirs & assigns forever & the said Mary Rains & others & Company for themselves their heirs and assigns forever do warrant and forever defend the aforesaid premess..unto the said Richard Graham. ....see 1807

Q U E R Y: The 1805 indenture is a puzzler in that one would have to guess as to who is Mary Rains ? Sine Mary is also used as the wife of Anthony Rains in the second [1806] indenture, it is possible that Nancy Rains had a middle name of Mary or Vice Versa. This still does not answer the fact that she is listed as from the County of Union in South Carolina..

Mary Rains was head of household in 1790 & 1800 Randolph Co NC cen, bought land in Chatham, Rowan and Randolph Co NC.     may have been a Graham married to Robt Raines.

1806 Randolph County, Indenture DB11, p265-6, Jan 22, Between (1) Richard Grimes [Graham] of Randolph Co NC, (2) George Fraser

A [Frazier] and Jane Fraser [Graham], his wife (3) Anthony Rains & Nancy, his __) from Randolph Co NC (4) George Rains Jr., Asahel, Wm., Robt, James  And (1). John Lane, son of Joseph Lane. A John Lane, is paying $ 171.00 to Richard Grimes [Graham] for 171 ac of land

B laying in Randolph Coy and State of NC and on Reed Creek adjoining Joseph Lane and belonging to the Estate of Richard Grimes [Graham] dec'd. .....B John Lane is paying $72.32 to: (1). George Fraser (Frazier) and Jane, his wife (2). Anthony Rains and Nancy [Graham] his wife ....Note : A and B are for the 171 acres of land.

C. John Lane is paying $ 20.25 to the below listed people for 27 ac of land belonging to the Estate of Richard Grimes [Graham] (1). George Rains, Jr for himself (2). Isaac Rains (?) (3). William Rains (4). John Rains (5). Robert Rains (6). James Rains

D. John Lane is paying George Rains for 20 acres, part of the above tract of land belonging to Richard Grimes [Graham] dec'd.  A deed for the 14 th. day of July in the year 1970 for containing three Hundred acres (300 ac) of land. 

George Rains [b-Caroline Co NC-d-Mar 26, 1834 Warren Co TN, French Cem, east of Jacksboro, Trousdale, Barren Fork River) and Rosannah Grimes/ Graham [d-bef 1805) had ch who were. 

Joab Rains, b-Aug 12, 1770-Jul 15, 1856 odgen, henry co in, old nightstown cem, 1st cd of m-1869 to Rosanna. Geo and Anthony Rains were brothers. 

Asahel Rains b-May 5, 1772 Randolph Co NC 

Hannah Woodard, d-AFT 1860 Lamar CO tx

1807 Randolph Co NC, 1805 Indenture finalized August 1807 term. The execution of the winntin deed was duly proved in open Court by Samuel Adams (Guess who this Samuel Adams is ?) & ordered to be registered J. Harper C.C. (re: 1805 deed)

1808 Randolph Co NC, May Term 1808, the above 1806 Indenture, the execution of the within deed was duly proven in open court by Thomas Lane and order to be registered.

1808 Warren Co TN, May 14. Tennessee Second Surveyors District Early Survey Recording Abstracts, dated 1808. John Graham,   Abstract # 996 found in thew Original Surveys # 621 - 1035, Volume B. ( TSLA Vol. 25 ) Surveys # 1-620 and 621-1035.  # 995, John Graham, 300 acres, (location land marks) Bed Puncheon Camp Creek of MFK Duck River. Woodard also bought land about 1808

1809 TN. June 15. TN. son Robt Crawford Graham born

c1809 TN, ?Warren Co, maybe Overton Co TN. Aquilla Rayburn born to Eliz (Graham) Rayburn, John Graham's oldest gch:

1810 TN, prob Warren Co. Mar 10. dau Mary (Graham) Wood born

1810 Stokes co cen, Richard Grayham, 1m,0-10; 3m,16-26, 1m 45+, 2fe<10, 3 fe,16-26, 7 slaves

1810 Randolph Co TN cen, John Rains, Samuel Rains, Robt Rains, Anthony Rains, John Rains, Wm Rains, James Rains

1810 Rutherford Co TN cen, includes Warren Co TN cen, did not see OUR Rains, Grahams, Houston, Fraizers

1812 Warren Co TN Tax List p8(73 and p9(74) by Esquire Graham: p74(9) Wm Graham, p74(10) Richard Graham, p90(9) John Graham, p1(38) Benjamin Newton p1(39) Wm Newton ......Tax List for Centertown to Smartt Station: Wm Graham, Wm Rains, Phillip Rains, Ashel Rains, John Rains, John Graham, Henry Rains,

1814 Warren Co TN. son Charles drafted into War of 1812 service at McMinnville, Warren Co TN. It is believed that father John also served under Capt Abner Pierce.

1814 Lincoln Co TN, Fayetteville, Jan 28. Charles Graham enlisted in War of 1812 while living in McMinnville, Warren Co TN; served a six (6) months tour of duty as a Lieutenant in Capt Wm Douglas' Infantry, Company G, Col Stephen Copeland's 3rd Regt, Gen Thomas Johnson's Brigade, .... Copeland's West Tenn Militia. Chs was in the campaign against the Creek Indians at Horseshoe Bend, serving with Gen Andrew Jackson, then discharged at Fayetteville on May 10, 1814. Bounty Land Application No 28847 & Pension No 21021 (Grimes in some records). War of 1812 record as Chs Grimes.

1817 Rutherford Co TN, Priscilla Bowman m-Jan 1, 1817 to Green Freeman

1817 Hickman Co TN, our Tillman Williamson Graham born to Charles Graham in Nunnley, Hickman Co TN

1820 Warren Co TN cen. our John Graham. 4 sons and 2 daus

1820 Warren Co TN cen, Wm Bowman, Aaron Frazier, John Frazier, Joseph Frazier, p2 Ashel Rains, Geo Rains, p4 James Rains, p4 John Rains, p13 John A Rains, Levi Rains, Thomas Rains, p15 Wm Rains ....p24 Wm Graham, p8 John Graham, p9 Joseph Graham, Wm Bowman, George Graham, p9 John Houston p21 John L Houston p25 John Rains p25 Wm Rains p25 George Graham p25 Levi Frazier p25 John Frazier (all black, John, Joseph, __) p27 Wm Graham.

John Graham 02020111110-2000000010 means 2 males 10-16; 2 males 16-26; 1 male over age 45; 1 fe 1-10; 1 fe 10-16; 1 fe 16-25;

1 fe 26-45; 2 foreigners, not naturalized; 1 free colored male over age 45.

1820 Stokes Co NC p345, line5, John Graham, 1m,0-10; 1m, 26-45; 1fe,0-10; 3fe, 16-26, 1fe 26-45,

1821-24 Warren Co TN, John Graham was a member of the 14th Gen Assembly and served from 1821-1824.

1824 Warren Co TN. John Graham Houston, son of Jane (Graham) Houston born in Warren Co TN.

1824 Perry Co TN, Nov 26, 1826, John Graham and his sons are appointed to the court.

1826 Perry Co TN, Nov., court case between Robert White, Assignee VS Charles Graham and John Reeves. John Graham is the security for the defendants, meaning both Charles Graham and John Reeves. from the "Perry County TN Circuit Court Docket 1826-1833."

1826 Perry Co TN. John Graham was juror in Perry Co.

1826 Perry Co TN, William Graham, John Graham, and Chs Graham listed as Grand Jury members

1827 Davidson Co TN. Oct 6. John Graham died while in in 17th Gen Assembly, Leg rep Perry, Stuart and Humphreys Co TN, then died 19 days later of a fever. obit appeared in Anson Co NC, Rowan Co, and Randolph Co TN.


p346 "A new member, to wit, James Gray from the counties of Stewart, Humphries, and Perry in place of John Graham, deceased, appeared, produced his credentials and took his seat. ...Tennessee Legislature paid Williamson C. Bowman $28 to bury John Graham. ...

p150 Mr Huling submitted the following resolution to wit:-- RESOLVED: That the Governor be notified, John Graham, representative of the counties of Perry, Humphrey, and Stewart, in the General Assembly of this State, departed this [__] on Saturday the 6th inst.

p150 Mr Foster submitted the following pre___ and resolution, to wit:-- WHEREAS information has reached this and who arrived at the seat of government [__] low state of health, departed this life and [__] been interred since the adjournment of this [__] on Saturday last. 


1827, Graham, John; Serial No. 32, Private, Chapter & Section (3). Description, Deceased. Stewart, Perry, Humphreys Counties.

1827, Bowman, Williamson C.; Serial No. 32, Private, Chapter & Section (3). Description, Deceased. To collect money due John Graham, deceased.

1830 Perry Co TN cen. Sarah Graham.

1831 Perry Co TN, Oct 5, Chs Graham and John L Houston listed as adminstrators of John Graham's (dec'd) estate

1834 Perry Co TN, Decaturville (later Decatur Co TN), Masonic Lodge #218 built in Decaturville in 1834.

1840 Perry Co TN. Sarah Graham swore she was sis-in-law to Nancy Graham Raines, m-1787 Randolph Co NC to Anthony Raines

1840 Perry Co TN cen, p171bp11-8, Chs Graham, 2m 5-10 (Chs G, Sam R); 1m 15-20 (Perry M); 1m 20-30 (T.W.); 1m 40-50 (Chs); 2fe (Mary, Annie); 2fe 5-10 (Charolotte, Eliz C); 1fe 10-15 (Sarah); 1fe 30-40 (Jane Rayburn)

1840 Perry Co TN cen, p173-18, R.C. Graham, 3 ch, no wife

1840 Perry Co TN cen, p173-27, Nancy Rains

1840 Perry Co TN cen, p172p12-19, Sarah Graham, 1 adult, 1 boy prob John H. Graham of Chs's fam

1840 Perry Co TN cen, p172p12-20, Wyley Graves

1840 Perry Co TN cen, p181-23, H.H. Graham

1840 Perry Co TN cen, p182-p17-21, Richard Graham

1840 Perry Co TN cen, p185-10, John Newton, p188-29 James Newton, p188-29 Jesse Newton


from: Thomas A Glascock III "Tommy" ... ..... Check out GrahamNancyRains ... Date: Tue, Feb 24, 2015 10:39 AM ...

Patricia ...... Thanks so much for posting so much valuable information on my 5th Great-Grandmother - Nancy Graham Rain(e)s. Since you descend from her brother John - we must be 4th cousins or so.

I descend from Nancy and Anthony Rain(e)s' daughter Hannah who was the only child of theirs to remain in North Carolina.

I have been putting together - the best I can - information on Anthony Rain(e)s, but with so many Rain(e) families in Randolph County in the late 1700's it has been hard to tell for sure who belong in each family - try to separate siblings from cousins to possibly no kin. Do you happen to have all the Randolph County Rain(e)s by family grouping.

I am especially interested in what you have published about the Graham and Rain(e)s families of Caroline County, Virginia. Do you have anything more about them that is not shown in the great work you have published.

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you as I am sure I may have more questions. ......... Thomas A Glascock III "Tommy" .....Greensboro, North Carolina



General Charles Graham 

(an elected Texas State Troops General of his regional militia about 1855.)




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