Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountain

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Charles Graham   (1792-1875)

My direct ancestor  is is child number 2. Tillman Williamson "T.W." Graham


Marriages of Charles Graham, b. Jan 29, 1792 in NC, prob Randolph Co, to Sarah (maybe Newton) [1768-Dec 15, 1856 Decatur Co TN] and John Graham/Grimes [c1760-Oct 6, 1827 Nashville, Davidson Co TN]. Charles was probably elected a general of his militia brigade by the area militia of Texas State Troops. Chs d. near Linden on Sep 8, 1875; b. Center Grove Cem (Graham Graveyard), Cass Co TX.

Chs, m,1. c1813 in Tennessee. pos dau of Jessee Williamson/Williams. one Joseph N Williams/Williamson of Warren Co TN, served in War of 1812 served from Sep 20, 1814-Apr 20, 1815 in Co W under Capt Asahel Raines Inf, 2nd TN Regt, Tenn Militia.... John Graham/Grimes had siblings that m. Rains, Frazure.

Chs, m,2 in Wayne Co TN in Sep 1823 to Jane Rayburn, b. Apr 14, 1801 on Chucky River, Overton Co TN on to Henry Rayburn and Sarah Shanklin [orig of Ireland, but m. in Botetourt Co VA]. Jane d. Jan 26, 1861 near Linden; b. Center Grove Cem, Cass Co TX.

       by 1st wife

1. dau b. 1810- 1815 TN m. or d. per 1830 cen

**2. Tillman Williamson b-May 17, 1817 Nunnley, Hickman Co TN; d-Sep 9, 1893 Bailey, Chick Nat, I.T. m-Jency Jane Williams

3. dau b. 1815- 1820 TN m. or d. bef 1840 cen per 1830 cen

               by m,2. Jane Rayburn

4. Perry McClure Graham b. Nov 7, 1823 Perry Co TN d. Nov 3, 1881 Marion Co TX m. Darby/Rogers/Edwards

5. John H. Graham b. Jul 27, 1827 Perry Co TN d. Oct 1, 1895 Cass Co TX m. Sarah Epperson

6. Sarah Ann Graham b. ca 1829 Perry Co TN d. Sep 14, 1888 Marion Co TX m. Ferdinand Holcombe

7. Elizabeth Caroline b. Mar 2, 1830 Perry Co TN d. Mar 12, 1851 Cass Co TX single

8. Charlotte Jane Graham b. May 26, 1831 Perry Co TN d. Jun 1, 1853 Cass Co TX single

9. Charles Gibbs Graham b. Apr 30, 1833 Perry Co TN d. Jun 3, 1896 Marion Co TX m. Texana Harris

10. Samuel Rayburn Graham b. ca 1836 Perry Co TN d. Sep 28, 1863 Ottawa Co Ohio single

11. Mary F. Graham b. Dec 4, 1837 Perry Co TN d. Sep 10, 1898 near Cass Co TX m. Dr John P Mills

12. Annie Eliza Graham b. Nov 4, 1839 Perry Co TN d. Jun 20, 1930 Cass Co TX m. Dr Robert Sloan

13. Emily P. Graham b. Feb 5, 1842 Perry Co TN d. Mar 1, 1900 Cass Co TX single

14. Robert D.M. Graham b. May 25, 1846 Cass Co TX d. Apr 12, 1887 Linden, Cass Co TX m. Mattie Lee

plz check birthplaces on cen of Emily and Annie; Perry M's son Chs A said last 3 ch: born in TX.

1. dau is listed on 1830 Perry Co, TN Census between 15-20 yrs old. died or married

**2. Tillman Williamson "T.W." Graham, m. ?Perry Co TN c1841 to Jency Jane Williams [1823 IN, mabye TN-1901 Bailey, Chick Nat, IT], dau of Jones Williams [found 1825 Perry Co TN court record case with Chs Graham]. T.W., born Nunnelly, Hickman Co TN. T.W. and Jane were realtors in TN and were land speculators in Cass Co TX when they arrived in 1841. In c1847, they went to Grayson Co, TX; then returned to Cass Co, TX; only to go back c1857 to Grayson Co TX. They went c1884 to Velma, Pickens Co, Chickasaw Nat, I.T. T.W. and Jane spent their mature yrs in the Bailey Comm, (now Grady Co OK) and are b. in the Bailey Cem. Issue, 11 ch: Chs Grandville Graham, m. Mollie Savage; Jones Perry Graham, m. Dolly Ireland; John Rayburn Graham, m. Annie Keys; Rose Abeen, m. Dewitt Simpson; **Tillman Williamson "Tip" Graham, m. Eliz West Wood; Robert G Graham, m. Victoria Pickett/Mary Ellen Cox-Pound; James Holcombe Graham, m. Sarah Thompson; Thomas Marion Graham, m. Nannie Herndon-Bowles; Mary Charlotte Belle Zora "Belle" Graham, m. Reuben Thompson; Sarah Ella Camillia "Emma" Graham, m. Clabe Crouch; Wm Benjamin Graham, m. LaVilla Thompson.

3. dau is listed on 1830 Perry Co TN cen bet 10-15 yrs old. or married.

4. Perry McClure "P.M." Graham, m,1. in ? Cass Co TX on Dec 13, 1854 to Madeline Lester Darby [Mar 13, 1839 TN-Nov 3, 1856 Marion Co TX], dau of Leodicia Bolton [Apr 24, 1804 NC-Feb 14, 1862, m- Feb 27, 1823] and Archibald Van Darby [Oct 31, 1801 NC-Mar 3, 1865 Reynolds Cem, Morris Co TX], 7 Darby ch: Lucia V. Darby, 1825-Dec 3, 1863 m-Nov 24, 1842 to John W. Clark; John W. Darby, b-Mar 5, 1827-Sep25, 1855; Cecelia Beverly Darby, b-Feb 15, 1831 and m-Wm. Augustus Olds, m,2. to W.A. Batte (1860 Titus Co TX cen, Snow Hill, along with several others), May 25, 1828 Al-Apr 30, 1861, m-Feb 28,1857 (son of Martha and Jordan Olds); Mary Elizabeth Darby, b-Oct 25, 1833-Nov 21, 1872 m-Norman Reynolds [Jan 21, 1833-Sep 18, 1872, m-Mar 1850; Leodicia Bolton Darby, Nov 13, 1835-Oct 25, 1886, m-Oct 26, 1853 to D.W.H. Taylor [Nov 24, 1824-Apr 30, 1906]; Ellenor Cleopatra Darby, d-Nov 29, 1857, m-Aug 27, 1856 to J.T. Hervey. P.M. came to Texas in 1848 per D. Craver of Jefferson TX. On Feb 26, 1849 named postmaster of Jefferson. Cass Co. Vol 1, P.M. was clerk of Cass Co. In 1850, P.M. was a Master Mason of the Masonic Lodge #38 in Jefferson. Apr 1851 A.F. Holcombe partner of Perry M. Graham in (? Cass Co). Madeline bur Oakwood Cem, Jefferson, Marion Co TX. Issue, 1 ch: Archie D. Graham [b-1856 Marion Co TX, 1860 Titus Co TX cen with gfather A.V. Darby; mentioned in Oct 10, 1865 Cass Co TX probate (1860-1939) # 53 record; 1870 Morris Co TX cen, Archie found with his maternal uncle Jordan Olds in Morris Co TX, was in an 1872 Marion Co legal suit with W.A. Batte].

 Perry, m,2. in Gilmer, Upshur Co TX on Jul 1, 1861 to Kaziah Francis Rogers [Jul 14, 1843 Gilmer, Upshur Co TX-Jun 28, 1862 Jefferson, Marion Co TX], dau of Capt John Rogers. Kizzah bur Oakwood Cem, Rogers plot Old section Block E, Lot 2, Marion Co TX. 1860 Cass Co TX cen, P.M. Graham, age 25 TN merchant in the Dwelling 30-34 S.H. Ellis. 1860 Titus Co TX cen, Pct 4, p18, 604-601 Archie D.Y Rogers 27 Ky overseer, enun. W.S. Stephens. On Mar 1, 1849 P.M. in Andrew Jackson Masonic Lodge #38, Jefferson TX, passed Oct 5, 1850, demitted 1861, suspended for nonpayment of dues Mar 9, 1860, worshipful master 1860, and on July 2 , 1875, reinstated Sep 2, 1881, In Apr 26, 1877 P.M. and Charles Gibbs were witnesses for the defendant; P.M. was foreman on the 1877 grand jury for the that indicted Diamond Bessie Murder Trial. P.M. and E.W. Taylor, H.D. Benners had a Jefferson Real Estate Trust & Dollar Savings Co Inc, $25,000 - $500,000 dated Dec 1, 1871. Also started Jan 1, 1860, the Jefferson Insurance Co to cover steamboats and contents. Lake, locks, & Dam Co, Oct 6, 1866 for locks on river between Jefferson & Shreveport; East line and Red River Railroad on Mar 22, 1871; Lake City Navigation Co Insurance, Jun 2, 1873 to open and improve navigation; Lake City Railroad Co, May 2, 1874 to construct a railway from Jefferson to east line of the state to connect with the Mississippi. Mem of Marion Co Agriculatural Mercantile Assn. ( Charles Alexander Graham, Sr., 1900 Hill Co TX cen, June 02, Pct. # 1, 34-34 Charles A. Graham, b-June 1862, 37 years old, married 14 years, and b. in Texas, Charles was raised by his Aunt Sarah Graham Holcombe). Issue, 1 ch: Charles Alexander Graham [Jun 18, 1862-Feb 27, 1939 Jefferson Co TX], and m-Jan 8, 1885 to Sarah Sallie Tallulah Lee [b-October 1864-May 22, 1917 Hill Co TX] 6 ch: (1) Maxie L. (Son), Dec 15, 1885-Sep 8, 1901 Hillsboro, Hillsboro, Hill Co TX; (2) Annie Kasiah Graham, b-Oct 13, 1887 Linden-Jan 21, 1982 and m-Chs Richard Williams Sr Jul 24, 1863-Apr 1939. (son Chs. Williams and Phyllis Louise Orr b-Aug 30, 1917 Ocheleta, Washington Co OK, Martha Lee Williams m-Ralph Hudson Smith of Houston TX); (3) Cha A. "Al" Graham Jr., b-September 7, 1890 Linden TX-Feb 21, 1922 Jefferson Co TX and m-Etta Jess of Hillsboro, Hill Co TX, 2 ch (Caroline m-Buddy Plumley, Wm E. Graham b-Beaumont), (4) Thomas Edward "Ed" Grahan [b-Jul 21, 1893 Greenville TX-Dec 28, 1974 Ft Worth, m- Kathleen Jones, Ann Graham b-Jun 19, 1922 Ft Worth TX m-Roy Tavender b-London England; (5) Luna Rhea. Graham, April 26, 1897 Hillsboro TX-Aug 30, 1988 Springdale, Wash/ Benton Co AK m-Emerson Turner, no ch, div; (6) John Buie Graham TX dc. Apr 20, 1903 Hillsboro –d- Dec 23, 1963 Tarrant Co TX, m- Dorsett Sheffield in Ft Worth, no ch.

Perry, m,3. c1866 to Josephine Reynolds Edwards [1842 AL-Apr 10, 1931 Denver CO- __]. Oakwood Cem, Jefferson TX. P.M. enlisted on Jun 1861 in Capt W.H. Duke's Co Infantry called "The Jefferson Guard," rank & file 52, armed 1 musket, company did not wish to be ordered out of state but would go to any part of the country rather than be drafted, 1 MR. fferson Guard." P.M. Graham in the CSA ead in Jefferson Jimeplecute, Nov 13, 1897 Confederate House of Rep. Jefferson Jimeplecute …..tcbl CSA 1870 Marion Co cen Perry M. 46, Josephine 26 AL, Archie D 14 Chs A 9, Sam R., 10 months Died of typhoid , Oakwood Cem Bl C lot 6, Marion Co TX. In May 28, 1873, P.M., Chs GIBBS , & JAMES HOBAN, established the Defiant & Ladder Dept. in Jefferson. 1st election of Marion County was J.T. Sharpe, one of the officers was P.M as county surveyoy Issue, 8 ch: Wm Perry Graham, 1866-1867; Samuel Rayburn Graham, b. c1868 and m-Nora Dees [dau of Wm. Stone] Oct 9, 1891 Cass Co TX; Rayburn M. Graham, b. c1869; Josephine Graham, b. 1871; Perry D Graham, b. May 1876 m-1891 to mamie v. Theall, 1 ch; Maxcy Haislip Graham, c1875-Apr 19, 1876; Eugenia Graham, b. c1877 m-Robt Newton Harvey; and Exah Graham, Sep 1878-Feb 1962 LaMesa, San Diego Co CA and m-c1903 Denver Co to Robt Newton Harvey [1855-1937 Denver CO], 6 ch.

Josephine, m,3. Sep 27, 1885 to Erwin Overall, editor and printer of Iron News, he was initiated May 3, 1887 into the Knights of Honor, Sec of Finance, Cass Co TX.

4b. Charles Alexander Graham (1862-1935) and m. Jan 8, 1885 to Sallie Tullulah Lee [Oct 8, 1864 six mi NE Linden TX-May 22, 1917 Hill Co TX], dau of Sarah Ann. Morris [b-Aug 4, 1824-and Miles Park Lee, Cem in Douglasville, TX, m-Oct 21, 11847 Henry Co GA], dau also Martha Priscilla "Mattie" Lee ……son of Jane Charlotte Canada/ Candy [1784 VA-dbet 1850-1857 Noah’s Arc Cem] and Samuel Lee [1785 MD-Apr 12, 1871 Noah’s Arc Church Cem, Clayton Co GA] and bef 1815], sis Margaret J, Lee [b-1822 Henry Co GA-d-aft 1894 prob Cass Co TX, m-Dex\c 1839 Henry Co GA m-Richard Morgan Fletcher]. ….Alonzo Peetles Mooris m-Eliz Kuglar Cooglar; Martha J Morris b-Jun 8, 1828-d-Aug 20, 1900 m-James Atward Ball, Margaret Eliz Morris b-May 8, 1933-Aug 20, 1913, m-John Murphy; Sarah Ann Morris b-Aug 4, 1924 m-Miles Park Lee 3rd cousin to Robert E. Lee,….olest cem Hickory Grove, once part of Lee’s estste, ……..Nov 9, 1892 Chs A. Graham moved to Greenville, Hunt Co TX, May 26, 1902 res of Hillsborom Chs is a rep of R.R. Conductors Union of Southwest TX, Cass Co Sun,

5. John H. Graham, m. in Bowie Co TX on Sep 7, 1853 to Sarah Elizabeth Epperson [Jul 6, 1835-Dec 7, 1915 prob ?Grayson Co TX], dau of Margaret Hill [Jan 16, 1812 TN-Sep 28, 1875 TX, Linden Cem] and Mark Epperson [May 15, 1795-Oct 3, 1869 TX, Margaret was 2nd wife, Epperson came 1834 to Texas via the Monunent Trail]. John was in CSA: John was the enumerator for the 1860 Cass Co TX cen. (served 1864 at Elm Springs, I.T. when with Savage’s Co). Col. Leonidas M. Martin's Regt, Co D, Capt Sam B. Savage's Company, Maxey's Brigade for about 3 yrs in AR and Ind Terr, Tex widow's pens Texas 08167 filed Jul 5, 1899. 1864 mvd to Linden; b. Graham Graveyard, Cass Co TX (no tombstone). Issue, 1 ch: Charles E. Graham, Oct 5, 1854-Apr 25, 1870 Linden, Davis Co TX, single.

6. Sarah Ann Graham, m. Cass Co TX on Jun 8, 1849 to Anderson Ferdinand "A.F." Holcombe [1817-Nov 23, 1851 Jefferson, Cass Co (now Marion Co TX], son of Clarinda Johnson [Oct 19, 1784-Jun 28, 1841 Cass Co TX] and Lewis G. Holcombe [Jan 27, 1783 Surry Co NC-Sep 21, 1860 Cass Co TX, m. May 11, 1808 Surry Co NC, son of Priscilla and Lawrence Holcombe. L.G. Holcombe mvd to Maury Co TN, then Monroe Co MS, then arr Dec 10, 1839 Holcombe's Bluff, Cass Co TX. Alex sibs: Lucinda Holcombe, m. Thos. Jeff Foster; Sarah G. Holcombe, m. Pharo Kitchens; Isibela Holcombe m. Samuel Wilson; Robert P. Holcombe (d. bef 1860) m. Parthenia Wilborn, widow of K.S. Wilborn; M Berry Johnson Holcombe m Sarah Ann Hancock; James L Holcombe, no heirs. gunsmith, Just of Peace, 1849 pd to helped Ben Kimble lay lots for Linden; 1851 pd $200 to make a map of Cass Co TX. …. Apr 1851 A.F. Holcombe was partner of Perry M. Graham in Cass Co. ? …. Sarah’s Cass Co will Probate Minutes, Jan 28, 1882, Vol 8 p274ff, Item 1. She wants to be buried in the fmily burying ground; Item 3. She leaves all of her estate to Charles A. Graham and that she had raised an nursed him since he was an infant. Sarah b. Graham Graveyard (no tombstone). No issue.

7. Elizabeth Caroline Graham, b. Graham Graveyard. No issue.

8. Charlotte Jane Graham, b. Graham Graveyard. No issue.

9. Charles Gibbs Graham, m. in Carrolton, Carroll Co MO on Apr 30, 1868 to Sarah Texanah Harris [1848 Jeff, Cass Co-1927 Jeff, Marion Co], dau of Martha Freeman [1812 ?Talbot Co GA and Francis Tennelle Harris [1810 Talbot Co GA-1858 Marion Co TX]. Martha sis to Williamson M. Freeman [d-1866 Marion Co TX]. Chs born in Perryville (now Decatur Co TN]; Tex Conf Pens App #39428; b. Oakwood Cem & ch except Vitia. Issue, 7 ch: Chs G, 1873-1873; Vitia Cooper Graham, 1874-1874 inf, b. Carrollton MO; Karl Harris Graham, 1876-1959 Caddo Parish LA; Marcia Tennelle Graham, 1881-1881; Francis Tennelle Graham, 1883-1934 single; Pierson Holcombe Graham, 1885-1946 single; Marie Vesta Graham, 1890-1968 and m. Horace Clifton Brown.

N O T E: Chs Gibbs Graham's home on National Hist Register & the TX Hist Reg. Dorothy Brown Craver maintains it beautifully.

10. Samuel Rayburn Graham. Samuel R. Graham sold to Sarah A. Holcombe land certificate transfer, Davis Co TX, vPp403 Jun 18, 1861, wit: James M. Graham in 1863 after his death. Issue, none.

a) Enlisted in CSA on Jun 3, 1861 as a 22-yr-old Pvt in Linden, Cass Co TX.

b) Was promoted to 1st Lieutenant on Nov 1, 1862, 1st Lt in Co I, 3rd Tex Cavalry

c) was in the Holly Springs Raid, Marshall Co MS on Dec 20, 1862

d) wounded Dec 21, 1862 at Davis Mills, Hardin Co TN

e) ... Jan 7, 1863, probably when he was transferred to the prison where he died.

f) interred at Johnson Island, Sandusky Bay, Lake Erie, Ottawa Co OH.

11. Mary F. "Mollie" Graham, m. in Cass Co TX on Nov 28, 1872 to Dr. John Pinckney Mills [Feb 18, 1840 Forsyth Co GA-Jan 30, 1908 Miles, Runnels Co TX, b. Graham Graveyard, Cass Co TX]. 1880 Cass Co TX cen Pct 1 or 1900 cen, Robt Lee Graham, nephew, enum w/ John P Mills. Issue, 2 ch: John Sloan "Sloan" Mills [Mar 15, 1875 Linden TX-Nov 3, 1964 Wichita Falls, Wichita Co TX, m-Dec 28, 1899 Linden TX to Myra A. Morris [Jun 10, 1878 Linden, Cass Co TX-Jul 12, 1972 Wichita Co TX, dau of Laura F. Rogers and John Sanders Morris], 2 ch; Mary Louise Mills, b-Jun 12, 1902 and m-Dec 24, 1922 Beaumont TX to Kenneth Chs Stell; Pansy Grace Mills, b-Sep 12, 1909, single.

12. Annie Eliza Graham, m-Cass Co TX on Apr 4, 1867 to Dr Robert Frank Sloan, [b. ? SC]. tradition said he retired from Army -- was in Civil War, came to Texas and bought 100 ac on the road between Atlanta and Linden, Cass Co and built a nice house. b. Graham Graveyard. Charter mem of Laws Chapel, near Atlanta, Cass Co TX, then buried there. Issue, 3 dau: Jennie Rayburn Sloan, m. Theopolis W. Pyle, 8 ch; Sarah Willie Sloan (fe), Jun 30, 1870-Mar 8, 1940 Cass Co TX and m-Dec 27, 1893 Cass Co TX to James Oscar Cowgill; Madge Sloan, Apr 4, 1872-Jul 2, 1856 and m-Dec 27, 1903 to John H. Powell.

13. Emily P. Graham, b. Graham Graveyard. May 1, 1881 bought 300 ac fom r.d.m. Graham, Jan 18, 1888 emma sold to mattie p, Z Graham for her two ch. More fully described in a deed from sarah ann Holcombe to gaham. …vol K-2p18, Jan 6, 1888 sold to Mattie Lee for her two ch. This 300 ac Sarah Holcombe sold to r.d.m., who sold to Emily, who sold to rdm’’s widow for the to children. .. for Robert Lee Graham and Effie Lillian Graham Griffin. Issue, none.

14. Robert D.M. Graham, m. in Cass Co TX on Feb 20, 1879 to Martha Priscilla "Mattie" Lee [Jul 10, 1857 six mi NE of Linden, Cass Co TX-d-Chandler, Henderson Co TX while lvg w/ a dau], dau of Sarah Ann "Sallie" Morris [Aug 04, 1824 Henry Co GA-1907 Douglasville, Cass Co TX] and Miles W Parks Lee [1825 GA-d-unk, Douglasville, Cass Co TX, m-Oct 21, 1847 Cass Co TX, son of Jane Scarlet [Canady] Kennedy and Samuel Lee. Sallie born to Eliz Kuglar and Alonza Peeples Morris. 1879 mar perf by J.L Whittle, court clerk. Center Grove-Graham Graveyard. Issue, min 3 ch: Robt Lee Graham, May 27, 1880-May 11, 1954 Artesia, Eddy Co NM, and m. Jan 11, 1903 Marietta, Cass Co TX to Effie Elta Gholson (dau of Mary C. Thompson Wm Bailey Gholson), 11 ch [anc of J.D. Whitlock of Carlsbad, NM.); Effie L Graham, b-1883 and m. James Mac Griffin [b-1879 GA], 4 ch; Chs A Graham, Jun 15, 1885-Mar 26, 1887.

one Griffin ch: Mary Pauline Griffin [d-1934 Chandler, Henderson Co TX] and m. Austin Youngblood (div)

Mattie, m,2. in Cass Co TX on Jan 6, 1892 to John Henry Westbrook [Oct 1836 AR-Oct 1908 Floyd Cem, Cass Co TX], son of _ Westbrook. Issue, 2 ch: Henry Edward Westbrook, b. Mar 18, 1893 Cass Co TX and m. 1914 Cass Co TX to Minnie O. Fitts, 2 ch; Effie Westbrook

1792 Randolph Co NC, Jan29. Charles born to Sarah and John Graham.

c1809 Warren Co TN, between Jun 1809 and Mar 1810. John and Sarah Graham moved to Warren Co TN. Charles was age 17 to 18.

1813 Warren Co TN, Mar 22. "Soldiers from Commissions of Officers in the West Tennessee Militia (1796-1815), 29th Regiment; Lieutenant Charles Graham (age 21).

1814 Lincoln Co TN, Fayetteville, War of 1812, Jan 28, 1814. Charles enlisted in War of 1812 while living in McMinnville, Warren Co TN and was mustered in at Fayetteville; signed up as a Lieutenant for a six (6) months, unless discharged before, in Capt. Wm Douglas' Infantry, Company G (Infantry), Gen. Thomas Johnson's Brigade, Copeland's West Tenn Militia. Chs was in the campaign against the Creek Indians at Horseshoe Bend [Elmore County, AL], serving with Gen Andrew Jackson, then discharged at Fayetteville [Lincoln Co TN] on May 10, 1814. Bounty Land Application No 28847 & Pension No. 21021. Listed in the War of 1812 record as Charles Grimes.

Col Stephen Copeland, commanded the 3rd Regt of the West Tenn Militia Jan-May 1814.....Lt Charles Graham/Grimes, Captain Wm. Douglass of Company G, Col. Stephen Copeland's 3rd Regt. of Capt Thomas Johnson's Brigade.

Gen. A.J. Jackson's Mar 27,1814 report of Battle of Horseshoe Bend mentions that Copeland's regiment was held in reserve during this engagement, although part of this regiment saw actions (casualities in Capt Moses Thompson's and Capt. Allen Wilkinson's companies). Their line of march took them from Fayetteville through Ft Deposit [Talladega Co AL], Ft. Strother [St Clair Co AL], and to Ft. Williams [Lowndes Co AL].

c1815 Charles m. probably to a girl named Williamson, maybe part of the Jesse Williamson/William's family of Hickman Co TN; had three ch, including our Tillman Williamson "T.W." Graham. In 1838 T.W. bought 77 acres on the Big Harperth River, Davidson Co TN then sold one-third undivided interests in 1843 and 1847. Maybe these undivided interests were part of an inheritance from his mother to him and his two sisters.

1817 Hickman Co TN, Nunnley. Tillman Williamson Graham born.

1819 Wayne Co TN taken from Hickman Co TN.

c1820 Warren Co TN, Chs Graham signed a Jail Petition, Ashel Rains (1809-1810) also signed it. Found Tenn State Archives, but Charles Graham was not found on the 1820 Warren Co TN cen.

1820 Perry Co TN, Perryville, Aug 26, Charles Graham sold on Aug 26, 1820 to John A. Rains Lot 44 in Perryville on State Street, recorded Jul 2, 1844. found Freeport Library on Aug 11, 1993, v7p41(Jan 1978)

1821 Davidson Co TN, Nashville, Nov 21…..The Tennessee State Legislature selected Charles Graham, Charles Miles, John Rasser, James Dickson, W.S. Britt. And William __ to locate the county seat for Perry County.

1823 Wayne Co TN, Sep. Charles m. Jane Rayburn, dau of Sarah Shandlin and Henry Rayburn.

1826 Perry Co TN, Perryville, Nov 11. Damages assessed against John Graham (Chs about 34 yrs old)

1826 Perry Co TN, Nov 26. William Graham, John Graham, and Chs Graham listed as Grand Jury members

1826 Perry Co TN, Nov 26, John McFarland vs Jones Williams. Case dismissed

1827 Davidson Co TN. Oct 6. John Graham died while in in 17th Gen Assembly, Leg rep Perry, Stuart and Humphreys Co TN, then died 19 days later of a fever, obit appeared in Anson Co NC, Rowan Co, and Randolph Co TN. ....p346 "A new member, to wit,

1829 Perry Co TN, Perryville, Apr 9, p142ff. Charles Graham ment in Wm Johns vs Jones Williams. p73 of M Bowen's PERRY CO TN


1830 Perry Co TN, Perryville, Apr 8. Chs Graham listed as a commissioner in the town of Perryville.

1831 Perry Co TN, Oct 5, Chs Graham and John L Houston listed as adminstrators of John Graham's (deceased) estate

1836 Perry Co TN, Dec. Chs Graham is foreman of the Grand Jury.

1838 Perry Co TN, Dec 4. Circuit Court Docket, Geo Graves and Charles Graham on jury.

1839-1843 Perry Co TN. Charles Graham, a Whig, was elected to the 23rd & 24th Tennessee Gen. Assembly representing Perry Co, (1839-1843).

1839 Cass Co TX. Charles first appeared in Texas in the Surveyor Records of Cass Co dated Dec 31, 1839 along with Mr. Frazure, Asa Smith, Charles Standing (maybe Stanley), Whitaker, & Storach.

1837. EPPERSON'S FERRY. During its first session the First Congress of the Republic of Texas offered half a league of land to anyone who would operate a ferry across the Sulphur River. By April 1837 Mark Epperson had built a ferry on Trammel's Traceqv in Bowie County, almost due south of the location of present-day New Boston. Congress granted Epperson the half league, and the ferry was soon widely known as Epperson's Ferry. In December 1837 the legislature instructed the postmaster general to institute mail service from Nacogdoches to Epperson's Ferry, and from there to the county seat of Red River County. Although little is known about it, a small settlement apparently developed around the ferry in the early 1840s, which served as a gathering place for area settlers. The ferry was eventually replaced by a wooden bridge, and then by a bridge of more modern construction in 1924. In 1936 the Texas Centennialqv Commission erected a marker at the site of the old ferry. BIBLIOGRAPHY: Rex W. Strickland, Anglo-American Activities in Northeastern Texas, 1803-1845 (Ph.D. dissertation, University of Texas, 1937). Austin Texas Sentinel, August 12, 1941.

1840 Perry Co TN cen, p171bp11-8, Chs Graham, 2m 5-10 (Chs G, Sam R); 1m 15-20 (Perry M); 1m 20-30 (T.W.); 1m 40-50 (Chs); 2fe (Mary, Annie); 2fe 5-10 (Charolotte, Eliz C); 1fe 10-15 (Sarah); 1fe 30-40 (Jane Rayburn)

1840 Perry Co TN cen, p172p12-19, Sarah Graham, 1m 15-20, prob John H. Graham of Chs's fam

1840 Perry Co TN, Perryville. May 18, Chs Graham listed as a juror in Perryville

1841 Perry Co TN, January. Chs. Graham sued by the Bank for $375.

1841 Perry Co TN, Mar 21. Chs. Graham suit dismissed in Perryville.

1843 Cass Co TX. Family tradition said that Charles came to Cass County in 1843 and that oldest son, T.W., was in Texas when baby Granville was born in 1843.

1845 Decatur Co TN. Chs one of the Commissioners that located the county seat: Decaturville. Decatur Co formed 1845 from Perry.

1845 Republic of Texas, Cass Co TX, Sep 25, R.C. Graham and John H Graham (son of Chs) with Robert B Morris and __ (signed Aug 15, 1846 by R.C. Graham.

1845 Cass Co TX. T.W.'s second child was born in Texas on November

1845 TX. Charles had definitely moved his family to Texas by 1845. T.W.'s second child was born in Texas on November 1844. He was a surveyor and a successful businessman.

1846 State of Texas, Bowie Co DEED, Mar 2, Charles Graham buys title claim of Jesse (__ ? Bana)

1846 Cass Co TX, first dist court held Jul 23, 1846: O.H. King, Chief Justice; John C Rhea, Sheriff; R.C. Graham County Clerk

1846 Cass Co TX Tax LIST. T.W. Graham, R.C. Graham

1846 Cass Co TX DEED, Oct 11, one-half of Joseph Bowman's headright to Robert B Morris and from Morris to me, Chas Graham. B.W. Johnson, Chas Graham.

1846 Cass Co TX DEED File 90, Dec 3, Joseph Bowman 738ac, Robert B Morris 738ac, Chs Graham 738ac, R.C.Graham 320ac, James N Bowman

1847 Cass Co TX DEED, Mar 9, B.W. Johnston and Perry M Graham, 12 o'clock, Oct 1846 mentioned Jefferson.

1847 Cass Co TX DEED, Mar 9, 1847, refers to Book A p192. Charles Graham and R.C. Graham transaction.

1848 Cass Co TX, P.M. Graham arrived in Texas.

1849 Cass Co TX, Jun 8, Sarah Ann Graham m. A.F. Holcombe. Perry M. Graham County Clerk

1849 Cass Co TX DEED vol C-200, P.M. Graham purchased land from Joseph Bowman.

1850 vol Ep393-6, Oct 22, 1850. Chs Graham assigned his rights to a certain lot of field notes and land designitated therein Wi Wit surveyed in name of Chs graham, assignee of Ephaim Wilson 202 ac, acknowledgw by A. F. Holcome, witmess by t.w. gra, ackn of wit Tilman W. Graham.

1850 Cass Co TX cen. Charles was the recorder of the 1850 Cass County census; therefore, we have a large sample of his handwriting.

1850 Cass Co TX cen, Parthenia Williams with ch lvg next door to T.W. Graham and his father Charles Graham.

1850 Slave Schedule, Charles had 22 slaves, Mattie Lee had 4 slaves

1855 General Charles Graham was elected General of his regional militia composed of Texas State Troops. per Patti Adkins-Rochette  ....  Cass Co TX. "'General' was a title Charles adopted about 1855 and was affectionately called 'General Charles Graham' until his death." per Dorothy Brown Craver of Jefferson TX.

1860 Cass Co TX cen, p16, Pct 1, Oct 9, P.O. Linden, 99-103 Graham, Charles; Jane, Ann, Chs G., Emily, M., P.M., R.D.M., Samuel Rayburn

Civil War. July 17, 1862, John H. Graham enlisted in Whitesboro, Grayson County, Texas in Captain Samuel B. Savage Company, First Battalion, Texas Partisan Rangers. He was 35 years old; 2). July 17, 1862, John H. Graham was elected by the men in his company to be the company's 1 st. Lt.; 3). On May 08, 1865, 1st. Lt. John H. Graham, Company D, Martin’s Regiment, Dismounted Cavalry, was camped on Sims Bayou, near Houston, Harris County, Texas and Discharged there at the end of the war. 

1866. John H. Graham was back in Cass County, Texas in 1866

1867 Cass Co TX, Voter Registeration list, white voter. John H. Graham elected County surveyor, 384 votes.

1870 Davis Co TX cen, Sep 6. p34, Pct 1, 262-262 Charles Graham, Mary F.; Emily P.; Robert D.M. Graham.

1870 Davis Co TX cen, Sep 6, p34, Pct 1, 263-263 Sarah (Graham) Holcombe and her 3 ex-slaves. The 1870 Davis Co TX cen enumberator J.H. Bolts

1870 Upshur Co TX, Pct #1, p103, Pine Tree, R.C. Graham

1872 Cass Co TX, J.P. Wood, [County] Clerk

1873 Filed Claim No. 28847 on Apr 25, 1873 for a pension under War of 1812 Act of Feb 14, 1871; Pension Certificate 21021 dated Aug 23, 1873 commencing Feb 14, 1874 when Charles started receiving $8.00 per month.

1875 Cass Co TX, Sep 8. Charles Graham died and b. Graham Graveyard or Center Grove Cemetery, Cass County. vol 10p15, Oct 18, 1875, P.M. Graham & R.D.M. Graham, then Jan 1, 1876

1880 Tarrant Co TX DEED 23-331, State of TX, Sep 29, 1880 Tarrant Co TX, File 1284 Robertson; re Flint & Hatcher, Joseph Bowman...recaps history of Joseph Bowman's land transactions with Charles Graham, R.C. Graham, James N Bowman.

1880 Cass Co TX cen, p65a, Pct 1, Wm S. Graham 22 TX TN TX bailiff; Lou C [Reeves, widow of James Matthews Graham] 35 TX TX TX mother, keeping house; Lucy Graham 19 TX TX TX sister at home; Battle Graham 16 TX TX TX brother, at home; Newton Graham, 13 TX TX TX brother at home; Oscar Stinsen 20 OH PA PA printer.

1880 Cass Co TX cen, p67a, Pvt 1, Robert D Graham 32 TX NC TN farmer; Mattie P [Lee] Graham 21 TX GA GA keeping house; Robert L Graham 1 TX TX GA; Pupah Holcombe 50 TN NC TN sister at home (widowed sis Sarah Ann Graham Holcombe); Emma Graham 35 TN NC TN sister at home; A.C. Bubu 50 VA VA VA carpenter.

1880 Cass Co TX, p74, Jun 12, Pct 1, 153-161 Shouse/ Sloan, Annie E. Shousa ( Annie Elizabeth ( Graham ) Sloan (widow of Robt Frank Sloan), White, Female, 35 years old, born in Tennessee

1880 Cass Co TX cen, p91b, Pct 1. Thomas E Evans 26 TX TN GA farm laborer; Florence Evans 19 TX TN TN keeping house; Fannie E Evans 4 TX TN TN daughter; Sarah A Holcombe 50 TX NC TN other, at home; Emily P Graham 30 TX NC TN other, at home; Bunnson Cox TX AL AL other, farm laborer; Evan Evans 36 GA GA GA other.

1880 Marion Co TX cen, Jefferson, Ward 2, P.M. Graham 66 TN, Josep36 AL, 6 ch, Charli 18 Tx, Rayburn M 11 , Josephine 9m Perry D. 7, Eugenia 3, Exah 1.

1880 Cass Co TX cen, ED:15 p7, Jun 10, Atlanta, Pct 7, 9-9 J.H. Graham 50 TN NC TN; Sarah E. 45 TX NC TN. R.D.M. Graham was enumator. John H. Graham was an enumerator for the 1880 Cass County census.

1882 Cass Co TX WB-v8/pp274, 275, 276, S.. Holcombe, Probate oct 4, 1888 filed

1899 Cass Co TX, Dec 1, DB vol D-3p163 J.p. Mills, attorney for heirs of Chs Graham , 40 ac Ephraim Wilson survey, abstract 1111.   ....   Re: 1850 deed.

1900 Cass Co TX cen, 1910 Red River Co TX cen, 1920 Henderson Co TX cen, Jas Griffin, Effie Graham, Velma b-1902 TX, Harold b-1905 TX, Pauline b-1908 LA, Maxie. b1910-LA.

1900 Denver CO cen ..Josephine Reynolds Edwards, two daus m same guy in 1898, 1903.

1935 McLennan Co TX, a hotel. Charles A. Graham, at age 73, wrote an affidavit while he was working for hotels.


General Charles Graham 

(an elected Texas State Troops General of his regional militia.)




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