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John Jacob Gabany and Mary Petruska

Gene's mother  was Mary Elizabeth "Mae" Gabany Rochette

Marriage in New Britain, Hartford Co CT on Apr 28, 1903 of Joseph Gabany, age 21 mechanic, and Mary Petruska, age 20, a minor without parents in U.S.  Newton R. Hurtbust vouched for Mary as well as several minors in New Britain during this era.

Jacob Joseph Gabany, b. in Austria (later Czechoslovakia) on Jul 25, 1883 to Elizabeth "Lizzie" Dugas [b. Austria] and Andrew Gabany [b. 1850-60 Austria], son of __ and Jacob Gabany.   Jacob J. Gabany Sr d. in New Britian hospital, Hartford Co CT on Apr  14, 1937 while residing in rural Westfield, Box 24, East Berlin, Middlesex Co CT.   Jacob was an interpreter for the local courts for 4 or 5 languages.   Jacob had a brother who was married three times, once to Mary Hurtak.  Jacob b. St Mary's Cem, New Britain.

Andrew Gabany had 2 sibs: Joseph Gabany and Michael Gabany.    Andrew Gabany and Lizzie Dugas had 5 ch: (1) Jacob Joseph Gabany; (2) Stephen Gabany (1860-1880); (3) James Gabany (1860-1880);  (4) Mary Gabany, Oct 12, 1892 Hungary-Jan 1987 Roselle, Union Co NJ and m. ? Dugas;  (5) Andrew Gabany, 1872 Austria-Hungary-Dec 23, 1958 PA and m,1. to Mary Hurtak [Nov 2, 1878-Nov 2, 1907 South Fork, Cambria Co PA], 3 ch, m,2. Nov 30, 1907 to Mary Katcean [Sep 29, 1884 Austria-Hungary-Dec 1, 1968 Johnstown, Cambria Co PA (dau of Mary and  Joseph Kacian)], 9 ch, m,3. unknown.

Mary Petruska, b. in Austria (later Czechoslovakia) on Aug 12, 1888 to Barbara Pankowski and George Petruska [marr cert said Mary and George Petruska, whereas Mary's death certificate listed parents as Barbara Pankowski and George Petruska, informant was son Jack].  Mary's mom never came to U.S.A.; her father brought her then returned to Austria before she was married.   Mary d. in New Britain hosp, Hartford Co CT on Sep 6, 1943 while residing in rural Westfield; b. St Mary's Cem, New  Britain, Hartford CT.

**1. Mary Eliz "Mae", b-Apr  6, 1904 New Britain, Hart Co CT  d-Dec 13, 1997 Cromwell, Middlesex Co CT m-Armand Rochette

 2. Johana "Jennie",  b-Jul 10, 1905 New Britain, Hart Co CT  d-as child     New Britain, Hart Co CT; single 

  3. Helen Dorothy Gabany; b-Aug 24, 1906 New Britain, Hart Co Ct  d-Jul 26, 1998 Bridgeport, Fairfax Co CT   m-John Guman

  4. Stephen George Gabany; b-Aug 20, 1908 New Britain, Hart Co CT; d-May 16, 1963 Naples, Collier Co FL; m-Edna Hunt

  5. Jacob Joseph Jr "Jack"; b-Jun  3, 1911 New Britian, Hart Co Ct; d-Apr 14, 1982 Hartford, Hart Co CT; m- Mildre Percival

  6. Elizabeth Gertrude "Bet"; b-May  3, 1913 New Britain, Hart Co CT; d-Jul 18, 2003 Hartford, Hart Co CT; single

 **1. Mary Elizabeth "Mae" Gabany, m. in Sacred Heart Church, East Berlin, Hart Co CT on Oct 1, 1924 to Armand Herman Rochette [Sep 11, 1901 Chester, Middlesex Co CT-Sep 8, 1978 Cromwell, Middlesex Co CT], son of Virginia Beauchene [1869 St Norbert d'Arthabaska P.Q. Canada-Apr 24, 1945 Middletown] and John Evangeliste Rochette [1863 St Christophe d'Arthabaska P.Q. Canada-Sep 21, 1914 Portland, Midsex Co CT].   Rev John Brennan performed marr. cere;  res West Cromwell).   Lived in Hartford CT until 1950 when they moved to Cromwell, Middlesex Co CT.  Mary bur Rosehill Cem, Rocky Hill, Middlesex Co CT.  Issue, 2 ch:  Norman Leroy Rochette, Jul 1, 1929 Hart Co-Dec 18, 1990 Hart Co CT and m. Betty Palka, 2 ch;  **Eugene David Rochette, b. Sep 9, 1932 Hart Co and m. Joan Dykeman, 4 ch/Patricia Adkins‑Wilson, no ch.

2. Jennie Gabany, died as child.

3. Helen Dorothy Gabany, m. in East Berlin on Sep 9, 1926 to John Donald Guman, res West Cromwell at marr. .....lived in ?  Bridgeport, CT.   Issue, 4 ch:  John Donald Guman Jr, d-Sep 26, 2000 Bridgeport CT and m-Dottie, has ch Mary Beth, Mark;  Robert E Guman; Richard E. Guman;  Rita A Guman.

4. Steven George Gabany, m. in Hartford, Hartford Co CT on Apr 14, 1939 to to Edna Mildred Hunt [b. Nov 9, 1915 Rocky Hill,  Hartford Co CT], dau of Antoinette May Holmes and Herbert Hunt.   divorced.  Steve buried in Naples FL.   Probate records in Haddam, CT.   Issue, 3 ch: that attended Middletown High School:   Elizabeth Ann Gabany, b. Mar 19, 1940 Hartford CT and m,1.Zielenski/m,2. Gerald Skolink, 1 ch Melanie, b. Jul 1975 Hartford CT;  Stephen George Gabany Jr, b. Jan 31, 1943 Hartford CT and m,1. Helen Dianne Yaple, 1 ch (Kristen Leigh Keys)/m,2. Feb 22, 1981 San Fran CA to Carol Lois Kindshi;  Andrew Gabany,  Oct 14, 1944 Hartford CT-Apr 10, 1949 Middleton CT;  James Gabany, b. Oct 10, 1948 Middletown CT and m. Nikki Ann, 1 ch (James Gabany, b. 1973 CA).

                        Edna, m,2. to __ Foster.   Issue, __

5. Jacob Joseph "Jack" Gabany Jr, m. in Dade Co FL to Mildred Elizabeth Percival [b. Sep 2, 1912 Avon, Hart Co CT], dau of Clara  Kalish [nmn, Sep 1, 1884 Plainville, Hart Co CT-Jul 6, 1950 Plainville] and Fredrick Percival [nmn, Jan 21, 1883 Portland,  Middlesex Co CT-Feb 8, 1960 New Britain, Hart Co CT].   Jack d. in Hartford hosp; buried in East Berlin, Hartford Co CT.     ...acquired the East Berlin farm.   Issue, none.

6. Elizabeth Gertrude "Aunt Bet" Gabany.   retired U.S. Navy nurse; was in a medical unit at Pearl Harbor.  Worked for Dupont.   lived on Wethersfield Rd, Hartford.

Q U E R Y:  1)  Was Victor Hutuck the one that went to Pratt Institute ?

2).  Did Jacob Joseph Gabany's have siblings: Betty, Jennie, Victor and John?

 3)  Elizabeth (Dugas) Gabany's brother, __ Dugas, had a daughter, Regina Smith, who served in the Connecticut State Senate from Northfield.   Regina had son named ? Andy? 

1900 -- writer looked in 1900 CT and NY cen for Jacob Joseph Gabany w/o success.

1900 Fairfield Co CT cen, Jun 6. 1900, Bridgeport, ED 43:9, line 41, 206 Church St.  Andrew Dugas, b. Nov 1854, 45 Hungary,  married 1878, came to US 1881, saloon keeper, reads English, writes English, cannot speak English, owns home;  Mary, b. Apr 1855, by 1900 had 5 surviving ch: of 12 live births, came to US 1882, does not read, write, or speak;  English;  John, b. Jul 1891 CT;  Joseph, b. Apr 1893;  Andrew, Nov 1895;  Michael, b. Oct 1899.   ....evidently,   none of these children attended school during the yr of 1900 .

 c1900 "Jacob Joseph Gabany came to U.S.A. when he was 17 yrs old."   "Jacob Joseph Gabany" is etched on the wall at Ellis Island, NYC per Mildred (Percival) Gabany          ...........Did he come to join relatives ?......

1903 Mary (Petruska) Gabany's 1943 death certificate states she came to U.S.A. "40 years ago,"   ........How did "Greaser Petruska" fit into this family?    Was Regina Smith of Northford CT his daughter?

 c1903 Jacob Joseph Gabany arrived at Ellis Island... Mildred Percival Gabany said they saw his name at Ellis Island. 

c1905 several in this family attended the Sacred Heart Church, Hartford Ave, by the fire station, New Britain, Hartford Co CT.

1906 both Jacob and Mary rec'd naturalization papers.  we do not have copies

1910 .....try to find these families in 1910 CT censuses, no index, so have to look street by street.....would help if I knew where these families lived then.

1920 Bridgeport CT, "Apr 25 Bridgeport, Conn" on back of photo; writer has two photos taken same Sunday.  One photo was Jacob Joseph Gabany and ___ Hartuk (female, Aunt to Jacob Joseph, probably sister to Andrew Gabany).   Mary Eliz "Mae" Gabany had to give up her bedroom for this bride on her wedding trip during "liliac season" from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.   Mae had an Aunt Hutuck that lived at 1182 Pembroke Street, Bridgeport, Fairfield Co CT.   The other photo has 6 people, left to right:  Jacob Joseph Gabany, Aunt Suzy Hurtuck, Victor Hartuk; front: Mary Eliz "Mae" (Gabany) Rochette, __(lady in hat), bride __ (Hartuck was her maiden name).


Q U E R Y:  "...either Dad's father's brother or Dad's mother's brother worked in the coal mines in  Bethlehem, Northampton Co Pennsylvania."  per Mary Elizabeth "Mae" (Gabany) Rochette in  May 1994. ...........?   probably Andrew Gabany's family lived in Bethlehem PA.

1920 Fairfield Co CT cen, Jan 9, Bridgeport, ED 70:6, line 10, Ward 9, 1182 Pembroke St.  Victor Hurtuk, owns home, 46 Slavakland, came to US in 1890, naturalized 1900, mother tongue Slavak, coremaker, can read, write and speak English;  Sussie, 43 Slavakland, came to US in 1900, naturalized 1903; Stephen, John; Mary; Victor;  Jennie; Stephornia; and Betty.

1920 Hartford Co CT cen, Jan 3, ED 150:3, line 5, New Britain, Ward 2, 76 Austin Street.  Jacob Gabany, owns home, 35, Bohemia, came to US 1900, naturalized 1906, Slavak first language, core maker in foundry (doorknobs);  Mary 34 Bohemia, came to USA 1900 and naturalized 1906....prob came in 1903; Mary 15 CT; Helen 13 CT; Steven 11 CT; Jacob  8 CT; Elizabeth 6 CT.

         neighbor families:  Link, Jenkanakas, Laimanaskas, Carlson, Davidson, Sudquist, Buckley, Dick, Blair, Newman.

1937 Apr 14.  Jacob died while working as laborer at Landers, Frary & Clark.   He made glass door knobs.   lived rural Westfield

1943 Sep 6.  Mary (Petruska) Gabany died.  death cert lists her occupation as matron for Fafmir Bearing Co.  lived rural Westfield



 Gabany - Petruska Family                          


Andrew Gabany's [b. 1850-60 Austria] pos ?siblings:  Stephen Gabany [b. bet 1860-80 Czeck];  James Gabany [b. 1860-70 Czeck];  Andrew Gabany [1874 Austria/Hungary-Dec 23, 1958 PA, bur St Mary's Cem, New Germany PA and m. Nov 30, 1907 __ to Mary Katcean, ?9 ch; __(unknown) had ch: Mary Gabany, b. Oct 12, 1892 Czeck-Jan 1987 and m. ?Dugas plus son Andrew Gabany, Jun 10, 1897-Apr 11, 1960 and m. Mary Thomas, 3 ch;  Joseph Gabany [b. bet 1840-60 Czeck];  Valent Gabany [b. bet 1860-70 Czeck]....another batch of Gabanys in Hampton, Hampton City [?County] VA.    

Gabany, Steve, 585 Woodbine, Terra Haute IN 47803-1759, h 812-877-9371, w 812-237-3108,  (ca 2003 address)


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