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John Tetrarch Thomas Fahl, Fall

Cathren Wite, Witt

My direct ancestor  is child number 5. Julianna Fall Settle


Marriage in Guilford Co NC on Mar 27, 1798 of Catren Wite and Frederach Fall. wit: Jacob Swisher.

John Tetrarch Thomas Fall, b. in 1770 prob ?Guilford Co NC [prob Frieden Lutheran Ch parish of Salisbury Dist] to Julianna Finn [1731-Aug 8, 1777 Guilford Co NC] and Christian Fall/Fahl Sr [1730 Hesse, Germany-1820 Flat Rock Creek, Franklin Co IN]. "Tetrarch had several names: 'Thomas Fall' in a Cordelia Spencer feature in a Ralls Co Hist.  In another writing, Mike Falls as father of eight daughters." per Faith Evans of  Windsor IL.   Tetrarch d. in Ralls Co MO in Dec 1836. Son-in-law, Geo Settle, was adm of will. ....Okle V. Rouse of Hannibal MO said there were two (2) Tetrarch Falls in Ralls Co MO.

Catren Wite (prob Witt), check the Adam Wetze (?Witts) that baptized in 1784 Tetrarch Fall's half sis, Eliz. Catren not mentioned in Michael Witt's 1790 Guil Co NC will, but maybe her name was Catren Elizabeth Witt or Elizabeth Catren Witt, prob a dau of Mary and - [maybe born in Holstein, Germany] of Guilford Co NC. Mary and Michael had 15 ch: three are: Mary Witt m. 1792 Guil Co NC to Christian Fall Jr; John Daniel Witt m. Eliz Fall; Michael Witt, Jan 1, 1795 Guil Co NC-Mar 4, 1862 Lebanon, Boone Co IN and m,1. in 1811 Guilford Co NC to Susannah Wirrick/Warrick, 8 ch/m,2. 1834 Boone Co IN to Louhanna Blair, 2 ch...1826 to Union Co IN, 1832 to Boone Co IN. ....other Witt ch may be: Ester Wite m. in Guil Co NC to Jacob Goodnor; Mary Wite m. in Guil Co NC to Rolan Wedon; Margaret Wite m. in Orange Co NC to James Russell; Mary Witte m. in Orange Co NC to Samuel Boxter.

Witt Genealogy.  The 1790 Newberry Co SC cen identifies Adrian Whitt (Witt) with a household of "2 free white males of 16 yrs and upward, including head of family."  "one free white male under 16 yrs," and "5 free white females" The 1790 cen indicates that in 1790 Adrian Witt was the father of only two sons and two daughters.  The book Before Michael Witt and After, A Genealogy of the Witt Family with South Carolina Origins, 1752-1997.  The book identifies Adrian Witt as the father of Michael Witt (b-1773) and Martin Witt (b-1777.  The book also identifies Adrian Witt as the probable son of the German immigrant Johann Adam Wild (1715-1764).  Johann Adam Wild left Ziegelhausen, Germany, a suburb of Heidelberg, and immigrated to South Carolina in the early 1700s,  Among other facts and records presented in this book are two records regarding Jeremiah McDanial and John McDanial in 1799.  Second, Martin Witt and Michael Witt are shown as the appraisers for the estate of Mary Funderlinder.  The authors, David H. Witt, Randall S. Frye, and Grover R. Witt, are desc of Michael Witt.  per Ancestors and Descendants of William Whitt, 1775-1850, Portrait of an American Family, by David F. Whitt, Heritage Books (2004), p103.     sent by Gerald Witt of Camp Verde TX

1. Catherine "Katie" Fall b. Jul 6, 1799 Guilford Co NC d. aft Aug 24, 1850 Dearborn Co IN m. Pate/ Williams

2. Michael Fell b. ca 1799 Guilford Co NC d. ? Ripely Co IN or ? Putman Co IN m. ? Holeman

3. Elizabeth "Betsy" Fall b. ca 1800 Guilford Co NC d. ? aft 1850 ? Carroll Co MO m. Jesse Blue

4. Mary "Polly" Fall b. d. m. Josiah Jackson

**5.  Julia "Juliana" Fahl; b. c1801 ? Bourbon Co KY d. ca 1829 Ralls Co MO m. George Settle

6. Rebecca "Becky" Fall b. ca 1802 d. bet 1840-50 ? Ralls Co MO m. John Blue

7. Margaret Fall b. d. m. Malan Finley

8. Cordelia "Dillie" Fall b. Jul 2, 1810 KY d. Aug 15, 1892 Center, Ralls Co MO m. John W. Spencer

9. Lavina Brinton Fall b. Mar 2, 1816 Indiana d. Aug 5, 1886 Ralls Co MO m. Harmon Utterback

1. Catherine "Katie" Fall, m. c1819 to C. Bird Pate [Apr 29, 1799 VA-Sep 9, 1850 Dearborn Co IN], son of Catherine Fry and Jeremiah Pate Jr. [maybe found 1820 Jefferson Co IN cen, p281]. C Bird Pate in Dearborn Co IN by 1810. Divorced. Issue, 4 ch: Charles Lewis Pate, Mar 23, 1821 IN-May 5, 1867 IL and m. Mar 22, 1849 Dearborn Co IN to Rebecca Moorehouse [b. Sep 2, 1830 Ripley Co IN]; Davis W Pate, Jul 22, 1823 Dearborn Co IN-Apr 6, 1883 Ionia, Jewell Co KS and m. __ Winslow, 1 ch/m,2. Jun 20, 1841 Dearborn Co MI to Mary Ann Patterson [Jul 25, 1827 IL-Apr 20, 1860 Vermilion Co IL], 8 ch; Johnson Watts Pate, c1827-1865.

C. Bird Pate, m,2. May 1, 1843 to Clarissa Helmes Warner [b-1816]. Issue, 3 ch: C.Bird Pate Jr, b. 1839 IN; Geo Wash Pate, Feb 22, 1844  four mi above Milton in Laughery Valley, Dearborn Co IN-Jan 23, 1928 ? Ohio Co OH (?Rising Sun Cem) and m. Apr 1, 1868 to Artemesia E "Mish" Kittle, 4 ch; Alfred Marion Pate, 1848-Nov 14, 1920 and m. Maggie C Opp, 3 ch/Emma Rose Walston

Katie, m,2. bef 1836 to Thomas Williams. 1836 Ralls Co MO will mentions "Katie Williams"...prob Katie div and m. Williams  "Catherine & C.Bird Pate evidently divorced, ..were in separate households in 1830 and 1840, also Catherine born 1804."   per Jinks Pate Lee of Bossier City LA

2. Michael Fell mentioned in series with these eight Fell/Fall girls in the petition for division of Tetrarch Fall's Ralls Co MO will. one Michael Fall, m. in Ripley Co IN on Oct 12, 1826 to Amanda Holeman; one Michael C Fall m. in Putman Co IN on Aug 13,1848 to Eliz Jane Carpenter; one Michael C Fall, b. Mar 06 Mar 1830 (Parkers by, Montgomery Co IN, borders Putman Co IN) to Delilah Gough and Elisha Fall. Michael prob stayed in OH or IN. ......per IGI from Charlotte Woolfolk Nelson of Lynnwood WA. Wm M Fall m. in Switz Co IN on Jul 21, 1815 to Jane Fenton.

3. Elizabeth "Betsy" Fall, m. in Dearborn or Switzerland Co IN c1812 to Jesse Blue [b. c1787 Hampshire Co VA], son of Margaret Keyser [some say Van Meter] and John Blue [?1731 ?Somerset Co NJ-1791 Hampshire Co VA, came to Hampshire Co VA in 1752 (now Hampshire Co WV, son of Cattron Van Meter and John Blew [1691-1770], son of Margaret (Maryje/ Grietje) __ and John Blaw [d. 1757 Somerset Co NJ]. Jesse went w/ his bros to Nelson Co KY then north to IN. Jesse owned 52 ac in SE 1/4 of sec 21 twp 4 ran 2W in Dearborn Co IN, which he sold in 1825 to nephew, John; mvd to Ripley Co IN where he was found 1830; 1840 in Ralls Co MO with bro David Blue who d. 1844 Ralls Co; then Jesse found 1850 Carroll Co MO. Issue, 11 ch: Michael Blue, 1814-1844 and m. 1842 Monroe Co MO to Lucinda Rouse (Dec 10, 1822-Sep 29, 1877, dau of Jeremiah Rouse); Mary, d. infant; Margaret, 1817-1838; Wm, b. 1819 and prob d. young; Catherine Blue, 1820-1870 and m. __ Deed; Eliz Blue, b. 1821 and m. Wm Boulware in 1842; Ivy Blue, 1823-1862 and m. __ Watson; David Blue, 1826-1863 and m. Sarah Burchett [b-1836]; John Blue, 1831-1850 single; Jesse M Blue, 1835-1906 and m. Sarah (Burchett) Blue, widow of bro David; Amanda Blue, b. c1839.

4. Mary Polly Fall, m. Josiah Jackson [d. aft 1830]. 1830 Ralls Co MO cen, Saline twp, 367-6 Josiah Jackson 20001001--00001, two doors away from Geo Settle.

**5. Julia "Juliana" Fall,  m. in Switzerland Co IN on Sep 11, 1819 to George Settle [Feb 22, 1796 Franklin Co KY-Mar 14, 1865 Ralls Co MO], son of Mildred Price Edrington [1763 Louisa Co VA-1802 Franklin Co KY] and Thomas Settle [1763 Fauquier Co VA-May 1816 Franklin Co KY]. After the 1819 marr, they prob went to Gallatin Co KY where Eliz was born, then back to Switzerland Co until c1828, then went again to prob Gallatin Co KY until 1830 when they moved to Ralls Co MO.   Issue, 9 ch: Elizabeth Settle, 1821 KY-1884 and m. Joel Addison Finks; Levisa Jane Settle, 1822 IN-1892 OKC, OK Terr and m. Noah Sampson Rouse; **Mildred Marion Settle, 1824 IN-1870 Lake Co CA and m. Hamilton Wood; Rebecca Catherine Settle, 1826 Swit Co IN-Mar 17, 1904 Bennett, Ripley Co MO and m. in Ralls Co MO on Jul 30, 1845 to Richard Woolfolk, 9 ch; Joseph Settle, b. 1828 KY and m. Margaret Million.

Geo, m,2. Eliz ?Blue [c1800-bef 1845, see 1840 cen]. Two of Julianna's sisters m. Blue. "On Oct 14, 1837 Elizabeth Settles and George Settles listed as charter mem of Particular Bapt Ch." Issue, prob 2 ch: John Blue Settle, 1830-1913 and m. Mildred Bannister; Margaret Fidellia Settle, 1833-1923 and m. Joel Yeager.

Geo, m,3. in 1847 to Elizabeth Ann "Betsy" Willheight Finks Jones [Aug 9, 1809 Madison Co VA-Feb 23, 1873 Ralls Co MO], dau of Frances Wilheit [b. 1788 Madison Co VA] and Joel Finks [b. 1791]. Eliz brought 3 ch: to marr. Wm A Jones, went to TX;  Susan Jones and Eliz Jones. Issue, 2 ch: Martha W Settle, 1846 Ralls Co-1886 and m. John Manning Elliott; George Thomas Settle, 1848 Ralls Co MO-1907 and m. Arettas Maddox.

6. Rebecca "Becky" Fall, m. in ?Switzerland Co IN c1818 to John Blue [1797KY-?bet 1850-60 ?Ralls Co MO], son of Alice Ally Dawson and David Blue [c1774-1844 Ralls Co MO, 1796, bro of Jesse; Becky's sis m. husband John's uncle Jesse Blue. David and bro Jesse born to John Blue [1713 NJ-1791 Hampshire Co VA] and m,2. Mary Keyser, and Michael [m. Mary Herriott] born to m,1. Mary Marshall. Ally born to Thomas Dawson. found Fairfield Co OH area. John mvd from KY to Dearborn Co IN. John Blue owned 57 ac SE qt sec 21 twp 4 ran 4W that he bought from Uncle Jesse Blue. In 1829 bought 92.5 ac in sec 22 of same twp from father; no record of selling these plot, but in 1830, John sold 4 lots in town of Hartford; note these lands became Ohio Co OH. found 1820 Dearborn Co IN cen; 1840 Ralls Co MO cen, 8 males 1 fe child; 1850 Ralls Co MO cen, wife not in home; 1900 Ohio Co OH cen. John served as Justice of Peace in Ralls Co MO. Issue, min 4, prob 7 ch: David Blue, b. 1826 and m. Mary __ [b. 1831]; Garret Blue, b. 1830; James Blue, b. 1838; Michael Blue, b. 1843.

7. Margaret Fall, m. in Dearborn Co IN on Jul 24, 1827 to Malan/Mahlon Finley.

8. Cordelia Falls "Dillie" or Fidelia" Fall, m. in Dearborn Co IN on Sep 29, 1832 to John W Spencer [Oct 10, 1810 Butler Co OH-1897 Ralls Co MO], son of Mary Bentley [b. in KY-1820] and Anderson Spencer [b. KY-d. Oct 1815 Hamilton, Butler Co OH, Militia Capt from Hamilton, Butler Co OH War of 1812, was a hatter, owned large factory]. John had siblings: Nancy Spencer, Ellen Spencer, & Hannah Spencer, m. 1824 Hiram Rager, [siblings d. bef 1895]. After his parent's death, he went to live with a friend, John D Garrison of Hamilton OH as a tailor journeyman for seven (7) yrs; then traveled as a journeyman through the county and afterward located in "Gallatin County, Ind." where he was employed three (3) yrs. soon aft marr mvd to Gallatin Co KY; in 1836 they moved to Cincinnati, Ralls Co MO; in 1843 they moved to near Center, Ralls Co; then in 1867, they bought a prime 200 ac property Center MO. Democrat; b. Wolfe Cem, Perry, Ralls Co MO. Issue, 7 ch: Belle Spencer, Feb 15, 1835-aft 1895 when living w/ per parents and m. Wm Ellis; Angeline Spencer, b. 1838 and m. Clinton McGrew [d. bef 1895] lv'd Clinton Co MO, aft his death, Angelina lvd Macon Co MO; Susan Spencer, b. 1840 and m. Sam North, lv'd Monroe City, Monroe Co MO, no ch: Mary Spencer, 1842-1851; Chs, d. young; Julia Spencer, b. 1845 and m. Geo W Judy [Tsudi], lv'd Center MO, son Rocky; Anderson Spencer, b. aft 1850 and m. Miss Bettie Griffin, lived CA.

9. Lavina Brinton Falls, m. in ?MO __ 16, 1834 to Harmon Utterback [Dec 9, 1810 Boone Co KY-Mar 30, 1888, d-1888 KY per Wm.  Utterback's 1937 book], son of Catherine Pence [c1771 prob ? Fredrick Co VA-c1840 Boone Co KY] and Hankinson Adam Utterbacks [c1770 Culpeper Co VA-c1825 Boone Co KY, m. c1791]. farmed in Ralls Co MO, also lvd Danville, Vermillion Co IL, Lavina & Harmon bur Utterback Cem. Issue, 14 ch: Mary Catherine Utterback, 1835-1929 and m,1. __Cox/m,2. Matt Cook, mv'd to Midlothian, Ellis Co TX, 2 ch (Okla V Rouse remembered her 1906 visit in MO); Newton Andrew Utterback, Feb 17, 1836-Nov 25, 1914 and m. Mary Catherine Leake (1840-Apr 17, 1876, she b. St Paul's Cem), m. Nov 6, 1870, Wolfe Cem, 7 ch; Lucy Ellen Utterback, Sep 17, 1838-Sep 28, 1928 and m. in 1867 to Henry E Talbot (Aug 9, 1837-Apr 9, 1910, mvd to Danville, Vermillion Co IL, 3 ch; Harmon Asa Utterback, Jul 3, 1839-Jan 21, 1923 and m. Sarah Nancy Utterback, m. Nov 19, 1868, Lick Creek Cem, 6 ch; Hugh Amos Utterback, Jul 3, 1839 Perry MO-Apr 1919 ?Vandalia, Audrain Co MO? and m. Mary Ellen Gore (Nov 26, 1853 Madisonville MO-Apr 7, 1931), 3 ch; Falitha DeMauris Utterback, 1842-1917 and m. John Chandler, twins/L.D. Winders (1845-Mar 1921), Green Lawn Cem; Artemece Edna Utterback, Aug 5, 1844-Aug 17, 1844; Pressly Matthew Utterback, Apr 22, 1845-Jan 10, 1923 and m. Mary Ellen Gourly (May 18, 1853-Nov 9, 1939), 9 ch; Oran Mark Utterback, Feb 27, 1848-Sep 24, 1883 and m. Alice Cushman,  Bellflower Cem, 3 ch, shot dead by Wesley Collins; Alice Cuma Utterback, b. Mar 27, 1849-Dec 9, 1851, single, Utterback Cem; Rosetta Lee Utterback, Feb 19, 1855-May 3, 1894 and m. m. Oct 3, 1878James Franklin Rouse (Aug 3, 1857-Feb 12, 1936, Oakland Cem, 1 ch,...father to Okal V Rouse, whose mother was Jennie P Johnson, friend of writer....: Timothy Smith Utterback, May 2, 1856-Jul 1, 1906 and m. Dec 1, 1880 to Mary Frances Rouse (Oct 13, 1856-Jul 18, 1934, Green Lawn Cem, 9 ch; Leah, Apr 1, 1857 d. young, Utterback Cem; Dolley Utterback, Nov 11, 1862-Sep 16, 1886 and m. Robt Rhodes, Utterback Cem, 1 ch.


1784 Guilford Co NC, Oct 13. "Elizabeth Fahl is born of Christian parents on the thirteenth of October in the yr of Christ, seventeen hundred and eighty four. Her father and mother are Christian Fahl and Magdalena his lawful wife. The baptizers are Adam Wetze (?Witt) and Anna Margaret his wife." baptismal cert in German scipt owned by Elsie Hunt Mitchell ......Eliz is half-sis to Tetrarch Fall

1790 Guilford Co NC cen, Salisbury Dist, Michael and Mary Witt, 1m <16 and ten (10) females. Michael Witt Rev War vet "For sundries furnished the Militia of NC, VA, and SC as allowed by David Wilson Auditor Nov 1781; Report #31. To Michael Witt for corn and c, Specie L1.2.6." From Accounts of U.S. with N.C. War of Revolution Book A p87.

1790 Guilford Co NC Will written, Mar 26, named wife who was expecting a baby and all ch. Eliz, Esther, Jean, Margaret, Rosannah, and Rachel plus the three girls born after the will was written in 1790. signed: Michael Witt, wit: Jacob Briery, Andrew Smith (Jurat, exe), John Hamilton CC (court clerk). ....maybe Catren Wite has already aligned herself with an apprenticeship (see Tetrarch sis Agnes Fall Wood in Fall timeline for 1806.)

1794 Guilford Co NC. Christian Fall Sr deeded 250 ac on Reedy Fork Creek of Haw River bordering Brown line to John Tetrarch Fall, witnesses: Christian Fall Jr and Mial (?Michael) Witt. ....same yr Christian Fall Sr deeded land at the same location to Christian Fall Jr, wit Michael Witt and Tetrarch Fall.

1800 Guilford Co NC cen, Mary Witt living at same location as in 1790 with son 16-25 (John Daniel Witt) and one under 10 (Michael Witt) plus three (3) girls under 10 (these girls were born after making the will and their names are unknown.

1801 Franklin Co KY, one Tetrarch Fall was living in Franklin Co KY on Aug 7, 1801. (writer would like to know the reference?...)

1803 Ohio Co IN, 1844 Ohio Co formed from Dearborn, which was formed 1803 from Clark), Tetrick Fall bought land in Ohio Co IN on Jun 1, 1803 (part in Dearborn Co) from Dan Crume then sold the same property back to Dan Crume on Dec 12, 1809; then he bought land in Dearborn Co on Aug 21, 1812 (part of property was in Ohio Co) --writer thinks this last transaction was a homestead since no other name is listed in transaction.

1807 Dearborn Co Indiana Territory cen. Tetrach Folle is resident no. 170 in the 1807 Dearborn Co cen

1812-1819 Dearborn Co IN. Tetrick Fall sec 21 twp 4__ ran 2W, 1812-1819 owned land; neighbors: Daniel Crume sec 21, 1810-19;  Wm Sperry or Spencer sec 22, 1812-1819; Wm Blue sec 22, 1811-1820; Wm Blue sec 27, 1815-1920; David Blue sec 27, 1812-1820.

War of 1812 -- Tetrach Fohl of Dearborn's 3rd Regiment in Capt Chs Campbell's Co...prob our Tetrarch Fall; Tetrarch Fall, enl as Corp Oct 8, 1812-Jan 7, 1813, Capt Richard Sloan's Company of Ohio Militia Inf, belonging to a Battalion or Detachment commanded by Major Henry Price, Adam's Battalion.....not ours ....our Geo Fall is thought to have served several weeks in War of 1812.

1817 Switzerland Co IN, DB A-pp283-290. POA dated 1817, "cash in the hands of Fetrarch Fohl of Laughery Dearborn Co." Seth Stodder of Orleans appt'd John Gilliland as attny to lease or sell property. Vevay lot 104, S25 & S34; twp 3__ ran 3W; S3 & S4, twp 2__ ran 3W; sec 6 twp 1__ ran 2__.

1820 Dearborn Co IN cen, John & Becky (Fall) Blue, Jesse Blue sold in 1825 land to nephew John Blue, Jesse in 1830 Ripley Co IN cen

1820 Switzerland Co IN cen, p175, Tetrarch Falls 000001--31401--001, Tetrick Fall and his wife were farming in Switzerland Co IN for the 1820 Census that shows both he and his wife were over 45 yrs old with 8 dau's: 3 under 10 yrs, 1 between 10-15,


1820 Switzerland Co IN cen, p175, Tetrarch Falls 000001--31401--001, Tetrick Fall and his wife were farming in Switzerland Co IN for the 1820 Census that shows both he and his wife were over 45 yrs old with 8 dau's: 3 under 10 yrs, 1 between 10-15, 4 between 15 and 20 yrs. A Tetrarch Fall is also listed in the 1820 Preble Co OH cen; writer thinks this is a nephew.

Our Juliana Fall m. 1819 Switz Co IN to Geo Settle, which means there were at least nine (9) daughters OR the enumerator guessed that Tetrarch had 4 older dau's.

1830 Ripley Co IN cen, Jesse and Betsy (Fall) Blue

1833 Ralls Co MO. Tetrarch Falls mvd to Ralls Co MO and bought 80 ac located in sec 24-55-7 on Jun 5, 1833 from Thomas P Norton.  This same tract of land was sold on Dec 3, 1836 to son-in-law, John W. Spencer, and Fidelia (usually written Cordelia); but Tetrarch died before the deal was completed, so the money was divided among the heirs. George Settle, husband of dau, Juliana Fall Settle, was the administrator. Nickolas Rouse appraised the land. One of the debts to the FALLS estate was $100 to John McCune/McEwen/McUen and others, so they had a sale: horse, saddle blanket, plow, hand saw, and buckets were some of the items listed.

1836 Ralls Co MO WILL BK, Tetrarch Fall's will. When Tetrarch Falls will was probated, it showed that only 5 of his heirs signed for their inheritance: Levisa Utterback, Betsy Blue, Becky Blue, Cordelia Spencer, and George Settle (signed for Juliana, maybe  Juliana was already deceased). .....Heirs who did not sign were Polly Jackson, Katie Williams, and Margaret Finley. ..... ..Maybe it was inconvenient for them to make a long, arduous trip for less than a small fortune. .......This prob means that five dau's lived nearby in 1836.

1838 Ralls Co MO, "May 1838 term. Annual settlement of Dr George Settle, adm of the estate of Tetrarch Fall, desc. Monies received:  John W. Spencer, M.J. Noyes. Monies Expended: J.M. Calhoun, Cambrick, & Stockings, Wm Greathouse, J. Lyle, Chambers & Harris,  Harrison Hawkins of Pike County. Jun 11, 1838, Clerk: Harrison Glascock." and "May 1839 term, Annual settlement of George Settle, adm. of Tetrarch Fall, desc. Monies received: Thos Brashear, Joel Finks, John W. Spencer. Monies Expended Mary McLeland, John McCune, Allen Rouse, James Bryant, B.F. Hawkins, Jun 1, 1839, Clerk John Ralls, May 6, 1839." per p9 and p11


1845 Ralls Co MO, "Settlement of Hiram W Glascock, adm of the estate of George Settles, desc. Monies Received: Elizabeth Settle for the hire of a Negro woman for 1845. Samuel Elzaes for the hire of a Negro boy for 1845. Peter C Settles for the rent of the farm. Money Expended: Henry Priest, H. Brown as adm. of R.H. McKay, H. Wellman, Tyra A Haden, Elizabeth Settle, G. Clayton, Jas Fuqua. Jun 1, 1846, Clerk John Ralls." per p48 RALLS CO MO SETTLEMENT RECORDS, 1832-1853 ...may not be our Settles

c1850 Ralls Co MO, Harmon Utterback built wife Lavina Fall a stone house at SE 1/4 sec 32-55-7, built about 1850, extant 1875

1860 Ripley Co IN, p284, Josiah Jackson age 28..too young...1850 Hancock Co IN, Vernon twp p266

1865 Ralls Co MO. Apr 21, 1865--Geo Settle's Real Estate sale Apr 21, 1865 and John B Settle was Adm and got 1 share of the estate: Joseph Settle, Geo T. Settle, Eliz Finks and Addison, Mildred Wood and Hamilton, Rebecca Woolfolk and Richard, Margaret and Joel Yager, Levisa Rouse and Noah Rouse.

FAHL-FALL FAMILY BIBLE. The Family Bible of Christian Fall, Sr (1740-1801) is in the Union Co Museum in the basement of the courthouse in Liberty, Indiana. Printed in German and contains the following in German script:

"16 Nov 1762, Christian Fahl married Julianna Finn. He lived 15 yrs with her and had 9 children--3 of whom died. The others are living as long as God wills. 8th day of August 1777 wife was called to last rest. In 1731 she was born.  In 1778--4th day of August, he married Magdalena." ......writer thinks this 1731 is prob an illegible 1751.

Fahl, THE GENEALOGICAL HIST OF JOHANN DIETRICH FAHL, pp1-11, Tetrarch Fall on p239, found Clayton Lib, Houston TX and Salt Lake

Curtis, Grace Fall, FAHL-FALL AND ALLIED FAMILIES, Ottumwa, Iowa, 1961, 800pp. Lib of Congress No CS71.F179. p 457 cites tombstone reference of Esther "Easter" Fall Taylor (sis to our Tetrarch Fall although not mentioned on this page): 8-13-1793 dau of Christian Fahl in Guilford Co, NC and died age 73 on 8-13-1866" in Taylor Cem, near Hazelrogg, Jefferson TWP Boone Co IN.  On p 457 is a note: "Mrs Barnes said her g-gmother (Esther Fall Taylor) was related to Daniel Boone." ....writer has not seen, only a ref: to it in DAR # 335130. addresses Abernathy, etc, ..........Independence MO Lib, G2057-7p microfiche.

Elliotts lived in Preble Co OH and are neighbors of George Settle in Ralls Co MO. Also, Geo Settle's youngest dau,  Martha, married a Manning Elliott.

OKle V Rouse of Hannibal MO....May 7, 1995 letter:

James Franklin Rouse was my [Okle Rouse] dad. Jennie P Johnson was my mother. Noah Rouse was James Rouse's uncle, not bro.  Nickolas Rouse who appraised Geo Settle, was my [Okle Rouse] g-grandfather, same as Faith Evans.....Nickolas Rouse m. Elizabeth Yowell; census showed her with him when they moved from VA to KY and she came with him to MO in 1838 but it doesn't show where she is ? Nickolas Rouse b. Oaklawn Cem. ...There is a different Tetrarch Fall. Faith Evans sent me some sheets of him once.

  Fahl Family


Johann Dietrich Fahl


Anna Margarethe Schmidt


parents of

Christian Fahl (1735-1820)

who m-Julianna Finn

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Tetrarch Fall's will

1836 Ralls County MO

George Settle, Executor

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1838 Annual Report by

George Settle about Tetrarch Fall's 1836 will

1839 Annual Report by

George Settle about Tetrarch Fall's 1836 will



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