Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains

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                      David "Elder David" Campbell   and   Jennett Lockhart

                                    My direct ancestor   is ch: No. 8  Elizabeth 'Betsy' Campbell Wilson



Marriage in [later] Greene Co TN on Dec 11, 1785 of Jennett Lockhart and David Campbell. bond James Willson

David "Elder David" Campbell, b. Aug 1762 Augusta Co VA-born to Ann __ (1st wife) and Robert Campbell [1718 Ireland-1786 Washington Co NC, later Greene Co TN], son of Mary Byers and Wm Campbell [b. c1680], son of Alexander Campbell of Campbell Castle, Inveraray, Argylshire, Scotland. As a child Elder David Campbell lived in Washington Co VA, a founder of Campbell's Station; David d. Apr 1813 Concord, Knox Co TN, Pleasant Forest Cem, near Farragut, Knox Co TN will p48. of Robert Campbell's wives was Letitia (Leticia) Crockett, sis to Davey Crockett.

Jennet Lockhart, b. 1762 to Mary Campbell [1737-Aug 4, 1795 Wash Co VA] and Wm Lockhart [1735-1795 Wash Co VA]. Mary born to Mary Hamilton and White David Campbell. "a direct desc claims that this David Campbell m. Nancy Ann Steele... of course, he may have married both, but his will makes it seem doubtful." per David Birkle in CCS. Jennet d. Jan 17, 1842 Concord, Knox Co TN.


1. Wm Lockhart Campbell b. Oct 28, 1786 Greene Co TN

2. Alexander Campbell b. Apr 9, 1789 Campbell's Station, Knox Co TN d. Oct 17, 1845 m. Mary Strain

3. Mary L Campbell b. Apr 23, 1791 Campbell's Station TN  d.1891 Barry Co MO  m-Richard Lawson

4. Margaret M Campbell b. Apr 7, 1793 Campbell's Station, Knox Co TN d. __ ; m. Robert Perry

5. James Campbell b. Jun 21, 1795 Campbell's Station, Knox Co TN d. 1876 Texas m. Sarah Smith

6. Jeaney Campbell b. Nov 15, 1797 Campbell's Station, Knox Co TN d. m. D Lane

7. David Campbell b. Jan 1, 1800 Campbell's Station, Knox Co TN d. m. Jane Smith

8. Elizabeth "Betsy" b. Jun 27, 1802 Campbell's Station, Knox Co TN d. aft 1870 Brad Co TN cen m. John W Wilson

9. John Steele Campbell b. May 23, 1808 Campbell's Station, Knox Co TN d. Jul 20, 1897 Concord, Knox  Co TN m. Smith/Henry


2. Alexander Campbell, m. in Knox Co TN on Oct 18, 1809 to Mary W Strajn/Strain [1788-1855].

3.  Mary Campbell, m-in TN in 1815 to Richard Lawson [1789-buried Flint Springs Presbyterian Church Cem, Bradley Co TN].  Mary Lawson buried in the Osa Cem, Barry Co MO, She was in 1880 Stone Co MO cen with dau Matilda Culton.    Issue, __ ch:  Matilda, m-Culton-Ellis lived 1880 Stone Co MO;   Elizabeth Jane Lawson, m-Oct 24, 1849 to James A. Carroll.

4. Margaret M Campbell, m. in Knox Co TN on Oct 2, 1835 to Robt Perry

5. James "Little Jimmie" Campbell, m. in Knox Co TN on Mar 20, 1824 to Sarah "Sally" Smith marr by Rev H King, bond John T Smith   Issue, 10 ch: Nancy L Campbell, 1828-1875 and m. Robt Smith; David S Campbell, b. 1825 and m. Emma Taylor; Jane, 1830-1875;  Eliza H, 1832-1875; Wm Campbell, b. 1833; James Alexander Campbell, 1836-1875; John G Campbell, 1838-1877; Robert Walker  Campbell, b. 1840; Sarah Emaline Campbell; Edward Moore Campbell, m,1. Jeanette Pepper, 3 ch/m,2. Nancy Eliz Bell, 9 ch.

6. Jeaney Campbell, m. Knox Co TN on Jul 25, 1815 to Dimeon Lane.

7. David Campbell Jr, m. 1823 to Jane Smith ....3 Campbells bro's m. 3 Smith sis's

8. Elizabeth "Betsy" Campbell, m. in Blount Co TN on Aug 1, 1820 to John W Wilson [Aug 14, 1897 Greene Co TN-c1859 Bradley Co TN], son of Jane Jenny Wear [Apr 14, 1775 Rockbridge Co VA-Sep 19, 1946 Meigs Co TN] and David Wilson Jr [Jan 30, 1774 Augusta Co VA-Dec 19, 1851 Meigs Co TN], son of David Wilson Sr [d. aft 1806 Greene Co TN]. Jane born to prob Joseph Wear and Marjorie Paul, dau of Mary Baxter and John Paul of Rockbridge Co VA. min at mar Rev R.H. King, bond David Campbell. lvd at Georgetown on Meigs-Bradley-Hamilton-James Countyline, at different times. Issue, 11 ch: James H Wilson, b. 1824 and m. Mary C (? Cates); Eliza Jane Wilson, b.-?1827-d. prob bef 1850 Bradley Co TN cen and m. John Stanfield, min 1 ch; David N Wilson, b. 1830 and m. Margaret__/Marzann __; Alexander P Wilson, b. 1831 and m. Emily ___; John M Wilson, 1832-Dec 17, 1859 Meigs Co TN and m-Elizabeth King, 1 ch;  **George Baxter Wilson, 1834-Sep 27, 1882 Meigs Co TN and m. Eliz Grisham, 3 ch; Robert D Wilson, b. 1836 and m. Emeline __; Mary Ann Wilson, b. 1839; Sarah E Wilson, b.1841 and m. 1868 Bradley Co TN to ?Nathan Parman-Farmer-Parman-Palmer; Nancy Margaret Wilson, 1844-c1869 ?Bradley Co TN and m. James A McCracken, 1 ch; Malinda C Wilson, Mar 10, 1846 Georgetown, Brad Co TN-Feb 20, 1927 OKC, OK Co OK and m. Jessee McCracken, 8 ch.

9. John Steele Campbell, m,1. in Knox Co TN on Feb 7, 1828 to Nancy Smith [b. Nov 14, 1807]. marr by Rev Wm Eagleton MG, bond John T Smith Issue, 7 ch born Knox Co TN: Jane, 1826-1890; Wm Steele Campbell, 1834-1863; John T Campbell, 1842-1869; Nancy L, b. 1836; David W Campbell, b. 1839, went to Calif; Margaret Campbell, b. 1841 and m. John Soma; Isabelle M Campbell, Sep 17, 1851-Jan 11, 1893 Seattle WA and m. Dec 29, 1870 to David Russell Smith, 1 ch Robt Smith b-1889 Mitchell SD.

John Steele Campbell, m,2. in Knox Co TN on Aug 1860 to Eliz Jane Henry [Aug 25, 1828 Blount Co TN-Dec 27, 1897 Concord TN].   Issue, 2 ch: James Alexander Campbell, 1861-1943 and m. 1887 Ida Carrie Smith; Arthur O Campbell, Jan 24, 1868-Nov 19, 1921 Concord, Knox Co TN and m. 1888 Knox Co TN to Mary Eliz Earley. ... John Steele Campbell, b-1856 MO-d-aft 1900 Barry Co MO cen and m. Maggie Houston...per L Peterson of Orlando FL


1762 Augusta Co VA. Elder David Campbell born to __ (1st wife) and Robert Campbell.  In 1768 Orange Co NC, Christian Fall signed with the "Regulators of N.C. (pro-independence ideology), another author said they were "'The Mob' formed from the Regulators". That part of Orange Co NC became Guilford Co NC in 1770. of Fall family

c1770 Washington Co VA. Robert Campbell family also lived in Wash Co Virginia.

1775 Wataugah Purchase, one David Campbell listed pp445, 446. Wataugah Assn founded 1772 by John Sevier and colonists, most from Colony of Virginia. Six Nations (federation of North American Indians) ceded in 1768 to Virginia the Wataugah  Purchase (most of land bet Ohio and Tennessee River), first settlement was Wataugah [now Sullivan Co TN] in 1769 on bank of Wataugah River. Lick Creek mentioned several times.

1779 Washington Co NC. Robert Campbell, father of David Campbell, died in Washington Co NC. The Campbell brothers and families lived here before the Battle of Kings Mountain, Oct 7, 1780 in York Co SC, one-&-one-half mi from NC border of Gaston and Cleveland counties. Decisive battle for 900 Patriot backwoodsmen vs 1,100 British and Loyalists (119 killed, 123 wounded, 664 prisoners). (Patriots, 28 killed, 62 wounded)....Campbells prob lived [now] Greene Co TN, about 75 mi from the battle.........key word "backwoodsmen"

Rev War. "David Campbell and brothers Alexander and James took part in Battle of Kings Mountain, Oct 7, 1780, in Col John Sevier's Regt  under the overall command of General Wm Campbell [an uncle]." DAR appl 525295.

1784-1788, State of Franklin, 1784 North Carolina ceded to US govt the western lands (Wataugah Assn.). John Sevier's Wataugah Assn. drew up a constitution and applied for admission to USA to Congress (see 1788).

1785 State of Franklin, (later Greene Co TN), David Campbell m. Jennett Lockhart, bond James Wilson)

1787 State of Franklin, Campbell's Station, [now Concord, Knox Co TN], David Campbell and Robt Blackburn founded Campbell's Station. "In Mar 1787 the Campbell brothers and families moved from Greene Co TN [formerly Wash Co NC] 'further west on the Holston [now Tennessee River] on Turkey Creek in the beautiful and fertile Grassy Valley.' ....The wives and children were taken on horseback, their equipment (wood working tools, agricultural implements, cooking, and household utensils, seeds, etc) on pack horses. With their loaded rifles in hand lurking enemies as many of the red men were opposed to the recent Dumplin Creek Treaty with the Cherokee Indians. ....Upon their arrival at a site chosen by Captain (later Colonel) David Campbell, the men felled trees, built cabins, cleared some ground and planted corn; and thus Campbell's Station was founded. ...Often the Indians would attach the men while they were plowing and hoeing in the fields and would steal their horses, as well as killing members of their families. ....The families were moved twice for safety to other forts, the first time to Amos Byrd's Station east of them on the Holston River, and the second time to White's Fort [site of Knoxville) fifteen (15) miles east." per Laura E Luttrell's "Some Founders of Campbell's Station, TN" from THE EAST TENN HIST SOC PUB, No. 26 pp108-120 (1954) and No. 25 p89 (1953). .........near now Farragut TN.

1787 State of Franklin, Campbell's Station. "In 1787, [Elder David Campbell] together with his cousin Capt (Col) David Campbell and his bro Alexander Campbell [son of Black David Campbell] and Archibald McCaleb, he helped found what is not known as Campbell's Station, TN. At that time he had one small son, Wm Lockhart Campbell, born Oct 28, 1786 in Greene Co TN. The following year, David's brother, James "Big Jimmie" Campbell and Robert Blackburn settled at Campbell's Station." per David E Birkle's "Elder David Campbell" in Clan Campbell Society files.

1787 State of Franklin, Grassy Valley, David Campbell was an faithful elder in this Grassy Valley Presbyterian Church until his death. Elder David Campbell was named guardian to several ch by a court.

1788-1790 Washington Co TN, When the State of Franklin failed, the government reverted back to North Carolina, but settlers were unhappy with their representation in the North Carolina Legislature.

1790 State of Tennessee formed. Western Tennessee was purchased from the Chickasaw tribe.

1813 Knox Co TN, Pleasant Grove Cem. Elder David Campbell bur in same cem as Archibald Roane, governor of Tennessee 1801-1802.

1820 Knox Co TN, Grassy Valley, Betsy Campbell of Grassy Valley m-Aug 1, 1820 to John W Wilson of Blount County, min R.H. King, bond David Campbell per KNOX REGISTER.

"Chs Greene Campbell m. Feb 14, 1843 in Marysville, Blount Co TN to Loucenda Ann Weare [1821 Blount Co TN-1894 Brenham, Wash Co TX], dau of Martha Rankin and James Weir [c1775-c1845 Blount Co TN], son of Marg Paul and Jospeh Wear, son of Hugh Wear Sr. .... Marg Paul born to Mary Baxter and John Paul. Chs born 1819 on Little River close to Elijoy Creek, Blount Co TN to Sally McClure and John Campbell [m. 1818 Blount Co TN]." ...per JoAnn Spore's book, pp 143, 139, 132.

1869 James Co TN, Cumberland Presbyterian Ch, Hiwassee TN, found this church record (book) in the Cleveland TN Genealogy Library.

1869, Mar 3, Elder Nat Witt started this church w/ Rev A Campbell, bro Wm R Wyrick clerk, have photo of Oscar Wyrick

1871, Tipton Wood

1875, Aug 5, Geo B. Wilson, examiantion of death ....we thought he died 1882

1885, Oct 15, James Grisham, rec'd "by experience"

1890, Oct 5, Parthenia (Stanfield) Wilson and Albert Wilson, letter "by experience" ...still there 1916

1880 Stone Co MO cen, Mary Campbell Lawson 95 VA, w/ Matilda Malinda Lawson and James W. Culton, latter in 1870 Stone Co MO cen; Mary Campbell [1781 VA-1882 Osa Cem] m-Richard Lawson... all had lived McMinn Co TN


see study of Leslie Lyle Campbell, of early Rockbridge Co VA ... probably not ours but these Campbells were in same area as ours. .
















































































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