Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains

by Patricia Adkins-Rochette

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John  Burnett  IV, Jr.  and   Sarah  Johnson

My direct ancestor is child number 4. Susannah Burnett Wood


John Burnett IV (Junior), b. on Piscataway Creek, Essex Co VA c1730 to Catherine Newbill [d. aft 1775] and John Burnett Sr [b. 1702 Essex Co VA‑d. 1775 Mecklenburg Co VA];  Rev War vet from Mecklenburg Co VA.   John Jr d. in Sptg Co SC (....prob Inman) on Apr 13, 1809, probated May 22, 1809.   wit of will: Jas Templeton; Edmund Fowler; and James White; exe: Cyrus Seay.

 maybe m,1. __.    Issue, 2 ch:

 m,2. in prob Mecklenburg Co VA in 1780 to Sarah Johnson, b. in 1763 to prob Col Phillip Johnson [on several Mecklenburg Co VA deeds].  Sarah d. in home of dau Mahala Tillotson, bet will writing: Apr 1, 1850 and Sep 1, 1851, will proven Spartanburg Co SC.  not found 1850 Sptbg Co SC cen.   pos that her bro was Wm Johnson, Rev War vet, b. 1759 Augusta Co VA.   Sarah was rejected, for lack of proof of marriage, in Rev War Pension R‑1475, declares there was a John Burnett pd for service Mar 21, 1783.  Look in 1850 cen for 85‑yr‑old Sarah Burnett's birthplace, not in 1850 Sptg cen.   

                          prob by m,1. __

  1. Leonard Burnett, b-1774/5 ? Mecklenburg Co VA, d-Sep‑Oct 1851 Davidson Co TN, m-Mary Clark

  2. James Burnett, b-1777, d-1820, m. __ Brow, Brown

               by m,2. Sarah Johnson

  3. Martha "Patsy", b-1780 ? Mecklenburg Co VA, d-aft  1860 ? Spartanburg SC, m. Henry Bishop

**4. Susannah Burnett, b-Mar 15, 1783 Spartanburg Co SC, d-Feb 21, 1872 Ralls Co MO, m-James Wood

  5. John Burnett Jr., b-1784 Spartanburg Co SC, d. Nov 22, 1867 Etowah Co AL, m. Jerusha Davis

  6. Carter Burnett Sr   b-Sep 10, 1789, d-1878 Spartanburg SC, m. Jane Templeman

  7. Sarah "? Susan" Burnett, b-ca  1790 Spartanburg Co SC, d-aft  1850 ? Spartanburg SC, m. Mr __ Bishop

  8. Woodson Burnett, b-1790, d-aft  1860 ? Spartanburg SC, m. Susan Burnett

  9. Cynthia Burnett     b-ca  1792 Spartanburg Co SC, m-?

 10. Thurza Burnett, b-ca  1794 Spartanburg Co SC, m-?

 11. Mahala Burnett, b-ca  1796 Spartanburg Co SC, d-aft  1851, m. Mitchell Tillotson

 12. Lowery Burnett, b-ca  1798 Spartanburg Co SC, d-aft  1850 ? Spartanburg Co SC, m. Alice Bishop

 1. Leonard Burnett, m. Mary Clark [b. c1775 VA‑d. 1856 Davidson Co TN].   Leonard d. testate, age 75,76.    Issue, 7 ch: all m. in Davidson Co TN.   Phebe Burnett, d. bef 1851 and m. 1820 Davidson Co TN to James Baxter;  Harriet Burnett, d. 1857 and m. Ben Woodward;  John O Burnett, m. Sally Harris;  Sarah "Sally" Burnett, d. 1846 and m. Geo Wm Pegram;  Susannah Burnett, m. Nimrod Johnson;  Wm C Burnett, m. Eliz Lee;  Leonard Burnett Jr, b. 1810 TN and m. Eliz Woodward;  Catharine "Kitty" Burnett, b. 1817 TN and m. Edward Pegram, b. 1816 Dinwiddie Co VA.

 2. James Burnett, m. _ Brown.    James not in John Burnett IV's 1809 will, but listed in DAR records, as born in 1777.

        .....check again.      Issue, min 1 ch: John Burnett, 1806‑1845 and m. 1831 to Sally Johnson.

 3. Martha "Patsy" Burnett, m. Henry Bishop [1776 NC or SC-1865], son of Sarah Ballenger and Wm Glover Bishop.  Sptg Conv BK BB-404f.    Issue, 2 ch:  H. Jefferson Bishop, 1820 Sptg Co SC-1888 and m. Eliza L Williams [b. 1817];  Nancy Burnett, 1795-aft 1850 Spbg Co cen, prob single.

**4. Susannah Burnett, m. in Mechlenburg Co NC on Sep 5, 1799 to James Wood [1777 Sptbg Dist SC‑1866 Ralls Co MO], son of Maiden Dee Seay [c1850 Amelia Co VA‑1839 Sptbg Co SC] and John Wood [b. c1745 Leicestershire Eng‑1809 Sptbg].   Moved from Sptbg to New London, Ralls Co MO when Catherine Missouri Wood was 3 wks old.   Issue, 11 ch:  Jane Jency Wood, Sep 15 1800-May 8, 1898 Oconee Co SC and m. Thomas Alexander;  Henry "Harry" Wood, Oct 24, 1802-Sep 23, 1879 Adams Co IL and m. Sallie Alverson;  Ann "Oney" Wood, Feb  7 1805-c1865 Lewis Co MO and m. Pleasant Alverson;  Wm Wood, 1807-1821 Sptbg Co SC single;  Rosannah Wood, Sep 24 1809-Aug 27, 1900 Adair Co MO and m. Wm Gowan Brashear;  Frances Wood, Mar 4 1812-bef 1895 ?Ralls Co MO and m. Stephen Scobee;  James Alexander Wood, Aug  1, 1814-Nov 22, 1853 Fannin Co TX and m. Mary Parker;  Cynthia Wood, Dec 28 1817-aft 1895 ? Nebraska and m. John Dale;  Mary Maiden Wood, Mar 8 1819-bef 1866 and m. Million/Wilson;  John Oliver Wood, Jul 15, 1821-Oct 9, 1911 Lewis Co MO and m. Eliz Broadley;  **Hamilton Wood, Jul 1 1824-Sep 17, 1877 Ray Co MO and m. 1843 Ralls Co MO to Mildred Settle;  Catherine Missouri Wood, Feb 11 1827-Nov  2, 1904 Monroe Co MO and m. Sam Elzea;

5. John Burnett Jr, m. in Spartanburg Co SC in 1809 to Jerusha Davis [1792 Sptg SC‑1869 Etowah Co AL].    Issue, min 1 ch: Eliza Burnett, b. 1833 Sptg and m. Andrew Jackson Sitz in Dekalb Co AL.

 6. Carter Burnett, m. in __ on Oct 31, 1811 to Jane Templeton [Feb 28, 1794-aft 1870].   one w/ Jane [b. 1794 SC].  found 1800 Richmond Co NC cen, 1860 Spbg SC cen, 1850 Rutherford Co NC cen, 1870 Spbg Co cen.   one Carter Burnett age 13 enum w/ them 1870 cen, prob gson.   Issue, 11 ch born in Spbg Co SC:  Mary Burnett, b. Dec 3, 1812;  Carter Burnett Jr, b. 1815-aft 1850 Rutherford Co NC cen and m. Sarah _ [b. 1820];  Elias S Burnett, Jun 11, 1817-aft 1870 Limestone Spgs twp, Sptg Co SC and m. Mary Ann __/m,2. Mariam (?Jarrett) [b. c1812];  Aaron Burnett, b. Oct 27, 1818-aft 1870 Sptb Co SC cen, Campobello twp, large fam;  Sarah Burnett, b. Sep 2, 1820 and m. _ Cash;  John Pinckney Burnett, Apr 13, 1823-Sep 23, 1898 Cross Anchor, Cedar Shoals Bap Ch Cem, Spbg SC and m. Dec 10, 1843 Spbg SC to Frances Pearson;  Woodson Burnett, b. Oct 23, 1825-aft 1860 and m. Mary Ann "Polly" _;  Elizabeth Jane Burnett, b. May 22, 1828 and m. _ Daniel;  Naomi Burnett, b. Jul 2, 1831 and m.  _ Carlisle;  Cynthia Louisa Burnett, b. Feb 10, 1834 and m. James Wood, CSA Capt;  Clarinda Thurza Burnett, b. Oct 8, 1837.

7. Sarah Burnett, m. bef 1809 to __ Bishop.   1850 Sptg Co SC cen, #999 lists Susan Bishop, age 60 w/ 7 ch:

8. Woodson Burnett, m. Susan Burnett (cousin),   prob named for "Woodson Johnson."   letter of adm submitted 1828 Sptbg Co for his uncle John Burnett, dec'd.   not found 1850 Sptg Co cen, but in 1860 cen;  also 1810 Mechlenburg Co VA cen.   Issue, large fam.

 11. Mahala Burnett, m. to Mitchell Tillotson.   Exe of her mother's 1851 will.

 12. Lowery Burnett, m. in Bibb Co AL on Sep 1, 1817 to Alice/Alcey Bishop [b. 1807].   1850 Spart Co SC cen.   Issue, min

13 ch:  Susan Burnett;  Margaret Burnett;  Sarah Burnett;  Harriet Burnett, m. W.G. ;  Cynthia Burnett, m. C.A.;  Jason Burnett;  Mary Burnett, m. J.T.;  Joseph Burnett, m. P.S./P.J.

 DAR 416382 relates this story.

        "Family records show that John Burnett, owner of the largest cotton plantation in Virginia and served in Rev War 7 years.  He paid a visit home for the birth of daughter, [Martha] Patsy Burnett Bishop.   A sister of Susannah was reputed the most  beautiful woman in North Carolina and married the governor of that state."

 John Burnett, private in Capt Franklin's Co also designated Capt Clough Shelton's Co 10th VA Reg‑‑commanded by Col Edward Stevens and Major Samuel Hawes.   He enlisted Dec 2, 1777.   Valley Forge Apr 3, 1778.  Urial Springer's Co 7th VA Reg‑‑commanded by Col John Gibson: Apr‑May, 1779.   Jun 1783 at Ft Pitt.   Jul 3, 1783 shows "Term Enlistment."   His name also appear on a list of officers and soldiers of Virginia Line on Continental Est which shows number of acres 100.  (no record of this land grant found per DAR 97334).   Also served other enlistments 1779‑83 under different commands (see DAR 119763).

 DAR # 711466 thru John Jr; rest thru Susannah Burnett Wood maybe eldest son James, see DAR numbers 61190 and 119763  in writer's John Burnett bibliography.   Sptg Co SC will dated Apr 13, 1809 said that his two sons John and Carter live on one of his tracts lying on the Sawn ( ?Fawn)  Branch.   Woodson and Lowery will divide tract when wife Sarah dies.   Carter will get bay colt; Woodson will get black mare.

1850 Rutherford Co NC cen, Carter Burnett... enum w/ son Woodson Burnett, then Woodson Burnett found in 1860 with Polly and her ch carrying Burnett name.

 1850 Spbg Co SC cen, 907-907 H Jefferson Bishop, 999-999 Susan Burnett Bishop, 989-989 H.J. Rowland

 1851 Spartanburg Conveyance Book BB-p404-405, Aug 26.  Henry & Martha Bishop gave son H.J. [Jefferson] Bishop 224 ac on the Standing Stone Branch, at the mouth of the Meadow Branch.  Wit: Dr F.L. Parham, H.J. Rowland, signed Henry (x) Bishop, Witness oath, Aug 27, 1851, signed F.L. Parham to J.B. Tolleson, Release of Dower Sep 4, 1851, signed Martha (x) Bishop to J.B. Tolleson clerk and magistrate Registered Aug 27, 1851.

 1852 Spbg Conveyance Book CC-p20-21. 

Bork, June, 9375 Bella Vista Rd, Apple Valley CA 92308; 619‑247‑3790, THE BURNETTs AND THEIR CONNECTIONS, priv pub, vol 1 (1989),  695 pp.  we are interested in the first five of seven generations listed: first was John Burnett that came in 1638 to Old Rappahannock Co VA (later Essex Co) ....May 1993 pub vol II.   1993 pub vol III incl additions and corrections to vol I.  info also on Gatewood fam.  also her May 5, 1997 letter.   ....for data re Rev War see pp 69-76



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Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains

Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains