Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains

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John Bourland    (d-1793)

of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina

interrelationships  of  branches


My direct ancestor is G-line, Benjamin Bourland

Our Bourland Society assigned letters to branches of Bourlands that seemed to be related. Bourlands lines "A," "D," "E," and "G" listed below are probably children of John and Catherine Bourland.  Thus far, DNA testing has not shown a connection between writer's "G" line and the others, which is inexplicable since they definitely lived and moved together in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Kentucky.

Marriage of John Bourland and probably Catherine about 1758 in probably Augusta Co VA.

John Bourland, probably the indentured servant to Robert Patterson. (see 1756, c1780, 1803). "Family legend states that "John Bourland left Londonderry to escape the wrath of King George II." Our John Bourland could read and write, and taught his ch." per Readís Bourlands in America (see pB-2). It was customary to speak of the port of departure, rather than old country residence; i.e., John Bourland was probably from Kilraughts, County Antrim, Ireland, left from Londonderry port, about 40 miles away. John d. bet Oct 21-Nov 30, 1793 Wilkes Co NC.

Catherine, one C. Bourland on land Archibald Bourland pd 1807 Hopkins Co KY taxes, probably his mother, but may have been his wife.

A. William M Bourland b ca 1765 VA ?Augusta Co d Jul 6, 1806 Morton Gap, Hopk Co KY m. Martha Slaton

B. Alexander Borland b ca 1756 VA ?Augusta Co w Aug 1821 Hillsboro, Orange Co NC m. Susan Flinthem

C. Isabella Bourland b Mar 17, 1761 VA ?Augusta Co d Sep 4, 1824 St Francois Co MO m. Michael Bacon

D. Rev John Bourland Jr b Dec 12, 1762 VA ?Augusta Co d May 11, 1844 Hopkins Co KY m. Mary Loving

E. Ebenezer Jackson b 1768 VA ?Augusta Co d ca 1841 Franklin Co AR m. Abigail Loving

G. Benjamin Bourland b Jan 6, 1779 Wilkes Co NC d Jun 5, 1851 Fannin Co TX m Agn McElroy/Martha

H. Archibald Bourland b 1780-1790 ? NC, prob Wilkes d ca 1850 Christian Co KY m ?Cath/Mati Murray

W. William Bourland .. b ca 1730 ? Cumberland Co PA .. will Feb 4, 1804 Laurens Co SC m. Mary __? Kilgore

A. Wm M. Bourland, m-1786 Licking Hole twp, St James Parish, Goochland Co VA to Martha Slayton [b-Apr 9, 1768 Gooch Co VA], dau of Susannah Hodges [1740 Licking Hole twp, Gooch Co VA-1781] and John Edmond Slaton [b-1730 New Kent Co VA-Oct 1, 1817 Lick Hole twp, Goochland Co VA, Rev War vet]. Susan born to Nephanny Walker and Edmond Hodges. Wm Bourland "said to have fought in Rev War"; was first minister of Graves Creek Bapt Ch, the first Bapt church in Hende Co KY, his was first will probated in Hopk Co KY; Flat Creek Cem. Issue, 9 ch: Susannah Mary Bourland, 1782 NC-1842/50 and m-1806 Muhlenburg Co KY to Joseph Loving, 9 ch; Mary Bourland, c1784-1866 Hardin Co TN and m-1809 Muhlenburg Co KY to Rev Henry Garrard, 12 ch; Samuel Bourland, c1790-aft 1830 Shelby Co TN and m-Martha Snelling, 1 ch; Rachel Bourland, b-1796 and m-1813 Hopk Co KY to John Garrard, 1 ch; Rebecca Bourland, b-c1799 and m-1814 Hopk Co KY to Jesse Herrin; Martha Slayden Bourland, 1798-1877 Itawamba Co MS and m,1-1817 Christ Co KY to James Newcomb Phillips, 1 ch/m,2-1821 Lauderdale Co AL to Buckner Williams, 14 ch; John M Bourland, 1800 ?AL-1857 Hardin Co TN and m-1825 Laud Co AL to Martha Simmons, 12 ch/m,2-Winneyford (? Garrard) Garret; Baylis Earle Bourland, 1804 ?AL-Nov 12, 1872 Laud Co AL Chauncery Court and m-1827 Laud Co AL to Sarah Brown, Henry Garrard MG, no ch; James Bourland, b-1807 Hopk Co KY. (see Flat Creek on map)

Martha (Slaton) Bourland m,2. in Hopkins Co KY on Sep 7, 1814 to John Snelling.

B. Alexander Borland, m-Susannah Flinthem [d-aft 1821 Orange Co NC], dau of John Flinthem [of Hillsborugh Dist, Oran Co NC] Susannah had  4 sis Sarah Scarlett, Polly Crabtree & Betsy Few. Alexander, son of Jane Jackson [w-1789 Oran Co NC] and Arch Bourland [d-c1780 Oran Co NC]. 1789 will ment: Arch, Abraham, Andrew, Susannah Boswell, Eliz Bourland, Nancy Flintom & Isabell Butler. Alexís Oran Co NC 1818/1821 will names ch. Issue, 11 ch born Oran Co NC: Elizabeth Borland, Sep 28, 1784 Oran Co NC-Sep 18, 1866 Oran Co, Indiana and m-1802 Oran Co NC to Jacob Moulder, 10 ch; John Borland, d-aft 1822 Hancock Co GA and m-1810 Hancock Co GA to Polly Mathis; Mary Bolling, Feb 26, 1786-Jun 21, 1851 Randolph Co NC and m-1806 to Jacob Stout, 6 ch; Andrew Borland, 1788-Jul 3, 1861 Hillsborough NC and m-Jane _,10 ch/m,2-Mary Scarlett; Archibald Borland, Oct 19, 1791-1869 Oran Co NC and m-1835 Oran Co NC to Polly Strayhorn, 1 ch; Sarah "Sally" Borland, Mar 11, 1793-Jan 29, 1859 Hillsborough NC and m. Gilbert Strayhorn, min 6 ch; Wm Borland, d-aft 1820 Baldwin Co GA cen; Abraham Borland, 1795-aft 1827 Catawba, Bibb Co AL; Susannah Borland, Jun 14, 1799-Aug 10, 1871 Oran Co NC and m. John Strayhorn, 5 ch; Jane "Jenny" Borland. 1802-aft 1820 Oran Co NC and m. Ashbourne Davis; Nancy P Borland, 1805-aft 1850 Monroe Co Mississippi cen and m-1823 Oran Co NC to James Henry "Harvey" Brasfield, 6 ch.

C. Isabella Bourland, m-in ? VA c1780 to Michael Bacon [c1757 ?Needham MA-1807 Hawkins Co TN]. Isabella d. while lvg w/ dau Sallie; Masonic Cem, Farmington. Issue, 3 ch: Sarah Bacon 1782-1843, St Fran Co MO and m-1801 Hawkins Co TN to Dubart Murphy, 9 ch [Dubartís step-mother Martha (Hodges) of Banister-Pigg River, Pittsyl Co VA], Rev Wm Murphy's 1833 St Francois Co MO will wit: Sam Vance, Robt Moore, & Jeremiah Robertson; Mary Bacon, 1783-1852 Jeff Co TN and m-Thos Lee, 9 ch/m,2-Sam Riggs; Cath Bacon, 1788-1852 St Franc Co MO and m-Geo Taylor, 14 ch. (see Vance, 1779)

D. Rev John Bourland, m-c1784 Wilkes Co NC to Mary Loving [May 26, 1769 SC-Jan 20, 1849 Hopk Co KY], dau of Clary Bond [1727 Powhattan Co VA-1779] and Gabriel Loving Sr [1725-1790, grew up Valley of VA, lvd 1779 NC]. Clary born to Wm Bond [1701-1779, m-1745 Powh Co].. mvd c1800 to KY-TN; b-Richland Cem. Issue, 9 ch: Wm Bourland, c1785-1814 KY single; Mary Rachel Bourland, 1790 SC-1846 Hop Co KY and m-1808 Hopk Co KY to Nathan Hibbs, 8 ch; Slaton C Bourland, 1791 SC-1871 Frank Co AR and m-1815 Chris Co KY to Mary Reece, 8 ch/m,2-1834 Callo Co KY to Eliz Burnham, 4 ch (Slaton d-Ft Smith while visiting his ch); D5 Andrew Bourland, 1794 SC-1841 Fayette Co IL and m-1816 Chris Co KY to Damaris D. Reece, 12 ch; Eliz Bourland, 1796-1862 Hopk Co KY and m-1815 Hop Co KY to Redick O'Bryan, 13 ch; Henry Franklin Bourland, 1803-1844 Lawrence Co AR and m,1-1820 Hopk Co KY to Lydia Wylie Gish, 2 ch/m,2-1829 Gallatin Co IL to Martha C. Mason, 5 ch; Matilda Bourland 1805 KY-1842 Stoddard Co MO and m-1822 Hopk Co KY to Wm W Owen, 10 ch; Mary Lee Bourland, 1807-1863 Hopk Co KY and m-1825 Hopk Co KY to Wm P Brown, 11 ch.

E. Ebenezer "Eby" Bourland Sr, m-1790 ?Wilkes Co NC to Abigail Loving [b-Yadkin River NC area-c1866 AR], sis to Mary Loving, see Rev John Bourland above. Abigail b-White Oak Cem, Frank Co AR Ebby, 1803 in Pendl SC; 1805 in NC; 1807 in Hop Co KY; 1817 in AL; 1833 in Frank Co AR. Issue, 11 ch: Wm G Bourland, 1792 SC-1861 Sali Co IL and m-1812 Hop Co KY to Rachel Slaton, 14 ch; Gabriel Lee Bourland, 1794 Pendl Dist SC-1885 Hop Co KY and m-1814 Hopk Co KY to Penelope Goodman 7 ch; James Spears Bourland, 1798 Pendl. Dist SC-1887 Itaw Co MS and m-1818 Hop Co KY to Mary Hudspeth, 14 ch (dau of Eliz Glenn)/m,2-1864 Itwa Co MS to Mary Gardner; Dubart Lee Bourland, 1803 SC-1865 Frank Co AR and m-1821 Frank Co AL to Mary Thomas of White Co TN; John Bacon Bourland, 1805?NC-1840/2 and m-Nancy J. Hardwick 7 ch, of Hickman Co TN; Ebenezer Jackson Bourland Jr, 1812 KY-1864 Clark Co AR and m-1830 Frank Co AL to Mary Hester, 9 ch; Henderson J Bourland, 1808 KY-1881 Frank AR and m,1__, 3 ch/m,2-Eliz_, 9 ch; Alney McLean "A.M" Bourland, 1810 KY-1873 VanBuren AR and m,1-c1830 Rebecca Cook, 6 ch/m,2-1853 Sarah Ann Street, 1 ch/m,3-1862 Sarah Jane James Huggins, 3 ch; Sarah Bourland b-c1806 and m-Lindsay Allen; Catherine Bourland, c1796-aft 1837 Frank Co AL or Frank Co AR and m-c1818 to Geo McKinney, 10 ch [he m,2-Selina Roper]; Eliza Elvira Jarratt Bourland, 1815 Christ Co KY-1900 Houston, Chickasaw Co MS and m. Henderson Wesley Bates, 13 ch.

**G. Benjamin Bourland m,1-prob SC, ?Pendleton Dist c1798 to Agnes Nancy McElroy [b-c1780], McElroys 1800 Enoree River, Laur Co SC; Rev John 1790 Enoree River; 1803 NC; by c1804 in Hopk Co; by 1807 Callo Co KY. Issue, 14 ch: male and fe b-bef 1800; Nancy, 1800 SC-1874 McCrack Co KY and m-John Griffith; Col Jas G, 1801 SC-1879 TX and m-Cath Wells/Salina Barnett; **Temperance, 1803 NC-1882 ?Ballard Co KY and m-Seibert Griffith; John McElroy Bourland c1804-1852 and m-Nancy Hood; Seabury, 1807-1859 Effingham Co IL and m. Andrew Gilmore; Dicey b-1810-20 and m-Erasmus Bearden; Wm H Bourland 1811-1860 and m-Rachel Davis/Caroline Willis, 2 ch; Reece, 1812-1864 and m. Mary Waddy/Nancy/Mary Pierce; Benj F Jr, 1818-1900 and m-Nancy Epps Chisum/Martha Yarborough; Reuben Rollo Bourland, 1820-1900 and m-1839 Marshall Co MS to Eliza Moore.

Ben, m,2-c1827 ?Calloway Co KY to Martha [1801 KY-1865 TX]. Bourland Cem, Ladonia, Fann Co TX. Issue, 6 ch: Eliz, 1829-1909 Frankl Co TX and m-Tom Sam Hudson; Hannah Emiline, 1831-1870 and m-Joel Fuller; Chs F Bourland, 1834-aft 1880 Steph Co TX and m-Martha Jane (Clark) Williams, 6 ch; Martha, 1839-1919 TX and m-Levi Braly; Sarah, b-1842 single.

H. Archibald Bourland, m,1-?Catherine. Arch may be son of Archibald Bourland and Jane Jackson [d-1789 Orange Co NC]. Issue 5 ch: James S Bourland c1790-c1850 Hopk Co KY and m-1820 Chris Co KY to Aisley Sparks; Albany C fe; Edward M.C Bourland, c1810-1845 KY and m-1838 Chris Co KY to Eliz Brasher, 2 ch (adopted by Andrew G. Wooldridge); Frances Bourland, 1805-1879 Hardin Co TN and m-Joseph Parker, 1 ch; Felix Bourland 1807 KY-1873 Chris Co KY and m-Ann M Ratcliff, 4 ch.

Arch, m2-Hopk Co KY on May 24, 1839 to Matilda Martha (Bradley) Murray, J.B Laffoon MB, 1 ch to m: Emeline Bradley b-1835. Issue, 3 ch: Hellen M (male) b-1841; Lafayette S. Bourland, 1843-1897 Chris Co KY, Union vet, Berg Cem, Mannington, and m-1873 Chris Co KY to Permetia Gilkey; Mary E. Bourland, b-1849 and m-1860/8 Hopk Co KY to C.P. Oldham, 1 ch.

W. Wm Bourland m. Mary [maybe Kilgore as 2nd wife, see BBv18n2p21]. Laurens Co SC WB/C-1/95. Issue, 13 ch:   (1) Katy Bourland, 1750s-1803 and m-(?John) McClure;    (2) Mary Bourland, [c1750s-1803 SC] and m,1-Robt McCrary/m,2-John Prater Odell, lvd Livingston Co KY, 8 ch;    (3) Phoebee Bourland, b-1750s and m-Robert Harper [d-1807 Smith Co TN], 13 ch;    (4) John Bourland [May 5, 1760-Feb 2, 1820 will] Laurens Co SC, Duncan Creek Presby Ch Cem and m. Mary, 10 ch;    (5)  Elizabeth Bourland [c1764-Jul 8, 1827 Newberry Co SC buried Ramage-Sheppard Cem and m-Joseph Ramage [5 Jun 1747 PA-1825 Laurens Dist SC, Duncan's Creek Presby Ch Cem, 10 ch.    (6)   Rebekka Bourland, b-1760s and m. Fowler;   (7)  Wm Bourland Jr, 1770 SC-c1825 Hickman Co KY, bur Marsh Co KY and m-c1789 Anne D. Mathis [19 Nov 1770-1850 Marsh Co KY]; 8 ch;   (8)  James Bourland Sr, 1775 SC-1823 Caldwell Co KY and m-c1790 to Rebecca Kilgore, 8 ch;    (9)  Jennet Bourland, b-1770s-aft 1810 Christ Co KY cen and m. Lod Dulin, min 3 ch;    (10)   Sarah Grace Bourland, [c1784 SC-1842 Lincoln Co TN] m-1800-05 John Gilbert [c1774 Tyron, Polk Co NC-Jun 1842 Giles Co TN, 8 ch;    (11)  Nancy Bourland,b-c1780s and m-Thetford; Andrew Bourland b-c1780s; (Cassa Grace, per 1804 will).


Interrelationships of the Bourland branches

1) A-line and C-line. Isabella Bourlandís son-in-law was Dubart Murphy, whose step-mother was Martha Hodges, the 1st wife of Rev Wm Murphy of the Halifax Co VA area." per c1765 Baptist records, one Henderson Murphy prevalent in Dubartís family (prob uncle), Ebenezer Bourland named sons Dubart and Henderson plus Wm Bourlandís mother-in-law was Susannah Hodges Slaton of Goochland Co VA.

2) B-line and E-line. Alexander Borlandís [d-1821 Orange Co NC] dau, Nancy m-Harvey Brasfield (and Glenns) paralleled the migration of James Spears Bourland, son of Ebenezer Bourland, and oldest dau m-Glenn of Monroe Co MS. (plus Glenn connections)

3) G-line and W-line. Beardens connection: Benj Bourlandís dau Dicey Bearden and descendants of Wm Bourland [d-1804 SC] of Marshall Co KY. (See Chapters 7 and 5 plus "Wm. Bourland d-1804" on p1-40).

4) A-line and G-line. "Cora South, Ladona TX" on photo, John Baylus Bourlandís Bible, son of Martha Simmons, and gson of Wm Bourland [d-1806].    per Madeline Bourland Huff of Galena MO.  Benjamin Bourland (1779-Ladonia, Fannin Co TX)

5) E-line and G-line. "E.J. Bourland (1812-1864) writes [that] his family are at present the unsettled state of affairs with us will likely prevent my geting to go any time soon." per Feb 1, 1863 letter of Ben Bourland (1818-1900). per BP-DM4406-30-135. Ebenezer Jackson Bourland (1812-1864) and m-1830 to Mary Hester."    per Leon Wilson of Flower Mound TX.

5a) On Oct 30, 1865 in Fannin Co TX, Ben Bourland and Joel Conyer Fuller [son and son-in-law of Ben Bourland (1779-1851)] listed as securities for Gabriel L. Bourlandís bond posted. This was one of twenty (20) Fannin Co TX instruments in the settlement of the estate of Ebenezer Jackson Bourland Jr of Titus Co TX [son of Ebenezer Bourland].

6) A-line and G-line. Benjamin Bourlandís son, Col. James Bourland, received an 1862 letter from his 1st cousin, once removed, Oliver Loving [of Palo Pinto Co TX], gson of Wm. M. Bourland [d-1806].


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