Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains

by Patricia Adkins-Rochette

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Clovis Beauchesne  and  Denise Labarre Genest

Gene's grandmother   was child No. 3.  Virginia Beauchene Rochette

    Gene's great-grandmother   was child No. 2. Denise Labarre Genest Beauchene


m. at St. Norbert d'Arthasbaska P Q Canada on Aug 15, 1865 of Denise Labarre Genest and Clovis Beauchene.

 Clovis Beauchesne, b. Sep 4, 1842 in Canada to Celestie Groudint and Moise Beauchine;  d. Middletown, Middlesex Co CT on Nov 8, 1911, b. St John's Cem, age 69 yr 2 mo 4 da, Mrs. C. Beauchine of 602 Main St, Middletown signed the death cert.   look at Bourbeau fam

Denise Labarre Genest, b. Jan 2, 1846 to Constance Noel and Francois Labarre Genest, son of Marguerite Mercier and Francois Labarre Genests], Francois and Marie m. Feb 7, 1842.    Constance Noel born to  Marie LaRochelle Gantrau and Laurent Noel].  Denise died in Westerly, Washington Co RI on Feb 18, 1920, 74 yrs, Denise listed in Westerly Directory, for yr ending Oct 1921.    from Hazel (Rochette) Turcotte's Oct 1994 letter stated: "I know my grandmother died in Westerly.....Oct 10, 1994 maybe she d. in West Haven CT.  Rhode Island bureau of vital statistics sent letter hinting that she did not die in Rhode Island. ....see Rene' Jette's book.

 1. Exerile Beauchene; b-May 12, 1866 St Norbert d'Arthabaska, Queb;  d-Jun 10, 1945, Biddeford, York Co ME; m.-Napoleon Gouin

2. Rebecca Beauchene; b-Jul  3, 1868 St Norbert d'Arthabaska, Queb; d-Jul  9, 1913, Canada P.Q.; m-Alelard Blanchette

**3. Virginia Beauchene; b-Feb 17, 1869 St Norbert d'Arthabaska, Queb; d-Apr 24, 1945, Midt'wn, Midsex Co CT; m-John E. Rochette

4. Selanire Beauchene; b-Oct  1, 1870__; d. Jul 23, 1895, ? Canada; m. Alfred Filion

5. Anna Bella; b-Jul  7, 1872 __; d-Jun  8, 1962, ? West Haven CT; m-Alphie Boudreau

6. Archile Beauchene; b-Dec 21, 1873 __; d-Jul  1898, __; single

 7. Marie Clementine; b-Oct  1, 1874 St Norbert d'Arthabaska, Queb; d-Jul  4, 1907, Middletown CT; m-Emilien Grondin

8. Zelpha Beauchene; b-Dec 27, 1876__; d-Dec 19, 1921, ? Canada; m-Antonio Landry

9. Octave Beauchene; b-Nov 12, 1878__; d__; m. __   

 10. Harmidas Beauchene; b-May 30, 1880 __; d__;   m-Anna Paris

 11. Exilia Beauchene; b-Aug 12, 1883__;  d-May 1886, St Norbert, P.Q.; single

 12. Alma Beauchene; b-Nov 27, 1884__; d-May 1886, St Norbert, P.Q.; single

 13. Emma Beauchene; b-Jun  2, 1887 __; d-Feb 11, 1934, ? New Haven CT; m-Alcide Boudreau

 14. Anna Beauchene; b-Oct 23, 1888 __; d-young, ? St Norbert, P.Q.; ? single

 1. Exerile Beauchesne, m. in c1865 to Napoleon Gouin [Jun 1863-Oct 28, 1923 Sanford, York Co Maine], son of __.   Issue, 10 ch:  Eva Gouin, Jul 27, 1887 St Norbert, Quebec-May 7, __Sanford ME and m. Edmond Hamel, min 4 ch: Doris Hamel m. 1944 Raymond Boudreau [son of Emma (Beauchesne) Boudreau and Rita, nun in RI, other ch;  Marianne Gouin, Mar, 1889-1918 and m. Wm Arcand;  Anna Gouin, b. Mar 1891 Quebec-d. __Salem Mass, age 96 and m. Walter Boisse;  Alelard Gouin, Sep 1893 New Hamp-d. __ Sanford ME age about 76 and m. Florence Stebbin;  Guillaume Gouin (maybe same as William), Sep 1894 New Hamp-d. in Lawrence MA age about age76 and m. Peggy Cote';  Marie Louise Gouin, Aug 23, 1897 Biddeford ME-Jan 31, 1964 Biddeford ME and m. John Farley;  Rosanna A. Gouin, b. Feb 27, 1900 Livermore Falls ME and m. Geo Bickley in Lynn MA, lives Lynn Massachusetts;  Celina Gouin, b. Jun 21, 1901 New Market, New Hampshire and m. Alphonse Marquis;  Arthur Gouin, born Sanford ME and d. Aug 1971 single;  Alfred Gouin, born Sanford ME-died prob Sanford ME age 60's and m. Jeanne Carrier.


2. Rebecca Beauchesne, m. Adelard Blanchette.  lvd in Canada; Rebecca d. during a pneumonia epidemic.   Hazel does know if had ch:


 **3. Virginia Beauchene, m,1. in Thompsonville, Hartford Co CT in Apr 1885 to John Evangeliste Rochette [b. 1863 St Christophe d'Arthabaska, Quebec], son of Genevieve Paris (Pare) Lemay [b. 1830 St Jean Des Chaillons, Canada‑d. 1900 Chester Co CT] and Michel Rochette [b. 1818‑d. 1878 Thompsonville, Hartford Co CT].   Issue, 11 ch:  Virginia Marie "Jennie," 1885-1962 Middleton and m. Dennis Corkery;  infant 1887;  Arthur, 1888‑1888;  Wilfred, 1890‑1891;  Adelord Joseph, 1891-1979 Cromwell CT and m-Catherine Caffrey/Ester Mabel Coleman Wm. Walter, 1893‑1963 Old Saybrook CT and m. Eliz Marie Bedard;  Frank, 1895-1968 Middletown and m. Dora Ehlers;  Zelpha Yvonne, 1898‑1899;  **Armond Herman Rochette, 1901‑1978 Cromwell CT and m. Mary Elizabeth Gabany;  Vina Rica, 1904‑1905;  Hazel Emma, b. 1909 and m. Philip Turcotte.


Virginia, m,2. in St John's Rectory, Middletown, Middlesex Co CT on Sep 22, 1927 to August Johnson.   Rev James J. Donavan DD.    Issue, none.


5. Anna Bella "Bella" Beauchene, m. in Middletown, Middlesex Co CT on __ to Alphie Boudreau [b. Nova Scotia, bro to Alcide that m. Emma; uncle to Raymond Boudreau that m. Doris Hamel, gdau of Exerile.    Belle lived upstairs in Middletown while Virginia and John Evangeliste Rochette lvd downstairs.  After John d. and Virginia worked outside the home, Belle took care of young Hazel   ...  Bella took care of her parents in their last years; her disabled parents lived downstairs while she lived upstairs.    Bella b. St Agnes Cem, Branford CT.   Issue, none, but raised Emma's 3 boys.

7. Marie Clementine Beauchesne, m. Emilien Grondin [born Canada].  1902 Emilien was "opeative" in Biddeford, York Co Maine; after Clemmie d. in Middletown at age 32, her fam mvd to Woodsocket RI.   Issue, 4 ch:  Lauria Grondin (2nd child), b. Jul 17, 1902 Biddeford, York Co Maine, never marr, d. late 1980's or early 1990's;  Sylvan, single;  Armand Grondin, d. Apr 1965 m. and had ch:, lived Woodsocket RI;  Emile Grondin, d. Jul 1965 and had ch:. Emilien Grondin, m,2. aft 1907 to Amy Bruneau.

9. Octave Beauchesne, m. __.    farmer; lvd Victoriaville P.Q., Canada.  Hazel met him before she married.  Hazel and her mother, Virginia, visited Canadian relatives several times.   Issue, had large fam, incl twin boys.

10. Harmidas Beauchesne, m. Anna Paris.  farmer; lvd Victoriaville, P.Q.   Issue, many ch: including twin boys.

13. Emma Beauchesne, m. Alcide L. Boudreau [born in Nova Scotia-d. Dec 24, 1937 West Haven CT], bro of Alphie Boudreau.   Oct 1921, Alcide, carpenter, lvd 44 Liberty Place, Westerly, Wash Co RI.   When Emma d. of pneumonia in 1934, sis Bella took the 3 boys;  blind Alcide put baby Florence up for adoption to a Turcotte fam of West Haven CT (no relation to Hazel's Rochette Turcotte's husband).   Bella wanted very much to raise her as well as the boys.  Hazel told despondent Bella that Florence was unhappy with the Turcotte fam and would return.  Florence mvd in with Bella when she was a teenager.   Issue, 4 ch: Raymond, d. 1994 North Branford CT and m. Doris Hamel, gdau of Exerile (Beauchesne) BeaudreauRenaud, d. 1980's Guilford CT;  Eugene Boudreau, lives Guilford CT;  Florence Boudreau, b. May 20, __-d. __ (date)___(place), blind because of muscular dystrophy was Hazel's godchild, Florence had son Noel.

Editor's note: Boudreau book is being published (maybe c1997).   Doris Hamel Boudreau ordered one.

Hazel Rochette Turcotte Sep 12, 1994 letter:  "Although I was young when my grandfather, Clovis Beauchesne, died, I remember his long white beard.   Every time I would pass him, he would try and catch me; I was terrified.   He didn't walk or talk for 10 yrs. My grandmother, who I knew very well, also could not walk or talk for 10 yrs.  My Aunt Bella took care of them.  She lived upstairs."

1887 -- Exerile Beauchene Gouin had dau Eva in 1887 in Canada

1891 -- Exerile (Beauchene) Gouin and fam came to USA per 1900 Androsroggin Co Maine cen.

c1893 - Anna (Gouin) Bossie was last child of Exerile born in Canada

1897 -- Exerile's dau Marie Louise born in Biddeford, York Co ME.   .....

1900 -- 1900 Androscroggin Co ME cen ED9p8, East Livermore, Jun 7. Exerile listed as Marie, said she had 8 living ch: of 9 births.

1902 -- Biddefort, York Co Maine.   Emilien and Clementine Grondin's dau Lauria born.

1921 -- Oct, for yr ending, Westerly, Washington Co RI.  Beauchene, Denise, widow Clovis boards 44 Liberty Place, Alcide J Beaudreau, carpenter, 44 Liberty Place;  Alphie Beaudreau, carpenter boards 44 Liberty Place. 



Francois Labarre Genest and Constance Noel

m. on Feb 7, 1842.  Where?

Francois Labarre Genest, son of Marguerite Mercier and Francois Labarre Genest.

Constance Noel, dau of Marie LaRochelle Gantrau and Laurent Noel.   Constance had sis, Julie Noel, b. Dec 22, 1812, possibly related to Marie Delphine Noel, b. 1864 St Alphonse, St Alexis Grand Bay Chicoutimi, Quebec, g-gmother of David Shea of Chapel Hill TN.

  1. Clementine Genest        b-Sep 14, 1843__; d-Jan  5, 1931__; was a nun

**2. Denise Labarre Genest;  b-Jan  2, 1846__;  d-Feb 18, 1920, Washington Co RI; m-Clovis Beauchesne

 3. Francois Xavier Genest; b-Nov  1, 1846__

 4. Philomena Genest

  5. Exilia Genest

 1. Clementine Genest, became a cloistered nun Sr. Marie de St Gaudoise ( ? cannot read).   d. at 88 yrs; was nun for 67 yrs.

2. Denise Labarre Genest, m. at St Norbert d'Arthabaska P Q Canada on Aug 15, 1865 to Clovis Beauchesne [b. 1841].   Issue, 14 ch:  Exerile, 1866‑1945 and m. Gouin;  Rebecca, 1868‑1913 and m. Blanchette;  **Virginia Beauchene Rochette, 1869‑1945 and m. John Evangeliste Rochette/August Johnson;  Selanire, 1870‑1895 and m. Filion;  Anna Bella, b. 1872 and m. Boudreau;  Archile, 1873‑1898;  Clementine, 1874‑1907 and  m. Grondin;  Zelpha, 1876‑1921 and m. Landry;  Octave, b. 1878;  Harmidas, b. 1880;  Exilia, 1883‑1886;  Alma, 1884‑1886;  Emma, 1887‑1934 and m. Boudreau;  Anna, b. 1888.


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Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains