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Adkins - Powell - Littleton

My direct ancestor  is child number 2. George Theodore  Adkins

My direct ancestor is child number 11. Spencer Adkins Jr.


Spencer Adkins Jr. and  Eliza Littleton

Marriage in Fleming Co KY on Aug 9, 1859 of Spencer Adkins and Elizabeth C Littleton in Geo Littleton Home.  Henry L Littleton, bonds.   On marr cert, Spencer said he was born in Pike Co KY and was 26 yrs old.

 Spencer Adkins, b. in Pike Co KY on Sep 16, 1833 to Anna Powell and Spencer Adkins.   Spencer had siblings Wm and Louisa Adkins that m. Sarah and Harvey George May, respectively.   His mother, Anna m,2. in 1843 to Harry Stratton.   Spencer d. Feb 19, 1914 in Pleasant Valley, Palo Pinto Co TX; b. in Willow Pond Cem. 

 Eliza C. Littleton was b. in 1840 in Fleming Co KY to Mary Choate [b. 1812 Montgomery Co KY] and George Littleton [b. 1808 Fleming Co KY].  Eliza d. while visiting son, Charlie, in Lawton, Comanche Co OK in 1918 of Russian Flu; b. in Pecan Cemetery.  (Westcott Rochette attended Choate Academy in Wallingford CT which is interesting since this Choate family lived in Wallingford, Fleming Co KY.)

 1.William Adkins, b-Feb 1860, Fleming Co KY, d-c1876, Palo Pinto Co TX, single

**2.George Theodore  Adkins, b-Sep 27, 1861 Fleming Co KY, d-July 8, 1925 McClain Co OK, m-Fannie Blair

3-Edward Adkins, b-c1865, Cass Co MO, d-bef 1880, Cass Co MO, single

4-Mary B "Mamie" Adkins, b-Jul 5, 1870 Cass Co MO, d-Jan 16, 1929, Palo Pinto Co TX, m-Dickson/Green

5-Arthur Henry Adkins, b-Apr 6, 1873 Cass Co MO, d-Sep 16, 1943 Palo Pinto Co TX, m-Mattie Glover

6-Charles Littleton Adkins, b-Jan 24, 1876 Palo Pinto Co TX, d-Feb 14, 1970 Wheeler Co TX, m-Josie Dewesse

7-Walter Worthy "Word" Adkins, b-May 18, 1878 Palo Pinto Co TX, d-1938 Comanche Co OK, m-Minnie MIller

 1.  William Edward Adkins was buried on the side of hill opposite Spencer's and Liza's farm in Pleasant Valley, Palo Pinto Co, TX.  He had to have been at least 16 yrs old at his death, although family history says about 12.

 **2.  George Theodore "G.T." Adkins, m. Fortune Bend, Palo Pinto Co, TX on Jan 8, 1884 to Frances Elzata Blair, dau of Frank Harvey Blair and Eliza A Criswell [orig of Fulton Co, AR].  G.T. is b. Green Hill Cem, Garvin Co, OK.  Issue, 9 ch: Leslie, Buelah, Frank, Ruby, twins: Eddie & Edna, twins: **Arthur & Mammie, and Ida.

3. Mary Belle "Mamie" Adkins, m,1. Palo Pinto Co on Nov 2, 1989 to William John Dickson, d-bet 1894 & 1906.  Bill was a railroad brakeman.   Issue, 2 ch:  Anna Pearl Dickson m-Harry Lynch; and Elsie Mae Dickson, m-James Robert Loftis.

      m,2. Elihu Damron Green; both are b. Sturdivant Cem.   Elihu lvd Mineral Wells TX.

4.  Arthur Henry Adkins, m. in Home of John Washington Glover, Palo Pinto Co, Dec 16, 1897 to Martha Sarah "Mattie" Glover, dau of John Washington Glover and Drussilar Vaughn [orig of __].   Mattie was b. Nov 24, 1875 in Palo Pinto Co; d. __(place) Dec 5, 1963. b. in Willow Pond Cem, 5 mi south of Mineral Wells, TX).  b. Willow Pond Cem.   They  were farmers in Mineral Wells, except for the 3 yrs that they lived in Walters, Cotton Co, OK area where Olen was born.   Issue, 6 ch.: Horace, Neoma, Leona, Luther, Emmett, and Olen.

 5.  Charlie Adkins, m. in Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto Co, TX  to "Josey" Dewesse, dau of Thomas Jerry Deweese and Molly Latimer.   Charlie was a barber in Palo Pinto, Lawton, Shamrock.    b. __Cem, Wheeler Co, TX.    Issue, 6 ch: Anna Lee, Cordia Bell, Willy A, Eugene, twins: Alma Fay and Alta Mae.

 6.  Walter Worthy "Word" Adkins (m. Minnie V. Miller from Mineral Wells)  was a farmer in Sterling, Comanche Co, OK   Issue, a.  Zola,   She was living in Lawton, OK in Nov, 1980, had 5 girls;  b.  Vera c.  Vernon H, adopted son (m. Othell Treva McMinn of Mineral Wells)  Issue, 2 ch: Milbrun Lee "Butch" & Glenda LaDean  (m. Howze); John.  died.

 1833   Pike Co KY, born to Anna Powell and Spencer Adkins;  3 cen's said father born in. VA and mother born in KY.

c1834  Pike Co KY, father Spencer Sr died, evidently suddenly.  not on 1835 Tax List.

 1840   Pike Co KY cen, Wm Adkins and Sarah May, fe b. 1790-1800 Anna (Powell) Adkins, male b. 1830-35 was writer's Spencer........

 1843   Pike Co KY, mother Annie (Powell) Adkins m. Harry Stratton.

1850   Mason Co VA/WV cen,   Spencer Adkins 18 KY enum w/ Jacob Middlecoff.

 c1858  Fleming Co KY....Spencer joined his sis Louisa (Adkins) May and Harvey Geo May at Henton Hill, Fleming Co KY.

1859   Fleming Co KY, Aug 9.    Spencer m. Eliza Littleton.   sis Louisa (Adkins) May, at one time, in Hinton Hill, Fleming Co KY

 1860   Fleming Co KY cen, found with Eliza and child Wm.   next door to, and worked for Wm Owens, 54 KY, and Susan 48 KY.

 1860   Fleming Co KY tax list, Spencer Adkins. 

1861   Fleming Co KY, enrolled in militia, pd taxes on 229 ac on Sandlick Creek, $678; 4 cows, 2 hogs, 150 bush corn $787, value of horses $1100. 

 1861   Fleming Co KY, Geo Littleton, 125 ac Sandlick Creek $1250 land value, horse value of $1250, 10 cows: $30 value cattle over $50

 1861   Botetourt Co VA, Buchannan, where Spencer mustered into Confederacy.   Spencer in Co C, 10th KY Regt Cavalry, commissioned  Sgt in the field and served 3 and 1/2 yrs.   Family tradition: "Spencer and his 2 bros went to Civil War as Conf, and never saw each other again."  

 N O T E ....When the Civil War started, Spencer came back to Morgan Co KY where Col A.J. May was recruiting troops for the C.S.A.   This unit had to move east to Tazwell VA, when they were routed from Eastern KY by Gen Garfield ( ? c1863), hence Buchannan VA.  In the meantime, Harvey Geo May, along with Spencer's children, moved to Harrisonville, Cass Co MO, where Spencer joined them after the War.  ...and kept moving West, destination Oregon Territory.   Spencer had no reason to stay in KY, his father was dec'd, his mother had remarried Stratton and followed her son Wm, dau Louise May, and dau-in-law Elizabeth to Missouri...............May 1994 thoughts of Eldon May of Regina KY.

 1866   Cass Co MO, Lexington St, Harrisonville.   Spencer and Eliza found on Methodist-Episcopalian South Church membership list, along with his mother Anna Stratton, sister Louisa May, and sis-in-law Sarah Adkins.  Eliza's parents George and Mary Littleton also members......Other members writer questions were: Elizabeth Adkins, Eliza Adkins Sr, & Samuel Adkins

 1870   Cass Co MO, Evertt twp      61-62    Adkins, Sarah (May), Louisa 23 KY, Dan 21 KY, John 20 KY, Eliz 16 KY, Edgar 4 KY

1870   Cass Co MO, Evertt twp      63-63    Radcliff, Wm 38 MO, Dorcas 30 TN, ch:

1870   Cass Co MO, Grand Riv twp  332-243   Spencer Atkins 38 KY.....also desc of Lewis, Phillip, Wilson Atkins' family buried here 

1872   Cass Co TX, NW 1/4 of NE 1/4 of sec 28 twp 44 ran 31, Geo & Mary Littleton sold to Eliza Adkins for $1800, H.G. May was wit.

 1876   Oaks Crossing of Brazos River, Palo Pinto Co TX.   Spencer and Eliza left for Oregon, and got waylaid in Pleasant Valley, Palo Pinto Co Texas.

 1880   Palo Pinto Co TX cen

1900   Palo Pinto Co TX cen

 1910   Palo Pinto Co TX cen

c1916 Cotton Co OK, Apheatone,   Tornado destroyed the John Wilford Wilson and Nancy Susan Pace home (Katie's parents, who were of no blood kin to Walter Worthy Adkins).  They woke up in the cellar on Christmas morning with snow on the ground and no house.  Walter Worthy "Word" Adkins took the family in and helped rebuild their house.   Wilford Adkins and siblings always thought Uncle Word  Adkins was the greatest man ever. 




Spencer Adkins Sr. and  Anna Powell

Marriage in Floyd Co KY on Nov 11, 1808 of Spencer Adkins and Annie Powell.   marr cere pref by Geo Belcher.  Bond dated Oct 9, 1808by Spencer Adkins and Jesse Adkins for a marr shortly to be had bet Spencer Adkins and Anny Powell.  Oct 1808 "Sir, you will please to give license for the marriage of my daughter Anny Powell and Spencer Adkins.  signed Kader Powell."  attest: Alex Lackey, Henry Powell.

Spencer Adkins, born c1788, bet 1794-90 VA to Jesse Adkins, son of Rachel Houchins and Henry Atkinson/Adkins.  "I believe Noton Adkins [b. 1790] that m. Eliz Adkins Dec 29, 1808 Floyd Co KY was Spencer's bro."  per Eldon May of Regina KY.   Spencer died suddenly c1835, probate Feb 1836 Pike Co KY.

Anna Powell, b-1790 Mason Co VA (later Floyd Co KY, now Pike Co KY) to Francis Foote [born in NC] and Cader Powell [1750/1-d. bef 1823, m. bef 1774, went to Wilkes Co GA, but was in Floyd Co KY (now Pike Co) for 1808 marr of Anna. Cader pos m,1. Mary.

 Anna Powell, m,2. in Pike Co KY on Dec 21, 1843 to Harry Stratton, son of Ann [1792 KY-aft 1870 Cass Co MO cen] and __Stratton. ......five (5) Strattons mentioned w/ our Atkinsons in Richmond, Henrico Parish bef 1716.   Geo Carter's Nov 26, 1777 Pittsy Co VA listing: Thomas Stratton and Ben Stratton. Henry Stratton d. Dec 1860, 1860 Pemiscott Co MO Mort Sch: age 57, born SC pneumonia.  one R.H. Stratton d. 1846, Stratton Cem, Bates Co MO.  Anna, d. aft 1870 Cass Co MO cen, b. Oakland Cem, Harrisonville, Cass Co MO.   one Anna Powell in Cass Co MO WILL BK C-393.

1.William Adkins, b-1809 Pike, Floyd Co KY, d-Aug 1869 Evertt twp, Cass Co MO, m-Sarah May

2.__male, b-1810-1815, Pike, Floyd Co KY ..per 1830 cen

3  ? Daniel Adkins, b-bef 1820 Pike, Floyd Co KY, d-bef 1830 cen, per 1820 cen

4. Pricey Adkins, b.1810-1820 Pike, Floyd Co KY, d.aft  1840 ? Pike Co KY cen, m. John D Mims

5. __ male, b.1815-1820 Pike, Floyd Co KY, per 1830 cen

6.__male, b.1820-1825 Pike, Pike Co KY  per 1830 cen

7. Anna Adkins, b-1824 Pike, Pike Co KY, d-aft 1860  ?Lawrence Co KY cen, m. Daniel W Johns

8.__ female, b.1820-1825 Pike, Pike Co KY    per 1830 cen

?  9.? Judah Adkins, b-1825 Pike, Pike Co KY, d, aft 1900 Campbell's Creek, East of Charleston WV m. Franklin Stone

10.Louisa Adkins, b-Feb  1, 1827 Pike, Pike Co KY, d-Sep 15, 1912 Harrisonville, Cass Co MO, m-Harvey Geo May

**11. Spencer Adkins Jr, b-Sep 16, 1833 Pike, Pike Co KY, d-Feb 19, 1914 Palo Pinto Co TX, m. Eliza Littleton

 Elizabeth Adkins found 1866 M.E. South Church, Harrisonville MO ?   ....widow of Noton or one of these older males ? 

1. William Adkins, m. in Pike Co KY on Dec 12, 1839 to Sarah May [Dec 6, 1822 Pike Co KY-Aug 9, 1914 Cass Co MO], dau of Dorcas Patton [Oct 18, 1790-Jun 9, 1872] and Thomas May [Feb 1, 1787-Sep 1867, son of Sarah Jane Phillips and John May Sr].   found 1850 & 1860 Pike Co KY cen, 1870 Cass Co MO cen finds Sarah, 6 ch: dau Dorcas Ratliff w/ Wm & 4 ch: next door.   Sarah (May) Adkins b. Mt Olivet Cem, Hannibal, Marion Co MO.   Issue, 7 ch:  Dorcas, Mar 10, 1841 Pike Co KY-Aug 1, 1909 Hannibal, Marion Co MO, b. Maplewood Cem, Clarence MO and m. c1860 James Loar Ratliff, b. Jan 10, __Pike Co KY-Apr 6, 1872 Pike Co IL, b. Bluff Cem and son of Wm Ratliff, 8 ch;  Spencer George, Jul 29, 1840-Jul 1, 1929 Pawhuska, Osage Co OK, military cem, and m. Jun 2, 1867 MO to Jane Talbert Mead;  Louise, Jul 8, 1850/47-Aug 5, 1918 Hannibal MO and m. Elkanah T Walker c1870, lvd KY until 1887, 7 ch, 4 d. young;  John, b. 1850-d. aft 1870 cen, ? d. young, bur Hannibal MO;  Daniel, b. 1849-d. aft 1870 cen, d. ?young, bur Hannibal MO;  Mary Elizabeth, Mar 27, 1855-Sep 10, 1929 Tulsa Co OK and m. 1877 Pike Co IL to John Wm Lear, lvd Macon and Marion Co MO, mvd to Tulsa mabye 1905, 3 ch;  William, b. 1858;  Edgar, b. 1866;  and Alice.

per Eldon May of Regina KY Dec 27, 1994 letter:  re: 1866 listing of Lexington Street ME South Church members:  "The Eliz Adkins at Lexington. Street, Harrisonville MO must have been Eliz, dau of Sally (May) and Wm Adkins, who m. Wm Henry Johnson.  No, can't be--she was born Feb 17, 1870.   Dau of Spencer and Jane Talbert Mead.  She is buried in Bloomington, Illinois.   Question:  Who m. Wm Henry Johnson ?    Did Spencer and Jane Talbert Mead have dau, Mary Elizabeth, born Feb 17, 1870.   Was Mary Elizabeth (Adkins) Johnson buried in Bloomington, Illinois ?

 3  ? Daniel Adkins, 

 2. maybe the Moses Adkins.  but not the Moses Adkins killed in Civil War who was in the same unit as Spencer, 10th KY Cav, C.S.A.   per Eldon May of Regina KY.

 4. Pricey Adkins, in Pike Co KY on Feb 10, 1830 to John D Mims.   found 1830 Pike Co KY cen, Pikeville 00001-0001, Pricey was 15-19 yrs, John 20-29 yrs;  1840 Pike Co KY cen, 010011--11001, 1 free colored in this household, cannot find on another cen

John D. Mims, m,2. Floyd Co KY to Arminta D. Friend.

Help  ...Anna Powell's uncle Moses Powell rec'd land grant in Edgefield Co SC but died in Jasper Co GA, this may explain the  reason that John D Mims came to Pike Co KY.   ...writer thinks this "Price Adkins" or Pricey was named for the Agnes Price that m. Reuben Adkins, had son Wade Hampton Adkins and gson named Spencer, b. 1849. Agnes Price's son George Adkins m. Margaret Adkins [dau of Sarah Lucus and Sherrod Adkins. Ronnie Adkins of Montgomery AL thinks this reasoning for "Price" is a stretch. ......per MIMS FAMILIES OF EDGEEFIELD (SC), 1951, this John D Mims, Pricey Adkins, of Kentucky in this era not mentioned.  1850 Pike Co KY cen, p495 for John D. Mims   Jesse James' mom was a Mims.

7. Anna Adkins, m. in Pike Co KY on Dec 25, 1842 to Daniel Wooster Johns [b. 1816 KY], son of Nancy Laine/Layne and Thomas Johns [son of Mary Mahone and Thomas Johns]  Thomas in 1840 Lawrence Co KY cen.  ( ?Daniel Johns had siblings: James Lewis, Thomas P, Harrison, Mary Jane, Emily Lane, maybe Elizabeth.    1823 Pike Co Ky finds Thomas Johns as Pike Co KY commissioner, 1850 Lawr Co KY cen p86, 465-468 $2000 farmer, 1860 Lawr Co KY cen p503, 195-195 Louisa P.O. $6000/$1100 farmer; 193-193 Wm, b. 1825, and Westense Adkins.    Issue, min 6 ch:  Isabel B, b. 1847;  Clayton, b. 1849;  Daniel W, b. 1852;  Wm H, b. 1854;  S.M. (male), b. 1856;  E.E. (male), b. 1858. 

?9. ?Judah Adkins, born 1825 KY and m. in Logan Co VA (now WV) c1840 to Franklin Stone, son of Sarah Denny and James Stone. Franklin and Judah (Adkins) Stone found in 1850 Logan Co VA cen next door to Wm Adkins on Horse Creek, there was a Spencer and a Parkerson Adkins.   Judah found in 1900 Kanawha Co WV cen; Stephen Stone of Tad WV thinks she d. on Campbell's Creek, Kanawha Co WV.   Issue, 10 ch:  Martha Stone, b. 1847 and m. Richard Clark, dau Elizzie m. J.C. Elswick;  William Stone, b.1847 and m. Cynthia Fauber, 5 ch/m,2. Matie Neal, 2 ch;  Sarah Stone, b. 1850 Boone Co WV and m. Edward Moore, 2 ch;  James Edward Stone, b. 1853 and m. Rebecca Alice Craig, 2 ch;  Mary "Polly" Stone, b. Oct 20, 1855 Boone Co WV and m.__;  Andrew J Stone, Mar 8, 1858-Oct 29, 1934 Kanasha Co WV and m. Nancy Blake, 19 ch;  Daniel Stone, b. 1860 Boone Co WV and m. Mary Ross, 8 ch;  Thomas Parkerson Stone, 1864 Boone Co WV-Jun 10, 1936, buried London WV and m. Lewena Blake, 5 ch. 

10. Louisa Adkins, m. in Pike Co KY c1845 to Harvey George May [Apr 27, 1825 Pike Co KY-Feb 5, 1905 Cass Co MO], son of Dorcas Patton and Thomas May, m. Aug 18, 1813].   Harvey lvd in Floyd Co KY, Henton Hill, Fleming Co KY, Prestonsburg KY, Mason Co KY, arrived Sep 22, 1868 mvd to Harrisonville, Cass Co MO; est May Hotel, mvd to West Wall Street,  Harvey was charter mem Cass Co Lodge No 147 A.F.&A.M. on Oct 6, 1866.   Louisa and Harvey b. Oakland Cem, Harrisonville.    Issue, 5 ch:  Mary F May, b.Mar 22, 1847-1928 Los Angeles CA and m. Geo M Houston on Sep 27, 1866 Cass Co MO;  Theodore May, Feb 2, 1848 Dover, Mason Co KY-May 16, 1918 Harrisonville and m. Susan E Phillips of Harrodsburg KY on Nov 27, 1870/1;  Wm Spencer May, May 6, 1850 Dover KY-Dec 5, 1931 Hutchinson KS and m. 1871 Cass Co MO to Mary Jospehine Proctor [d. Jul 7, 1880, b. Oakland Cem], dau of Sally Stattler and John Madison Proctor 1871 Cass Co MO;  Anna May;  Harvey George May Jr, Apr 1, 1861 Fleming Co KY-Jan 18, 1929 Cass Co MO, county physician 20 yrs in Harrisonville, single.

 **11. Spencer Adkins Jr, m. in Geo Littleton Home, Fleming Co KY on Aug 9, 1859 to Eliza C Littleton [1840 Fleming Co KY-1819 Comanche Co OK], dau of Mary Choate [1812 Montg Co KY-aft 1880 Montg Co KS] and Geo Littleton [b. 1808 Fleming Co KY].   Spencer was in Co C, 10th Kentucky Regt, Cavalry; commissioned Sergeant in the field, served 3 1/2 yrs.   Spencer b. Willow Pond Cem, Palo Pinto Co TX Eliza b. Pecan Cem, Comanche Co OK.   Issue, 7 ch:  Wm, Feb 1860 Flem Co KY-c1876 Pal Pi Co TX single;  **George Theodore "G.T.", Sep 27, 1861 Flem Co KY-Jul 8, 1925, Lindsay, McClain Co OK and m. Frances Blair;  Edward, 1865 Cass Co MO-bef 1880 Cass Co MO single;  Mary B "Mamie B, Jul  5, 1870, Cass Co MO-Jan 16, 1929 Palo Pi Co TX and m. Bill Dickson/Elihu Damron Green;  Arthur Henry, Apr  6, 1873 Cass Co MO-Sep 16, 1943 Palo Pi Co TX and m. Mattie Glover;  Charles Littleton, Jan 24, 1876 Palo Pi Co TX-Feb 14, 1970 Shamrock, Wheeler Co TX and m. Josie Dewesse;  Walter Worthy "Word," Mar 1879 Palo Pi Co TX-1938 Comanche Co OK and m. Minnie MIller.

1777 Pittsylvania Co VA, Dec 26, swore allegiance to America on list of Wm Witcher: Jesse, Moses, Morris, and Henry Atkensen;  ....   Jun 10, 1778 list of Capt Dan Hankins:  Henry, Wm, Joseph, Richard, Henry, James, William Atkins, one Joseph Standley.... Spencer Adkins m. __ Standley c1785 in Franklin Co VA....Pigg connects w/ Atkins in Orange Co VA.

 1778 Pittsylvania Co VA, Dec 26.  Jesse Adkins signed Wm Witcher's anti-England Oath Allegience petition.

 1808 Floyd Co KY.  Spencer Adkins m. Annie Powell.  bond: Jesse Adkins and Spencer Adkins.  attest: Alex Lackey, Henry Powell, ceremony perf by Kader Powell.

1809 Floyd Co KY.  John Adkins, Elijah Adkins, and Spencer Adkins wit a deed., Elijah Adkins was constable in "upper district" of Floyd Co bet for some time bet 1810-1820, appointed corner when Pike Co first formed.  Elijah also a slave owner.

 1810 Floyd Co KY.  Spencer Adkins was Justice of Peace.  "If Geo Washington was father of our country then Spencer Adkins was the father of Pike Co KY.   My other gg-gfather Thomas May was right there beside him." per Eldon May of Regina KY, who also descends from Spencer Adkins and Annie Powell.

 1810 Floyd Co KY cen, p100  Spencer Adkins, 10100--00100---0-3, 1 male (0-5, Wm, b. 1809); 1 male, Spencer, b. c1788; 1 fe, Annie Powell;  3 slaves.....   Noton Adkins p95

 1814   Lieut Elijah Adkins, 3rd Company, Capt David Goodin, Ensign Isaac Powell, org Sep 10, 1814....98 in Regiment   Isaac Powell is bro-in-law to Spencer Adkins, bro to Annie Powell.   Elijah had to forfeit Pike Co assets to Thomas Tripplett, see KY Court of Appeals, DB, 4-367, Jan 26, 1828; p316 Jan 28, 1829 signs his mortgaged land mortgaged to Triplett to Thomas Owens of Pike Co KY for $1.00.  Leggett connected to Elijah, as well as Rev War vet Edward Adkins of 1840 Nickol Co KY.

 1820 Floyd Co KY cen, p25-25.   Spencer Adkins, 31001---1001--20001 slaves.  females may be 1111 or 1101.  Spencer, 26-45 yrs, b-1775-1794.

 1822 Pike Co KY, Mar 4.   At Spencer Adkins' house, just below where Levisa Fork meets Russell Fork of the Big Sandy River, the first Pike County Court was held.   Mar 25 a commission was appointed to locate a permanent county seat.

 1823 Pike Co KY, Dec 24.  county seat location: Pike, 1829 Piketown, 1881 Pikeville. "Peach Orchard Bottom; opposite the mouth of lower Chloe Creek on land owned by Elijah Adkins."  Elijah donated 1 ac for courthouse.

 1830 Pike Co KY cen.  1 male (40-50 yr: Spencer b. 1780-1790); 1 male (20-30 yr: __; 1 male 15-20 yrs: __;  1 male 10-15 __; 1 male 5-10 yr: ___;  1 fe 30-40: Anna (Powell), b. 1792;  2 fe 5-10 yr: Anna, b. 1824 and __;  2 fe 0-5: Louisa,  b. 1827 and ?Judah (b. 1825 and m. Franklin Stone__.   3 male slaves, 2 fe slaves.

1830 Pike Co KY cen, Pikeville, John D Mims, 00001---0001,  (Pricey Adkins)

1833 Pike Co KY, Spencer Jr. (1833-1914) born Sept 1833 to Anna Powell and Spencer Adkins Sr.  Evidently, Annie Powell Adkins was only a couple of weeks pregnant with Spencer Jr. when Spencer Sr died because none of the researchers of Spencer Jrs older siblings would acknowledge him as a sibling.  Spencer Jrs 1914 Texas death certificate states that his mother was Annie Powell.   Three censuses stated that his father born in VA and mother born in KY (was Virginia when she was born but later KY).

 c1834  Pike Co KY....Spencer Adkins Sr not on 1835 Pike Co Tax List.

1840 Pike Co KY cen, p 283.  Wm Adkins and Sarah May.  00001--012001.   1 male born 1830-35 was writer's 7-yr-old Spencer.   ... also listed Anna (later m. Johns), a younger Adkins sis, born 1825-1830, and Anna (Powell) Adkins, b. 1790-1800 as well as Wm and Sarah.    neighbors: next door Milinton Adkins (? Parker Millington Adkins' son, 000001--10001, male age 30-40);   Elisha Adkins 0001--10001.

  Q U E R Y:  p 28, Sherrod and Sarah Lucas had dau Margaret that m. Geo Adkins, who had son Spencer, b. 1849;  p58 Marg that m. George Adkins, bro to Wade Hampton Adkins, b. 1838 Cabell Co VA & son of Reuben Adkins.   sounds like the Hampton Adkins in 1800 Sussex Co DE cen, notice Spencer Adkins in 1770 and 1790 Sussex Co DE  records.   Notice Geo and Margaret had son Spencer, b. 1849.    writer's Spencer had dau named Pricey. ..sounds like the Agnes Price that m. Reuben Adkins.....pages ref to Ronnie Adkins' book............Price very unusual name for a girl.   possibly named for the Agnes Price family..........

 1840  Pike Co KY cen, John D Mims (Pricey Adkins) 010011--11001 (1 free colored in household)

 1843  Pike Co KY, mother Annie (Powell) Adkins m. Harry Stratton.

 1848  Mason Co KY, Dover. on Ohio River.  Harvey Geo May's son Theodore born.

1850  Mason Co VA/WV cen, our Spencer Adkins Sr 18 KY enum w/ Jacob Middlecoff.

 1850  Floyd Co KY cen, 22-22 Henry Stratton 76 VA farmer $2000, Anna 56 VA, Harvey 43 KY.....? in KY by 1807

 1850  Lawrence Co KY cen, 468-468 Daniel W Johns, 34 KY farmer $2000, Ann 26 KY, Isabell B 3 KY, Clayton 1 KY

 1853, 1854 Lawrence Co KY vital stat gives location of Daniel Johns fam on Sandy River, 1859 states Flatwoods, Lawrence Co.  Johns still in Lawrence Co KY.

 1858  Fleming Co KY marr records    Spencer m. Eliza Littleton.   sis Louisa (Adkins) May, at one time, in Henton Hill, Fleming Co

 1859  Pike Co KY, Sep.  George Powell wrote letter to Theophilus Powell in Oregon.  Geo mentioned "our brothers in Ohio" were well;

        "Anna and her family were well in Pike County; also the family of Wm Belcher."

1860  Fleming Co KY cen, Spencer and Eliza Littleton, and child Wm.   next door to, and worked for Wm Owens, 54 KY, & Susan 48 KY.

 1861  Botetourt Co VA, Buchannan (Confederate territory], where Spencer mustered into Confederacy.   There is a Buchannan in Lawrence Co KY (Union (vs. Confederate) Territory, 3rd KY Union unit].  

1866  Cass Co MO, Harrisonville, Lexington St, Methodist-Episcopalian South Church, 102 members.....H.G.May, Louisa May, Anna Stratton, Eliza Adkins.......Elizabeth Atkins, Louisa Atkins, Spencer Atkins, Eliza Atkins, Samuel Atkins,....  Geo Littleton, Mary Littleton.....Spencer W May, Josephine May.  ....per HIST OF CASS CO (1883), a secondary source........Was this older Elizabeth Adkins the widow of Noten Adkins ?....if it was Noton's widow, she was at least 74-75 yrs old.... per Eldon May.

 1870  Cass Co MO, Evertt twp      60-60    Adkins, Sarah (May), Louisa 23 KY, Dan 21 KY, John 20 KY, Eliz 16 KY, Edgar 4 KY

 1870  Cass Co MO, Evertt twp      59-59    Radcliff, Wm and Dorcas [b. 1840 TN]

 1870  Cass Co MO, Grand Riv twp   84-84    May, Harvey 45 KY, Louisa 43 KY

 1870  Cass Co MO, Grand Riv twp  332-243   Spencer Atkins 38 KY.....also desc of Lewis, Phillip, Wilson Atkins' family buried here 

 1872  Cass Co MO DB 12:46, Dec 2-9, NW 1/4 of NE 1/4 of sec 28 twp 44 ran 31, Geo & Mary Littleton sold to Eliza Adkins for $1800,  H.G. May was witness.

 1873  Cass Co MO DEED BK 12:244, Feb 25-May 30.  sec 29 twp 45

 1876  Oregon, left for Marion Co OR, waylaid in Palo Pinto Co Texas.   Came a big rainstorm and soaked all their stuff.   Next day, they spread their things out on the bushes to dry.  Looked around and decided that Pleasant Valley was a good place to settle. 

 1880  Palo Pinto Co TX cen  Spencer Adkins, where he died in 1914


Donna Lee Watts, near Waco TX, Wed, Aug 29, 2012





Spencer Adkins Jr.


Sgt. Company C,

10th Kentucky Cavalry Regt, CSA


Spencer Adkins Jr.  

charcoal drawn by one of Buelah Adkins Garland's daughters.



Spencer Adkins Jr.



Emmitt Adkins



son of Arthur Henry Adkins (1873-1943).  Marvin Luther Adkins (b-1906) told me in about 1993 that he watched his little brother pose for this  photo on Main Street in Mineral Wells, Texas.


















































These are the Lear parents of gent who designed and manufactured the Lear Jet




























































1876.  Notice that Theophilus Powell moved to Oregon.  Our Spencer and Eliza Littleton Adkins were on their to way from Cass Co Missouri to Oregon via the Southern route when they were they encountered a major rainstorm that required them to put their belongings on bushes to dry.  By the time their stuff was dry, they looked around and decided to stay  in Palo Pinto Co TX. 





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Patricia Adkins-Rochette        03/20/2013     

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Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains