Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains

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.George Theodore Adkins  - Frances Elzada Blair


My direct ancestor  is child number 7. Arthur Clyde Adkins


Marriage of George Theodore Adkins and Frances Elazda Blair in Fortune Bend, Palo Pinto County, TX on Jan 8, 1884. The Ordained Minister of God officiating was W.B. Long, O.M.B. (prob Our Minister of God). The Palo Pinto County Clerk, J.H. Barber, recorded this marriage on Feb 22, 1884. writer has orig marriage certificate.

George Theodore "G.T." Adkins, b. in Fleming Co KY on Sept 27, 1861 to Spencer Adkins [b. in Pike Co KY] and Eliza C Littleton [b. in Fleming Co, KY]; G.T. d. in McClain Co OK (Lindsay post office) Jul 8, 1925 of typhoid fever; b. Green Hill Cem, Lindsay, Garvin Co OK.

Frances Elzata "Fannie" Blair, b. Parker Co, TX, Feb 24,1863; dau of Frank Harvey Blair and Eliza Criswell; d. home of son west of Duncan (Eddie Ray Adkins), Stephens Co OK, Aug 17,1935; b. in Green Hill Cem.


1-Marcus Leslie Adkins, b-Apr 3,1886, d-Tarrant Co TX, m-Mattie Sutherland

2-Buelah Lee Adkins; b-May 1,1888; d-Jun 2, 1982 in Comanche Co, OK; m-Matthew Garland

3-Franklin Spencer Adkins, b. Apr 3,1890, d-Comanche Co OK, m-Callie Snoddy

4-Ruby Adkins, b-Nov 29,1891, d._1963 Comanche Co OK, m-Allen

twins   5. Eddie Ray Adkins, b-Feb 3,1894, d.__Co CA, m-Nina Green

6-Edna Grey Adkins, b. Feb  3,1894, d-Tarrant Co TX, m-Wm. Ed. Martin

twins **7.  Arthur Clyde Adkins; b-Jul 8, 1896; d-Nov 30, 1982, Stephens Co OK; m-Katie Wilson

8-Mary Belle "Mammie" Adkins, b-Jul  8, 1896; d. Aug 25, 1965, Stephens Co OK, m-John Bennett

9-Ida George Adkins, b-Feb  7, 1902, d-c1980, ?Los Angeles Co CA, m-Floyd Beck


1. Leslie Marcus Adkins, m. in Palo Pinto Co, TX on Aug 21, 1915 to Mattie Southers, dau of __ Southers. b. Rosehill Cem, Tarrant Co TX. ?Mattie b. ? Boliver TN. Issue, 4 ch: George Andrew "Georgie," Ora Frances, Leslie Marcus Jr, and Walter.

2. Buelah Lee Adkins, m,1. in Palo Pinto Co, TX on Dec 30, 1906 to Matthew Arnold Garland. Matt was a jeweler in Dallas.  Issue, 4 ch: Julia Virdi, Ivy Viola, Nellie Gray, and Marshall Arnold.

m,2. Bert Crossland. Bert was taxi driver in Lawton, OK; Buelah b. in Sunset Cem, Lawton, OK. Issue, none.

3. Frank Spencer Adkins, m. in Palo Pinto Co. on Apr 30, 1911 to Callie Marair Snoddy [Mar 16, 1893 Fortune Bend, Palo Pinto Co TX-Apr 7, 1979 El Paso TX], dau of Mary T "Molly" Williams [Mar 10, 1872-Nov 22, 1931] and James T Charles Snoddy [Jan 30, 1868-Nov 10, 1902]. Frank worked for railroad in Palo Pinto Co TX then repaired furniture in Lawton. b. Highland Cem, Comanche Co OK. Issue, 2 ch: Marvin Edward and Thomas Spencer.

4. Ruby Adkins, m. in Palo Pinto Co, TX on Sep 16, 1912 to Latham Allen. lived in Ponca City, OK. Latham worked for the Frisco Railroad. Ruby died while visiting her sis, Buelah in Lawton. Issue, 1 ch: Lorene (1915-1946), who d. at ab age 31 of cancer, Ponca w/ no ch:.

5. Edward Ray "Ed" Adkins, m. in Dimmit Co, TX on Dec 25, 1913 to Nancy Sarah "Nina" Greenwood [b. in Carrizo Springs, Dimmit Co TX], dau of Edwin Allen Greenwood [b. in Lavaca Co, TX] and Lela Pet Lampkin [b. in Aransas Co TX]. Ed was a Baptist minister in OK and Chester, CA. Issue, 5 ch: Allen Theodore, Iva Lela, Flora Etta, Donald Ray, and Cecil Arthur.

6. Edna Grey Adkins, m. in Palo Pinto Co, TX on June 9, 1911 to William Edward Martin, son of Charles E. Martin and Mary Jane Wilson of Palo Pinto (b. in of St Cloud, MN).    Then married him a 2nd time  on __, 1950 in Midland, TX.   Edna is buried s/s husband William E. Martin in the Martin Family Plot in the Palo Pinto Cem.   They shared 35 years of married life.   Edna was a Certified Ordained Assembly of God Minister for 35 years; was a dental technician in Lawton.    Issue, 1 ch: Lillie Grey Martin Adkins, who m‑Duncan, OK, Nov 9, 1931 to Lawrence Reece Hendrickson [b. in Dunlop, __ Co WV on Oct 14, 1907, son of Walter Scott Hendrickson [b. in __ Co, WV] and Lucile Thomas [orig of Montgomery, ?Kanasha or Fayette Co, WV].  Lawrence is ret Lt. Colonel from the 6th Division living in Ft Worth.  No issue. 

**7.  Arthur Clyde Adkins, m. in Apheatone, Cotton Co OK on Dec 23, 1916 to Katie Matilda Wilson [b. in Garland, Dallas Co, TX], dau of John Wilford Wilson [b. in Georgetown, Bradley Co TN] and Nancy Susan Pace [orig of Garland, Dallas Co, TX] [m. in Garland, Dallas Co, TX].    Arthur was a farmer then was plant engineer for the Marlow Hospital.  Arthur was b. in Marlow Cem, Stephens Co, OK.    Issue, 6 ch: Lida Bell, Arthur Clyde Jr, **George Wilford, Louis Henry, Kenneth Wayne, Blair Pace, and Katie Loretha.

8.  Mary Belle "Mammie" Adkins, m. prob in Cotton Co OK c1915 to John A Bennett [b. prob Chick Bend, Palo Pinto Co TX], son of __Bennett.    lived in Empire school district near Duncan.  b. in Duncan Cem, Step Co OK.   Issue, 7 ch: Virgil Clide, Walter, Clarence O, Lula Frances, Johnny A, Eddie Ray,

.  Ida Georgia Adkins, m. in Lindsay, Garvin Co OK on Dec 21, 1924 to Floyd Beck [1903 Pottawatomie Co OK-1963 Bellflower, Los Angeles Co CA], son of "Pet" and George Beck [b. in Alabama].   lvd in Bellflower, Los Angeles Co, CA.    Beck is related to the Simmons fam east of Marlow.     In 1925, Ida lived in Bailey, Grady Co OK.   In 1936, she lived in Marlow.    These kids went to school in Cox City, Grady Co OK.    Wilford thinks they possibly attended Hope in elementary grades.   Ida died about 1 yr later.    Issue, 5 ch: Irene, Maddye, Marie, Bernice, and a boy that died young.

In 1912 G.T. and Fannie moved in 1912 from Chick Bend, Palo Pinto Co to Apheatone, Cotton Co then in late fall of 1917 they moved to 8 mi northeast of Lindsay, McClain Co, OK.   Devout Methodists. Arthur said that he went through 6th grade at Chick Bend in Palo Pinto Co, TX.   He said he never attended school 3 consecutive months of school.   Since Buelah was the oldest, she stayed at the house and learned to cook; the younger girls were had to work in the fields and didn't learn even the simplest cooking skills until after they were married.   The family always had plenty to eat, although there wasn't money for non‑necessities‑‑such as dreamed for music lessons.

They were lucky enough to have been reared in a community that appreciated music, therefore, they developed an appreciation and desire to learn to play various instruments: Frank played the violin that he hand-carved; Arthur played violin, harmonica,________, and Edna played piano, organ, and guitar.     Frank played violin;

George was a volunteer peace officer who always carried a gun.   George told the story of his dancing and his gun falling onto the floor.

George Theodore organized the first Methodist Church in Cotton Co, OK.   When the meeting got unruly, he took out his gun and said:

"Now, whether you like it or not we are going to have church, so you people let the man talk."

After George died, Fannie lived with her children.   She always took her featherbed and demanded that no child was to touch it.   One day when she was staying with Ed, Allen came in saw her sleeping on his bed so he went in and hopped onto her featherbed.   Nina automatically reprimanded Allen and was preparing to spank Allen.   Ed wouldn't let her.

Fannie got the idea that the Blairs of England were relatives and that they had money for her, so she convinced Ed to borrow money to send her to England to find her rich Blair relatives.   Nina let Ed know that she didn't approve, in no uncertain terms.    We can only imagine the marital problems this caused Ed and Nina in about 1926 with a growing family.     ......Writer thinks that the Blair that owned THE WASHINGTON GLOBE, a major newspaper in 1840, was a brother to our Blair.   Our Blair direct ancestor came to North America as a minister about 1730.


George Theodore Adkins and Frances Elzada Blair charcoal drawn by one of Buelah Adkins Garland's daughters.

Lillie Martin Hendrickson was more help than, everyone else combined, in compiling this Adkins family.  


Lillie donated: 

1) George Theodore and Fannie Blair Adkins' marriage certificate to our History.

2) friendship quilt that is framed

3) christening dress that is framed



The George family was closely related to Lillie Martin Hendrickson.  Lillie's Aunt __ George lived next door to the Palo Pinto County Courthouse where she worked for 40 years.  The George's father had been the jailer.

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Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains