Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains

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15 Military units on the North and West Frontier, 1864-1865

 Fort Belknap, Young Co TX  to Fort Arbuckle to the Wichita Mountains, Indian Territory

Commanded by Lt-Col. Bourland after Feb 10, 1865


 1) Bourland's Border Regiment Cavalry (625 men listed in the American Civil War Research Database of Duxbury MA and .... 831 men listed in the National Park Service Sailors and Soldiers Database.)  ...  Plus a least 50 soldiers who were on neither listing: Additional soldiers not mentioned in the archival records, but found in family records, etc.   ... One assignment of Bourland's men was hauling prisoners for the about 15 Confederate units and 31 Texas State Troops militias of the North and West Frontier....

Bourland promoted, not demoted.    On Feb 10, 1865 Bourland's Regt was split: Lt-Col. J.R. Diamond was assigned to command of most of Bourland's Regt while Col. L.M. Martin's 5th TX Cav Partisan Rangers absorbed the remainder.  ...  Meanwhile Bourland was promoted to command all of the military units of the North and West Frontier, then Col. Bourland, not Gen. McCulloch, signed the Jun 2, 1865 Confederate Surrender for the North Texas Sub-Dist. in Galveston TX. 

Major J.R. Diamond of Bourland's Regt commanded the Confederate Brush Battalion of Oxford Lake. (496 men in Nov 1863).  Many of these men re-enlisted or enlisted in another Confederate unit, or served on patrol in the Texas State Troops.

"Pvt. D.L. Cabe and myself enlisted in Company ‘A’ in Col. Jim Bourland’s Cavalry Regt. I think it was in June 1863. I have no papers to show. We were transferred to ‘B’, Jim Diamond’s Company, in which we served close to three years, but called out on dress parade and disbanded in April 1865, it might have been May, as we were in Special Service guarding a long strip of frontier against the depredations of the Indians. We disbanded at Gainesville without papers of discharge." Pvt. John Jehu Miller’s (b-1845) Jul 3, 1915 letter for D. Cabe’s CSA pension application.   This long strip of frontier extended to now Roger Mills Co OK. ...  David Lafayette Cabe (1826-1893).

2) Martin's 5th TX Cavalry Partisan Rangers (812 men)    .... on Feb 10, 1865 Martin absorbed some of Bourland's Regt., while most of Bourland's Regt was then commanded by Lt-Col. J.R. Diamond and maintained the moniker, Bourland's Regt.

Editor's note:   Hawpe's-Malone's-Looscan's 31st Cav, Co's H & I or "Marshall's Squad" became Co H of Martin's 5th Part Ran Cav Cavalry.   Looscan was a Major in Hawpe's 31st Cavalry then a Major in  Hardeman's 31st TX Cav, CSA.  .... John W. Marshall, Marshal, b-1816 TN; m-Ann C; 1860 Hunt cen p278; Hawpe's 31st Cav, Co H, Capt from May 1862 to his Dec 27, 1862 letter of resignation to Col R.P. Crump, CSA, this Co H & I or "Marshall's Squad" became Co H of Martin's 5th Part Ran Cav Cav (Lt, Hunt Co, TST)

3) Wells' Battalion, Companies A and B patrolled between Fort Arbuckle, I.T. and Fort Belknap, Young Co TX: Scanland's Company A, most recruits from the Montague Co TX area; Good's-Gillett's Company B; initially Wells' Battn was recruited from the Panola Co TX area (581 men per American Civil War Research Database)

4) Col. James Duff's 33d TX Cav or the 14th TX Partisan Rangers (1,093 men per American Civil War Research Database).

5) McCord's 46th Frontier Cavalry CSA  (1,273 men in Mar 1864)

6) Sweet's 15th Texas Cavalry (1232 men per American Civil War Research Database; Organized: McKinney TX, Mustered Out: 4/9/65).       Col. Sweet replaced Gen. H.E. McCulloch while he was absent in Bonham TX for two months that included Oct 13, 1864.

7) Griffin's 21st Inf. Regt.   Griffin’s Battn TX Infantry of six companies was broken up. Four companies were consolidated on Nov 15, 1864 with six companies of the Spaight’s 11th Cav. & Inf. Battn. to form Griffin’s 21st Inf. Regt. The other two companies were transferred to Bates’ 13th Infantry.    (837 men Griffin's Battn Inf per American Research Database  .... 1205  men in Griffin's Battalion, Texas Infantry (Griffin's Regiment) (21st Infantry per CWSS)

8)  Pyron's 2d TX Cav, 2d Arizona Brigade, Co H and I ... Company H was commanded by Capt. J.M. Roark (158 men, most recruited from Parker Co TX);  Company I was commanded by J.R Baylor that was known as   Baylor's Ladies' Rangers (164 men in Dec 1863, most recruited from Karnes Co TX).

 9)  LeKaester's  Co E (119 men), of Baird's-Showalter's 4th TX Cav, 4th Arizona Brigade, commanded by Major F.E. Kavanaugh.

10)  J.B. "Buck" Barry's Frontier Cavalry, TST. Organized: 5/15/62; Mustered Out: 5/26/65 .... (1,158 men per American Civil War Research Database) ... but from about May 1864 to May 1865 this unit was also known as the 8th TX Cavalry Battn  (483 men)  .... was part of McCord's Frontier Cav at one time.  He worked closely with Bourland.

11) Capt. W.G. Moseley's 7th TX Light Artillery CSA (144 men per American Civil War Research Database)  and .... 215 men per National Park Service Sailors and Soldiers Database; Organized: 11/19/64; Mustered Out: 5/26/65).

12). Col. W.H. Parson's 12th Cavalry.   During the last 1-1/2 years of the Civil War, the Parson's 12th, Johnson's 14th and the Darnell's 18th Cavalries merged into Parson's 12th Cavalry.   ref:  Anne J. Bailey's Between the Enemy and Texas: Parsons’ Texas Cavalry in the Civil War.    see  "From Texas" Fort Smith New Era, Fort Smith, AR, Jun 4, 1864, p2c2.     

13)  Hardeman's 1st TX AZ Brig, 31st Cav, CSA.   "Commanding Regt. since Feb 26th, 1865" per Capt. D.W. Baker of   Camp near Harrisburg, now [Harris Co TX].   .... .  "QM Dept. since January 1, 1865" per Pvt James L.T. Hall. record.

Editor's note:   Hawpe's-Malone's-Looscan's 31st Cav, Co's H & I or "Marshall's Squad" became Co H of Martin's 5th Part Ran Cav Cavalry.   Looscan was a Major, 31st Hawpe's 31st Cavalry then a Major in  Hardeman's 31st TX Cav, CSA)

14) Ragsdale's TX Cav. Battn.   Maj. A.H. Davidson's TX Cav., 1st Battn, Arizona Brigade, was transferred to Bonham TX by May 30, 1863;   Davidson died in early Oct 1863 then it became the S.G. Ragsdale's Cavalry.    .

Editor's note:  A.H. Davidson died in early Oct 1863 so the Daly-Davidson 1st Battn Cav, Ariz Brig became Ragsdale's Cav, Ariz Brigade.    .. In order to further define this unit, it is recommended that each soldier be studied.

(1) James Gary Walker of Brazos Co TX, of Ragsdale's Co B, then Bourland's Regt was killed Oct 1864 Elm Creek Raid while part of Co D of Bourland's Regt; ... ((2) Spruce McCoy Baird, a major of Ragsdale's Cav, found Sep-Nov 1864 as Pvt in Bourland's Regt. ... (3) probably others.

16). Capt. Archibald A. Rutherford's Infantry  ..Company of unattached Infantry, elected May 10, 1864, on leave of 10 days from 29 Nov to the 9th of Dec., 1864, last shown present on the February, 1865 Company Return, no further records. Stationed at Camp Roberts and Bonham ...150 men

17) Plus 31 Texas State militia companies raised in 1864 commanded by Quayle then Throckmorton after Oct 1864, both stationed in Decatur, Wise Co TX. In Jul 1864 Quayle had 1,517 per Galveston Weekly News, Jul 20, 1864, p1c5.  (All 31 militias are listed in my 1,046-p book) 


18) Humphreys' Squad; J.T. Humphreys replaced R.W. Lee after Oct 15, 1863 (Lee's-Humphreys' Light Artillery, IT CSA) was active in parallel with both Bourland's and Wells Battn during the last 1-1/2 years of the War.


Maybe also, "Cherokee Regiment for Special Services" approved by approved by Sec. of War Seddon   It was also known as Bryan's Battalion, Bryan's Regiment and the 3rd Cherokee Cavalry Regt. Joel M. Bryan was colonel

Personal note:  Gould's 23rd  Cav "(also known as the 27th Regiment Texas Cavalry completed its organization about October 25, 1862, with ten companies, A to K. Company K had previously served as (1s) Company D, 3rd (Forrest's) Regiment Tennessee Cavalry, another company had served in the 1st (McCulloch's) Regiment Texas Cavalry, and the remaining companies were organized at different dates from April 12 to October 15, 1862. The regiment appears to have served as Dismounted Cavalry at the close of the war."




Documentary proofs below:

Galveston Weekly News, July 20, 1864, p1c5  ..   " ... The line of defense as established by the State under the direction of Colonel McCord, that has been so remarkably successful — no important Indian bands in this section ever having penetrated or passed through it — has been strengthened north of Belknap by twenty-five hundred [2,500 Confederate] cavalrymen, the substance of the families of absent soldiers has been consumed by useless soldiery and their service needed elsewhere. Not an Indian has been seen in the country this year. Major Quayle's command organized under the direction of the State authorities numbers fifteen hundred and seventeen [1,517] men and Colonel Bourland's near one thousand [1,000] and other troops are near at hand; this is besides the Frontier regiment.  ..."


O.R.--SERIES I--VOLUME XLVIII/1 [S# 101]p1370


  • Organization of Third Army Corps ( District of Texas, &c.), commanded by Maj-Gen Walker.


                    Brigade.               Regiment.                             Commander.

    6th Texas Infantry Brigade, Brig. Gen. P.O. Hébert, commander.

    8th Texas Infantry Regiment Col. A. M. Hobby.

    13th Texas Infantry Regiment Col. Joseph Bates.

    Spaight's Texas infantry regiment Col. A. W. Spaight.

    Ragsdale's Texas cavalry battalion Lieut. Col. S.G. Ragsdale.

             (orig. Lt-Col. A.H. Davidson’s 1st Battn, Arizona Brigade (later called S.G. Ragsdale’s Tx Cavalry;

               Davidson died by Oct 16, 1863)

    Beazley's Texas cavalry company (unattached). Capt. W.H. Beazley.

    5th Texas Infantry Brigade, Brig. Gen. J. M. Hawes, commander. 2d Texas Infantry Regiment Col. A. Smith.

    20th Texas Infantry Regiment Col. H. M. Elmore.

    Timmons' Texas infantry regiment Col. B. Timmons.

    1st Texas Heavy Artillery. Col. J. J. Cook.

    Texas battalion light artillery Capt. A. E. Dege.


    Brigade. Regiment. Commander.

    7th Texas Cavalry Brigade, Brig. Gen. J. E. Slaughter, commander.

    2d Texas Regiment, cavalry Col. C. L. Pyron.

    Baird's regiment, cavalry Col. Spruce McCoy Baird

    Anderson's (Border's-Anderson's) regiment, cavalry. Col. T. S. Anderson.

    Benavides' regiment, cavalry Col. S. Bonavides.

    Welhausen's light battery Captain Welhausen.

    Hughes' light battery Capt. R. J. Hughes.

    Jonas' light battery Capt. O.G. Jones.

    Nichols' light battery Captain Nichols.

    9th Texas Cavalry Brigade, Brig. Gen. H. E. McCulloch, commander.

    Sweet's 15th Cav. battalion, cavalry Col. G. H. Sweet.

    Brown's regiment, cavalry Col. R. R. Brown.

    Bradford's regiment, cavalry Col. C. M. Bradford

    McCord's regiment, cavalry Col. J. E. McCord.

    The Border Regiment, cavalry Col. J. Bourland.

    McFarland's company, unattached cavalry. Capt. Arch McFarland

    Bones' company, unattached cavalry Capt. J. W. Bone.

    Dunn's and Goode's company, unattached cavalry

    Capts. B. F. Dunn and H. H. Goode.

    Wilson's company, unattached cavalry Captain T.R. Wilson.

    Rutherford's company, unattached infantry. Capt. A.A. Rutherford.

    Hopkins' company, unattached infantry


    1863 June.   ORsIv26/2[S#42]pp84-85.  ... GENERAL ORDERS No. 100, from Gen. J.B. Magruder, Hdqts. Dist., Texas, New Mexico and Arizona,  Houston, Texas, June 25, 1863.    The following will be the field organization of the troops of the Northern Sub-District, headquartered in Bonham TX.   (Keep in mind that this organization changed every three months.  See a drastic change in the Editor's note below.)

    FIRST DIVISION, commanded by Brig.-Gen. H. P. Bee, headquarters, Brownsville, Tex.

    FIRST DIVISION, Second Brigade, commanded by Col. and Acting Brig. Gen. S.P. Bankhead; headquarters, Bonham, Tex.  on Jun 25,1863

    1)    Hardeman's Regt, Texas cavalry, Hardeman’s (P.C.) Cavalry Battn - [Hawpe’s]

              31st Cav.    Definition:  (see 1st and 4th Arizona Brigade).


    Editor's note:  LOOSAN, Michael Loosan, b-1838 Ireland; 1860 Cherokee cen p448; Hawpe's-Malone's-Looscan's 31st Cav, Co's H & I or "Marshall's Squad" became Co H of Martin's 5th Part Ran Cav Cav (Maj, 31st Hawpe's Cav, Hardeman's 1st TX Cav Regt, CSA)


    2)   Gurley's  regiment, Texas cavalry.... 30th TX Cav

    3)   Terrell's regiment, Texas cavalry .... 37th TX Cav

    4)   Krumbhaar's battery mountain howitzers.

    7)  Six companies Texas State troops (infantry).


    CSA Gen. H.E. McCulloch to Slaughter, Mar 13, 1864:  "...I have no infantry but the State troops, and there are some places in the district at which one company should be stationed as a post guard. ..."  per ORsIv53[S#111]p971.


    1864 April. ... ORsIv34/3[S#63]p800   ... Apr 22, 1864 returns   (Bonham TX)

    Unattached cavalry, Capt. Arch. McFarland. 2 64 68 93 65

    (reassigned Dec 1864 from Bourland's Regt to P.C. Hardeman's 1st TX Cav.)

    Baird's regiment cavalry, Col. S. M. Baird  ... private Sep-Nov 1864 in  Bourland's Regt 

    Unattached cavalry, Capt. J. B. Anderson   ... Co I in Bourland's Regt

    Unattached cavalry, Capt. S. P. C. Patton  ... Co G in Bourland's Regt

    5th Texas Partisan Rangers, Col. L. M. Martin


    1864 August. ...  ORsIv412[S# 84]p1098   

    Abstract from the return of the Northern Sub-District of Texas, Brig-Gen. H.E. McCulloch commanding for the month of August, 1864.

    O Officers. A Aggregate present.    M Men. B Aggregate present and absent. P Present for duty. C Pieces of field artillery.  ---P------     Command. O M A B C

    General headquarters  9 4 13 13 ....    .....  (in Bonham, Fannin Co TX)

    33d Texas Cavalry (Col. James Duff) 29 601 719 869 ....

    Border Regiment Texas Cavalry (Col. James Bourland) 37 472 534 856 ....

    Good's Battalion Texas Cavalry (Col. Chaplin Good) 14 198 234 338 .... Wells' Battn

    15th Texas Cavalry (Col. George H. Sweet) 10 105 179 296 ....

    McCulloch Rangers***  (Capt. Arch. McFarland) 2 61 70 89 ...

    Bone's Company Cavalry (Capt. John W. Bone) 3 55 59 95 ....

    Wilson's Company Cavalry. (Capt. T.R. Wilson**) 3 65 72 87 ....Showalter's-Baird's  Regt

    Rutherford's Company Infantry (Capt. A.A. Rutherford). 3 55 63 135 ....

    Company Light Artillery (Capt. G.R. Dashiell) 3 62 71 96 4

    Total 113    1,678   2,014   2,874   4

    *** "McFarland's Co." not "McCulloch's Rangers" per Nat Archives M-323-189, M-323-190.

    **  Capt. T.A. Wilson per American Civil War Research Database. (Thomas R Wilson is correct)



    1865 March.   ...  Editor's note:     I speculate that the military units that captured prisoners between March 1864 and June 1865 for Bourland's Regiment to transfer to the CSA jail in Bonham, Fannin County were those military units listed below.  One batch of 107 prisoners were captured on April 9, 1865 in Wise County, Texas by the Bourland's Regiment.


    Regimental assignments

    Toward the bottom of my Arizona Brigade web page, I have reproduced the "regimental assignments" in lavender colored graphics from the American Civil War Research Database of Duxbury MA.



    Jan 1864

    CSA in Texas Organization Chart

    per ORsIv34/2[S#62]p932



    Jul 1864

    5,000 soldiers of North and West Frontier


    Galveston News

    Oct 1864

    CSA in Texas

    Organization Chart

    per ORsIv41/3[S#85]p967



    Dec 1864

    CSA in Texas

     Organization Chart

    plus Texas

    Frontier Districts

    per ORsI,v51/4[S#86]p1142

































































































































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    Bourland in North Texas and Indian Territory During the Civil War: Fort Cobb, Fort Arbuckle & the Wichita Mountains

    Personal notes:

    O.R.--SERIES I--VOLUME XLI/4 [S# 86]p1023



    Abstract from return of the Second Sub-District of Texas, Col. J. Bates commanding, for the month of October, 1864;

    headquarters Camp Barnard Bee.

    O Officers. B Aggregate present and absent

    M Men. C Heavy

    P Present for duty D Field

    A Aggregate present E Pieces of artillery

                                                                                   ----P----- ----E----

                  Command.                                                 O M A B C D


    Bates' regiment, 13th Texas Volunteer Infantry,

    Lieut. Col. H. P. Cayce.                                           21 370 453 674 6 ....

    Goode's company unassigned cavalry                3 35 40 71 .... ....

    Camp Cedar Lake.

    Light Battery Capt. R. J. Hughes                           3 49 72 99 .... 4

    Camp Sidney Johnston.

    Company unassigned cavalry, Capt. B. F. Dunn 4 40 50 80 .... ....

                                                                               Total 31 494 615 924 6 4


    Abstract from field return of the Light and Heavy Artillery of the Artillery Corps, District of Texas, Maj. Gen. J. G. Walker

    commanding, for the month of October, 1864.

    O Officers. A Aggregate present

    M Men. B Aggregate present and absent

    P Present for duty C Pieces of field artillery.


    Command. O M A B C

    Chief of artillery and staff 2 .... 2 4 ....

    Dege's light battery 1 41 51 99 4

    Willke's light battery .... 36 48 94 4

    Welhausen's light battery 3 38 55 95 4

    Nichols' light battery 2 45 55 74 4

    Hughes' light battery 3 50 79 99 4

    Jones' light battery 3 51 65 112 6

    Dashiell's light battery (a) .... .... .... .... 4

    Total 12 261 353 573 30

    Heavy artillery 51 1,289 1,676 2,491 ....

    Grand total 65 1,550 2,031 3,068 30